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We present Angela Tella, another amazing woman who has accomplished so much in her quest to help hundreds, if not thousands of women get their diets right, by leading a healthy lifestyle, through her book and seminars. Angela's work and contribution has attracted a myriad of awards.

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A beautiful warm welcome to our first edition of 2014. As we all look forward with excitement and great anticipation for the blessings laid in store for us this year, the team here at Vital Woman, brings you inspiration and motivation through the words of others who have graciously shared a part of their story with us. Special thanks to Angela Tella and Oma Edoja for their excellent interviews! As is our custom at Vital Woman, we feel incomplete without practical help and tips, we believe that after all is said and done, the key issue is helping people take one step after the next towards their desired goal. From our Life Coach's page, pick up a few tips about how to successfully realize those dreams into something practical and substantial. On the same note, our Business page offers insight into how to carefully select your association and what you spend time doing. Money is a key essential and Davida, author of Money Mastery 102, shares with us some excerpts from her book. Stop over on the Real Estate Realities page for some straight but essential talk about Wills and Insurance.

Magazine Team

Vital devotional, brings you words to encourage you and hold your focus as we journey day by day through this glorious and beautiful year! Embrace some more encouraging words by Toks Aruoture via our Vital Home column. Lots of styling tips coming to you through our beauty column, brought to you by USA based 3D Looks! A massive thanks also goes to Patrice Augustus-Brown who was reporting out from Florida, USA with this stunning Fashion editorial. We also take you behind the scenes of our Photo-shoot for Afro Retro-BCN, an Online Shopping experience for lovers of afrocentric accessories, a platform where you will find accessories by various designers. We offer you a true fusion and celebration of talents. I had so much fun working on set with this amazing team of Creatives! We always look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions. Don't forget to send in questions you may have around the subject of Business Start-Up or Home Businesses to Cheers, Lara Mfon


Lara Mfon

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Patrice Augustus-Brown


Toks Ferreira-Aruoture Funke Adeaga Bayo Mfon Bolaji Yemi Bridget Washington

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Management Profile Meet the face and brain behind Vickzinoo Collections. Vickzinoo Collections is a world to accessorise your life, it's unique and has the finest accessories, clothing and handbags. It also provides you with expert advice to assist you in finding the perfect jewellery and outfit for every occasion. It's simple! Send us an image of yourself and size, along with a small description of the occasion and your style. Name: Victoria Ajasa Profession: Director Achievements/Awards: My greatest success is truthfully being able to do what I love to do every single day of my life. I love to style, I love to design, and I love to be creative in general. I have styled for photo/video shoots e.g Bria hair, Diamond purl, Sian gentle, Olamints pictures etc. I market my products on Facebook (vickzinoocollections). I started with my website ( and really went out to get it out there, I had to keep promoting my business. Then I went on to instagram, which also opened up a lot of opportunities. Present Occupation: Fashion stylist/Model Main inspiration behind your brand: I've always had a love for fashion, but never studied it, I always got compliments on how I dress and put things together, and so I decided to start my own business in fashion. I spend a huge bulk of my time rummaging through fashion shows, editorials, trend reports, product design, etc. I get inspired by so many different things and people. Fashion really keeps me going more than anything else though‌ the thought that people enjoy seeing my style really makes me happy. Future plans for Vickzinoo Collections: Vickzinoo collections is committed to growth, we plan to bring stores and a growing online business. Vickzinoo collections plan this expansion to mostly start out in the UK before pushing anywhere else. We pride ourselves on our fashion consciousness, by responding in advance to future trends, we also aim to lead in the delivery of up-to-date styles and products. Things you are passionate about? I am a passionate, creative thinker and am excited about my future. I love fashion, it is a way to express myself and to show others who I am. I'm constantly challenged and can honestly say that I'm having the best time, I think it's best to start your own business when you're young and the risk is limited. Vickzinoo Collections is my passion.

Blogroll Blogs we recommend Over the years, I have found this is one question I have been asked over and over again. “What sort of business can I start with less than 100 pounds?� The reason people ask this is varied however, one common reason is because they are looking to lower the risks on their investment, which is a prudent approach when stepping into something new.

Vital Woman Blog

I have compiled a list of suggested businesses you can start and run from the home with less than 100 pounds as start-up capital.

Make Up Pro

Business First Steps

This list is not exhaustive though. -Jewellery Making -Soap Making -Bag Making -T-Shirts (Design and Print) -Card Making -Flower Arranging -Make-Up Artistry -Candle Making -Beauty Consulting (Working with established brands) -Gift Hampers. -Event Planning/ Management.

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YOU CAN READ FULL ARTICLE HERE 2013/ 11/ 04/ h o me- b u s in es s - start- u p - id eas / VW Lara Mfon.

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VW “BE INSPIRED” How would you describe your childhood and educational background? I had a happy childhood which was divided between the UK and Nigeria. It was full of travel, adventure and different life experiences which have positively contributed to making me who I am today. I began my primary education in the UK, completed it and my O-levels in Nigeria and came back to the UK for my A-levels and university. I have an honours degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics from King's College London and am a registered dietitian by profession. What then was the attraction into the world of Coaching? I describe myself as an eternal optimist - my glass is definitely half-full ! I enjoy looking at problems and finding workable solutions. As such, coaching has always been part of me, even from childhood. I've always helped others achieve their goals and so all my training has simply formalised and honed what is a natural gift/ability. Enabling wholeness in people is wonderful because a whole person is focused and able to become all they were meant to be. Who in your industry or in general has inspired you to achieve what you have to date? My inspiration comes primarily from my faith which encompasses everything I do. I'm a Christian and firmly believe that God made me unique and has a specific reason for me being here – no one can do what I do, the way I do, so I aim to do it well. In this edition, we present Angela Tella, another amazing woman I do however admire women like CeCe Winans, Henrietta who has accomplished so much in her quest to help hundreds, if Mears, Mary Kay Ash and Michelle Obama who have inspired not thousands of women get their diets right, by leading a and impacted many and still do. healthy lifestyle, through her book and seminars. Angela's work and contribution has How did your book “Healthy, West African attracted a myriad of awards. She has been and Wise” come about? crowned; I wanted to adapt my expertise as a Winner, Innovator of the Year, British registered dietitian to provide culturally Female Inventors & Innovators Network specific diet and lifestyle information for (BFIIN) International Awards 2011 │ people of West African origin. My motivation Winner, Gourmand World Cookbook was the fact that people of West African Awards 2011│ Finalist, Innovation Award, origin suffer disproportionately from stroke, Havering Business Awards 2011. diabetes, obesity and prostate cancer, which can easily be prevented and managed via simple diet and lifestyle changes. However, So tell us, who is Angela Tella? there was no readily available information I am a registered dietitian and lifestyle expert on how to do this, so I thought, 'Why not?' providing innovative diet, lifestyle and wellbeing solutions to organisations. In addition, How would you describe your role in I work with individuals, coaching and helping educating today's woman to living a them develop effective strategies and action healthier lifestyle? plans to achieve their goals. In a nutshell, I help people live their best life by bringing a fresh, innovative and A healthy lifestyle is a holistic one with plenty of balance in all positive perspective to their situations. areas – diet, wellbeing, lifestyle. It's virtually impossible to separate these different areas because they are all interlinked. I also wear the hats of speaker and author (of the award-winning My role is to help women achieve this by providing practical and Healthy, West African & Wise™ and the accompanying Healthy, effective information as well as strategies that make the West African & Wise™ Food Guide, the world's first books information work for them in their situation. It's about making it addressing diet and lifestyle from a West African perspective). real and personal. Last but not least, I am a wife and mother.

Angela Tella



VW “BE INSPIRED” You recently won an award for the Innovator of the Year award, tell us about that? I won the Innovator of the Year award, the Intellectual Property (IP) industry's most prestigious award dedicated to female inventors and professionals for innovative achievement. It was quite an exciting moment to hear my name called out! The award was jointly given by the British Female Inventors and Innovators Network (BFIIN) and the British Invention Society (BIS), in recognition of the innovative concept behind both my books – Healthy, West African & Wise™ and the accompanying Healthy, West African & Wise™ Food Guide published in 2011. My Healthy, West African & Wise™ Food Guide also won me a Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2011. Additionally, my consultancy, Illumina Lifestyle Consulting, was one of 3 finalists in the Innovation category at the Havering Business Awards in 2011.

The vision of Vital Woman is to encourage, empower and enlighten others, as they embrace their calling and step into their Godordained destiny whether in business & ministry. How do you think your role has impacted the lives of women generally? There is nothing as humbling as being told that you are the inspiration for someone else doing what they thought they could never do or have been afraid to do e.g. setting up a business, working to improve a relationship, deciding to embrace and live life. It's also fulfilling to be part of a person's story and see them come through on the other side. Through my words and life I've been able to inspire other women, change their mind sets/perceptions of themselves and get them out of hiding behind husbands, children, low self-esteem and lack of confidence to become women to be reckoned with and who are balanced in all areas of life. It is a real privilege – one I do not take for granted. I am curious to know, if you have time for any hobby or interest outside of family and work? I enjoy listening to music and am rather partial to some good jazz and classical pieces. I'm also an avid reader of books including biographies, personal development, and mysteries, as well as relationships, style and grooming, parenting – all the things I'm passionate about, speak about and support people with. I love watching period and costume dramas too. I'm involved in supporting women via my local church and work with my husband to provide relationship enrichment support to engaged and married couples. I also mentor up and coming entrepreneurs.

Congratulations! And very well done as you must no doubt have put in a lot of work to achieve all that you have till date. Where do you see Angela Tella in 10 years time? In 10 years' time I see myself working to my strengths, doing the same things but on a much larger scale and via a range of different platforms so watch this space! Oh ! Yes ! We will be rooting for you all the way ! Tell me Angela, If you could have done something slightly differently in your career or set up of your business, what would it be and Why? Hmm…that is a rather difficult question. I've learnt so much on my journey and each experience has taught me a valuable lesson so I'm not too sure whether I'd change anything because it's all worked to get me to where I am.

Thank you so much Angela for giving time out of your busy schedule and sharing with us. Angela's book can be purchased at Amazon.

How are you able to successfully multi-task with a family and a busy career? In two words - my husband! He's extremely supportive of what I do and so we work as a team to ensure it all happens in a way that is not detrimental to our family life. I do believe my first commitment is to my home so we do have a policy of family winning over career when a choice has to be made. This is usually rare but I've never regretted taking this stance. In fact, things tend to work out so well but only because I've already made up my mind on what's important before the need to choose arises.

Angela can be contacted via: Facebook: AngelaTella, RD Twitter: @AngelaTella1 Website: LinkedIn:



Vital Fashion Reporting from Florida The colours What a bit of a scorcher it's been this 'summer?' As you know when the heat is on it's time to 'Say it loud and be proud,' 'Go bold or go home' and any other saying that reflects the need to be colorful, confident and creative! This season isn't much different from last year's season. Colour clashing, colour blocking and a range of prints are the way forward. The trends It's all about aztecs, monochromes, oriental florals and geometric patterns as well as stripes and asymmetric cuts. Not to forget the black and white minimalist trend, which is far from boring! Add a touch of colour to jazz it up and off you go… into the sunlight! This edition looks at the fashion trends in both the UK and Florida (where I am currently reporting from in the beautiful sun!). Enjoy…



Zara Checkered print shorts, £22.99- Mango two-tone knit dress, £22.99 Zara fabric wedges, £39.99- Zara envelope front bag, £69.99- New look monochrome diamond dip shirt, £38.00 – Karen Millen jersey shift dress, £38.00- Cabochon Drop Clip Earrings, Black/White, $301 - Large Sobrel bangle, £40.80-



African print dress- designer unknown Ebony Q asymmetric print cotton skirt, $125.00- Pink fitted vest top, £5.99-www. ASOS posy platforms, $67.88- ASOS Nali faux leather studded cuff, $10.18- Rokit bright blue suede handbag, £22.00-



CREATIVE COLOUR- MIX AND MATCH: (With a touch of the USA…)

Zara Two-tone heels, £29.99- Harrods Electric blue tunic dress, £315.00- French connection striped maxi yellow dress, £87.00- Re Lax blue wedges, $89.99- Tate Marquise cluster yellow and blue earrings, $20.00- Tiggy Milly floral summer midi length dress, £24.00- Dorothy Perkins orange pleated maxi skirt, $55.00- (US) River Island Light pink racer back vest, £15.00- River Island coral platform wedges, £50.00- River Island lime layered vest, £20.00- River turquoise skinny biker trousers, £30.00- ASOS Bow bag, £25.00- ASOS perplex pointed heels, £45.00-



Vital Fashion The Vital casual look Temperatures have dropped; clocks have gone back in the UK meaning it gets colder and darker sooner. However that doesn't phase us Vital women, the fashion must go on! It's just more of a reason to keep cosy and casual in warm, knitted over sized jumpers teamed with sassy skinny jeans and designer bags (one of our editor's favourite looks!). The Vital business look Command attention with a 'polished' military inspired look for the office. A knee length pencil skirt with a fitted shirt and strong structured coats. From camouflage colours, to black and midnight blue. The elegant yet masculine trend is also one to try. From wide leg trousers, or suits with brogues to oversized shirts reigning it in with fitted trousers. The choice is yours. Be creative and Be you! So let the fashion do the talking! Feast your eyes (and expand your wardrobes) on these exceptionally fashionable pieces…


Oversized jumpers, skinny jeans, leather boots with large wooly hat! Warehouse, Zip back oversized jumper £38.00- Warehouse, Animal woven front insert jumper £40.00- House of Fraser, Hudson Skinny Jeans £77.60 - Coggles, Levi's Pins Skinny Jeans-reflection £68.00 - Clarks, Licorice Snap £140.00 - Debenhams, Jasper Conran leather tan boots £75.00 - French Connection, Gillespie woollen knit cap, £35 Jaeger, Leather pocket scarf £150.00- Monsoon, Jeweled Jumper- £59.00



Patrice Augustus-Brown is a graduate of the University of Westminster, where she studied Print Journalism and holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism. She has written in the past for More magazine, Pride magazine and Live magazine. She also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Greenwich. Her interests include Reading, Keeping fit and writing. She also enjoys Fashion designing, with a strong passion for fashion!

vital fashion THE BUSINESS LOOK

Liberty, Gillespie Burgundy datum contrast dress, £910.00 - Karen Millen, masculine jersey shirt, £55.00 - Karen Millen, tuxedo skirt, £110.00 - Karen Millen, black shirt with white colar, £99.00 - Marks and Spencer, Autograph suede ankle wedges, £99.00- Burberry, slouchy bag £995.00- Liberty, Black mo hair snood, £105.00 - Topshop, Anyah stiletto boots £72.00 – Tiesplant, Blush and burgunsy scarf £7.99-


Liberty, Purple Kardyro V-Neck Tunic, £750.00 - Jaeger, Sequin dress, £250.00 - Karen Millen, crystal embellished shoes, £250.00 - Topshop, Oversized fur hooded coat, £150- House of Fraser, Linea satin contrast dress, £84.00- House of Fraser, hisbiscus glitzy sandals, £44.00- House of Fraser, Coast dress, £128.00- House of Fraser, Dune burst texture print shoes, £68.00- House of Fraser, Ted Baker blue coat, £299.00- Dorothy Perkins, Red and black pencil dress, £25.00- Dorothy Perkins, Jessica Simpson black court shoes, £85.00- Lyst, Black ruffle coat, £2759 –



Inspiration for this shoot was inspired by the jewelry we received from Martha Emmanuel www.marthaemmanuel .com based here in the USA where the shoot took place. The pieces were so vibrant and beautiful I decided to do an African themed s h o o t fe at u r i n g t h e G e l e (pronounced gay-lay) worn on the heads of the beautiful models. The Gele is a large square or rectangular shaped cloth that is tied and styled on a woman's head. It can be tied big or small but the best way to tie a Gele is to make sure it suits the face of the person.



Sabriya London MAKEUP AND GELE: Victoria Dada for 3D Looks Makeup and Beauty THEME OF SHOOT: African Beauty Sabriya had a beautiful canvas free of dark spots but she had dry skin so I started out moisturizing her face with Embryolisse lait crème. FACE: The foundation of choice was Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer mixed with Makeupforever HD foundation. This was applied using the Beauty Blender. I did not powder her skin. It gave the model beautiful and dewy skin. I highlighted using the new highlighters from Chaos in striking and fawn. I used a mixture of cream blush from Kevyn Aucoin and layered with some powder blush from La Femme ever so lightly on the apples of the cheeks. I contoured slightly with Covergirl Bronzer. I set her makeup with the Mario Badescu facial spray to give her a more dewy look. EYES: I started out filling her brows slightly with MAC Cosmetics brow pencil in stud. I used several eyeshadow (green and purple) from my Atelier Paris palette and lined her eyes with Inglot gel liner in black. I used a very full strip lash #148 and lined her water line with Urban decay liner in Zero and Perversion. Lips: I lined her lips with MAC cosmetics lip liner in Nightmoth and filled her lips with Black Opal lipstick in Currant. I added some clear gloss from Victoria secret. Photoshoot Credit: Makeup and Gele by Victoria Dada for Jewelry: Models: April Gordon and Sabriya London Photography: Fola Lawal




April Shari Gordon MAKEUP AND GELE: Victoria Dada for 3D Looks Makeup and Beauty THEME OF SHOOT: African Beauty April had the most gorgeous deep tone skin I have ever worked on. I started out moisturizing her face with Embryolisse lait crème just to add some more moisture to her skin FACE: The foundation of choice was the Makeup Forever Mat velvet foundation in 90. I totally applied this with my fingers all over her skin. I powdered her with the Makeup forever Pro finish powder and highlighted her skin using the Chaos highlighter in Fawn. I contoured with the Covergirl Bronzer and her base was done. EYES: I started out filling her brows slightly with MAC Cosmetics brow pencil in stud and strut. I worked with several pigments on her eyes some purple and gold pigments and I lined her water line with Urban decay pencil in deep end. I lined her top liner with Inglot gel line in black #77. I used a strip lash on her #213 and topped it off with Covergirl mascara to blend her lashes with the strip lashes. LIPS: I lined her lips with MAC cosmetics lip liner in currant and used the Sephora lip stain and added some clear I added some clear gloss form Victoria secret. Victoria is CEO of 3D Looks based in (Contact details

Photoshoot Credit: Makeup and Gele by Victoria Dada for Jewelry: Models: April Gordon and Sabriya London Photography: Fola Lawal

v i t a l B E A U T Y



Vital Youth Members of Vital Youth were part of the support team for the preparation and execution of the Photo shoot for Afro Retro-BCN. It was such a great feeling of satisfaction working with creative and talented people, experiencing the hard work that goes into putting a photo shoot together. The various skills on display on the day made the

whole process come together perfectly; from the preparation, photography, make up artistry, styling, fitting and then the actual session itself. What an experience that was! We hope you enjoy this article which gives you some insight into what Afro Retro-BCN is all about. - Josh Mfon.


Introducing Afro Retro–BCN, an online boutique and blogging platform. It's very intriguing when Style and Fashion is interpreted in a different way that is appealing to people of a different audience. Not only does a product have to sell but also bringing satisfaction to the buyers, which is something that Afro Retro-BCN is aiming to achieve. Afro Retro-BCN is one of the top ADUKE inspirational and uprising platforms Neckpiece that showcase the rich African culture. It was born out of the passion and desire to introduce the rich African culture through Arts, Crafts and Fashion to the Western world. Afro Retro-BCN focuses on serving Africans in Diaspora as well as the European market and operates primarily from Barcelona, Spain. Being of African origin, their desire is to showcase the heritage of Africa whilst proudly presenting the work accomplished by some African Designers with the Afro RetroBCN platform. Despite the competition to be faced within the society and other brands; Afro Retro-BCN are strong and competitive enough to stand what's coming their way, creating authentic and creative pieces. They aim to provide an Online Shopping platform as well as a blog for lovers of Afrocentric and African inspired accessories.


and causing positive exposure about Africa, its people, its culture and its talents. Afro Retro-BCN is not only a fashion platform for showcasing style and creativity but, they are also Decor Tag working towards inspiring Home by Louisa upcoming designers of African and Africa-inspired products by being proud of their heritage whilst also celebrating their African culture through their work. Their main focus is to share the rich African culture that everyone across Europe can engage with. Afro Retro -BCN is truly one of the best platforms that are emerging, not only benefiting the organisers and founders but also the people within the society through the celebration of a truly rich and diverse African Culture. Photo Credit: Make Up Artist: Laureen Afrolicious Models: TeeJay, Bridget Alhassan, Cee Kuda Photography: Jefferson Photography Jewellery and Accessories: Emily Foresythe

The most amazing inspiration of Afro Retro-BCN is how they are aiming to create a true fusion and celebrating the creative talents towards their brand. As an upcoming platform they are working on different goals in order to establish themselves and also working on educating the future of tomorrow



Article by Cecilia Kupera


Vital Woman

Author, Speaker, Women's Advocate and Founder, Women Thriving in Business International

What is your present occupation? Business Coach and Mentor, Talk Show Host, Author

Education and Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Biology), Coaching Certificate, Coaching Diploma, NLP Diploma, Mentoring Certificate and a whole lot of training in business, presentation and marketing and sales skills!

Who inspired you to pursue your present career/profession/business? I was inspired to do the work that I do by my own challenges, not a person. However, my parents have been a great inspiration for pursuing my dreams and fighting for what I want in life.

Profession: Business Coach and Mentor, Talk Show Host, Author

What were the main challenges you faced during the early stages of pursuing your career, profession, business? Funding, juggling my family and work responsibilities and limiting beliefs that held me back from the inside.

Achievements: Creating my support community for women entrepreneurs, Women Thriving in Business International;

What are the top 3 time management tips that you have adopted and imbibe into your daily routine? I must say that time management is still a challenge for me. I am more focused on personal management or personal leadership than time management. I reason that if I can manage myself, my time will get taken care of! So, my top 3 personal management or personal leadership tips are: 1. To stay focused on my own path and not get distracted by what's happening in other people's lives and businesses. For instance, I am a single mother of 4 and so I will be realistic about what I can achieve in any 24 hours. And not beat myself up if I don't finish my To Do list for the day or can't always attend the evening networking events like others who have no children, fewer children or the support of a partner. What you might call “Keeping it real!” 2. To stay authentic and not let people or situations squeeze me into their mold. Or not allow myself become pressured to be anything other than “me!” For this reason, I do not have problems with people-pleasing, I can stay focused on my goals and I do not worry about what other people might be thinking. 3. To stay connected with my Creator. Life can get overwhelming, so I appreciate having The Giver of Life showing me how to live life.

Authoring my first book, The Essential Get Clients Guide: 14 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients and How to Avoid Them, and now working on my second book on marketing for women entrepreneurs; Creating and hosting my talk show for w o m e n e n t r e p r e n e u rs , Yo u r Business, Your Heart! With all the personal and professional growth that has come with it! Taking my business from kitchen table to having a global impact, with clients, partners and a reading and listening audience from around the world. It has been very rewarding, hearing from women in different countries, saying they have been encouraged, inspired or they have found direction or made more money from either working with me, from using my resources or from my various outreach platforms. Raising 4 happy, healthy children who have aspirations, are pursuing their dreams, and who see me as a positive role model! Triumphing over a great deal of adversity instead of allowing it to crush me. I feel honoured that my children are inspired by how I have handled adverse situations.



share my values. I was invited by a US-based media company to create and host my talk show based on this. I have also been invited to partner with people and organizations doing similar work, serving as a mentor and role model to women entrepreneurs. It has attracted clients who want the kind of empowerment that my work is about and I am often invited to speak about my work and my journey or to be interviewed for the media. In a nutshell, having a mission gives more meaning to our work, makes us more meaningful to our target audience of clients and partners and helps us to not just build a business but to also build a legacy. Knowing this, I also now help my clients figure out what their business mission is.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I see myself: Having authored more books and created more resources supporting women in business; Having licensed some of my support programs, so that I am able to reach and impact more female entrepreneurs around the world through my licensed partners and programs, and Having built a business that runs without me, so that I can spend more time in service to my God and to mankind. What would you say to other women who aspire to become professionals in your chosen field? Find a mission to fulfill through your work, so that you not only enjoy your work but are also able to make a difference through it. When your work is also your mission, you have more fun, attract and release more abundance and are able to make a difference in your corner of the world. So much more fulfilling than merely “working!” My mission is to empower women through enterprise. It is born out of my own experiences of having to endure years of emotional abuse and years of seeing my children suffer because we were financially dependent on the abuser. I had to look inwards to take stock of my strengths and opportunities and leverage these for economic gain. I had to take very drastic leaps of faith, when no one believed in me but myself and my God, to turn our situation around. I know that not every woman is escaping abuse. For some, it is about needing to provide for themselves and their loved ones instead of accepting adverse situations. For others, it is about seizing their right to self-determination instead of allowing someone or something hijack their life and take them where they do not want to go. For instance, being able to choose the work you do or where and how you live or being able to say No to toxic people and relationships. In all of these situations, when a woman is economically empowered with a successful and sustainable business, it gives her more choices in life. She then has a say in her own life, the lives of her loved ones and in her community. She can say Yes to what she wants and No to what she does not want. She is no longer at the mercy of anyone or anything, as God intended! I have had women write to me and say things like, “Please help me build my business so I can get out of this abusive relationship,” and “Help me succeed so I can take better care of my family.” I have also had clients write to tell me how growing their business helped to restore their confidence and impact their relationships or how they are now better able to provide for their families. This is the bigger picture of what I do. It is my mission as well as my work and I am happy to be building a legacy as well as a business. Interestingly, having a clear mission and strong message has helped to attract people who also believe in my mission and

What are your hobbies? Listening to music, reading and writing. How have you successfully introduced relaxation into your busy routine? I take regular short breaks during the day where I could be tuning in to social media, listening to some music or just doing something different from work. At the end of the day, I love to unwind by watching a movie or my favourite TV shows. I work out two or three times a week, and occasionally go walking in nature, which helps me to de-stress as well as keep fit. I also treat myself to my favourite magazines! And not forgetting spiritual relaxation, I take time out for prayer, worship and scripture meditation. Oma 's Profile : Oma Edoja helps women start up and grow sustainable businesses. In the process, she has become an author, speaker, women's business growth mentor and host of her own radio show for women entrepreneurs, Your Business, Your Heart! Oma has helped her clients transition from employment to selfemployment and start generating revenue within weeks. Some existing business owners have achieved revenue increases of up to 200% with Oma's support. She is often invited to share her expertise at conferences, networking events and in numerous radio, TV, print and online media, both local and international. Oma invites you to get your free copy of her book, The Essential Get Clients Guide: 14 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients and How to Avoid Them at You are also invited to find out more about her work at and to listen to her radio show at



VITAL HOME Designed by God In my line of work we specialize in designing and making furniture, linens and decorative accessories to the customers specification. Our furniture is often described with words like bespoke, custom made or made to order. A bespoke bed is made to suit the owner, in terms of size as well as aesthetics. You get to choose your own colours, finish and can even ask for your name or initials to be carved on. This is a luxury item and usually you would never find two of its kind, especially if made by hand.

make a decision without fear of the outcome. I read a devotional once where a man described how he made decisions when he was uncertain. He simply prays and tells the Holy Spirit that whichever option remains on his mind after praying is the one he'll go for, and he does. He doesn't fret in case his decision is the wrong one, for he knows that God will catch him and turn things around for good if he falls.

2) Confidence Your sense of confidence and security is heightened. Just like a bespoke chair made to fit your body frame, you sit with confidence knowing this chair will be more comfortable than any others in the room. The high quality ones are at a lower risk from buckling under your weight. When God designs your life you have a certain air and confidence that even the mistakes you make stir you in the direction of your purpose.

Compare that to mass-produced goods, like items made in China, or IKEA products which are easily recognizable. Scandinavian furniture for example have the hallmarks of simplicity and light woods, while antique English furniture will have ornamental designs and will be crafted in dark wood, depending on the era it was produced. When God designed your life he crafted you in a bespoke fashion. You are an individual. Your visions and dreams are unique to you alone. Without any shadow of doubt there is only one of you that was ever made, or that will ever be created. In the same way there are no cookie-cutter set of answers to problems where you're concerned. As Christians we enjoy the luxury of having our lives designed by God. This means every part of our lives fit into a plan that works. We avoid the guessing game that comes with a ''one size fits all'' life and we get a glimpse of how it all endsbeautifully well!

Here are some of the hallmarks of a life designed by God: 1) Vision God knows where you are going- even if you don't. No doubt you know what it feels like when you have a decision to make and are uncertain. Both prospects seem equally attractive or equally intimidating. Having God as your guide allows you to



3) Purpose. Martin Luther King Jr said if a man hasn't discovered something worth dying for he is not fit to live.

4) Peace The peace that passes all understanding will guide your hearts and minds into all truth. Phil 4:7 There are a lot of things money can buy, peace is certainly not one of them, yet everyone wants it. Think back to a moment when you felt at complete peace with yourself and your surroundings. Imagine feeling like that all year round? Jesus is the Prince of Peace and that's why He came. Peace gives us abundant life. When all your ducks are laid in a row, when you don't have to micromanage every aspect of your life or walk around feeling you have unfinished business, when you feel secure that life is going exactly as planned, you are living according to God's bespoke plan and design for your life.

You were created for a purpose. We all have a purpose besides simply passing through life successfully. Even if you create goals and achieve every one of them, and live life with no regrets, it is a tragedy if you do not accomplish what you were placed on earth to do. Life is a journey that is fraught with ups and downs, but it is very easy for our focus to be directed towards getting out of the 'downs' and unto the 'ups'. Many people think that purpose is reserved for leaders and people in the public eye. The truth is everyone has a purpose and we must all seek to uncover ours. A clue to discovering your purpose is taking stock of your gifts, talents and abilities. What do you enjoy doing? What do you do so effortlessly yet people look at you with awe and admiration? When God gave you your gift He also gave you the desire to use it.

Toks Aruoture is an interior designer and the CEO of Punkin Patch Interior designs, a luxury boutique for infant and children furnishings. Besides her passion for design and creative living, Toks loves to encourage and motivate women to stir up the gift of God inside them. She does this through her blogs, and Toks is happily married with four beautiful boys.




7 TIPS TO SET YOUR GOALS IN MOTION for others to chime in and guide you in your dreams. Just because you have shared your ideas with others does not necessarily mean that you are no longer responsible for turning them to reality Realize that nobody cares about your dream like you do.

1. Realize that you don't need anyone's

permission to pursue your dreams. Who said you had to wait for someone else to give you approval? Trust your God given ability and give yourself permission to succeed! It is good to have people whose opinion you value and they support you but, it is not the requirement to fulfilling . Invest in your dream. your goals or not. If you truly desire to turn No idea is generated without funding. You your idea into reality, constantly “running have to be willing to sacrifice and self-fund to make things them by people” and waiting to act based on their response is a happen! Just because you think your ideas are brilliant, doesn't definite time waster and dream killer! Nothing will change about mean that others will be willing to invest in or finance your the dynamics of your dream whether they “appease” you or not! dream. As you take the necessary steps to self-funding, God will meet you in your need and guide you on bringing the provision! Also, you may have to invest in the acquisition of knowledge or . Perfection is a disguise of procrastination. expertise that will help you achieve your goals. Be ever ready to If you are the type that likes to wait until everything is perfect pour back into what you are planning to pour out! and in place, you will definitely lose steam on your dream and eventually lose your enthusiasm and abandon your goal. Conditions are usually never perfect, so why not start where you . Focus on the main thing. are? You have to take risks! You will learn and improve as you go Make a commitment to only work with projects and activities along, and suddenly you will see everything falling in place. which are connected to your main goal. Whatever you do should directly or indirectly add up to a move toward your main goal. If you do not, you will find yourself all over the place, and it will . Create Goal Time. cause you to feel confused, overwhelmed, and side-tracked. Often times we have dreams, ideas or goals, which remain Make a plan, and make those things on the plan priority. Remove unfulfilled because we become too busy with everything else the clutter from your life, get organized and get focused. but work on the goal! In order to complete your goals, you have Remember that you can't do all things, but you can do one thing! to be ready to invest the times and resources to ensure that it succeeds! Making excuses is not an option! There is always time to work on what we love and consider important. Create that time and see your dreams begin to unfold!





4. Make a Concrete Decision…Once and For All The process of accomplishing your goals begins with a decision. You decide what you want to achieve and then you plan how you intend to achieve it. Your inability to make concrete decisions about what you should do, how you should do it and when you should do it, is a time waster and hinders your dreams. Make up your mind and stop second-guessing yourself. When your mind is truly made up…NOTHING can stop you from making progress with fulfilling your goals.

5. Be bold and fearless! You are the only one in charge of turning your dreams to reality. Make a choice to be proactive and take immediate action of working on your goals to ensure you achieve them. Don't wait



Bridget Washington is a highly empowered life coach, Writer, and Speaker whose razor sharp direction, positive mental infiltration, and Godly edification will have you moving from the edge of the ordinary and plunging into the extraordinary life that God has ordained for you. She is the founder of Fruition Mission, a faith inspired company that is devoted to “Coaching Your Holistic Needs, Inspiring You to Wildly Succeed”. She resides in Metro Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son. For more information please visit .



In this edition's devotional, we decided to bring you the word of encouragement and prophecy given in December last year, concerning the grace of God that is set before us. Our prayer is that your faith will be built up and you will receive renewed strength and vigour to lay hold of that which the LORD God Almighty has already won for you.


This is a general overview for the year however, it is necessary for us to have a place of daily encouragement via the word of God, as the bible exhorts us to do, in the book of Hebrews 3:13. “But encourage one another, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.” Daily encouragement is necessary, the same way we view bathing – the fact that we cleaned our body one day does not mean that we wouldn't have to repeat the process the following day… Our prayer is that you will find and keep your place of drawing daily encouragement from the word of God, so that your faith in God will continue to wax strong. Encouragement and Prophetic word for the year This is what I believe the Spirit of the LORD is saying to us His children at this time, in preparation for the season we are about to enter into. The Holy Spirit spoke this to me over time as He kept trying to show me what is to come, in relation to what was happening even around me. He asked me to observe and see the direction of things. This was penned around the 11th December 2013. The Holy Spirit spoke about de-cluttering. There is a cleaning up, tidying up and folding away of the old. New things are emerging on the horizon. A new day. God is doing a new thing, the old is giving way to the new. Be vigilant. Certain things are beginning to surface. God is moving people and things into position.

There is a divine positioning, work with God, don't hold back, move as He moves you. Certain things you've been wanting to do – new opportunities opening upwindows of opportunities opening up – you are getting a glimpse of what is to come. A year of true Rest in God.

PREPARATION Lots of preparatory work going on. God is shutting some doors. Don't fight to keep them open. Because he wants to open some new ones. *Don't struggle to stay with the familiar. This year God will amaze you – some amazing things taking place. Before you say “NO, I don't do this or that”, seek God's face to know what your response should be. Isaiah 54: 2-3 Make your tent bigger; stretch it out and make it wider. Do not hold back. Make the ropes longer and its stakes stronger, 3 because you will spread out to the right and to the left. Your children will take over other nations, and they will again live in cities that once were destroyed. But be prepared because it will come through unusual ways. A very exciting year ahead! Wow! 2014!! A year of jubilation! A year of lots of laughter and great, awesome excitement! A year of great enthusiasm! Walk with Him! Be prepared to shelve some plans. Be prepared to be spontaneous! Be prepared for some awesome heavenly excitement! It's going to be exciting!

In Christ's service, © Lara Mfon 2014. A Very Present Help Ministries. 21


you'd be able to harness it and use it to cause money to flow in your direction. THE MONEY CONFIDENCE DYNAMIC Another money dynamic is the money confidence dynamic. Money is often found where there is a high level of confidence. When confidence is high, people often spend a lot more, and when confidence is low people tend to withhold what they have and stop spending. So if you're a business person wanting people to spend more money with you causing more money to flow in your direction, you would need to have a way of increasing people's confidence in you, in your product or service, or in your business. The third dynamic that I will be sharing here is the money value dynamic.

Money Mastery

Value is a form of money. People often exchange money for the value they want. The more value you create in the marketplace the more money you are potentially able to earn, this is the case if you create or provide what people value. Often times it's not the price of a thing that causes a person to buy a thing or not, it is the value they place on the thing.


Money Dynamics: 10 Ways to Make Money Flow into Your Life and Business.

So if you want more money to flow in your direction, allow more value to flow in other people's direction. Find out what people or the marketplace values and send more of this in their direction. The measure of value that you take to the marketplace is the same measure money shall be potentially measured back to you.

One thing that influences most people's life, but seems to be least understood by many is money. What we do not understand will often master us. To master anything in life we need to learn the laws by which it operates and then use this understanding to master it.

In addition to money dynamics, I have also written other personal finance books one of which is Money Mastery 101: What every Christian should know about money. This serves as a great first step towards helping you along on that journey towards financial peace. This and my other books can be found both in paperback and Kindle format at

Money answers to certain laws, if we know these rules we will call the shots and money will dance to our tune, rather than having us dance to its tune when it calls. In Money Dynamics: Money Mastery 102, I talk about the dynamics of money. I talk about the intangible forces that govern the flow of money into a person's life or business.

Davida Yemi- Akanle is wealth creation and personal growth expert. She is the Founder and CEO of Kingdom Wealth Creation, a Consulting, Coaching and Training organisation.

I'll just share a few of them with you here: THE MONEY PEOPLE DYNAMIC The first dynamic that I talk about in the book is the money people dynamic. This dynamic can be summarised as thus: money flows where people go. Money is often found where people congregate.

Davida is passionate about helping Christian Entrepreneurs get repositioned in the marketplace, achieve strategic success, helping them to move to the next level fast. She does this through her coaching and training programs geared at helping Christian Entrepreneurs to think big, get more clients, make more money, create wealth and make an impact for God's Kingdom. For more information, please visit her at a www.Kingdom-

Marketplaces are often formed wherever people gather. Profitable businesses are often found on the high-street, not in a person's back garden. If you understand this dynamic,



VITAL BUSINESS In the Last edition we dealt with 'who are your friends?!', although, we didn't quite exhaust that trigger question. Whoever your friends are; they are those that you associate and spend time with. Those you ASSOCIATE with will have a great impact upon your achievement. When you associate with people, you're building a network and your network is only as effective as the caliber of friends or associates within it. A qualitative/strong network base in your business or personal life will determine how far you go in life. I know of a couple that is well connected to a business mogul, due to their link with this big wig, the wife secured a job in the man's bank while the husband who is an architect designs and builds all the bank branches across the nation. Networking helps you associate with friends of your friends that can assist you in any endeavour you wish to consummate. A strong network is one in which you are 2 to 4 people away from the person you need to assist you. In the same vein, a weak network is one in which you are unable to reach the target person.

a) b) c) d)

Question 3 WHAT DO YOU LOVE DOING? If you want to succeed in any endeavour you must go into what you have a passion for. Anything you can do to solve peoples problem that they will be willing to pay for (either in terms of goods or services) anything that if money wasn't involved you are willing to carry on, is what you should venture into. The indicators to this question are those things you do that bring joy or happiness to you: Areas of passion Areas of strength Things you believe you could achieve Things that bring you joy or happiness

Question 4 WHAT ARE YOUR HABITS?! Your habit has a lot to do with your success or failure in life. A habit is defined a “Routines of behaviours that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously� A compulsive gambler is a classic example of someone with a habit. A gambler can never become successful both in gambling as a career, or in other business endeavours. I dare say that there is nowhere in the world where you will find a rich gambler, this is evident from the conspicuous absence of gamblers from the list of world's richest men. There is no record also of any gambler that has retained his/her earnings and became successful. Those that also came into sudden wealth never stay rich due to the habits they possess and the ones they fail to possess.

The next trigger question (QUESTION 2) is: WHAT IS YOUR MENTAL DISPOSITION TOWARDS YOUR DREAM OR VISION?! a) Are you Positive-minded (OPTIMISTIC) b) Are you Negative-minded (PESSIMISTIC) I already take it for granted that you are in a good state of mind. Positive- minded people always believe in their dreams and will do anything and everything possible to make sure they succeed. Positive mindedness enables you to focus on goals and objectives until you achieve what you set out to achieve despite the setbacks you may face along the way. Negative minded people always doubt and see only the risk and negative side of every situation or vision. These set of people doubt their dreams, in fact to them 'the sky is always falling'. Negative mindedness causes people to fail because they already failed in their minds before they venture into any endeavour. These people are rarely focused and are always double minded. Mental disposition covers, habits (Habit; will be extensively covered as a trigger question on its own), Virtues and vices, skills and powers. All successful people are 'single eyed' positive minded and believe what they envision will come to pass by succeeding. The inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, failed 99 times and only got it right on the 100th attempt. Positive minded people always remain focused and never give up until they have achieved their feat.

Habits that affect adversely include: 1. Oversleeping 2. Laziness 3. Over caution 4. Under caution 5. Lack of self discipline 6. Lack of self control 7. Guessing instead of thinking 8. Lack of enthusiasm Habits that affects positively include: 1. Hard work 2. Self development 3. Learning 4. Sleeping well 5. Planning 6. Goal setting 7. Having a definite desire 8. Positive thinking/Positive mental attitude Article by Hebron-Mark Consulting



REAL ESTATE REALITIES WOMEN WILLS AND TRUSTS Proverbs 13:22 (KJV) "A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children..." The truth of the matter is in spite of what we are facing in life today, none of us wants to die. Let me shock you here – death is an intrinsic part of life. We brought nothing into this life and we will certainly take nothing out. However the million dollar question is what happens to those things we might have acquired on our journey of life to eternity.

identified and transferred from one generation to another. It's not the purview of the rich and famous alone but for all who wish to ensure their loved ones receive what we genuinely bequeath to them. Believe it or not, if you have any assets, children and other loved ones, if you are married or single, you do have an estate and its worth planning properly.

The stark reality is that in most relationships and marriages the man usually passes first. This unfortunately leaves the woman to have to deal with a lot of issues including legal paperwork and processes especially at a time when she's overwhelmed by her loss and confused about what the future holds for her and her children, if she has any. The very mention of death is daunting and unsettling but a reality we must confront sooner to avoid leaving heartaches and pains for our loved ones.

What then is an estate? According to the Cornell University Law School An estate is the total property, real and personal, owned by an individual prior to distribution through a trust or will. Real property is real estate and personal property includes everything else, for example cars, household items, and bank accounts. Estate planning distributes your real and personal property to your heirs as you see fit.

It's also an established fact that over 60 per cent of adults generally die without a will or some form of a trust in place for their loved ones. This means they died intestate and they inadvertently empower the government to dispose of their assets on their behalf in accordance to state law and often contrary to their wishes.

Estate planning is therefore the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets. An estate plan aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death. Both wills and trusts are all instruments that we can use to dispose of our wealth as we wish, depending on how quickly we wish for our loved ones to be in possession of our assets whilst avoiding expenses and liabilities like taxes, fees and probate.

Needless to say then if women live longer than their husbands it behoves the women, particularly the mothers, to take crucial steps to ensure that they are not saddled with avoidable problems when the inevitable happens and the unfortunate challenges that follows the consequences of dying without a will or a trust in place. Furthermore, based on where you reside in the world, the role that tradition and culture plays in such circumstances can be cold and often insensitive to the feelings of the couple, their dreams, promises and assurances made to one another.

Setting up a smooth inheritance for your loved ones is not as hard as you might think. There are some expenses that you must bear, but it will be money well spent to ensure your loved ones are able to benefit from your gifts without the interference and approval of any other person, including the state government.

Let us sum up the courage to confront what we know is a part of living – dying! Perhaps this is reminder for us to make time with our spouse to consider this reality and make the necessary provision that would meet our heartfelt desires for our loved ones should the inevitable happen. You're never too young or too old to plan how your assets should be


Please seek the necessary professional advice as a family as soon as possible so that you and your loved ones can continue to be at peace knowing that they will be well taken care of. Time is of the essence!


I love the “free-flowing extravagance”, if you like.

Looking back in time for future fashion trends… If I had to choose one essential fashion accessory, it would be handbags. Investing in a good handbag, in my opinion is money well spent, as one can get a lot of wear out of it. The Spring & Summer 2014 handbag collection took me back in time as I curiously searched for the inspiration behind the collection. The quest took me into a brief study of the Byzantine Empire; an opportunity to also spend time in one of my interests – reading. It's all about fringes and frill; Tote bags and Clutch bags alike are embellished with swingy leather tassels. One can see a correlation between the tassels from this piece of ancient mosaic of the famous Empress Theodora and the fringed tassels on the handbags. A great story about how Theodora went from poverty to becoming an Empress, even more interesting was how her life was transformed and she became a Christian.


Editor’s Choice

A trip to the ancient Byzantine Empire is reflected in this year's Spring & Summer handbag collection, as some of the designs were influenced by that time period as indicated by some fashion Reporters concerning the various collections.


SHE ESSENTIALS Welcome to SHE-ESSENTIALS, this is the place to look out for some real offers. Watch this space for those essential beauty and health products brought to you by yours truly. We have hand-picked some fantastic products and we just know you would love them! So go ahead, bag yourself a bargain!

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