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2005 Xiaguan Yushan Raw Tuo Cha - Pu-erh Tea US$44 Size & Price: 1 piece - 200 grams - US$44 Free Shipping on Orders over $30

Description Xiaguan Yu Shang Tuo Cha is the imperial grade of Tuo Cha from Xiaguan (White Crane) brand. This Tuo Cha was sold so quickly when it was available in the market that it has become a rare find now. A worthy collection that will definitely improve in quality and prices with a few years of careful aging.

Brand, Manufacturer: White Crane, Xiaguan Tea Industry

Pu-erh Type: Raw / Green

Harvest Period: 2005

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2005 xiaguan yushan raw tuo cha - chineseteaart com