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l Ronnefeldt’s Organic Teas


he world organic food market has been growing by twenty percent per year since the early 1990s. Future growth estimates range from ten to fifty percent per annum, depending on the country. The strong demand for organic foods is primarily due to concern for personal health and protection of the natural environment. The Ronnefeldt strategy is to strengthen our competence in organic tea without becoming an organic brand. Discerning enjoyment will remain our focus and continue to define our brand’s essence. In 2012, we will switch a variety of our bestsellers in all product categories to organic harvesting and production.

Ronnefeldt organic assortment for 2012 Tea-Caddy® Tea-Caddy®: Five organic teas beside Pear & Peach Spring Darjeeling Darjeeling Summer Gold Greenleaf Fitness Tea Lemon Fresh

LeafCup® LeafCup®: Four organic teas beside Fruity White Classic Darjeeling Moroccan Mint Wellness Lemon Fresh

➚ Teavelope® Teavelope®: New Classic Green beside Japan Classic Green Angel Fennel Caramel Peach

➚ Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea: Thirteen organic teas in addition to the current selection of nine teas Darjeeling Summer Gold Morning Star Spring Darjeeling Vita Fit Greenleaf Rooibos & Lemon Green Dragon (Lung Ching) Ding Gu Da Fang Fancy Sencha* Pai Mu Tan Silver Tip* Royal Yunnan* Pu Erh * Please note: delivery later in the year Royal Gunpowder

Communication of Organic Tea Range Our new BIO organic seal

We created our own organic seal with a strong image (photograph). Our new BIO organic seal will be on the pouch, the shipper and the buffet tin. For Tea-Caddy®, LeafCup® and Teavelope® we will retain our current European seal.

European seal

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