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Motive for Blog. Greetings 8 and Salutations. It’s

about time, I’ve finally succumbed. I now have a blog.

Them neither of them.

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“Materialistic Boy” what’s it mean? Well quite literally it means I’m a Materialistic Boy. Im very obsessed with fashion, and about 2 hours of my life is basically dedicated to viewing all of my favorite blogs. Another 3 hours of my life is dedicated to getting the stuff I want. In recent months, as I viewed other “Materialistic” blogs I felt this aching pain in my heart. I noticed all the things that I want or strive for, are materialistic. It’s a painful addiction, and YES I’m ashamed. So why do the blog? Well, I figured if I just blog about the things I want, I’m not going out and actually buying it (Lord, help me if I can get this far) . I also think if I keep on blogging this way I’ll become even more disgusted with myself. Thus opening my eyes to more important things. 4

I avoided the stampedes by shopping online.


An 11 yo frustrated with Tavi. Rip Saola, The asian unicorn. So bad it’s good The writer, photographer and researcher was Micah Slope The graphic designer was Vito de la Costa.

I avoided the stampedes by shopping online. Black Friday!

Luckily with age comes wisdom, and I definitely utilized online sales today. I haven’t participated

in physical Black Friday events since a near fatal incident three years ago that resulted in my friend getting trampled and my brother dry heaving…too long to explain. Anyway, seeing as I’ve been quite conservative with my money lately, I saw it fit to treat myself. As much as my family tries, my Christmas presents have never really been that great, so I told them to just donate the money they would’ve used to buy my presents to charity, while I just by my own presents.

materialistic boy


1. Balenciaga Bomber Jacket. 2. Band of Outsider Polo

3. Bear Claw Slippers.

4. Balmain Double Breasted Coat.

9. Big Ass H&M Bow Tie

5. Thermal Insoles



6. Silver Fisherman Hoodie

8. ASOS Metallic Suit

10. Miles Davis Bitches Brew Session 7. Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

and…Googly Eye mittens...

materialistic boy ...and…Tickets to the Pee-Wee Herman!


Team neither of them 8


Yo Kanye… Imma’ let you finish but Rakim is one of the illest lyricists of all time.”

Dear Kanye… Why can’t you get it through your delusional mind that YOU caused this whole debacle. If you would’ve just shut up… Taylor Swift wouldn’t have gotten so many fucking sympathy votes (i.e.her always on the news, and her Grammy award). People would’ve seen her winning the award and found her just as it was, undeserved. But no, you, being the egotistical bitch that you are had to say something. And you know what, if you’re going to say that George Bush doesn’t care about black people… say it with some force, not like some pussy. Because of you Kanye, I have to hear about Taylor Swift more than anyone needs to hear about her. Of course she’s riding your wave, you started it! Why should she apologize? If it’s anyone that needs to apologize, it’s you for getting us to the point where Taylor Swift is literally shoved down our throats. Stop blaming others for your mistake. Honestly, you can’t be this thick in the head Kanye? Afterall, you did write a song about yourself being a douchenozzle, or wait did you think everyone thinking you being a douchebag was just some kind of joke? And to the people who love to stick up for Kanye, who I dub to be the same as the woman who think they’re abusive husbands who beat them will change, wake up! This isn’t the first time he’s ever interrupted someones awards speech or done something douchey. And to everyone else, I’m really sorry because I really don’t like to discuss this stuff on my blog, as it certainly doesn’t correlate to my topics, but I’m just so tired of hearing about Kanye West and Taylor Swift,irrespective, the incident or just them alone. If this VMA event hadn’t had happened, Taylor wouldn’t be as overtly praised as she is, and Kanye would just be another somewhat talented jerkoff, therefore not having people subject themselves to Team Kanye or Team Swift. Love,

materialistic boy


An 11 year old frustrated with Tavi 10


1 r d d h i


really have no opinion on the matter. Tavi Gevinson, of course.But from what I can understand there’s been a bit of a backlash from actual fashion editors and now some fashion bloggers. But what I found interesting was this criticism from a online forum written by someone around Tavi’s own age group. An eleven year old. The same age Tavi was when she began her blog. So I’d thought I’d post it, since it’s an opinion from someone not over the age of 18.

teens then and sought those things as cool too. Funny enough that the main fashion blog demographic revolves around 20-30 years old. While people laugh at people who criticize Tavi, I laugh at the people who are so enthralled by her that they don’t realize that there’s alot of clever and bright kids out there in the world! Past and Present. Difference is Tavi, found a gullible platform. As an 11 year old I would like to know at what age it’ll be to where I’ll forget how clever and smart children are? Why do we underestimate our youths so much? Don’t get me wrong ,Tavi and I,… well basically all youths have the unfortunate bug of “I know everything!” when we in fact don’t. But come on people give us a little something! From observance I can say in the nicest way possible, that Tavi’s fans are ignorant. Well no not ignorant, it’s just Well seeing as I’m 11. I guess I can possibly com- that they seem to overlook certain things in exchange for a deity, much like religion. In all, am I saying that ment on her? No? Yes?

I ’ m

s u r e

a l l

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a r e

Tavi is hyped. And it is specifically because she has chosen to reiterate herself (thoughts, ideas, etc.) to the fashion sphere. Now don’t get me wrong, she is bright. But so are the thousands to millions of distinguishable youths that can compose concertos, or the ones that attend programs that are designed specifically for the gifted. Even my own peers, who don’t go to such programs have contracted high gpa’s and dare I say can write even better than Tavi. FYI, a good writer can instill a sense of their own character and imperative declarations (i.e. Sassy Magazine, hipster columnists such as Peaches Geldof and Alexa Chung, and of course Tavi,…) but a great writer is someone who can strip their own wry-witted voice from a piece and still have it to be interesting or at least not have their voice be so overbearing in a piece. Would Tavi’s writing still be impressive if she stripped all her forced irony or clever “see, I’m still a kid at heart” lines out of her posts? Something I’m still unsure of. But then again, I don’t think Tavi will ever have to write about the epidemic of Darfur or the plights of Street Art vs. Vanadlism in NYC for the Washington Post or New York Times, as her structure of writing fits and suits fashion jounalism. So I’ll leave her alone on that. To give her the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure she means well with all of the 90s references, though I’m sure she hardly remembers anything as she was born in ’96 or ’97. I was born in ’99 so Lord knows I don’t know anything, other than the stuff people have told me about that decade. Which means she and I never got to experience shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ahh Real Monsters, etc. Stuff my sister go to indulge in as a child. Tavi does so cleverly pick up the “cool things” of the 90s though, such as Daria and Kurt/ Courtney romance. Clever meaning, those were the things 2030 years old would remember, seeing as they were

f a m i l i a r

w i t h

h e r .

being hyped is a bad thing? Absolutely not, because alot gifted youths are hyped as well. All I am trying to say is that, she’s nothing but a hype that appeals to the latter generation of the 90s. Sorry let me re-write that she appeals to the “cool” (i.e. hipsters) of the latter generation of the 90s, and to some teens who also want to seem cool (i.e. again, hipsters). Does hype necessarily mean she’s not going to make it? No. Because once something is hyped it will most of the time be invariably successful. So don’t take my hype as being mean, Tavi. Hype worked for Kings of Leon, no? After reading this you’ll probably dismiss me as someone who couldn’t be eleven, because it’s scientifically impossible. The only bright eleven year old (now 14) in whole world is Tavi. An eleven year old frustrated at some people who can’t possibly process in their head that there are other people like Tavi in the world that don’t choose to use the internet as a platform like she does. To be honest I find this whole “fashion blogger” heirarchy ridiculous. I have a fashion blog, because I love fashion and love to post about my favorite stuff. I don’t expect or hope to turn my blog into a business. I don’t accept invitations to fashion shows for the sole fact that Lanvin or Acne noticed that I had a fashion blog, I don’t take pictures of myself looking nice in my trendy clothes, and I don’t ever put advertisements on my blog. And that’s personally me, that doesn’t have to be you. If you want your blog to become a business, let it be. Oh, and to the eleven year old. I’ll agree with Tavi that Daria is awesome, but I’ll agree with you on the fact that she has yet to experience the brilliance of Are You Afraid of the Dark and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

materialistic boy


R.I.P. Saola, the Asian Unicorn.


isn’t fashion related, but I just felt so compelled to post this. This story is such a lesson to humanity: “the things we so desire, we end up destroying through quest.


Asian Unicorn Saola Dies Captive – The animal known as the ‘Asian Unicorn’, the Saola, is a rarely captured or seen animal which lives in the Annamite Mountains bordering Laos and Vietnam. Not much is known about these creatures, as they are very elusive and they are an endangered species. The animal, sadly, dies in captivity. There are no Saolas in captivity in zoos, and scientists don’t know much about the animal, which makes it much harder to look after the creature and maintain its survival. Similar to an antelope, the Saola was only found in existence in 1992. It is know as the ‘Asian Unicorn’ due to its rarity, two long horns and white facial markings. Laotian authorities have banned the capture of the Saola due to conservation reasons. Scientists and conservationists are concerned as to why the villagers captured the animal. The World Wildlife Foundation has spoke out about the illegal trade involving the Saola, which, due to their rarity, are a prized trophy of wild game hunters. Dr Pierre Comizzoli, a veterinarian working with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, said scientific examination of the saola’s carcass could yet yield some good. “Our lack of knowledge of saola biology is a major constraint to efforts to conserve it. This can be a major step forward in understanding this remarkable and mysterious species,” he said.


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So bad it’s


good The

best worst children movies ever!



1. The Wizard. A boy and his two friends run away from home and hitch cross country to compete in the ultimate video game championship. To be honest, I literally geek out whenever I see this movie. It’s the absolute worst, it’s cheesey, it has bad 80s montage music, the ending is a little incoherent, but it does have Jennifer Lewis who is the lead singer of Rilo Kiley. 2. Super Mario Brothers. Another Nintendo-related movie based on the popular game Super Mario Brothers. Huge FAIL of a movie. This movie would give me nightmares as a child. The monsters were so creepy. 3. Airborne. Mitchell Goosen is sixteen/seventeen year old kid from California who loves to surf and roller blade. Yet, his parents, who are two zoologists were given a grant to work in Australia. The only problem was: Mitchell couldn’t go with them. So, he gets sent to stay with his aunt, uncle, and cousin in Cincinnati, Ohio. Okay, so this wasn’t exactly a kids movie but it is equally bad. There was no way you could avoid this movie on the Disney Channel, when I was a kid. Plus that Shane McDermott is such a cutie.This was my sister’s RPatz. 3. The Mighty Ducks. Emilio Estevez is forced to coach a losing Little Leaguse Hockey Team. Cheesefactor=GO! Very predictable plot. Although I hate this movie, I just couldn’t help but watch it. This movie even had sequels. D2, and D3. This even spawned a Saturday Morning cartoon, that featured actual ducks playing hockey. Oy Vey Disney. 4. Space Camp. The young attendees of a space camp find themselves in space for real when their shuttle is accidently launched into orbit. I really don’t recommend watching this. I know I’m named this post so bad it’s good. But this is really just plain bad. 5. The 3 ninjas. Three young brothers, who have been trained in ninja techniques from an early age, learn that they possess powers which evil crooks would like to control. When a kidnap is attempted, they must defend themselves using all their skills. I seriously think that some movie exec was like, “hmmmm what’s better than just one Karate Kid?” “Three Karate Kids!” Plus this movie spawned two more sequels. One that included Hulk Hogan. Hogan was never cool in my generation.

materialistic boy


Materialistic Boy  

I just transform a blog into a mag. Materialistic Boy it's a blog about fashion and products. All over about materialistic world. Just cool!...

Materialistic Boy  

I just transform a blog into a mag. Materialistic Boy it's a blog about fashion and products. All over about materialistic world. Just cool!...