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B.C.’s women of wine M E E T S O M E O F T H E P R OV I N C E’ S M O S T DY N A M I C W I N E M A K E R S Daenna Van Mulligen

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With so many outstanding female winemakers in British Columbia, we knew we had to reach out to a handful and ask what they love about their jobs. Here's what they had to say.

HEIDI NOBLE Proprietor and Winemaker, JoieFarm


trained chef, Heidi Noble has worked in distinguished Canadian kitchens, but also holds a degree in philosophy and critical theory. “The decision to become a winemaker was not a straight path,” Noble admits. “It was a culmination of a lifetime in the business of food and wine. My time at the Stratford Chefs School in the mid-’90s was geared for entrepreneurship: profoundly influencing my success as an independent and successful business owner today and I also had the opportunity to do my WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust). “I love that wine is a natural product that can be consistent and proprietary, while remaining a vintage reflection; expressing a sense of place,” she says, adding, “JoieFarm wines can be counted on to be ripe, fruit-forward, juicy and clean—I work very hard at this.” S I P T I P : J o i e Fa r m E n Fa m i l l e M u s c a t



Vitis – Fall/Winter 2018