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December 2010. Volume X

Managing your Business for the Season Coping with Holiday Stressors



Dear VitaMist Family, This may sound like a cliché, but it is hard to believe that giving and, of course, love. Giving is an expression of another year is almost over. It seems almost unbeliev-

our love. We give in many ways with our supportive

able to me that my husband, and the cofounder of

words, our listening, attention and giving of our time

VitaMist has been gone almost 5 years now. How things and of course through material giving too. Giving mahave changed in that short time, but, to use another

terially, emotionally and physically is the glue that holds

cliché, life and VitaMist go on.

people together and is a way to renew our love for one another, create lasting cherished memories, deepen

As we are approaching the end of year, I am happy to

relationships and create psychological health and happi-

say that 2010 has been a year that has brought much

ness for ourselves!

success to our company and to many of our wonderful My wish to all of you, “My Vitamist Family,” a wonder-


ful holiday season and a very Happy New Year. I hope As the holiday season arrives, the best part to me is that

your home is bright with love and joy at this time of the

it gives us an opportunity to tell our family and friends


just how much they mean to us. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama and distractions of our every-

From My Heart With

day lives that we sometimes forget to share our feelings with those who mean the most to us. With this in mind, I would like to thank you for being one of those special people who has managed to make my year wonderful!


If you have ever read my letters in the View before, or if you know me even a little, you know I can’t close this final letter for the year without saying something about




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Doctor’s Corner

By Dr. Clive Spray, Ph. D. First, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season. This is a wonderful time of the year. A time for reflection on the past as well as a time to look forward. Before we know it, we will be ushering in another New Year, and as we do so, we will be looking forward with excitement to all the great things that VitaMist has lined up for 2011. It may sound like a cliché, but 2011 is going to be THE YEAR for VitaMist, and there is no time to loose. I know it’s natural to slow down a little over the Holidays, but I urge you to make sure that you hit the ground running and with the same enthusiasm that saw VitaMist growing every single month during 2010. At VitaMist we are passionate about health, and for my column in this December 2010 Edition of the VitaMist View, I have decided to write about Vitamin D and how it may help us all over these winter months. I am sure that everyone reading this newsletter is aware that VitaMist offers a Vitamin D Spray, and if you have listened to my Product Focus calls, you may also know that our bodies can make vitamin D by exposure to sunlight. But this is winter, and most of

Getting a flu shot can help, but so too can taking vitamin D on a regular basis, and in fact several randomized controlled trials of vitamin D have suggested that the right dose of D may be as protective as most studies of the effectiveness of flu vaccines. It is interesting to note that mass vaccination of our elderly has failed to reduce the rate of influenza hospitalization or the death rate among the elderly. Remember, of all age groups, the elderly are most likely to avoid the sun.

“Several randomized controlled trials of vitamin D have suggested that the right dose of D may be as protective as most studies of the effectiveness of flu vaccines.” A very well written and exhaustive study of vitamin D and the flu was published recently from Norway, suggesting that vitamin D may be the major controlling factor in influenza epidemics and even most pandemics (Juzeniene A, Ma LW, Kwitniewski M, Polev GA, Lagunova Z,

Dahlback A, Moan J. The seasonality of pandemic and non-pandemic influenzas: the roles of solar radiation and vitamin D. Int J Infect Dis. 2010 Oct 28). These researchers used data from all over the world, from the last 110 years, to show that influenza death rates go up as vitamin D producing UV light goes down. Furthermore the differences were staggering, with influenza death rates 20 to 600 times higher during months when vitamin D cannot be made in the skin. The researchers made an interesting proposal that this effect was not only due to the direct “antibiotic” effect of vitamin D, but also likely due to vitamin D causing innate “herd immunity.” This “herd immunity” effect means that if you’re the only one in your family on vitamin D, then your risk of getting the flu is lower but you still have a reasonable chance of getting the virus. If everyone in your family takes vitamin D, then your risk of being exposed and getting sick is even lower. If everyone in your town (the entire “herd”) takes vitamin D then your risk is even lower still; if everyone in the country takes vitamin D, then your chances of getting the virus are reduced still more, and so on. This is due to the “herd immunity” effect that is well established for influenza antibodies and hypothesized for vitamin D as well. One thing to remember is that, like the flu vaccine, vitamin D is not 100% protective, even against influenza A. It only reduces your risk of getting sick. Believe me, even if your vitamin D level was perfect and you had the flu shot, it would be still be possible to develop the flu. So the best way to stay healthy this Holiday Season is to make sure that you, and everyone around you, are taking their VitaMist Vitamin D Spray in addition to your regular VitaMist regimen. Here’s wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

Doctor’s Corner

Product Talk

you are probably getting little to no sun exposure and so, even if you decide that you are not going to use the product all year, this, above all, is the season that VitaMist’s Vitamin D Spray is absolutely critical if you want to achieve the benefits that it can offer. Nobody wants to get sick, especially over the Holidays, but this is exactly the time when so many people seem to suffer from catching a cold, the flu, or worse. Maybe it is because you come into contact with others who are already sick, or maybe the stress of the Holidays gets you run-down and weakens your immune system.


Bill Deihl


As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start preparing your business now to get through the holidays. It’s just a fact that we all get busier and if we aren’t prepared and we haven’t planned accordingly, some things just may slip through the cracks. Here are 10 tips to help you grow your home business through this holiday season.


Retail your product.

VitaMist has great ways to retail your products through the web or in person. Holiday season is perfect for retailing. Make sure people know your product(s) is available. Anything you can do to make the season a little less busy for someone is great. And retailing is a great way to get some fast cash during the holidays.

business. Stick to your guns and do a little extra now, so you’re not so overwhelmed when the schedule of the holiday season becomes crazed.


Follow up, follow up and follow up.

Set a face to face or a phone meeting. Get in contact with those you haven’t contacted in a while. How can your business and your products fill a need for them now?


Offer specials or a coupon.

Run some specials during the holiday season and post holiday too. It’s a great way to strengthen your customer base. Or offer a coupon that can be used at the time specified. Why not pass on some saving when you buy a value pack from VitaMist.


Socialize at holiday gatherings.

Just touch base with friends, family, and those people that you don’t get to talk to as often as you like. Gather their contact information and just find out what is going on in their world. You might be amazed at what you find out.


Send out Thanksgiving cards , Christmas cards and New Year cards.

This is a great way to remind people of your business and product. Place a coupon in the card for holiday shopping or a note telling them about the 3 for Free.



Refer a friend.

Offer a “Refer a friend incentive” (give part of the turbo start). Here is an idea: what about punch cards? For example, buy X and receive one free.


Give your product as a gift.


Start looking at the year ahead.

I use my product(s) as gifts all the time. People love them and I have certainly added to my customer base as well as my team this way. This might be a great time to get a person started in their own business by using the 3 for Free program.

What are you goals? What do you need to change from this past year? Keep pushing forward and those actions will shine through on into 2011.

10. Block out your time now!

Schedule time now for the activities you need to do for your December 2010 The View

Have Fun!

A home business is meant to be fun and one you are passionate about. Let your passion shine through your actions.

any time if you decide different

help add to the surprises, and

products). But there is much

so for our December Product of

more, if you are on the Monthly

the Month, once again we are

AutoShip Program of 3 or more

dipping into our full range of

VitaMist Spray Vitamins, you

VitaMist Products and selecting

are eligible** to receive the Prod-

YOUR gift at random from our

uct of the Month, ABSOLUTELY

catalog of more than 50 differ-

FREE. That’s right! VitaMist

ent health giving Products.

will add ONE EXTRA VITA-

Product of the Month

This Holiday Season, we want to

MIST SPRAY VITAMIN to your Recently, there have been

Monthly AutoShip. This is like

so many new customers try-

a free gift with a value of $24.97

ing VitaMist products for the

(retail) every single month. Re-

first time that we thought it

member, this Product is yours to

would be a great opportunity to

do with as you choose. Maybe

fully explain our AutoShip and

you will sell it at retail, or maybe

Product of the Month Program,

you will use it as an incentive

as well as all the other great

for your Downline. The ways

benefits VitaMist offers. Once

you can use the Product of the

you understand the program,

Month are virtually endless and

you will realize that if you

you can listen in to an upcoming

participate, it is like receiving

training call to hear other excit-

a Holiday Gift each and every

ing suggestions (the VitaMist


Training Call takes place every Monday evening at 8.30 pm EST

So how does the Program work?

/ 5.30 pm PST).

First, join VitaMist and agree to receive a Monthly AutoShip or-

How would you like to know

der of 3 or more VitaMist Spray

the Product of the Month in ad-

Vitamins*. This is so easy, your

vance? Wouldn’t that help your

products will be shipped to your

business and order planning?

door automatically each and

Well - here is one more tip, on

every month. You don’t have to

the last Product Focus call of ev-

remember to call us and you will

ery month, Dr. Spray announces

never run out. You can even se-

the Product of the Month for

lect the day you want your Prod-

the upcoming month; so be sure

ucts shipped. But there is more

to listen to the weekly Product

– every Monthly AutoShip order

Focus call – always packed with

comes with FREE SHIPPING

great information.

AND HANDLING – right there you are saving a MINIMUM of $6.50 per month – each and every month. (And don’t worry, you can change your order at

*Powdered Drink Mixes may be substituted for Spray Vitamins – ask your Sponsor for details. **Your Sponsor must confirm your eligibility to participate in the Product of the Month Program on the Agreement Form.

December 2010 The View

Stress Tips

The MANAGING Holiday Season The holiday season is a joyous time of the year. The holidays can also bring additional stressors. Here are some tips for managing holiday stress.

Don’t Overindulge Eat, drink and be merry, but not to excess. There is a temptation to over eat and drink too much during the holiday season. This can lead to weight gain, embarrassing behavior and a strain on your pocketbook. All of which can have a lasting effect past the holidays.


Exercise When you exercise your body releases endorphins, which gives you a “natural high” and a feeling of well being. Physical activity will help reduce stress (and excess holiday pounds).



Get Help When Stress Is Too High If, for whatever reason, the holiday season becomes unbearable, get help immediately. Contact the National Crisis Hotline at 800-273-TALK (8255) if you need assistance. Know that there is always hope.

Loneliness Sometimes we cannot be with family during the holiday season. Instead of dwelling on being alone, volunteer your time to a charitable effort. Helping others will relieve your lonely feelings and make you feel much better. Just Breathe TooMuch Time When holidays get With The Family stressful, take a deep Time spent with our extended breath. As simple as this may families can be great, but it can sound, deep cleansing breaths also be challenging. A change in can give your body the oxygen normal routines and loss of it needs and reduce your privacy can increase stress. stress level in just a few When you need a break, take a minutes. walk or go for a drive to clear your head.



Keep It Simple Too much of anything will take its toll on you. You will eventually feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Set your priorities and decide which activities are important and which are unnecessary.

wer a

December 2010 The View

Scale Back Set a budget for gifts and holiday meals. Instead of buying holiday cards and incurring costs for postage, eCards can be sent via email for free or at a minimal cost.




Keep these tips in mind and this holiday season will be filled with happiness it was meant to bring. You will feel rewarded rather than exhausted.

Happy Holidays!!

Guest Contributor

By Ted Kapela Founding Distributor

Think for a moment how would you describe VitaMist. Is your first thought “it’s a great vitamin and nutrition line”? Or rather: “it’s the greatest vitamin in the world”. Maybe you would say: “we have fantastic, effective and fast acting Spray Vitamins!” Well, all of that may be true, but the next person is saying the same thing about THEIR vitamins, herbs, and drinks. ORAC scores, sub-lingual, Amazon Rainforest herb, nano technology, vortex technology (anyone really know what that one is?), charged ions, magnetically purified – you get the point.  Do you REALLY want to spend hours debating whether “Mine’s better than Yours”??? What VitaMist REALLY is, is Molecular Oral Absorption of any product we choose, and at the same time, we make it taste good.  And THAT is our product – not vitamins, herbs and minerals! Our Product is something that No One else has, and something that no one has been able to copy in 26 years, although many have tried and/or made the claim.  We have the most powerful and effective product delivery system ever devised, short of intravenous feeding. On top of that, the product delivery system was Patented World Wide for whatever ingredients we wish to use. When you think about this – if this revolutionary delivery system works so well (as referenced in the PDR), and allows entry to the blood stream so fast (in 20 seconds), don’t you get a little nervous? What if the

company is like many out there, with no FDA oversight, putting in questionable ingredients that may really cause you harm?! All of this is what makes our nutritional products so powerful and effective! Take any one of our products, and you could build a whole company around it – Sleep is a great example. Also, look at our Pre-Natal Vitamin product. One of the primary reasons for morning sickness is using those horse pills that shock a women’s body when it is going through some major changes to bring new life into the world. These pills add foreign materials to the digestive system that can create gas and overwork the kidneys as they try to filter out all the junk. In all cases, the key is that OUR PRODUCTS do not go through the digestive system so they do not upset the body with additives, excipients, and fillers.  With our delivery system, only the essential ingredients are included – we do not need the other stuff!  While nature gives us food that is designed to be absorbed through our digestive system, until now, man has not been able to duplicate nature. Instead, for nutritionals, man adds chemicals and derivatives that provide little or no benefit. The benefits of vitamins, nutrients and herbs have been well documented, and Molecular Oral Absorption by VitaMist allows you to take advantage of those great nutritional benefits. And, our Ace in the Hole – PRODUCT INTEGRITY. We do not present “white coats” to give you false impressions. There is no “wannabe” “Doctor” hawking some new invention or product line. Here at VitaMist we have a dedicated, world recognized research scientist who develops a product for a specific situation, based on natural nutritionals, and puts together formulations that will pass any test world-wide. As you now see, the vitamins and herbs are secondary to our unique delivery system. If you focus on the real “sizzle” product that VitaMist offers, you are set free from the “Mine is Better Than Yours” debate. Think about it. December 2010 The View

Conference Calls

with VitaMist Conference Calls Conference Call Lines open promptly 5 minutes before call times. For all calls, the exclusive VitaMist Conference call number and Access Code are: 218-862-3990 PIN: 420700#


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