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Vivamea Corporate Solutions

Benefits and Advantages

Learn to self manage work-life-health

Knowledge of Human Function Curve in relation to the physical condition, mental capacity and behavioural actions


(Health Engagement Performance)

Identify real life stressors and learn how to apply the basic principles of work-life -health competence to overcome them.

Enhanced health, engagement and performance

Lead as coach to match organizational and team members' needs and performance

Conditions :

Develop "self-drive" in self which will greatly impact organizational effectiveness, performance, profitability and job satisfaction

Registration fee: Start Pack CHF 4'200.- per participant plus VAT, inclusive of meals, breaks, snacks and free access to the Vivamea Online Coach and the Learning Center during the three months.

Booking and informations:

Sustain health, engagement and perfomance



Health Engagement Performance Program

This program is targeted at valued members of organizations who are in over-use and nearing exhaustion. These individuals have a high level of accountability and charge and more often pay for their professional commitment dearly, mostly with their physical,personal and family situation.

Personnal Assesment Behaviour physiology stress profile and biometrics Workshop 1 (full day) Work - Life- Health Recognize Fatigue Burnout Plan of action Wellbeing Coach 6 weeks - period 1 Questions Dashboard Action Content 3 online coaching session with a coach Workshop 2 (full day) Purpose - Meaning - Engagement Debriefing Walk the talk Home work Wellbeing Coach 6 weeks period 2 Follow up of period 1 Personnal Assesment Follow up Workshop 3 (full day) 7 basic Principles Debriefing Gain & Change Skills training Work -Life- Performance plan Sustainability Closing

Start Pack

The program is offered to them by their respective employers, i.e. companies that are concerned with the risk of burnout, care about the Work-Life-Health balance of their best talented people and want to keep them healthy, energetic and motivated at work

3 full days Workshops & Wellbeing Coach 6 On-line coaching sessions Personal Physical Assessment and Follow up Assessment


Contact information

CHF 4’200.-/ pp, all inclusive Workshop dates : 5th April, 24th May and 5th July 2012.

iEmail : Tel : +41 (21) 693 87 11

Candidates can customize their programs with the following : SA PSE D parc scientifique Ecubens EPFL 1015 Lausanne

Face to face coaching, comprises of 6 personal coaching sessions, CHF 1'500 Fitness and exercices training, consists of 9 sessions with a personal trainer, CHF 1'200

Heath - Engagement - Performance Vivamea  

At Vivamea we have developed a program that trains individuals to maintain and sustain their performance while building resilience against f...

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