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by Jake Koniszewski


iking is a good way to exercise and to get from one designated bike lanes. There will also be bike safety place to another. However, Tysons Corner is known campaigns around Fairfax County to teach people for being clogged with cars at most hours of the day, bike safety. which can make biking in the area a hassle. “Currently biking into Tysons isn’t great, but there are many bike A healthy biking community cannot be created without friendly routes that lead into Tysons,” said Bruce Wright, fostering a bike culture. Programs such as bike sharing, Chairman of The Fairfax Advocates for Better Biking the “Bike-to-Lunch” program, and the “Bike-Friendly (FABB). “It’s just at a few critical points where cyclists Employer” program will help to increase the amount of have the most problems, such as at bikers around Tysons. Visitors can rent bikes to travel Gosnell and Westpark Roads around Tysons and bikers at Route 7, International will have access to public and Drive, and Route 123.” private bike parking places. Thankfully, plans are in progress to make Tysons Finally, biking must be made A healthy biking community cannot Corner, as well as all of into a viable transportation be created without fostering a bike culture. Fairfax County, option. Potential programs Programs, such as bike sharing, the “Bikea better place to bike. include “It’s About Time!” – to-Lunch” program, and the Bike-Friendly a program that highlights Employer program, will help to increase The FABB have been trying the benefits of bike travel the amount of bikers around Tysons. to make Fairfax County over motor or transit travel. more bike-friendly since “Bike-to-Work Day,” a program their formation in 2005. In already in progress, hopes February 2008, they presented to increase the number of a plan to the Fairfax County participants. There will also be Planning Commission for more bike paths Fairfax County, trail expansions and upgrades for the “Safe Route to School” starting with Tysons Corner. It served as an outline for the programs. The plan hopes that by 2030, five percent of all county’s Greater Tysons Corner Area Bicycle Master Plan. trips to, from, and around Tysons will be by bike. According to the Master Plan, there are four goals that must be met. The first is to integrate bike planning into the construction currently in progress in Tysons and in future development. This includes the support of current and future bike programs and addressing parking issues. The first full service bike station will also be built in Tysons. The second goal is creating bike safety and connectivity throughout Tysons. To meet this goal, signs with bike paths will be placed around Tysons and roads will include


Although people will have access to these new bike paths, it does not guarantee people will use them. However, according to the master plan, there are many benefits to bike travel. People will spend less time in the car, which creates less motor traffic and less air pollution. Bikers will also spend less money on gas for cars. Plus, biking promotes exercise, and it's better than sitting in traffic for an hour. The integration of biking in Fairfax County is one of many ways Tysons Corner is improving. It's a wonderful opportunity, so why not give it a try?

VivaTysons | September-october 2012

VivaTysons September-October Issue  

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