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2009 Menghai V93 Dayi Ripe Tuo Cha - Pu-erh Tea US$12.00 Size & Price: 1 piece - 100 grams - US$12.00 Free Shipping on Orders over $30

Description Menghai V93 Dayi Ripe Tuo cha was created in 2005 which summary the 93 years technology of making Tuo Cha. The appearance and inner of V93 are fascinating. The Da Yi V93 weight one tuo 100g is made in 2009. It summed up Menghai tea factory past classic products of raw materials, process, method, quality characteristics, flavor demand.It combinate the tradition 93 years of high-grade Pu'er tea formula, and new production technology and production technology research of Pu-erh tea. Fermentation: Moderate Tea Soup: Red brown,micro-translucent. Pure aroma. It is smooth and rich mellow Aroma: Chen Xiang Drg leaf: Good, line symmetry The V93 comprehensive quality excellent, beautiful in shape, fully embodies the advantages of Menghai tea factory tea! The Da Yi V93 won the 2006 Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival Gold Medal

Other names: Menghai V93, Da Yi V93

Brand, Manufacturer: Meng Hai Factory

Pu-erh Type: Ripe / Cooked / Black

Harvest Period: 2009

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