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Let’s build a Future Together Cease to inquire what the future has in store, and take as a gift whatever the day brings forth. - Horace

Upcoming events >>> September 9, 2011

The National Zoo Come and explore the animal exhibits with us at the National Zoo in Washington DC.


September 23, 2011

DC Tour Take a walk around Washington DC. Monument sighting and some paddle boating, let’s have some fun in DC

November 4, 2011

Incoming students

Welcome to a New Beginning

American History Museum Explore history at the American History Museum in Washington DC.

To all new students, faculty and staff, we extend a warm welcome to Virginia International University. To our returning students and faculty, welcome back!

October 8, 2011

New York, New York Ever been to New York? Here is your chance to go, and see sights of New York.

November 18, 2011

Library of Congress Tour Explore the collection of more than 144 million items includes more than 33 million cataloged books and other print materials

During the past week, an elevated rhythm of excitement has been felt across our campus. New students from around the globe are preparing for a new beginning here at VIU. As we welcome our new class, we proudly note that you represent the best, the brightest, the most academically accomplished. Your previous successes are the foundation from which your intellectual maturity, your academic knowledge, and your self-ethic will be further development. At the Virginia International University, you are part of a greater student body noted for its academic achievements; a student body that is driven to apply their knowledge and creative imaginations toward building sustainable communities. Here you are part of a greater student body that wants to make a difference. We know that your transition to university life feels like a whirlwind, but, trust us, things will settle down. You will soon find yourself settling into a routine of classes and new friendships. Your academic years at VIU should be a time to discover the world in its many cultural, political, artistic, intellectual manifestations. These extracurricular explorations broaden and enrich your formal curriculum and ultimately your life. An education only fulfills its vast potential when the student shifts from a passive observer to an interactive learner. This means you must be engaged fully in your studies: be prepared for your classes, ask informed questions, seek out answers to ageless questions, challenge yourself to conduct independent research and creative work. Dedicating yourself to your studies, while augmenting your learning through extracurricular activities, and you will be amazed to learn what you are capable. Take advantage of learning and living in a uniquely metropolitan community and extend your cultural

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learning. Take advantage of the academic diversity our campus offers and become a Student Ambassador. The future is yours, and we encourage you to seize every opportunity available. Discover the richness of VIU and the greater Washington area. To all the students and alumni may curiosity, creativity, selflessness, and integrity, be your hallmark as a member of the Virginia International University community and as a citizen of the world.

Essentials Tips for Learning Online

Welcome to VIU.

Blending in with a New Culture Let’s get Oriented – Blog Entry

Virginia International University Committee of Student Activities

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A Monthly Insight into the What‟s Current With VIU

Fall Into VIU current topics >>>

American Style on a Budget Tips on what to wear at a low cost Have your perfect jeans? Finding jeans is usually a very difficult task and there are many factors in finding that right pair like the cut, waist line, how high the rise is and if you feel comfortable in the jeans. You may have to try on many pairs before you find the ones that suit you. Since jeans are the universal all-around look, you can transition them from a daytime look into an evening look in no time. Therefore, it is likely you’ll get a big bang for your buck your favorite pair of jeans.

The Fashion Bug 2011 Fall Fashion Trends September brings not only the start of a For those who want to avoid adding new semester, but the beginning of expensive new pieces to their wardrobe, cooler weather and new fashion trends. adding color (such as the latest shades Luckily for students, who usually spend of orange) and texture (particularly this time handing over their hard-earned velvet, lace, or leather) will put a fresh summer cash for tuition and textbooks, twist on last year’s outfit. Fall 2011 fashion trends are catering Men’s fashion follows a towards current economic conditions. similar theme for this This season’s fashion is Say in style season; classic and longfocused on long-lasting, lasting, with color or pattern with this quality pieces, instead of season new to update the look. Tweed frivolous spending on fashions. coats and plaid shirts are wildly creative, one-season- The cape and particular hits for the Fall, only styles. Designers are poncho are and the classic roundlaunching classic pieces that coming back in a major way! necked tee returns in a will last into future seasons, variety of colors. and spicing these pieces up This season’s trends require very little in with color and texture. the way of investment, flair, or The key piece for women looking to creativity, making it a great season to hit follow Fall trends is the poncho. This the stores and update your look. style was introduced in Fall 2010 as an alternative to coats and jackets, and continues to be a strong, fashionable item this year.

Faculty Advancements VIU would like to congratulate our faculty, Dr. Sergey Ivanov, for being selected as the Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Organizational Innovation, and on his recent publication, “Why Organizations Fail”, which will appear in the July 2011 edition of the journal.

Dr. Ivanov has a PhD in the Study of Complex Organizations from George Washington University, and hold MS and BS degrees in Information Systems. His expertise is in designing high-performance organizations. He is a consultant to corporations, military, and government entities on organizational design and business transformations. He also

serves on the Board of The Cambridge Institute For Applied Research (CIfAR). Dr. Ivanov welcomes your questions on any topics concerning leadership, organizations, and societal changes. Please post your questions on his website at

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Essential Tips for Online Learning “Your words on the screen will be the way your instructor „sees‟ you and gets to know you in the online classroom” Online Education is an increasingly popular option for students in higher education. The flexibility afforded to students is one of the many attractive things about online learning, and there is something to be said for working around our own schedules. In my dealings with academic officers at VIU, I have come across a world of information that can prove helpful to students enrolled in online courses and degree programs. The over-arching theme of the dialogue surrounding online learning rests with this reality: a great deal of the decision about taking online courses will depend upon the individual and the kind of learner he or she is. One of the great advantages of online learning is that it provides opportunities for students who are constrained by time and place. I have compiled a list of helpful tips for students who might be interested in taking advantage of the opportunities for online education. Read more after the jump:  

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Establish a regular study and learning schedule. Make these dates and times set in your schedule, and even mark them down on your calendar. Share with Others. Tell those who care about you (roommates, friends, family, and colleagues). You are more likely to stick to an online course if you have the people who care about you supporting you in the initiative. Ask Questions. If you do not understand an assignment, concept, technology, or any other item, do not be afraid to ask for clarification! Not asking will only help you become more confused and fall behind in the course.

More Fashion Tips Articles from Students Like You Current Events New Educational Advancements

Participate, Participate, Participate! This is crucial to an online learning environment. Remember that you have no use of non-verbal clues to communicate with your instructor by. Your words on the screen will be the way your instructor „sees‟ you and gets to know you in the online classroom; express clearly not only what you know and your questions, but also how you are feeling about what you are learning.

  

 

 

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Be able to communicate well in writing. Address limited writing ability up front or as part of the online learning experience. Have access to a reliable computer. This almost goes without saying–if you have no computer, you have no access to your course! A high-speed internet connection is also strongly encouraged for online learning. Be Patient. Instructors are not always to answer your questions instantaneously. Think your ideas through prior to responding. Meaningful and quality input is vital in the online classroom and an essential part of the learning process. Remember that others will read what you have to say, so use words economically. Check your work again before you hit the submit button! Make sure you have conveyed all points that you want to, and imagine how the reader will interpret your words. Be Persistent!!! Remember that you are learning in a fairly new environment. Come forward immediately if you run into any glitches. Most difficulties are easily resolved, but your instructor must hear from you in order to be of help to you. Be self-motivated and self-disciplined! With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes responsibility. Make a commitment to the online process and be sure to follow through on this commitment. Be willing to commit between 4 and 8 hours per week per typical course. Online learning is not easier or less time-consuming than face-to-face classroom learning experience. It is simply championed for being more flexible. Many online courses require more time than face-to-face courses. Know what is expected of you. Be able to work collaboratively with others to complete projects. Be able to use technology properly. Be sure that you are willing to meet the minimum requirements for the course. Pace yourself. Overloading your schedule is a bad idea. There is a reason it takes several years to graduate from a university. You are in this to learn, not just get a diploma. Be Open-Minded. Sharing experiences and opinions is an integral part of the online learning experience. The best online learning environment is one that is warm and friendly. Be courteous to your classmates, but also be willing to open up to them. You may find that this environment is very freeing! Don‟t. Give. Up. Remain calm and your difficulties should clear up!


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Blending in with a New Culture

Serving You!

Christie, tell me how were you able to blend in the American culture??? How were you able to fit? How did you adapt to the area?” asked a stressed friend of mine who recently arrived in the States. Hmm…That’s a good question! I can explicitly say that I have adapted to the area, but I don’t know if I blend or fit in; and what does it mean “to blend in”? My first visit to the U.S. was at age 14. I arrived here as a visitor with my mother; the country looked similar to the American movies we used to watch back home such as “Commando”, “Hard To Kill”, and “Rocky” (for those of us action movie fanatics). I was happy to set foot in this renowned nation, but right away I felt compelled to communicate in real American language (I thought I knew English until I came here!), imitate celebrities’ fashion styles, and eat like Americans, as I

Student Activities is here to provide activities and services for the VIU community. Through its various boards, committees, and staff, it provides cultural, social, and recreational programs, aiming to make the out-of-class experience a part of the total educational process.. These programs promote a sense of community and loyalty to VIU while serving as a place for social and intellectual growth..

was being enticed by all the ads on TV.

“…how embarrassing that was! It requires courage to get back up again…” as I was being enticed by all the ads on TV. Adapting to a new area is a courageous and educational experience necessitating patience. When you come into a new country, making mistakes is inevitable because you are not used to the way things are done. A lady once asked me at a birthday party in front of several guests; “Do you have any siblings?” I did not understand the word “sibling”. In the English I was taught back in Middle School, I never came across that word (unless I did not pay attention in class). I was too proud (and silly) to request for the meaning of the word so I confidently replied “No!” She then said “So you do not have any brothers or sisters?” Immediately, I answered “Yes, yes, I have one brother and one sister!!!” Everyone gave me a puzzled look: I did not understand why until I went back to the house, only to find out that “sibling” means the same thing as “brother” or “sister”, how embarrassing that was! It requires courage to get back up again after a shameful experience as this, however at the same time; I could use it as a learning opportunity to enrich my vocabulary!

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One cannot adjust overnight but you need to be patient, trusting that slowly with time, you will become more familiar with the system and the culture. A great number of individuals have passed through the same experience, so cheer up; it will work out for you too! Thus, can I personally say that I have blended in? The definition of this word means “to be indistinguishable from one another”. This is not applicable to me: I will always have an accent, will always speak French in public, my last name will always be difficult to pronounce, I will always wear my African attire, and cook time-consuming dishes with bold aromas. Does this render me unqualified to adapt in the States - of course not. You do not have to blend into adjust, but you do have to be optimistic to adjust. Therefore, be courageous, be patient and be positive! Remember, we need to go through the valley in order to stand upon the mountain

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With a new semester fast approaching, many students on the Virginia International University campus are gearing up for another fun year and becoming excited about the courses that will engage their minds over the next semester. What many students fail to remember are the hours of studying that will take place when midterms and finals roll around. As students make the transition from high school graduates, college graduates, and employees to being back in school and facing the high demand on time that higher education inherently requires, we wanted to highlight some study habits that might work for everyone. I had the opportunity to sit down with John Bennett, VIU’s Director of Library

graduates, college graduates, and employees to being back in school and facing the high demand on time that higher education inherently requires, we wanted to highlight some study habits that might work for everyone. I had the opportunity to sit down with John Bennett, VIU’s Director of Library Services and Associate to the VP of University Affairs to pick his brain on the topic. He has a

few tips to making the most of your study time by finding out what routine works best for you! Mr. Bennett stresses that we learn some of the best study techniques in our K-12 education system. Time management, outlining plans & projects, and reviewing course material are among these techniques. Bennett also expanded upon these techniques and gives more pointers for higher education study habits.

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An Interview with a Local Hero Today I was fortunate enough to speak with Officer R. Wayne Twombly, veteran of the Fairfax County Police Department and a frequent speaker at Virginia International University (VIU). Twombly has worked in the criminal justice field for several years, not only in law enforcement, but serving as a Crime Prevention Officer at the Fair Oaks District Station. Officer Twombly also visits local schools years around where he counsel students on topics such as traffic laws, public safety, harassment, and even law awareness. I really could not have asked for a better interview candidate! What are some of the challenges you face when interacting with students visiting from other countries? “It would have to be the language barrier.” said Officer Twombly. Each day, officers in the surrounding area are required to deal with a wide range of individuals from different cultures, in just about every situation. While the bulk of occurrences are traffic violation and police assistance cases, calls involving English-speaking translations are highly prevalent during a dispatch. “This process is a little time consuming,” as Officer Twombly went on, but it is fully necessary to gain all the right information to complete an officer report in order to aid citizens in their needs.

driving?”, and almost two-thirds of the VIU student population has already received their licenses. “It was a little difficulty obtaining my license when I arrived at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. A former student of VIU recently reported, “The words were foreign and the signs did not mean the same”. Students usually have their driver’s licenses from their home country so their natural reaction would be to obtain a license as soon as they arrive in the U.S. Fairfax County is a safe place to live. “Fairfax County is one of the safest areas in Virginia.” Officer Twombly reports. Of its size, Fairfax manages to be so close to the District of Colombia and still maintain its charm, having fewer police officers per residents than any other suburban area. Although the county does have a high level of police services, Officer Twombly urges new students to “be aware and be careful”. Bad things can happen even in good places. He recalled a dreadful occurrence of two fallen officers several years ago, who gave their lives in the line of duty. It is these officers Officer Twombly remembers and fights for everyday that he wears his badge. Thanks to officers like Twombly and the support of The Fairfax County Police Department, our neighborhoods and future can thrive. We are always excited when Officer Twombly graces the halls of VIU. His excitement and joyous sprit fill every student with a smile and lasting memories. VIU believes in his ability to help people and make a difference in the community. By having Twombly here to aid in the orientation of our new students he has made a lasting impact that will shape their futures for a life time. Until next time, we extend a warm thank you to Officer Twombly and the Fairfax County Police Department.

Have you noticed that students face difficulty adapting to the new laws of the area? “Yes, but it is mandatory that we have officers go through ongoing Cultural Training.” This equips officers with the tools need in order to calmly assess and resolve situations. Officer Twombly goes on to say, “Sometimes students are fearful of the police force.” But Twombly stresses that they are here to enforce and educate all residents. What advice would you give to new drivers, making the international transition? Officer Twombly urges all drivers to, “Know your ability, stay with-in capacity and drive slow”. Transitioning into college can be difficult for students; it’s especially difficult for students who are going to college thousands of miles away from home. International students face numerous challenges assimilating into American culture. One of those challenges is obtaining a drivers license.

Nearly 12% of the Fall New Student Orientation participants this session raised their hands eagerly as Officer Twombly asked the question, “Who here will be

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