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ARCHITECTURE DESIGN STUDIO: AIR Bachelor of Environments University of Melbourne 2012



THE STORY of the LANDCAPE AS INSPIRED BY TADAO ANDO Studley Park, being one of the gems of Melbourne, offers a perfectly enlivening experience of maticulous view of Botanic Garden of Australian vegetations. The openness of this area and the vastness of the topography illustrate the sense of secludedness from the hectic conditions of Melbourne city. This project is aimed to establish a boathouse that translates the beauty of Studley Park into the scrupulous language of Tadao Ando’s architecture.

A tall monumental gateway marks the entrance to this maze of views and light by limiting the view toward the interiors and focusing the view towards the river. Following the grand entrance, sets of stairs that follows the topography of the site allows the visitors to physically experience the steepness of the grounds. A dark hallway ending in a cafe with wall-height windows to the east side of the site marks the adventure into the grounds,

resulting in the discovery of a different side of the site. A vast restaurant and a bar on the second floor allow the visitor to experience the site in a more holistic way. The ambition of this project is to translate Ando’s concept of capturing and telling a story about the landscape into this boathouse.

TAIPEI 101 C.Y. Lee & partners

Located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), this building, formerly known as Taipei World Financial Center, was the tallest building in the world until the opening of The Burj Khalifa. Embodying the evolution of Asian style of architecture, Taipei 101 encapsulates the integration of technology advancement and Asian tradition. Its postmodern approach translated Chinese traditional architecture into a modern constructional meticulousness. Taipei 101 is built to endure typhoons and

earthquakes. Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers and Evergreen Consulting Engineering managed to design a tuned mass damper, in a form of a gigantic pendulum at the center of the building; making Taipei 101 one of the most stable megastructure in the world. The pendulum sways as strong gusts or tremors strikes, offsetting movements within the building. The technological advancement and the cultural involvement of Taipei 101 has made this building an icon of modern Taiwan.

MASDAR CITYFosters & Partners

Aiming for sustainability, Masdar City is a transpiring environmental zero-carbon city that will substantially impact the discourse of sustainable architecture once completed. Located 17km from the emerging Abu Dhabi, Masdar City will be a home to 40,000 residents and hundreds of businesses. This city is designed specifically to integrate renewable energy and sustainable technologies within a living and working community. Comprising 100% of zero-carbon and zero-waste technology, Masdar City will be sustained solely on Solar energy and other renewable energy resources, such as wind farms and geotechnical energy source. This city is also planned to hold the largest hydrogen power

plant in the world. Masdar City is also aimed to be the prominent financial, education and technology capital; holding Masdar Institute, a university in cooperation with Masachussets Institute of Technology, as one of the currently-running activity inside the city. Substantially, Masdar City serves as an a techonolical advancement platform that holds unlimited opportunities, validating their technologies in real community and real world.

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