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SHH!! IPhone 5 specs leaked! Summary: the iPhone 5 is a raging to iPhone pic among all gadget lovers. Its launch is sure to revolutionize the face of technology. This gives a description of the features of this gadget along with its dimensions and other rumors prevalent in the market. I can hardly hold my excitement for the iPhone 5. In fact, the moment rumors started flooding in the tech world, I have been waiting impatiently to get hold of the iPhone 5 pics and specs. Therefore, after much hard work and relentless efforts of hour upon hours of research on the “space age technology called the internet!” I have discovered the amazing specs of this product and you are about to witness the leak! It came to my notice that the President of Sharp, Takashi Okuda has accidentally let it out that the displays of iPhone 5 will begin going into shipment this very month! Although even a tough interview could not reveal a specific date, but aren’t we happy to know that August it is! This incident has also led to many reliable “sources” to claim that in all probabilities, the launch of the all new and sensational iPhone 5 will be around the corner of September last week. Many companies have started rolling out creative iPhone app website designs in order to be ready for it when it enters the market. Rumor has it that most of the industrial giants have begun hiring dedicated iPhone app developers in order to set the wheel in motion and make big bucks right from the day it is launched. The size of this massive operation can be gauged by the fact that the assignment of manufacturing the displays of these new state-of-the-art handsets has been divided between three display mammoths: •


LG Display Co Ltd.

Japan Display Inc.

Sneak Peak If you are another iPhone fan like I am, here’s a sneak peak. Although an official date has not been announced for anything, some of my hard work has paid off, because I have found out some tentative dates. Sources tell me that the phone will most probably be announced on the 12th of September along with the much awaited iPad Mini. Later in the same month, i.e., on the 21st of September, both these stunning gadgets will be released. Aren’t you counting days!

Amongst other rumors Earlier on, before the launch of the iPhone 4, a staffer had misplaced an unreleased phone, that was later sold to a gadget website. After the kind of controversies that this even led to, you would expect Apple Inc. to be slightly more careful but what’s new is the news that once again, some staff person has misplaced the iPhone 5 Prototype, which is responsible for the leaks of its dimension, features etc. This prototype was misplaced in a bar in San Francisco, in the month of July. Apple has apparently offered reward money for anyone who can retrieve the phone undamaged and give it back to the company. Whether the device was a ready to release one or much initial in its make, is still a mystery. (I should have been there!)

Dimensions As promised, following is the account of its specifications in terms of size, weight and other dimensions. Screen: This luxurious device is believed to have a stunning 4.065-inches inch display! Bigger and better than its predecessors, this one is going to be an absolute delight to watch. Back: The iPhone 5 will feature a sleek metal back. This feature adds to its beauty and makes it a style quotient in itself. The overall look of the product is to be slimmer and taller and the metal back enhances these features. Width: the new iPhone 5 is said to be 0.10 mm thinner than its predecessors. Home Button/ Button Panel: The size of the home button has been reduced a little. It now features a 0.3 mm home button in a panel of 15.2 mm. The panel of the iPhone 4 is 18mm. The top area of the phone is also noticeably smaller.

Conclusion The iPhone iOS5 app development is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day. This is because people have realized the tremendous potential of this futuristic device that is sure to take the world by a storm. If you really want to create a successful business in the coming days, you must jump in with the iPhone 5 bandwagon now. Be ready with the armor before the storm its. You are sure to succeed in your field with this stylishly amazing device on your side. Get the unfair advantage over your competitors by simply knowing what to do at the right time. You will find many online support forums where you can research the growing popularity of this state-of-the-art piece of technology.

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iPhone 5 specs leaked!  
iPhone 5 specs leaked!  

the iPhone 5 is a raging to iPhone pic among all gadget lovers. Its launch is sure to revolutionize the face of technology. This gives a des...