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The Creepy Hotel By: Rafi Long time ago in the East Java, there was a kid named Rafi. He liked to go to the amusement park every holiday. One night, he and his family felt really tired after spending a whole day in the amusement park. It was placed in the next kampung because his village was too small. The park was so big that they couldn’t finish all the games. There were not really many people who lived between the two kampung, so when it got darker it was really lonely. They were the last people left, the others already left over 2 hours ago. It was because their car got stuck in the mud. The land was very sticky because it got mixed with water after 1 hour raining. They were worried there might be a banjir on the way home, because the river often flooded. “Wait here I’m going to clean the car from the mud!” said father “No, I’m going to help you, it makes the work faster!” Yell Rafi “Okay then, you can help but remember don’t make it more worse!” father threatened “Alright” said Rafi He helped his father to remove the car from the mud. Finally they got out. Then they choose the father to drive the car and the rest wake him if he fell asleep. But they don’t, they fell asleep and let father drive the car himself. When Rafi woke up he realized that he fell asleep and he looked at his father. It was true, he was driving while asleep and it looked very dangerous. “Bapak! Bangun! Bangun! You are asleep!” Rafi shouted. “What happened?” father asked. “You were sleeping while driving the car, it was very dangerous. Did you need to take a break? There is a small hotel right in front of us,” Rafi said. “Maybe I should take a break because it was really dangerous.” This hotel is famous because it’s creepy and small. Also the customer that usually reserves the room always gets a strange atmosphere. The legend said that 20 years ago this was a big hotel. However, someone threw puntung rokok carelessly on the grass. Then the fire spread out so fast because of the puting beliung. It killed 90 people in one hour before the wind changed direction. Two months later the hotel was being rebuilt. However, while the workers rebuilt it, they kept hearing a weird sound that they think came from the dead souls. So the workers just abandoned the hotel and they only completed 5 levels. The owner wanted their business to keep going so the owner opened the hotel again even though it was only 5 levels and even though some people said that the building was haunted by the 90 hantu of the dead. But, Rafi’s father didn’t really care about it because he didn’t believe in ghost

When they went inside the hotel, strange thing began to happen. The light turned on and off by itself. Rafi was so scared. “Aduh, pak, I don’t want to stay here in the creepy hotel. Takut! Even only one night is too scary.” “Don’t worry, maybe it just your imagination, I think they forgot to change the lightbulb,” said father. Then Rafi’s father went to the receptionist to take the room key and pay the room for one night. While his father was doing that Rafi’s tried to investigate what was really happening in this hotel. Firstly he checked the Toilet, but the sign said that this toilet was under repair. However Rafi ignored the sign and walked inside. Inside the Toilet, Rafi was surprised that everything inside this toilet had already become ash. There was also bone everywhere that made things scarier. Rafi was shocked. He suddenly ran towards his dad and told him what was going on. At the same time the father already finished paying the receptionist and taking barang-barang to the room. “Let’s go home, this place is so creepy. I saw the burned bones in the toilet and everything that was in there already became ash. I saw it with my own eyes!” yelled Rafi. “Really, I will go there and make sure that it was your imagination,” said father. Then Rafi’s father went to the toilet that Rafi was talking about. Rafi’s father was surprised that there was nothing happen in the toilet. The toilet was clean and there was no sign that not allow them to not go inside. “There’s nothing here, it’s just a toilet. Don’t let your imaginasi became a real life.” “How come there is nothing here, I swear that I saw something in this toilet,” Rafi said looking surprised. “Aduh, stop playing tricks, we better sleeps because it is already a midnight, and call your mom,” father said. 30 minutes later, while everybody sleeping, Rafi couldn’t sleep because he was still thinking about the mysterious toilet. He wondered that this hotel have some kind of machine that can move kamar into somewhere. Then Rafi walked slowly toward the door and made sure that his parent wouldn’t notice that he went out to investigate more about this creepy hotel.

Rafi tried to check the toilet again. It was true that everything was still in there. The bone, and also the items that have already become ash. Rafi waited in that suspicious toilet. 30 Minutes later the toilet started moving again and it went into the underground. In the underground he kept walking so he could understand what was really going on. Then Rafi saw a man with a mask and a black cloak. The suspicious man started to run after he saw Rafi. Rafi chased the man for around 10 minute until Rafi caught him. “Who’re you?” Rafi asked. “I’m the owner of this hotel,” the suspicious man said while shaking. “Okay, I get it so you want to hide the truth,” said Rafi. After Rafi knew what really happened in this creepy hotel he went back to his room again. On the way to his room he heard someone screaming from another room. So Rafi broke the door room and tried to help them. Rafi was so surprised that it was a man that was tied with a rope and a tape covered his mouth. Then Rafi helped him untie the rope and asked him who did this to him. “kakek, who is responsible for this?” Rafi asked. “The one who is responsible for this is a guy with a mask and wears a black cloak. Maybe you will think that I’m crazy but it is the truth,” the man said. “Oh, that man, I saw him, he said that he is the owner right?” Rafi said. “No, you’re wrong. I’m the owner! He is a famous thief.” The man was trying to be honest about what was going on. “Where is your proof?” Rafi asked. “The proof is I have been tied by him and if you tried to open every door near this room you will see a lot of victims,” the man said. Then Rafi open every door and it was true every body was tied up. After Rafi Untie and ask them, they said the same thing. The one who responsible for this, is the guy with a mask and wears a black cloak. So Rafi went to the place that he first met the mask guy. When he arrived he wasn’t there. When he almost wants to give up Suddenly the mask guy come and talk to Rafi. “Hey, we meet again,” Yell the mask guy. “Stop right there, you sly thief” said Rafi. “Are you kidding me, I’m this hotel owner,” The mask guy start to panic After he know that his true identity has been revealed the mask guy ran away from Rafi. Rafi chased him until the mask guy tired and gave up. “I surrender, bring me to the police, I killed too many innocent people. Said the mask guy.

Then Rafi called the police to arrest the mask guy. When the police arrive and start to go inside the hotel the mask guy ran away. The police chased him until they tired and shot the thief legs to catch him. Finally they arrest the thief, and the police say thank you while leave the hotel. Now the owner can continue his hotel business. 10 minute later Rafi fainted because he was really tired. Then everybody brought him to his family room and let him rest. In the morning Rafi woke up and went to the restaurant with his family. He ate satay and fried rice with his family, for free because Rafi already save everybody life and catch the thief. Then Rafi went to his room to take the luggage and prepare to check out. Finally Rafi went home with his family and feel very happy because he catches a very famous thief.

The creepy hotel