Chattanooga Prep Impact Report 2019

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Annual Impact Report 2019

Building the Men of Tomorrow




Our Founders

It’s hard to believe... ...but


As we look forward to year two, we know the urgency

Preparatory School has come to an end - and what an






and intensity behind our mission remains as strong as

amazing year it has been. What started several years

ever - if not more. We look forward to welcoming a

ago as a simple “what if” has become a big, bold reality

new class of students this fall, and in order to continue

- entirely thanks to the tireless advocacy and generous

growing, we must remain laser focused on laying a

support of this community.

strong foundation.

To say the first year of Chattanooga Prep was a

Our needs remain centered around expanding our

year of growth would be an understatement. Our

buildings and facilities, as well as growing our classroom

boys, teachers, staff and board have been positively

and afterschool programming. Both of these depend on

challenged, stretched and pushed. We knew there

the generosity of our community, and we are grateful for

would be growth, but this year surpassed every

the support it takes to open our doors each day.

expectation we could have dreamed. We tell our boys every day growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone and aspire for something more. They certainly did this year, and we could not be more proud.

Thank you for embarking on this lifelong journey with us. Together, we are changing lives and building a stronger Chattanooga. We appreciate your time, energy and generous support.

A special thanks goes to the donors, mentors, volunteers and friends who have stepped up in a big way to help our boys and this school. Without them, this school would still be a pipedream. Thank you, friends.

TED AND KELLY ALLING Co-founders of Chattanooga Preparatory School


Sentinel Summary


Chattanooga Preparatory School is an all-boys public

Our Mission

charter school located in Chattanooga, TN. Although we opened with a class of 66 sixth grade scholars, we will add

Chattanooga Prep engages young men in a

an additional class each academic year until we reach the

rigorous, yet supportive, learning environment

12th grade and serve a total school enrollment of 350. Our

that nutures resilience, promotes academic

scholars are a group of students who are anxious to learn

excellence, inspires leadership, and prepares

from our forward-thinking and creative faculty members

critical thinkers.

African American 65%

Other 0.5% Caucasian 4.5%

and administrators. Hispanic 30%

Chattanooga Prep offers a competitive STEAM-based curriculum, in addition to leadership development, to ensure our students’ future success in a fast-paced world.

Our Vision

Our Core Values

To inspire and empower young men to achieve

Integrity Excellence

academically and participate in a collaborative learning community that will establish a trajectory for lifelong learning and success.

Creativity & Innovation Emotional Intelligence Collaboration & Community Perseverance & Resilience Diversity Service to Others

Our Purpose The purpose of Chattanooga Prep is to change the lives of young men who potentially face multiple challenges through the attainment of


low income families


student to teacher ratio


students participating in afterschool activities


overall attendance rate for 18-19

academic success.




Why Boys in Chattanooga The deck is stacked against young men in Hamilton County and the numbers are sobering: 4 out of 10 students in our county live in poverty * African-American students are 33 times more likely to attend one of the lowest-performing schools in TN than their Caucasian counterparts * Only 38% of Hamilton County residents have some form of post-secondary credential and only 33% of students in public schools are on track to obtain this level of education * Less than half of students entering kindergarten in the county are “ready to learn” * 60% of 3rd-grade students in Hamilton County cannot read on grade-level * A majority of high school dropouts are boys and university graduates are now comprised of 60% females and 40% males ** Boys are disciplined more frequently in schools and less involved in school activities/clubs than girls ** 10x imprisonment rate as females ** Law enforcement agencies report a greater percentage of male gang members versus female gang members – a typical finding from law enforcement data, but one that is challenged by other research methodologies. ***

*Chattanooga 2.0 | ** Understanding Boys, National Center for Development of Boys | ***National Gang Center |



Why Chattanooga Prep?

Academic Rigor

School Culture


We’ve developed a rigorous program designed

We believe in the power of a positive attitude,

We believe in the power of relationships. For

to support under performaing students that

that hard work equals success and finding our

this reason, not only do we hire engaged and

uses data-driven instruction and intervention

life’s passions and purpose. We value Tenacity,

dedicated faculty members, we also provide

to provide personalized learning. We promote

Resilience, Attitude, and Grit. We believe in

a robust mentoring program complete with

literacy across the curriculum to inspire a love of

Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration,

dedicated mentors that will follow their student

reading and improve proficiency.

Perseverance and Service to Others.

through graduation.



Jaelen is more confident in his ability to do the work. He doesn’t procrastinate, and he is challenging himself!� Joe Banks | Chattanooga Prep Parent


Our Administrators & Faculty FACULTY & STAFF Brad Scott | Head of Lower School Diamond Kelley | Assistant Principal Emily Akins | Guidance Julien Amorelli | History Katie Archambault | Librarian Eugene Banks | Dean of Students Felix Beasley | Science Molly Brown | Exceptional Education Ryan Carl | Art Christoffer Collins | Physical Education Gabriel Gonzalez | Spanish Michelle Hassler | Literacy Coach Jennifer Huskins | Guided Reading Katherine Jacobs | Math Megan Leonard | Science Virginia Mackey | English Language Arts Bryan Mann | Math Megan Miklusicak | Guided Reading

Our administrators and teachers are engaging and dedicated to improving student outcomes.

Carissa Parker | English Language Arts Matthew Rogers | History Colten Romans | STEM Tiffany Williams | Guided Math Emma Wright | ESOL

When we first opened our doors in August 2018, only 18% of our students were at grade-level standards for math and reading. As of May 2019, we have doubled the number of students reading at gradelevel (36%) and tripled the number of students at

grade-level n math (54%). This is a testament to how innovative and impactful our teachers are. They attend and conduct professional development sessions nationally and locally to ensure they remain on the cutting edge of teaching and learning.

Montrell Besley | Community Engagement Kelsey Cannon | Accountant Ingrid Martinez | Front Desk Coordinator Angelnetta McGee-Ulmer | Human Resources Micah Reed | Operations Coordinator Kate Thompson | Volunteer Coordinator



Our Leadership

Colin Richardson Head Prepster The Head Prepster is an elected student who embodies






Prep. This young man is a trusted voice on the school leadership team and in decision making school wide. The Head Prepster is a model student and leader of their grade level.

Brad Scott Head of Lower School Chatt Prep offers young men in Chattanooga the opportunity for an excellent education no matter what their income or zip code may be. As someone who grew up low-income in a low-income household in Chattanooga, I am excited to come back home and use my experience leading high performing charter schools for the kids who grew up in similar backgrounds as I did as a child. I am a firm believer education provides opportunities and changes communities. The mission and vision of Chattanooga Prep is aligned with my belief in the importance of closing achievement gaps for kids in low-income urban communities. Our school is not satisfied with the “status quo” for our Prepsters. I firmly believe there are future CEOs, lawyers, doctors, and community leaders within our school’s student body.


Extended Learning

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS Chess Basketball Soccer Robotics STEAM Team Reading Tutoring Math Tutoring

2/3 of our students participate in an afterschool activity. Quality afterschool programming benefits everyone in a community. Students who participate regularly in quality afterschool programs have better grades and attendance in school than their peers who do not. Communities are safer and have lower youth crime rates when youth are engaged in quality

afterschool programs. Working parents are assured their children are safe after school and miss less work so employers benefit from a more productive workforce with less absenteeism.


Art Programs



Program Highlights

Chess At the beginning of the school year, none of our students had any formal chess training and only a handful knew how the pieces moved. Within 7 months, our students won their regional tournament and placed 6th at the state competition. Almost




Basketball students


participate in chess. We have competed in Southeast TN and even traveled to New York City to try our hand against some of the top competition in the country. Chess



The Sentinel boys basketball team had a solid inaugural season. As 6th graders, our team and

regularly 8th






and still managed to finish

memory and concentration, teaches discipline,

the season 5-13. Our athletes

and creates community. For these reasons,

learned how to play organized

chess is a perfect activity for our students.

and structured basketball this

Coach: Thomas Lane

season and look forward to more success next year. Coach: Chris Collins




Creating Results

Staci Craig Parent

Bryan Mann 6th Grade Math Teacher

We choose Chatt Prep because of the school vision, mission and purpose. Ari

Chattanooga Prep is unlike any school I have ever been a part of. It is a school

struggled with low self-esteem and reading. He has improved tremendously in

filled with opportunity, growth, excitement, and passion, all which stem from our

reading, and his attitude about learning is up 100%. He is eager to learn, comes

amazing staff. Not only are they masters of their craft, but they’re constantly

home every single day telling us about what he learned and keeps us on our toes.

pouring their hearts in our students. They build strong relationships that become

The brotherhood and culture is the best. They encourage and motivate each

the foundation for our students’ future success.

other. We are so grateful for Chatt Prep and how it’s changed Ari’s life.



I’ve enjoyed being even a small part of a place where positivity is the norm, where kids are eager and willing, and where the learning light is on!� Ann Caldwell | Volunteer


Mentoring Matters Consistent and positive adult relationships in our students’ lives, help Prepsters prepare for college and their future careers. Young adults who meet with their mentor regularly are: 81% more likely to participate in sports or extrcurricular activities 55% more likely to enroll in college 52% less likely to skip a day of school 46% less likely to start using illegal drugs 27% less likely to start drinking Source: National Mentoring Partnership,



Spending time with DJ gives me insight into who I was at his age. I’m amazed by his confidence. I want to build on that and make sure he knows that there are plenty of people surrounding him who want him to succeed and will be with him for the long run to help him along the way. The most rewarding part of mentorship is sowing into someone’s life. Each plant is different, and over time, you get to see how they take root and grow. When I come to Chatt Prep, I interact with all the boys - not just DJ. Just showing up and being present is so important in mentorship at Chatt Prep. I have relationships with three to four young men there. One by one, we are making a difference in the lives of young men in Chattanooga.

“Uncle” Wayne Brown | Mentor

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a mentor to Brandon. He and his family have become friends with my sons and wife, and I’m excited to see where life takes him these next years at Chatt Prep.

Allen Bible | Mentor


Have an Impact

Will you partner with us to inspire a new generation of young men to be leaders? We believe your destiny in life shouldn’t be determined your zip code. Our doors open each day to serve some of Chattanooga’s most promising, yet underrepresented, young men and their families who have faced educational inequities for far too long. These doors only open thanks to the generosity of people who fully believe in the transformative power of education to create a brighter future for our students, their families, and the city of Chattanooga. As a Chattanooga Prep donor, you send a message to our boys and our city every single day.

You give our boys the greatest gift of all: the affirmation that people believe in them and their future. You recognize when it comes to a boy’s potential, the sky is the limit. You’re empowering limitless growth, potential and opportunity. As we add more students each year who share our values and aspirations, we need your help to continue to provide access to a world-class public education, regardless of background or zipcode. Will you partner with us to inspire a new generation of young men to be leaders?


Why Others Invest

Mark & Amy Ford | Donors Growing up, I watched my Mom struggle to make ends meet, put food on the table and provide clothes for my brother and me. We did always have support from our family and a path to flourish by taking advantage of readily accessible, good education options. Chattanooga Prep is providing a platform for our future leaders who have not been afforded the same opportunity up until this point in their lives. Investing in these young men means investing in the future of Chattanooga and beyond. That made it a very easy decision. My wife and I love watching the transformation in these young men. God is blessing these boys, and that is a return on investment that’s well beyond expectations. The level of community involvement is the icing on the cake. We believe in these boys, and we believe in Chattanooga Prep.



Our Future is Bright

We are excited to start the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year. Our Prepster family will grow to 140 students this year, with 98% of our current Prepsters (rising 7th graders) returning. We are 100% enrolled for new students (rising 6th graders) with a 20 student waitlist. We have hired 13 new faculty/staff positions and 87.5% of teachers returned for the coming year. The future is bright for our Prepsters and we have ambitious goals for 2019-2020: • Academics - 50% scored on track or mastery in ELA (7th Grade)

- 65% scored on track or mastery in Math (7th grade)

- 90% AR Word Masters (1 million words)

- 30% Royal Readers (2 million words)

- 100% matriculate to the next grade successfully

• Climate and Culture - 98% Prepsters retention

- 95% Prepster attendance rate

- 15% Of Prepsters received perfect attendance

- 87.5% overall staff retention



Board Members Ted Alling | Chair Kelly Alling | Vice Chair David Caines | Treasurer Moise (Mo) Baptiste, PhD S. Dave Bhattacharya, MD Ward Davenport Jennifer Harvey Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, PhD Natalie Jackson Susan Maclellan Joe Martin, EdD Daniel Pack, PhD David W. Rice, MD Armando Rodriguez Edna Varner, PhD Sue Anne Wells, PhD

Physical Address 1849 Union Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37404 Mailing Address PO Box 3809 Chattanooga, TN 37404 Telephone: 423.602.PREP (7737) Email: