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Viva Review 2010

Financial Review Financial year April 2009 to March 2010


Gift Aid £62,539

Fees for Viva events and products £47,789 Designated funds channelled through Viva £103,728 Grants £416,897

Income raised by regional offices £1,349,297

General donations £591,697

Total: £2,571,947 2008-09: £3,221,231

Expenditure Designated funds channelled through Viva £118,238 Regional programmes - Africa £264,872 Regional programmes - India £116,182

Raising funds £155,114 Awareness raising, prayer and advocacy £88,914 Building international partnerships £167,246

International programmes £211,650

Regional programmes - Asia £72,177

Total: £2,615,554 2008-09: £3,194,283

Regional programmes Latin America £1,421,161

We would like to thank Viva’s supporters and partners for continued generosity in the midst of a difficult economic climate. Although our overall income has seen a decrease, and there was a small deficit due to expenditure of funds accumulated in the previous financial year, thousands of children’s lives have been changed for the better through the work you have read about in this Review. Thank you. Audited accounts are available on the website or by request at



2010 Viva Review- Finance (UK)