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TOP 5 HEALTH CHOICES for a healthier world population with less stress on animals, the environment and our own bodies! SPRING 2012



It all begins with one of the most important topics at hand: the future of food and the ownership of the seed! Many crop seeds are currently being injected with pesticide resistant proteins which effect DNA and a multiple of functions. Additionally, once the seed is altered (GMO)- it is patented and owned by a bio-tech giant!

Could food be the new oil?

Demand your “right to know” what’s in your food! #1 Ask that genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) get mandated on all nutritional LABELS. T h e Fo o d a n d D r u g Administration (FDA) is responsible for labeling, regulating and supervising nutritional data. First things first- the label has to be fair a n d a c c u r a t e . G M O ’s a r e cur rently exempt from labeling laws. N e x t : Re a d the label! The label is there for a reason - to educate and make aware to the consumer exactly what is in their food so that the choice to eat it or not belongs to the consumer. Tips: It’s beneficial to

s t a y a w a y f ro m f o o d s w i t h numerous ingredients or those you cannot even pronounce! Many believe high sugar, high saturated fat, sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners, high sodium, trans fats and hydrogenated oils are all unhealthy. There is ample research on GMO’s that would put them in this category as well. It’s your right to know. What you can do TODAY is visit the 2 sites listed below and take action.

#2 Choose your animal foods consciously or switch to a PLANT based diet! This choice would

be partly for dietary reasons, however most definitely for animal c r u e l t y, b i o d i v e r s i t y a n d environmental reasons! Far m animals are currently exempt from animal welfare laws. If to sign for the GMO labeling initiative in California (deadline is April 22nd, 2012) to donate

you choose to eat animal products despite their saturated fat, cholesterol, processing, packaging and acidic pH residue, then do so in a healthy manner with consideration of where the animal came from, how it was treated and how it’s production effects your personal carbon footprint. This means getting involved, asking questions, buying grass-fed beef and supporting organically raised farm animals free of hormones, antibiotics and GMO feed. If you would like to get VEGUCATEDclick to see this fun movie trailer! for factor y farming cruelty information pdf/vegetarian_starter_kit.pdf for vegetarian starter kits

#3 It’s time to make commitments to ELIMINATE unhealthy foods, habits or lifestyle choices.

What is left to eat then? Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains and lean proteins!

What does the American diet consist of and why is it killing us? Nutrition experts and health enthusiasts may differ on many “nutrient” type conversations from meat to carbs to fats and sugars but what most will agree on is that America has become a fast food nation! There seems to be fast food restaurants on every corner and processed and packaged foods filling the majority of supermarket isles and American stomachs! This, a lack of proper nutritional education in schools and in media and the fact that most everyone is always in a rush leads to people making improper diet decisions. What soon follows is a never ending list of unhealthy conditions, ailments and diseases. Lifestyle changes take commitment, time, self-control and patience- it’s a process- take one step at a time if you have to! You may not want to hear this or you don’t know where to begin but here is the list that you already know you have to move away from: • White refined sugar, sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners • White refined flour, white rices and white commercial breads • Candy, cookies, cake, chips and ice cream (save them for special occasions) • Salt and sodium filled foods diet-sodas, coffee (sorry) and • Soda, energy drinks Eating in restaurants most especially fast• food ones • Commercial, processed and packaged non-organic meats, dairy and other animal products • GMO’s which are ingredients in 75% processed foods especially those made with corn, soy, cottonseed oil, canola oil and sugar beets. • Alcohol, drugs and some pharmaceuticals (under your doctor’s care) • SMOKING is non-negotiable

Eating healthy can reduce your risk of lifestyle conditions and diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and diet-related cancers. #4 Drink plenty of fresh purified WATER This information is everywhere and it’s simple yet people do not do it! Drinking water and eating fiber can help your body with elimination and help to keep the body balanced and flowing. Suggested water consumption is often half of your body weight in ounces. Ex: a person who weights 130 lbs would drink 65 oz or (8) 8 oz glasses- if you weigh more- drink more! Coffee and sodas do not count as water and actually cause the body to need even more water. Fruits and vegetables d o c o n t a i n w a t e r. F i b e r recommendations are often stated at 25-35 gr of fiber each day with some experts outright suggesting up to 40 or 50 gr!

Recommendations from health officials and experts include daily exercise for 30 minutes. Get off the couch and out of the car- start walking, track your steps and have fun- there is an app for that! Daily exercise can also include cardiovascular gym machines, sports, running, swimming, yoga, pilates, taichi, weight resistance, weight-training and aerobics! Make it fun- get healthy- improve your lifestylehelp save the world! You can make a difference!

#5 Daily EXERCISE! We hear this everyday too but who wants to and who has the time right? WRONG! To be the best YOU to yourself, your family, your career, your community and to all those loved ones around you- you have to take the time to eat well and EXERCISE! Even the US Government realized this when they knocked the food pyramid on it’s side and added steps.

Lisa Graziano: Holistic health student, food activist and writer of a daily “healthy vegan” blog Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only. You should not use this to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider.

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TOP 5 HEALTH CHOICESfor a healthier world population with less stress on animals, the environment and our own bodies!

My 1st newsletter  

TOP 5 HEALTH CHOICESfor a healthier world population with less stress on animals, the environment and our own bodies!