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Residential and Commercial Smart Solutions Enabling you to live and work the way you want


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Cheevers Smart Solutions Unit 4F, Six Cross Roads Business Park, Waterford, Ireland. Lo-call: 1890 250 250 email: Web:

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> About Cheevers Smart Solutions

Cheevers Smart Solutions is the South East of Ireland’s leading supplier and installer of state-of-the-art, integrated automation systems and solutions for both homes and workplaces. With over 25 years experience in residential and commercial electrical installations, Cheevers has the necessary skills to work with architects, consultants, interior designers, and builders to provide a hassle-free turnkey solution. As an approved supplier and installer of various technologies, Cheevers can bring the very latest in home cinema, discrete multi-zone audio visual, lighting, security and climate control to your home.

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> Why Cheevers Smart Solutions

If you plan on having an integrated system installed, you should choose an integrated company!

Cheevers Smart Solutions provides the complete service, from demonstration in our state-ofthe-art showroom to design, installation and ongoing technical support. As a member of CEDIA, the industry’s largest and most reputable association, Cheevers is commited to providing excellence in customer service.

Cheevers in-house design team can create a bespoke system for your home or workplace giving you the ultimate in control, comfort and convenience. Your custom system is then installed by the same highly qualified engineers that will be on call to provide ongoing technical support. At all times, Cheevers is dedicated to providing its customers with the most professional care, excellence in workmanship, and quality service.

Award Winning Contractor

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> Design and Project Management

You’re investing time and money into your new system. Let Cheevers make sure you get the very best from it.

Cheevers Smart Solutions’ highly qualified engineers design and project manage every aspect of the installation, from pricing and procurement right through to final commissioning and demonstration. Successful design is so much more than specifying the equipment required in each room. The accoustics, ambience as well as your personal preferences, are all factored into the design to ensure your system is everything you want it to be, and more. By carefully project managing the complete installation, Cheevers ensures that budgets and deadlines are adhered to.

Using the latest in computer-aided-design technology and with over 25 years experience, Cheevers has the capabilities to design and implement everything from a complete turnkey smart home solution to a basic multi-room audio package.

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> Integrated Cabling Solutions

You’re getting the cutting edge now, but what happens in 10 years? Here at Cheevers Smart Solutions, we believe that a good installation is a future-proof one. We build redundancy into every installation that not only gives you a backup but allows for seamless upgrade as well as integration of new and emerging technologies.

Your installation will consist of several subsystems for lighting control, audio/video and so on. By bringing all these subsystems together into one complete scheme, Cheevers ensures that your system is totally reliable completely flexible from day one.

By carefully designing your cabling, Cheevers can allow for future improvements to your system whilst eliminating the need for messy and expensive additional wiring.

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> Energy Management Solutions

Smart solutions are also green solutions

The control system allows the flexibilty to ensure ongoing energy savings by allowing simple reconfiguration to suit school holidays, working from home and even the occasional duvet-day!

Your system will not only bring you the very best in comfort, convenience and enjoyment but will help to reduce and monitor your energy consumption. By leveraging the integrated control system, Cheevers Smart Solutions can help you to achieve energy savings of 30% + by simply programming your lighting and climate control systems to complement your daily routine. This can be expanded to include energy monitoring and control for large appliances allowing you to adjust your home to get the maximum from your utility bills.

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> Lighting Control Systems

Lighting for your lifestyle! Cheevers Smart Solutions lighting control systems enhance your home and workplace experiences whilst exceeding your expectations of comfort, control and convenience. They can be customised to suit your personal preferences, mood, ambience and your living and work habits. The modern home and workplace are being used for longer periods and in more ways than previously. Lighting has therefore become a major factor for you and Cheevers can design, install and program the most suitable and comprehensive lighting control system for your home or workplace, both interior and exterior.

Cheevers can implement simple things like making sure that the lights are off when not needed to creative solutions like programmed ‘at home’ scenarios where your system can be set to make it seem that your home or premises is occupied while you’re away. All programming is carefully executed to ensure the very best energy efficiency. By integrating lighting control with your other systems, the ulitmate in convenience is achieved. Imagine sitting down to watch a movie while the lights automically dim, the curtains close themselves and the climate control adjusts to the perfect ambient temperature… all at the touch of a button!

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> Integrated Automation

Complete control at your fingertips Cheevers Smart Solutions install and configure systems that not only allow incredible control over your home or premises, but are as simple and user-friendly as your mobile phone. In fact your mobile phone can be used to control your system if you wish. Your entire system can be controlled from any number of integrated remote controls. Instead of a coffee table overflowing with remotes for your TV, DVD, Blu-Ray player etc. Cheevers can install a slick and intuitive touch-screen interface that allows total control not just over your audio/visual system but over your entire home. This remote control panel can even be integrated

into your access/intercom system so that you

web-connected computer. Imagine setting your

can see who’s at the door from any room in your house.

climate control from the airport so that your home is warm and cosy for your arrival.

These controllers can range from simple wallmounted panels to wireless touch-screen to suit your requirements.

As well as the luxury, you’ll feel a warm glow when your utility bills arrive showing the savings you’ve achieved.

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TV/Cable/Satellite/DVD Blu-Ray Control Media centre control Lighting control and programming Security and access control Climate control Curtain and blind control Internet access

By integrating your system into your broadband connection you can control your home or business premises from a secure portal on any Page 13 <



> Distributed Audio/Video

Say goodbye to clutter! Not only do Cheevers Smart Solutions distributed A/V solutions offer the very best in high-definition quality but the convenience of having your movies, music and even photos stored in one central location means you can do away with boxes, shelves and cases full of discs.

The central server can be set up to allow complete controlled access to your media from any connected room in your home or premises. You could be listening to your favourite album in the kitchen cooking dinner while your family relax with a movie in the lounge. When it’s time to eat you can pause the movie and route your music through to the dining room, all from the intuitive controller right at your fingertips.

Your system doesn’t even have to stay inside the home. Cheevers can install a wide range of outdoor speakers, displays and controls to allow you to have independently cotrolled entertainment al-fresco!

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Smart Solutions for Smart Business

From simple discrete lighting and audio to full-blown smart conference facilities, Cheevers Smart Solutions can give your premises the wow factor that will make your customers remember you. Using tried and trusted technology, Cheevers can deliver fully integrated and state of the art: • • • • • • • •

Meeting rooms CCTV and access control Audio/visual high definition remote conferencing systems Fire & security systems Data and phone networks Lighting control systems Climate control Energy management systems

It’s well-known that a happy staff is a motivated staff. The right climate, lighting and even the right non-distracting music could help you get the very best from your people. In addition to the energy savings that a well programmed automation system can bring, your new system could pay for itself in a remarkably short period. With over 25 years experience of designing and implementing large scale automation and electrical projects, Cheevers has the in-house expertise to deliver on-time and on-budget, time and time again.Cheevers has invested heavily in the right people, the right tools and the right training to ensure excellence in all we do.

> Independent Living Solutions

Totally Discrete, absolutely secure Cheevers Independent Living technology is not about installing surveillance. Through a range of discrete wireless sensors linked via internet connection to a secure website, alerts can be sent if something unusual happens. For example, if a bed remains occupied for longer than usual, a door is left open or if a ‘contact me’ button is pressed.

Monitored Only by Trusted Caregivers Through a simple yet secure website, you control who sees information, what each one sees, and

how they receive the information. For example, the primary caregiver may have access to all system information, but a neighbour helping out would only receive email or text notification if an exterior door was left open.

Quality of Life We all know there’s no place like home for an elderly or disabled person. But you can’t be right beside them all the time. The Cheevers Independent Living system lets them continue to live independently, while their families and carers share responsibilities between siblings, care professionals, neighbours and other caregivers included.

optional ‘Contact Me’ button that can be worn on a pendant, your loved one or dependent will never need to interact with the system in their home.

Reduce the Cost of Care For less than the cost of one month in an assisted living facility, you can install the Cheevers Independent Living system and instantly be made aware of situations requiring your attention with secure messages sent by e-mails, texts, or the internet.

Easy to Use Those in your care don’t need to change their behaviour or learn a new system for both of you to enjoy the benefits of the Cheevers Independent Living system. Apart from an Page 17 <

Customer Charter Our reputation is vital to us. Here at Cheevers, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer suppport and service. As our work is carried out by our own in-house staff, we can vouch for its quality. We offer a full one-year guarantee on all our installations. The equipment we install is completely backed up by manufacturer warranties which we will take care of in the unlikely event of problems. All of this is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which we will always respect and honor without fuss or quibble.


Additional ELECTRICAL Services Phone Systems From an integrated home installation to a fully featured call centre system, Cheevers can not only design and install a system that totally exceeds your expectations. Phone systems can be integrated into alarm and access control systems allowing secure remote monitoring if required.

Home Cinema Cheevers Smart Solutions is an approved supplier of various high-definition audio/visual equipment. In the constantly changing world of entertainment electronics, it’s easy to become baffled with all the acronyms: 7.1 surround, 1080p, LCD, LED etc. Let Cheevers supply and install a system that is not only perfect for your room but perfect for your budget.

Security and Access Control In the modern world, home and workplace security has become a major concern for most people. Effective, integrated and automated security systems enable you to monitor your property on-site or remotely, warn you of a fire or attempted break-in, keep you and yours safe & secure and permit or deny access. Cheevers will help you deal with this important consideration for your home and workplace, providing sensitivity and discretion to your personalised concerns and needs.

Integrated Television If you’re planning on having your DVD collection managed remotely, you should consider integrating your cable or satellite TV service into your installation. Cheevers can work directly with your provider on your behalf to ensure that you get the very best from your service. Instead of having your cable or sattelite service tied to one TV, you can tie it into your distributed A/V package allowing multi-room viewing.

Colm Cheevers Colm Cheevers Managing Director.

Cheevers Smart Solutions Unit 4F, Six Cross Roads Business Park, Waterford, Ireland. Lo Call: 1890 250 250 email: Web:

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