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6 |  vivanews Want a different idea for a Christmas present? Help children to attend a Christmas party as an alternative gift for your friends and family. Get yours at

A child’s first Christmas A baby was born to a young unmarried mother in a dirty barn. They had little money, no status and no place to call home. That was the first Christmas. Over time things have changed - we’ve cleaned up the decor, added a huge roast turkey and piled presents sky-high.Yet all over the world many children’s experience of Christmas is much closer to the original: unhealthy living conditions, not much food, no voice to change their circumstances.

Every year Viva invites thousands of these children to a Christmas party in their community. For some it’s the first time they will celebrate Christmas in this way.The parties give each child a present, a full stomach and the knowledge that they are loved and valued, and connect them to local projects who can support them in the future.

Christmas can be a challenging time for many people, near and far. We hope that yours will be full of peace, laughter and fun times with your family and community. And perhaps you could join us in remembering the very first Christmas by giving a child a first Christmas of their own?

Buy this for a friend, and you can ‘borrow’ it later! Want to buy Auntie Maureen a Christmas gift that will also provide someone else with a present? Visit to do your gift shopping and for every £25 you spend a child can go to a Christmas party.

Auntie Maureen ’s favourite…

Bring your friends together for a Christmas party and use it to make sure children on the other side of the world can enjoy the very same thing! Check out to find out how and design a personalised party e-invite. *Texts cost £5 plus your standard UK network rate. At least 95% will go to Viva.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do fancy dress!

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