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Get clear in the New Year A FREE WORKBOOK


Get clear in the New Year — HELLO FRIENDS Well, here we go again. Another year around the sun. Maybe you’ve smashed it in 2018? Or it could be that things got in your way and you’re mighty relieved to be heading into a new year so you can start afresh... If that’s the case, what’s going to be different for you this time? How will you make this year count? And how will you make sure you’ll do what actually matters to you the most? One of my favourite quotes is this —

If you change nothing, nothing will change. I love it because it’s true. If you’re craving change but you keep doing the same things over and over, you’ll be spinning your wheels and ultimately frustration will set in. And everything will remain as it is. This workbook is designed to get you thinking about how you can make this year better than the last. It’s about asking yourself, how, specifically, do you want this year to be different to 2018? What do you want to make happen? What concrete actions will you take to make it different? And what do you not want to repeat? So, here for you are 19 coaching questions to help get you clear in the new year. But first, a challenge! In order to get some accountability going, I’d like to invite you to click here and write a letter to your future self. Pick a date that’s at the end of 2019 and write down (in as much detail as possible) everything that you plan will happen in 2019. And magic! Your letter will be emailed back to you at the date you set at end of 2019 to show you just how much pulled off. Here are some pro-coaching tips for when you sit down to do this workbook:

No.1 — Be honest No.2 — Be specific No.3 — Keep your goals realistic Right. Let’s get stuck in! Sit down, grab a cuppa and start writing. Wishing you an awesome 2019, Coach Viv XO


How do we get clear? —

CLARITY KILLERS What’s killing your clarity? It’s often the weapons of mass distractions that have an adverse effect on our clarity. Too much time spent on social media, excessive TV (hello Netflix), online shopping, mindless internet surfing and other forms of procrastination can zap your clarity. Not being clear on your personal values can kill your clarity. Hanging with toxic people can affect your clarity.

CLARITY ENERGISERS Know your personal values. You’re literally flying blind if you don’t know what your values are and how they guide your life. Click here to take this free character values survey. Ditch the devices at set times or curb your social media usage to create more mental space. Being with like-minded people whose goals and values are similar to yours will enhance your clarity. Learning new things can boost your mental clarity.


Give 2018 the once over. Even though coaching is future focused, it’s worth checking back in with what happened in 2018 so we can understand what we need to change. What did you learn about yourself in 2018? What did you put off? What’s that thing that has been nagging at you to get done? Ask yourself why you haven’t prioritised it. (Are you realising that you’re rolling through a series of excuses; too busy, too distracted, too whatever?)

LOOK ING BACK AT 201 8 What was my favourite moment of 2018? (



Give 2018 the once over. — LOOKIN G BACK AT 20 18

What awesome goals did I achieve in 2018?

What did I hope to pull off but couldn’t quite do? What got in the way?


Give 2018 the once over. LOOKING BACK AT 20 18 In what ways did I grow and evolve? How were you challenged and how did you grow as a result? What new skills, knowledge, ideas and insights have made you better or different from the beginning of the year?

What mistakes gave me the most significant learning opportunities?


Give 2018 the once over. LOOKING BACK AT 20 1 8 Did I live my life according to my values?

When did I feel most productive? (What were you doing and who were you with?)


Give 2018 the once over. LOOKI NG BACK AT 20 18 When was I least productive? Again, think about what you were doing & who you were with.

What do I need to ditch from the year past in order to be ready to start fresh in 2019?


Looking ahead Ok, let’s get this bit out of the way. Resolutions – do they work? Sorry to disappoint, but not usually. Like most of us, I used to start each year with a lengthy and exciting list of things I planned to do. And then spend the next twelve months basically not doing them. Oh, my intentions were there, and initial efforts were admirable. But as more and more time went by, other stuff got in the way and I realised I couldn’t be bothered. Truth is, the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing has never really worked for me. I would get all carried away, with these ridiculously unrealistic resolutions, with no plan, and then wonder why, come February, nothing had changed. In the coaching biz this is called ‘set and forget’. Old habits return, and life goes on. N ow I’ve figured out that setting a number of realistic and attainable short and long-term goals is the way to go. Make yourself accountable for your goals by writing them down here or telling them to people who will check up on you and hold you to your goals.

What are your goals for 2019

Consider both personal and professional goals. Think small and medium to large goals. Consider things like time-sucking behaviours and poor self-care as well as your emotional and mental mindsets.


Looking ahead AHEAD TO 2018

Why do I want to achieve this goal? Why is it so important to me?

What strengths, habits and processes do I need to put in place to support those goals? Consider your personal strengths and new habits and also your assets such as your network, knowledge, experience and more


Looking ahead AHE AD T O 2 01 9

In what ways will I take care of my personal wellbeing to maintain or boost my overall mojo? Here’s a good opportunity to take time to reflect on your physical wellbeing as well as your mental and emotional wellbeing.

If I’m at my very best this year what would that look like?


Looking ahead AHE AD T O 2 019 What do I need to do to bridge the gap from where I am to where I want to be?

Who or what do I need more of in 2019?


Looking ahead AH EAD TO 2018

Who or what do I need less of?

What’s the smallest change I can make that will have the greatest impact on my life? This question is about breaking down the ultimate goal into manageable chunks and getting started.


Looking ahead AHE AD T O 2 019 What is the personal cost of not changing?


A quick guide to setting smart goals —

BE SMART A final word on goals. Remember, if you’re setting a goal (or tweaking an existing one), make it SMART.

S M A R T stands for —

Specific Be clear and specific will make your goals and actions easier to make happen

Measurable Helps you know when an action is complete so you can measure progress

Actionable Means there are things you can do and that you have control over those actions

Realistic Prevents overwhelm and helps you breakdown bigger actions into more achievable goals

Timed Have a specific timeframe. A deadline will keep you focused and motivated.


Work with me —

GET CLEAR IN THE NEW Y EAR Make contact to see how we can work together. Ph: 02 6687 1965 Mob: 0416 004 515 Email:


Transitions Read more here. Comparing Read more here. Being Busy Read more here Burn-out Read more here. Values Read more here. Self care Read more here. Boundaries Read more here. Perfectionism Read more here.


About me —

My name is Viv and I’m a coach who works with creative people who want more life and less stress. I work with people who want to identify, set, and achieve realistic goals. I’ve seen all kinds of crazy as a music and event publicist. I'm passionate about stress management and helping people find ways to tune out the inner critic. The people I work with:

— Have a noisy inner critic — Can’t switch off from work, have issues with boundaries — Say yes when they really mean no — Are perfectionists — Are gold-medal people pleaser's — Have time management issues — Want more balance in their world This has been me over the years. If this sounds like you too, I’d love to hear from you. Visit my website and sign up to my monthly newsletter for tips and coaching offers and follow my Facebook page for regular blogs.


Kind words “I highly recommend Viv Fantin to anyone seeking to understand & work better with the ins and outs of this crazy and exciting business. It’s like having a super smart big sister that understands exactly what you’re going through and what you need to do next to get to where you want to be.” Gregg Donovan Co-owner & Director, Wonderlick Entertainment

“Viv was fantastic at providing me with a better understanding of my behaviour through a series of

exercises and discussions that gave me insights into myself that I hadn’t realised after 45 years! The importance of my values in decision making will now become a strong reference in both my work and family life. I started my time with Viv in search of a balance between life and work and while that’s something that will take some time to finesse, there have been some great suggestions that has refreshed my approach to my hectic life with 3 children. I see this coaching as an ongoing part of my wellbeing and look forward to checking again with Viv on a regular basis.” Jana Gibson Director Writer Services APRA AMCOS

“I’ve been lucky enough to do a number of coaching sessions with Viv over the past 3 months, and the guidance she has been providing me with is immeasurable! As someone who is at the beginning stages of navigating a career in the music industry, having her expert opinion has been a huge help to me. Together we have covered a huge amount of ground and I am closer to achieving my goals thanks to Viv’s amazing guidance and warmth!” Siobhan Kranz

“I’ve really enjoyed and been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve accomplished working with Coach Viv. At the start, I must admit, I was a little cynical about what coaching could actually do for me and for my business. I thought coaching was another buzzword or concept that would be short lived. It’s made me a clearer thinker, a better leader and I’m working out how to prioritise the urgent vs the important. Our session around values really helped me develop a greater understanding about what it is I actually want out of work. It’s been so refreshing to define my values. Instead of always thinking about my business in terms of what I can offer clients, what about what they can offer me? A really vitally important question I never thought to ask myself! Kathleen (Sydney)

"Coaching with Viv is like having a wise friend gently guiding you toward a better version of yourself and challenging you when you need it. She is professional, empathetic and grounded - her sessions are packed full of gems of knowledge and it's all backed up by exercises and learning resources which are incredibly useful for referring back to." Natasha Koch


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Get Clear in the New Year - a free workbook by Next Act Coaching  

This little workbook is designed to get you thinking about how you can make next year better than the last. It’s about asking yourself, how,...

Get Clear in the New Year - a free workbook by Next Act Coaching  

This little workbook is designed to get you thinking about how you can make next year better than the last. It’s about asking yourself, how,...