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May 7, 2013

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22(Watt)Premium Solar Ventilation (Fan) with thermostat! The Solar Royal product was developed, designed and engineered in the USA to address all the missing features and limitations within the current marketplace offerings. Whether you’re trying to ventilate your attic, shed, boat dock, garage, barn, livestock pins, commercial spaces, etc… You have found the smartest solution for your solar powered ventilation needs. If you would like to speak with a representative about your specific needs or to help compare another product you are considering, you can contact us via LiveChat, SupportDesk Ticketing System or Phone during office hours. Benefits of ventilation products: • • • • • • • • • •

Converts passive ventilation to active. Extends the life of your roof and AC. Reduces moisture which reduces mold & mildew. Increases air exchanges (per hour). Reduces HVAC costs & cooling cycles. Windstorm approved and certified. Resistant to extreme weather. Lifetime warranty available. No cost to operate. Qualifies for the 30% Federal Rebate program (unit & installation)

Everyone on the market promotes their product as being the best. All solar attic fans are not created equal; ASK WHY & COMPARE. The fact is; NO OTHER PRODUCT ON THE MARKET offers the innovations, features, ease-of-use, versatility in applications and value.

Solar Royal Ventilation Fan – SR1800 • • • • • • • • • •

High performance 22Watt recessed mono-crystalline adjustable solar panel Aesthetically superior and low-profile design Remote panel w/ quick-connect plug for adding additional panels Removable flashing-base for quick install and adjustment Multi-layer noise dampening design Full-internal airfoil cowling for smooth air exhaust flow Solid and rugged design Thermostat included Secure double-locking feature Lifetime warranty*

First in a series of new products, the Solar Royal Ventilation Fan is engineered not only to perform in extreme weather, but offers patent-pending innovation not previously available in the market. The product line is designed for use in virtually any residential, commercial and utility application. Solar Royal has a smart product road-map planned, which includes: risers, extenders, curb bases, R9 panel bases, metal roof bases, etc. Watch our site for the latest products in development.

Proper ventilation is a direct result of proper installation:

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**Proper sizing and installation depends on a variety of factors. including attic area, roof pitch, roof color and roof type which all factor into your specific ventilation requirements per the Home Ventilation Institute. Please contact your local Solar Royal Representative to request a free consultation.

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solar powered attic ventilation fan  

Manufacturer of solar attic (ventilation) fans and solar venting solutions. Offering the best featured, highest quality and best value produ...

solar powered attic ventilation fan  

Manufacturer of solar attic (ventilation) fans and solar venting solutions. Offering the best featured, highest quality and best value produ...