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Respect Respect for people and environment

Excellence in Attittude Excellence in Life

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Integrity Self-Discipline Excellence

Doing the right thing and loyalty to class, school, family and country

Being resilient, self-directed and practising self-control

Excellence in attitude, excellence in life

Dear parents, In a matter of a few weeks, we will be reaching the end of another academic year. I would like to take this opportunity to first thank all our stakeholders in your continual support towards the school. The school has seen quite a lot of changes this year and I would like to use this platform as a means of updating you on what is happening. From mid last year, the school engaged its staff and pupils in a transitional process of relooking at our mission, vision and values. This was essential in keeping up with the educational system and also a conscious effort on our part to always reflect on our goals and ambition for the future. We are proud to acknowledge that our new vision- Excellence in Attitude, Excellence in Life was crafted as a result of a brainstorming session from one of our classes in Primary 4. Our mission statement was refined and we are committed to developing a confident person, an active contributor, a concerned citizen and a conscientious learner. Some parents were also invited to join the staff in revisiting our core values. This was a deliberate inclusion because we wanted our parents to be our partners in the education of their children. From the initial 8 core values, we streamlined them to 4, resulting in the acronym RISE. R – Respect ( Respect for people and environment) I – Integrity ( Doing the right thing and loyalty to class, school, family and country) S – Self-Discipline ( Being resilient, self-directed and practising self-control) E – Excellence ( Excellence in attitude, excellence in life) We hope that with the introduction of these new mission, vision and values, we promote a mindset of excellence in our children. The teachers will be using these aggressively in their everyday interactions with your child. I hope to appeal to parents to complement us in our efforts and to also help us inculcate the same values and beliefs at home.

It is our aim to provide a holistic education for your child, one that balances academic achievement with that of Co-Curriculum Activities. We strongly encourage our pupils to take part in a CCA so that they can develop themselves aesthetically and physically as well. The school also started on a storytelling workshop this year for all Primary 3 to Primary 5 pupils. This is the direction the English Department will be focusing on from this year onwards. Identified as the Niche of Excellence in Spoken English, the department believes that storytelling will be one of the most effective ways to perfect the speaking of good English. In fact, the school kicked off this programme very positively by winning the top prize for the Lower Primary category and consolation for the Upper Primary category in a storytelling competition held at Jurong Point. This was reassuring that we are indeed heading towards the right direction. Our school was also privileged to be chosen as one of the pilot schools in Singapore to start the PAL programme. PAL stands for Programme in Active Learning and it is the Ministry’s attempt to bring forth learning in a fun and engaging manner to our Primary 1 and 2 pupils. PAL spans across 4 different arenas- Sports and Games, Visual Arts, Outdoor Education and Performing Arts. The pupils were introduced to the various modules through activities and hands-on experiences. All these were paramount in building the SEL competencies (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Responsibility, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making) in them. This year has been a fruitful and eventful one for many involved. I hope that you will continue to lend us your support in every way possible. I look forward to another meaningful year with all of you.

Mrs Yap Ng Hwee Heng Principal



Total Defence Day As an NE ambassador, I did a powerpoint presentation for my fellow schoolmates about Total Defence. Initially, I was scared that I might fumble or slur on stage but thanks to my friends’ support and encouraging words, I did fine. The P4 Military Defence activity was exciting pupils became ‘soldiers’ for a day. They went through obstacles and hurdles mirroring what SAF men do during training. Everyone had their faces painted with camouflage face paint. It was a memorable day. By: Syasya Nur Hidayat bte Norhisham (5A)

Racial Harmony Day

National Day

The annual Racial Harmony Day is here again. This

NE Ambassadors had to collaborate with the Drama

year, we were encouraged to wear our traditional

Club pupils to present a short skit entitled ‘Recollections’.

costumes. For the level-based activity for P5, our task

We had to undergo some training. The teacher who

was to decorate a shirt and write to express our wishes

trained us was Ms Rena Tan. She is a very good and

for our friends.

During recess, our Parent Support

Group prepared delicious delicacies representing all the different food of the different races. I think

kind teacher. We also rehearsed with the Drama Club. Teamwork and cooperation ruled the Day! During the


level based activity,


we had to complete

because it serves

a collage entitled “our

as a platform for

ambitions”. I had a lot

Racial Day


all races to learn and


each of our unique

of fun partaking in the activities.

cultures. By: Gurshant Singh By: Ashley Teo

Sidhu (5A)


International Friendship Day On International Friendship Day, I was very proud to be able to present about my hometown, Myanmar. I was given the opportunity to present the languages of Burma (Myanmar). I was very happy to share about my culture and language with my school. International friendship day is an important day as it reminds us that regardless of where we come from, we should all live in peace and harmony. My schoolmate presented about his hometown, Phillipines. By: Aye Phyu Thant, Cheryl (4I)


P5 Adventure Camp

The Primary 5 students had their P5 Adventure Camp at Sarimbun Scout Camp from 24th February to 28th February this year.The students were in eight groups named after the school values. They embarked on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery and development where they experienced life in the great outdoors, participated in many challenging and exciting activities such as rock-climbing, nature-ramble, river challenge, outdoor cooking, low elements, rafting, command and conquer and trekkers’ challenge.The students had a campfire on the second day and many teachers joined them in their campfire. Each group had to put up a performance and earned points for their groups. On the third day, the students were engaged in doing CIP. They cleaned up their assigned areas around the camp site. Overall, it was a fun and memorable event!

Childrens’ Day cum Hari Raya Celebration @ JWPS

Mdm Paramesh host of P1/P2 concert entertaining kids with her favourite blue elephant

Ms Monique & Ms Wai host for Am session, dressed in Baju Kurung-adding colour and vibrancy for the Hari Raya cum Childrens Day concert 2010

Groovin & Jivin - P1/P2 Teachers entertaining the kids

Service Learning/CIP 2010 As part of the Service Learning /CIP, the Primary 6 pupils did home visits to Sree Narayana Mission Home, Muhammadiyah Welfare Home and Jamiyah Nursing Home. It was a positive learning experience as they played games and interacted with the residents there. Joelin from 6D commented, “I found the visit super meaningful. I had the chance to talk to the elderly as I seldom interact with my grandparents. The visit made them really happy.”

Teachers in unison serenading the students with their rendition of the song “Top of the World”

Captivated Audience

Games, Prizes, Laughter - Children all smiles


Graduating Class 2010 Dear 6A pupils There were many times that I worried for all of you, many times when I was angry and frustrated.Then, there were times when you made me smile and giggled, laughed out loud and burrowed my brows in amusement because I could not believe how funny some of your antics were.These will be the fragments of memories that I will carry with me for a long time to come. It has been my privilege having you in my company this past year and I can only wish you the very best for your future. All of you are made for greater things in life. Believe in yourself. Be a reader for life and always remember to uphold the attitudes and values that you have. I hope our paths cross again in future and if they don’t, I hope we have shared some pretty awesome time together.

Class 6A

Love Ms Rena Tan Class 6B

Dear 6B It has been almost 2 years since I started teaching all of you. I feel that this equation fits all of you best. R + I2 + S = E Resilience + Intelligence & Ingenuity + Self-motivation = Excellence All the best for your future! Mr Yeh Bao Hui

Dearest 6C It’s my privilege to be given the opportunity to be your form teacher for the past two years. I am proud to see all of you grow not just academically, but also socially and morally. Always put in effort in whatever you do so that you will have no regrets when you look back. Love Mrs Nai

Dear Children of 6D I am thankful for all of you. You have given me many opportunities to grow into a more patient and forgiving teacher. All of you are finishing another chapter of your lives and starting a new one soon. Remember to finish well by keeping your goals in mind always and having a mindset of excellence to do your best always, whether in thought or action. Remember to honour and respect your parents as they love you very much. Wherever you may go, seek to gain knowledge. Knowledge is power! Keep in touch, children of 6D! Love Mdm Poh

Dear 6E I cannot thank you enough for being who you are. Each of you is unique in your own ways and I love the way you are! I am very honoured to be able to teach you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Do not allow fear to be in your way for the possibility of success is infinite! Learning is a lifelong journey and I hope you continue this journey with that positive attitude of yours! Remember, ‘Impossible is Nothing!’ Take care and keep in touch! Don’t forget to stay happy!


With lots of love Ms Wai

Graduating Class 2010 Dear 6F I have enjoyed my time teaching you. You are a lovable and teachable batch. I will definitely miss the humour and support you have offered me for the past one and a half year. Though it’s time for us to part here, it doesn’t mark the end of everything. In fact, this is the start of a new phase in your life. You will continue to widen your circle of friends and pool of experiences. Not to forget the friendship you have fostered with one another during the primary school years is incredibly important. Truly great friends are hard to find, rare to have and impossible to forget. So, stay in touch! Wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Regards Ms Jerica Lim

6G, Dearest 6G, It has been a pleasure teaching you for these two years! You are a bunch of very creative, intelligent, helpful, thoughtful and appreciative children. I love your smiles and enjoy your humour especially in all the many group presentations and talent time items. I am really going to miss each one of you, 6G and I pray that God will always keep you safe and happy with the love of family and true friends. forever’ Friends Forever Love, Ms Bala Punitha Dearest 6H It has been a great pleasure to have taught you for the past two years. You are truly a special group of pupils each having your distinctive strength which will bring you hope, joy and success.You will always be my pride and joy and may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through. Regards, Mr Lau Ban Hwee

My Dearest 6I (1) pupils It’s amazing how time flies and now it’s time for me to bid you farewell. Each and everyone of you is special in my heart. I hope you will always remember to go forth and give your best, and be a HERO in your own path of journey in life. Always tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT! Believe in yourself and you’ll go far. Best wishes to all of you! Stay positive, healthy, cool and happy! Lots of love Mrs Jessie Teow

Dear 6I (2) I have to admit that you are the most active class that I had ever taught. However, you have also brought much laughter to the class. Always remember that you have to give your best in order to reach your fullest potential. Never forget what I’ve always told you: Always do your Best! And you will achieve the Rest! You Must! You Will! You Can! Regards, Mr Alphonsus Png



VISUAL ART PROGRAMME Our utmost gratitude to Mdm Tay Siew Cheng, our adjunct teacher with her immeasurable years of experience , skills and expertise offered her time and effort to create a very constructive and progressive Art curriculum for our very own JWPS pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6. In addition, Mdm Suriati, Mdm Serena Syu, Mdm Shafura, our former AED PAL and herself have successfully conducted our first ever PAL programme for Primary 2 pupils in Term 1 & 2. Currently, our Primary 1 pupils are undergoing PAL Programme under Bob Associates.

As evident in their weekly lessons, all the children enjoyed themselves. They had experiential learning and they had fun in their lessons. At the same time enjoyed the essence of collaborative learning.

PAL Sports & Games Module: Our P1 and P2 pupils went through 14 weeks of the PAL Sports and Games module in Semester 1. They get to experience and explore basic fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, rolling, jumping and balancing through the “GymKidz” and “Kids Athletics” programme. Besides acquiring sporting skills, the pupils also experienced and understood more about different aspects of the SEL framework through various team games, reflections and facilitation sessions. They certainly look forward to the next Sports and Games module in 2011!


Outdoor Education

Our school organised a STELLAR and PAL Open House in May 2010. There was a showcase of performances by the Primary 1 and 2 pupils. Parents were invited to view the performances and artwork by the pupils.

– one of our modules in PAL

The Primary 1 pupils performed familiar tunes such as ‘Chan Mali Chan’ and ‘Edelweiss’ with dance steps and playing of percussion instructions which they have learnt from the PAL Music and Dance module. In addition, they performed STELLAR songs that they learnt during their English lessons. They did choral readings as well as dramatizations of their favourite stories that they read in Shared Book Reading too. The Primary 2 pupils showcased their sculptures which consisted of models made out of wire and clay which they learnt in their PAL Visual Arts modules. They also used crayons to draw models of Olympic sports. For STELLAR, the Primary 2 pupils demonstrated day-to-day English lessons in Shared Book Reading, MLEA and tuning-in songs. Pupils also interviewed their peers on their experiences on STELLAR and PAL modules such as Gymkids and Kids Athletics.

The Outdoor Education (OE) module is one of the active learning programmes we have designed for our pupils in the primary one and primary two classes. For this module in the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) curriculum, pupils are provided with many opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Through their participation in the multi-sensory activities designed for them, our pupils recognised the key differences between outdoor and indoor environments. They learnt skills to protect themselves while in the outdoors. As they worked together in teams, our pupils also learnt to take turns and share with one another, thus building their socio emotional skills.

It was an Open House which both parents and pupils enjoyed tremendously!

Enjoying the activities in the outdoor environment.



Representing our school in the SYF Central Judging 2010 was an experience that will be etched in my memory forever. Our dance item was titled Jana Watan which means to inculcate the love for one’s homeland.With such a robust theme, our dance involved a lot of energetic movements in tune with the lively melody. The high standard of the competition did not dampen our spirits to give it all our best. Although we aimed for the Gold award, the Silver award we accomplished was a sweet victory as we succeeded in sustaining it from the previous competition. Since late last year, we toiled, sweat, sacrificed our holidays, and one week into the competition, trained daily to prepare for the SYF. We thank every member of the JWPS family for their constructive feedback and encouraging words. As this is the last SYF for some of us, we hope that the new team recruited will continue to persevere and bring glory to our school. By: Syasya Nur Hidayati binte Norhisham (5A) on behalf of the SYF team.


This year, the Chinese Dance SYF team performed the dance entitled “Together in Unity” during the SYF Central Judging 2010. As the rocks exploded, a group of monkeys were born. The vibrant monkeys celebrated their birth and dance to a happy note. Unity is strength. In the dance, they displayed the spirit of unity in a lively manner and clinched the Silver award. Congratulations dancers! We are proud of each and everyone of you! By: Ms Tang & Ms Carol Cheong


SYF Indian Dance 2010 took place on 6th April 2010 at UCC Auditorium in NUSS. At 6 am, the teachers- charge and together with some parent volunteers helped the 18 dancers with the make-up and the costumes. The troupe left school at 8.45am after a couple of practices in the school hall. The judging time was at 10.50am and the performance was judged by a panel of 5 judges. The briefing and results came the very next day on 7th April 2010 and the dance was awarded a bronze award. Though the dance troupe did not manage to win the sustained Gold award but the performers learned to uphold the core school values of perseverance and self-discipline.


On 8 April 2010, sixty band members represented Jurong West Primary School to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging (Concert Band Category). These pupils practised for many hours and even came back to school on Saturdays for extra training. They demonstrated the mindset of excellence as they displayed the school core values of perseverance and self-discipline throughout the long hours of practice. Despite the vigorous training, these pupils managed to strike a balance between their CCA and school work. Their hard work finally paid off as they won the Silver Award! Well done, Band! We are all very proud of you!

CCA Achievement 2010 - Well Done Tae Kwan Do Team! Six of our Tae Kwon Do members participated in a tournament held on 10th October 2010 at the Civil Service Club. This is the first time that the pupils have participated in a competition. We would like to congratulate the Junior Team for winning the Bronze Award for the Colour Belt Patterns. The winners are: 1 Saktheeswaran 5E 2 Maverick Lim 5B 3 Sean Yap Tang 5A 4 Ayesha 5A 5 Keith Lye 4C 6 Zheng Yilong 4H

– Black Belt – Red Belt – Red Belt with Black Tape – Blue Belt – Blue Belt –Yellow Belt

Teachers-in-charge: Mrs Ramachandran / Mdm Lalitha




Baby of Mdm Syahidah ( ICT Executive)

New Born

Mdm Norliah Latiff ’s Baby

Mdm Yang Liman’s Baby

Baby of Mdm Priscilla Lim

Mrs Jerica Koh and husband

Welcome New Teachers 2010

From left Ms Fadilah, Ms Dalina, Mdm Julia, Mdm Tiffany, Ms Chan, Ms Syahida, Ms Juliana


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