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Different Types of TV by Panasonic

Televisions have become the most important part of today’s modern life. With the passage of time, different types of TVs have been introduced in the market. Basically three types of TVs are mostly preferred and purchased including LED, LCD and Plasma TVs. The brief explanations of these three basic types of TVs are as under: Plasma TV:

Plasma is a flat screen television providing high resolution and definition in the form of an excellent picture quality imaging. These are best for watching sports and playing games. These TVs are available in all big sizes (42”, 50” and 60”), thus making your TV time much more entertaining and enjoyable. These television screens use noble gases to emit light. Two glass panels hold these gases inside, which by the use of electricity convert into plasma which in turn emits light. The light is basically produced with the help of a large number of pixels made up of phosphorus which when receive electricity, produce a sharp and better quality of image. These are much more affordable and manageable as compared to the other TV screens. Their major disadvantage is that they consume a lot of energy thus maximizing your energy costs.

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LCD (Light crystal display) televisions are flat screens which are most suitable for brightly lit environments. You can use them for gaming, watching movies and connecting to your PC or laptop as well. USB hard drives can also be attached to them to enhance their quality featuring. These television screens work using crystal cells which produce light with the help of electricity. Through better signaling, good picture quality is exhibited by these TVs. The LCDs use less electricity as compared to the Plasma TVs. The two drawbacks of these LCDs are that they do not have an outstanding dimming factor, thus not giving out true black light. Low contrast rate is another weak feature of LCD screens. On the other hand, they are beautiful and give a very modern touch to TV lounges and living rooms. LED TV:

LED (Light Emitting Display) televisions are the most expensive but the most desirable and excellently featured appliances. High resolution, high contrast rate and excellent dimming factors make these screens the best to be purchased among all.

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They use cold ray cathode fluorescent technology to produce the best picture quality. They have a kind of back light system which is mostly used in different televisions. They are the same as LCDs but incorporate a modified form of technology which exhibits far better image quality as compared to LCDs. They are expensive but are worthy of being purchased.

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Different types of tvs  

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