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2007 Nanjian Fenghuang Raw Tuo Cha - Pu-erh Tea US$16.50 Size & Price: 1 piece - 100 grams - US$16.50 Free Shipping on Orders over $30

Description This unconventional 100 grams Tuo Cha is made from Da Ye Zhong tea leaves from Nan Jian Wu Liang Mountain in Yunnan province. As soon as you open the box you'll notice the exceptionally strong fragrance. A very good Tuo Cha that can only get better as it ages.

Brand, Manufacturer: Phoenix, Da Li Nan Jian Tea Industry

Pu-erh Type: Raw / Green

Harvest Period: 2007

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2007 nanjian fenghuang raw tuo cha - chineseteaart com