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Anita Quansah is Creative Director and Head Designer at Anita Quansah London.Her success story has graced many other magazines; the likes of German Vogue, Vogue Italia, Elle Germany, Elle Serbia, British V o g u e , E l l e U K . c o m ,T h e Independent, NY Times, Marie Claire It, Vanity Fair Italia. Anita is this edition's VW “Be Inspired” story, do get inspired!





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As we approach the end of this year and look forward with great anticipation to the coming year, it's a good time to pause and do some essentials; to start with, let's offer up thanksgiving to Almighty God who has faithfully kept us through the year, regardless of all the negatives. Secondly, as we all like to do – let's humbly ask God to guide us and lead us into what He has planned for us in the coming year. I am eternally grateful to God for all of our Columnists and Writers, who sacrifice their time and effort, over and over again in bringing us such encouraging, interesting and helpful tips and articles. Thank you so very much and God bless you abundantly! Vital Bookshelf and Vital Devotional, is a great place to spend some time, as we talk about recognizing your talents and gifts. The general theme running across our magazine, I believe would once again encourage you to keep moving forward toward your God-ordained destiny. Great new columns have been added and I am so excited about what the LORD is doing here at Vital Woman Magazine. Business Sense and Sensibility, talks about building and running your business as a Godly entrepreneur, you definitely want to check that out! Spotlight on a Vital Woman, Leading ladies and Careers Fact file are some of the latest additions you don't want to miss! Also, a Life Coach! One who encourages you and is ready and waiting to coach you through whatever has been trying to stop you … you don't want to miss this also! Vital Home adds an interesting twist to her feature, be sure to stop over and enjoy! Afropolitan Chef is back! This time she gives you lots of ideas for your Christmas meals! This edition is packed full with profiles on lots of successful ladies, ladies who are making waves in their chosen fields. Be encouraged and be inspired by their stories! Talking about Christmas, that time of year when everyone is in celebratory mood? Yes, let's remember to share Christ with our non-Christian friends too. A word of encouragement announcing God's love! That's what it's all about – God's gift to all. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. To all our Readers, have a blessed New year! Cheers! Lara Mfon.

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Business First Steps Make Up Pro Question: I have had the desire to run my own business but the challenge is that I don't perceive the market to be quite ready for my business idea, as this is a niche area in an already existing industry. Would value any ideas you could share. Answer: Let me start by thanking you for sending in your question. The key thing is to capture the right audience (i.e) those who will recognize and also have a need for your service/product - they are definitely out there! Your Start off point is Prayer. Pray for the blueprint for your business, pray inquiring about God's purpose for your business - Pray for divine connection and for God to grant his Favour and also his Grace upon your business.

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Think about volunteering some of your services and time (in areas you feel capture your type of audience in relation to the business). Secondly, carry out some research in relation to how you can reach and attract the type of audience you are trying to reach. These will gain you the opportunity to show what you are capable of doing and the key is to always make sure your contact details are available. VW Lara Mfon. Do you have a question about your business? Submit your question to and it may be answered in a future issue. You also stand the chance to WIN one FREE mentoring session with SBA Mentors and Consultants. Connect with us on our Facebook page at

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There has been a buzz in the beauty industry of late, with a little-known product called beauty or blemish (BB) balm causing quite the stir. The balm, or cream, combines the properties of a primer, a tinted moisturiser and an SPF 15 sun screen in one easy to apply formula that glides onto your face to be worn by itself or underneath foundation. It is designed to protect, hydrate, conceal and prime the skin so that your natural glow is enhanced. We would like to have your opinion after you have tried it out. Did someone just say RED?!!! Yes red lipsticks are back in! They come in varying shades of red too! Prices vary, so do shop around and speak to your beauty consultant for a try out. Send in pictures of how you wear yours!

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Vital Woman "Be Inspired" Anita Quansah

In this edition of Vital Woman “Be Inspired�, we bring you behind the scenes into the showroom of Anita Quansah London as she shares her passions and dreams with us.

Anita's work has graced many classy magazines in recent times and her jewellery has been worn by the likes of Alicia Keys and modeled on runways across the globe. Some of her creations have been used by some famous fashion houses in the Fashion industry; Christian Lacroix, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ischiko, Anne Klein, Ecko and textiles Weisbrod Zurrer, Creative Impex (India), Linopersempre and Sandy Starkman. I met Anita 3 years ago and I have followed her work closely over the years. Apart from her beautiful creative talents and the fact that she is hardworking, she is also a great mother to her daughter. Anita is naturally warm, caring and compassionate. Having observed these qualities, I literarily couldn't wait for this interview. I was keen to know where she derived her inspiration from. Come with me to meet the lady behind these gorgeous creations! VW: Thank You Anita for this interview, let's start off by introducing our Readers to Anita Quansah, the lady behind Anita Quansah London? Anita Quansah is a bespoke jewellery curator and textile designer from a mixed African background; Nigeria and Ghana. She is a mother of one, doing what she loves, which is creating and designing. She is Creative Director and Head Designer at Anita Quansah London. A bespoke accessories brand that celebrates culture and the beauty of recycling. All the bespoke jewellery designs are one off pieces which I create. They are not only perceived as art forms, but pays great homage to ancient African design/craft culture, aesthetics and bead work which are sadly and slowly disappearing, due to the power of mass production. With that said, Anita Quansah London tries to be an advocate in bringing African style to the global audience, by using my work to promote and preserve Africa's cultural heritage. VW: Looking around me here in

Vital Woman

your showroom, I am awestruck and so curious as to what your childhood and educational background was like? I ask this, because, I oftentimes wonder whether or not our environment and exposure as children impacts upon our chosen vocation? I was born in London in 1981. I come from a mixed African background. My Mum Nigerian and Dad Ghanaian. I grew up briefly in London with my parents, and then moved back with both my parents to Nigeria, where I guess my passion for creativity began. My upbringing in Africa was a very joyous one. I grew up with strong independent women. Because my Dad at the time was a Captain, this meant he was away a lot and my mother worked in one of the well known universities in Nigeria IMT in Enugu, which meant that she too was away, but I was very much loved by both of them and learnt a lot from them. And in a way I didn't miss out at all, because I had about 8 aunties and a grandmother at the time caring for me. My African upbringing exposed to me many rich cultures and traditions and everyday in my life was a learning curve.. I looked forward to new places to visit and new things to learn. At the age 13, I moved to the UK from Nigeria, schooling in Yorkshire and then moving to London to further my education in Arts. Hence my Textile degree from Chelsea College of Arts and Design. VW: So, what was the main attraction into the world of design and fashion? I love fashion and all things beautiful. I guess this passion for design and creativity stems from my early childhood, watching my grandmother a seamstress teaching her students of more than 400 and making the most beautiful clothes from very interesting and embroidered textiles. Her Passion for creativity, her energy and her determination is what drove me to start experimenting at a very young age. I guess also being brought up around women and watching their different styles evolve also had an impact on me. VW : Who in the Fashion industry or in general would you say has inspired you to take this route? My first inspiration would always be my muse who encouraged me to follow my dreams of creativity. That will be my Late Grandmother. In regards to other inspirations my cultural heritage has had a huge impact on my work. Coming from a

Vital Woman mixed African background halfGhanaian and half Nigerian has exposed me to a lot of rich African traditions, cultures with rich materials and textiles. The bold and vibrant colours in Africa are phenomenal. I try to inject these into my work a lot. I try to incorporate rich luxurious African prints in my work mixed with that of vintage materials such as 1940's pieces and new materials such as chains, pearls and shells, which is amazing, it gives it a totally new look which is rare. Also am influenced by everyday sightings, music, art, people of diverse cultures and styles etc.

career has been a great one. I always look forward to working, and it gives me great joy to take a design which was a concept and then translate that into conversational works of art. I always pray for a better tomorrow, so my philosophy is to take each day at a time, and so far will I change anything? Possibly no. Am grateful for what I have now and what I'm yet to achieve in the near future. VW: How are you able to successfully multi-task, especially being involved in such a high demanding industry? With anything One does, you strive to put in more than 100%, be it work or family life. I have become very good at multi-tasking, balancing everything so that all needs are met. It's not an easy thing, but I believe with God on my side it has been successful so far.

VW: How did “Anita Quansah London” come about? Anita Quansah London came about wanting to have a company VW : The vision of Vital Woman is to encourage, empower and that celebrates creativity. Using my God given talent to create a enlighten others, as they embrace their calling and step into business and a platform that will unite many from across the their God-ordained destiny whether in business or ministry. world, discussing the beauty in art and creativity. How do you think your role has impacted the lives of women generally? Also I have always wanted to set up a business in fashion. I grew up in a family that is very business I thank God for giving me the gift which has minded. My grandmother was a seamstress who inspired others. I have had many women who trained many women to use their skills to get have the passion for creativity write to me back to work and make something of seeking for advise on how to be free in their themselves. I too wanted to follow that path, but design, and how to reconnect with their inner my granny's shoes are very hard to fill. I hope to creativity, as my designs are very bold and free. do the same one day, as the valuable As human beings we are so anxious about life, experiences which I was exposed to since that we become tensed in everything. Creatively, childhood is what's paving the way for me. this holds us back. So I always advise that Creatives should be free in mind, free in emotions and free in the body, that way we are in VW: You recently won an award, tell us about a better position to start moving forward. that? Doing what I do today, which is designing and Winning the GUBA awards for the “Best African making statement Jewellery that have become Fusion Designer” was indeed a joyous one. It in a way conversational pieces, that has gained came as a surprise. I was nomintaed with other the attention of many people. great taleneted designers and to win wow! is great. But what gives me the uttermost joy, is that what I created out of love, has now given people joy, that is special to me. I always VW: Where do you see Anita Quansah London in 10 years from advise women - Dream, Believe, and Achieve and with God all now? things are possible. Wow! 10 years from now, I want to continue to maintain the value of my craftsmanship and keep my creative spirit alive. Creating conversational pieces that will continue to wow people. VW: We are curious to know if you have time for any hobbies or I also plan to have a bigger studio doing workshops and teaching interests outside of work? many, how to use their creative skills to better themselves. I also What am presently doing which is creating and designing, which became a business is my hobby and interests. I am constantly want to take this idea to Africa too. seeking ways to better my design skills and better myself as a VW: If you could have done something slightly differently in designer. your career or set up of your business, what would it be and I also love spending time with my daughter cooking and baking a lot too. why? For me personally everything that I'm doing now, is what I had prayed for and wished for. Setting up my brand was not an easy Thank you very much Anita, for spending time with us and one, it's still a challenge working solely for myself, creating all sharing your passion and desire for the future. Our prayer is aspects of my design. But all I can say is that, I love what I do and that God takes you to higher heights, granting you the joy to it is so fulfilling to have so many reactions to my work which is so continuously realise your dreams and that His glory will shine inspiring and encouraging. And the extra surprise in my design through you in every way. Lara mfon, VW.

Vital Woman

Business Sense And Sensibility


A BUSINESS AS A WOMAN. By JSapphirah 16) was a businesswoman. It is interesting that the first mention of Lydia was after a prayer meeting, when God opened up her heart. In the same way when we devote ourselves to pray the Lord opens up our hearts to see doors of opportunities for us.

We must have a theme, a goal, and a purpose in our lives. If you don't know where you're aiming, you don't have a goal. My goal is to live my life in such a way that when I die, someone can say, she cared. – Mary Kay Ash

You should pray: a. For God's guidance in setting up the business. b. Pray about your gifts and talents – honestly evaluate the skills you already possess c. For the direction the business should take. d. Pray for God to send you divine helpers who would help you with the business. e. Positioning – where you need to be at a particular time. We all have needs that have to be met. Ask God to help you identify people's needs and for your business to meet that But remember the LORD your God, for it is need. he who gives you the ability to produce 2. The Purpose wealth, and so confirms his covenant, The first thing we must examine in being a which he swore to your ancestors, as it is Godly entrepreneur is our purpose. Godly today. Deuteronomy 8:18 NIV entrepreneurs must know who they are and why they are creating their business. Becoming a Godly Entrepreneur The creation/establishment of your GODLY: conforming to the laws and wishes business is the by-product of the purpose of God There are 7 principles in setting up a and destiny God has placed inside of you. business: For this edition we would cover What is the objective of the business, what is the goal? God used LYDIA to the first two principles. establish the 1st church. She had an open heart. Mary Kay's purpose was to 1. Prayer Be very prayerful, your business should be empower women. When you consistently birthed in prayer. Lydia in the bible (Acts pray you will discover your purpose.

The primary purpose for a Christian business is to serve God and there are various ways to serve. The purpose could be for any of the following: a. Funding the Gospel – Proverbs 3:9 b. Meeting needs – 1 Timothy 5:8 c. Discipleship – your business can be an evangelistic tool. d. Making profit – profits are the normal by-product of a well-run business and should be looked upon as both normal and honorable.

Every human being desires to succeed. Success however is relative; what the world calls success is different from what God calls success. Success, really, is achieving and fulfilling God's purpose for our lives. In our quest for success particularly financial success, there are generally two categories of people. There is the group of people who work and are remunerated for the work they do i.e. paid salaries, and there is the other group who are entrepreneurs. An Entrepreneur: is someone who starts a business or other venture that promises economic gain but, that also entails risks. For this edition of Vital Woman we will be looking at how to start a business as a woman. The focus however is on running a business as Godly entrepreneurs. The key word is Godly. It is important to understand from the onset, that it is God that makes anything successful.

Vital Woman

Funke Adeaga is CEO of JSapphirah Shirts. Mother to two teenagers, she runs her own fashion label called JSapphirah, where she designs and retails Ladies shirts, dresses and accessories. She is also a Pastor at the Jesus House church in London, where she oversees a number of departments. Visit her website at

Over the years after losing loved ones and friends at such premature ages, I have come to realise that what you take into your body is paramount. A NATURAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENT -The Kyäni Health Triangle is made up of three distinct products that work synergistically to give the body an all-natural and unmatched source of vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, nitric oxide, and antioxidant compounds.

All of this can protect the body at a cellular level and lead to optimal health, which can help fight diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, joint pains, Autism, ADHD, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's diseases and many more . Together, these three products can be the blueprint to neutralizing free radicals and protecting our cells and achieving a new level of health and wellness. Based on cutting-edge science and nutrition, Kyäni has worked diligently to develop superior products that promote health and wellness. The Kyäni Health Triangle™ features the power of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, tocotrienols (the most impactful form of vitamin E), omega-3 fatty acids, and nitric oxide with one easy-to-use system yielding positive results. Taking these products within a short period of time has helped to boost my immune system especially against influenza. I feel a sense of strength and improved health inside out. I would normally take a pain reliever every two weeks for some pain or the other but so far Kyani has been tremendous. I personally know of an autism, insomnia and many joint patients whose health have improved or been completely healed soon after using some of our Kyani natural health supplements.

For Sales, Information and General enquires: Contact Essie Rewane at; Email: Telephone: +44 7809 410 642 Website:

VW Leading Ladies

Denrele Catherine RUNSEWE Education and Qualifications: B. Pharm (honours) MSc Pharmaceutical Technology and Quality Assurance. Diploma in Finance and Management. Profession: Pharmacist Who inspired you to pursue your present career/profession? - A family friend who was successful in the field. What were the main challenges you faced during the early stages of pursuing your career/profession? - Trying to adjust to a different culture as I trained in Nigeria - Work-life balance especially with young children What are the top 3 time management tips that you have adopted and imbibe into your daily routine? - Prioritise - Discipline - Diligence Where do you see yourself in the next five years? - Probably a Retired Pharmacist. - Practicing Counsellor - Running several charities - Keen Golfer What would you say to other women who aspire to become professionals in your chosen field? Endure, press on and be humble. Stay the course no matter what comes your way. What are your hobbies? Cooking, Reading and Shopping. How have you successfully introduced relaxation into your busy routine? By prioritizing and discipline.

and is committed to partnering with parents in nurturing and growing young Christians who contribute positively to society. She believes that a church's effectiveness and wellness can be gauged by its response to its younger members and to this end has developed training programmes for churches on establishing an effective children's ministry. She regularly holds training and seminars in churches locally, nationally and internationally where she provides specialised and practical training through methods and programs to better equip teachers to minister effectively to children. She also acts as Coach, Trainer and Facilitator for children's ministers and churches and a Mentor to others who share her passion to equip children with faith foundations that will assist them in leading successful lives. Her desire to support the wholesome development of children led her to undertake a degree course in Christian Counselling with a view to specialising in Family and Child Counselling. As a Christian counsellor she offers a confidential Christian Counselling service with a desire to see inner healing in individuals with the help of the Holy Spirit.

She presently oversees the Oasis Network, the lone parent outreach ministry at Jesus House, London and serves as a mentor to lone parents. She also runs the 'especial' program, an outreach ministry for teenage girls where she disciples and provides resources to help teach biblical truth that will help girls make God-pleasing decisions as they grow into young adults. Among her other passions are Parenting and seeing women fulfill their potential through active mentoring and discipleship. Denrele Runsewe is passionate about children and committed to promoting the health and wholeness of the family unit. She serves as a Pastor at Jesus House, London, The girls group is called 'especial' meaning special in spanish. where she oversees the Children's ministry. She is also the National Director of RCCG Children's Ministry in the UK. The Womens group is called G2G (Grace to Grace). Contact details : Catherine believes in the intentional discipleship of children

Vital Woman

Education and Qualifications: HND Food Science, BA Open, PG Dip in Business Management. Profession: Business Consulting Achievements/Awards: · Top 100 Business Mums – Mums Club · Featured in the 2013 Woman's Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar‫( ‏‬from 5000 entries) · Services and support to a wide range of small businesses since inception · IOEE Mentor & Business Start-up Loan Mentor What is your present occupation? Business Consultant @ Business First Steps. Who inspired you to pursue your present career/profession/business? I worked in the financial sector for many years. As my enthusiasm for my job dwindled, my desire to add purpose to my passion and expand the opportunities to do what I enjoy blossomed. I found the right moment after my second child was born. The desire to be available for my kids and run flexible work schedule led me to Business First Steps. What were the main challenges you faced during the early stages of pursuing your career/profession/business? The main challenge for me when I started out was how to choose a business idea that was viable, will challenge me and also be something I love and enjoy. Juggling so many balls as a wife, mum, student and business owner was a real challenge. The desire to do so much to please so many without streamlining my services to meet specific needs of my clients. What are the top 3 time management tips that you have adopted and imbibe into your daily routine? Learn to lean on God for wisdom and direction even for the seemingly insignificant things. Learn to automate, delegate and outsource. No man (woman) is an island and it is important that we learn to let go of services that can be done by others and still end up with the same quality output. This will give you time to work on your business and not just in your business. A daily to-do-list is a must for any business owner and should be followed religiously so you prioritize tasks effectively and be productive daily. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? In the next five years, I see my business expanding to provide a wider range of services. More involvement in community based activities to support pre-start up entrepreneurs. What would you say to other women who aspire to become professionals in your chosen field? Take time out to understand yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, values and the things you hold dear.

VW Leading Ladies Temi Koleowo Be realistic about your expectations and what you want from your business. Do not be in a hurry to succeed; success comes through consistent and persistent steps in the right direction. Follow your passion, it leads to fulfillment. Choose the right business model that meets the needs of your target market. What are your hobbies? I love spending time with my family. I enjoy eating out. I love a good book especially autobiographies. How have you successfully introduced relaxation into your busy routine? Though it can be quite hard as a business owner, I try and take a day off during the week to create balance for myself and recharge my batteries.

About Business First Steps Business First Steps offer a range of bespoke 1-2-1 business start-up services and tools to suit individual business ideas rather than use a one size fits all approach - after all business ideas are as different as the people behind the ideas. Business First Steps provides practical and personalised business start-up consultations, services, resources and tools for SME business start-ups to ensure budding entrepreneurs start off on the right track, equipped with adequate information and tools to successfully pursue viable business ideas. With the unprecedented number of business start-ups in the UK, adequate services and support are required to enable people to make informed decisions before they open for business. The tailor-made services include 1-2-1 business start-up navigation service - our flagship brainstorming sessions that navigates the numerous stages of the business start-up process in addition to an action plan, start-up map and email support. BFS also offers topic-specific business coaching for start-ups and brainstorming sessions for existing businesses in their first three years. The essential business start-up package is the one stop shop for business start-up tools, offered with the option of selecting services that are required rather than compelled to buy what's on offer. Package contents include start-up coaching, business branding, web design, copywriting, accounting services, business stationery, company formation, legal documents, business plans and much more. Many Business First Steps clients have gone on to start viable and successful business ventures which are still running and making a difference today. Contact details:

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Bolanle Okusanya

Feyita Business Name: Makeuppro Educational Qualification: Communications and International Business Base (City/Country): London 1) How did you get into the make-up artistry business? I started out as a Christmas temporary team member at the Body Shop, by John Lewis in Oxford Street, during the Christmas of 1996. My job was filling up the shelves and making sure the store was tidy. Customers always asked me about makeup which used to irritate me! After a few weeks I realized that makeup was interesting and that is how it all began. 2) Tell us how you trained to become a MUA? I am a self- taught Make-Up Artist; I don't have any formal training. I learnt by experimenting and watching other people work. After my work at the Body Shop, I signed up with an agency offering temporary beauty staff for about a year. It involved working with makeup, skin care & fragrance launches by offering samples and testers in department stores etc. This gave me initial exposure to several brands including Clarins, Lancaster and Shiseido who all offered some limited training. I then worked at Elizabeth Arden for almost 4 years and got the bulk of my foundational training in house there. I moved on to Molton Brown and later NARS. After a while I was teaching and training other team members. Around the same time, I started working towards being a freelance artist. I then moved to MAC around 2004, based at the Pro store in Soho and that was very colourful!. I was there for almost 4 years when I left to work on a freelance basis.

emotional transformation that beautiful makeup can achieve on every skin tone. 4) Which MUA do you aspire to work with? Pat McGrath and Mary Greenwell. 5) What was the inspiration behind making a business out of your make-up artistry skills? I found my passion and decided it was my route to fulfillment.. 6) What would you consider to be the highlight of your MUA career? There are several. Most of them are when people come back to me extremely grateful for the transformation by my makeup application. The other one is when people I have taught/mentored make progress in their careers. 7) How long has your MUA business been running? I started out in the late 90's so about 15 years as an artist and over 12 years as a business. 8) What do you like most about your MUA business? The variety it offers, I could be with a bride in the morning and a team of super models in the evening. 9) What is the one cosmetic item that you deem the most essential for every MUA? Hard question! Foundations? Flawless skin is critical.

3) Who/What inspired you into the field 10) What advise would you give to of MUA? budding MUAs? I am intrigued with the physical and Practice, practice and more practice. Don't

Vital Woman

11) What is the one thing you would change about your MUA career if you could? I would have worked harder earlier (I know many think that's impossible, lol!). 12) Where do you see the MUA industry in ten years' time? I see lots of true artists doing exciting new things with makeup. Lots of people who are 'marking time' in makeup would have moved on to the next popular thing.....


worry about earning to begin with, focus on getting lots of experience and exposure first. Look to assist the makeup artists you admire. It's the quickest way to get priceless experience in a short time. Respect everyone. Remember that 'the world is your oyster', the clients you can reach, I can't....

13) Give us a list of the services you offer prospective clients? My areas of expertise are: Tuition and Makeup education Brand development Fashion and Editorial Bridal beauty Special occasion Shows and backstage TV presenting 14) What does the future look like for your business? It's bright by God's grace. I hope to help more people become more confident with using makeup. Hope to do lots more teaching internationally. Writing more and working with new brands. Contact Details Website: Facebook: Blog: E-mail address: Telephone Number: +447870 668 238

Some images from her portfolio. Makeup, head ties and styling by Makeuppro

Vital Woman

Are you a Mary or a Martha? by Punkin Patch Infant and Children's Interiors.



Martha has suffered a bad rap in the church. Many have vilified her by interpreting the Lord's response to her complaint to mean she was somehow inferior spiritually to Mary. Mary and Martha were receiving our Lord Jesus into their home. Mary sat by Jesus's feet to hear Him speak, presumably to learn from Him and to be blessed by the Lord, who wouldn't want that? Martha on the other hand was doing the practical things. She busied herself preparing the meal, perhaps making the home comfortable and receptive for their very important guest. Martha complained to Jesus and said Lord, is it right that I'm not getting any help from Mary? The Lord replied and said; ''Martha, why do you concern yourself with the things that do not matter? Mary has chosen that which is better'' Was Martha wrong to have been busy? Christmastime is a period of giving. A lot of people tend to give presents and food, by having people round and feeding them during the festive period. A friend of mine bakes cookies, cakes and scones for weeks leading up to Christmas. She packs them up in pretty little bags and gives them out during Christmas week. Now you wouldn't have guests coming in and out of your home and all you do is discuss the bible would you? There is a

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practical aspect that needs to be taken care of just like Martha did. Jesus did not say Martha was wrong to have chosen to be busy. He simply said Mary chose that which was better. Perhaps it was the timing. Usually you prepare for a guest before they arrive not while they're there. Perhaps the Lord was simply saying 'I am here with you right now, so take advantage of my presence'. As children of God, we have freely received and we should freely give. There are many ways to make a guest feel unwelcome, and one of that is preparing for their arrival after they have arrived. Not only does it come across as disorganised, it gives the impression you did not go the extra mile. It gives off a vibe that they are intruding on your cooking or tidying up time. Here are some tips to make your guests feel loved this festive period: Plan ahead. Planning not only saves time, it prevents you being stressed out. Plan for the month ahead by writing all major events that will occur in the month of December, such as school plays, pantomimes, guests from out of town, decorating your home, school break up dates, etc. Allocate each event its own dates, making sure you give enough time to complete the task. Prepare. Pull together your resources, delegate if you can, even the little ones can help wrap presents or hang decorations. By involving your children you not only get things done quicker, more importantly you build memories with them. I remember what Christmas was like growing up; you want your children to smile at their memories too. Collate the items you need, don't wait until the day before you decorate before going out to purchase green baubles even though you knew beforehand that your theme this year would be green and red. Decorating your home before guests arrive tells

them you were expecting them and you went the extra mile, just for them. Proceed positively. Bear in mind that the focus of Christmas is not trees and decorations but Christ. Christ came to the world to give and so should we who have received life from Him. Give of your time by being a listening ear. Even if it's that annoying cousin or coworker that never stops complaining, listen this time without being judgmental. Give of your strength by helping a neighbour with a task or two. Give a stranger a smile, we are blessed when we give and giving starts the receiving process. The story of Mary and Martha can be found in Luke 10:38-42.

Toks Aruoture is an interior designer and the CEO of Punkin Patch Interior designs, a luxury boutique for infant and children furnishings. Besides her passion for design and creative living, Toks loves to encourage and motivate women to stir up the gift of God inside them. She does this through her blogs, and Toks is happily married with four beautiful boys.




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... and so it is Winter... and what have you 'bought?...' Well here we are again fashionistas! The joyful celebration season is here. It's that wonderful time of the year when there's a chill in the air. However, don't be alarmed, we'll show you how to dress for the freezing cold festivities with style (and still stay warm).

The trends To warm you up, giant padded jackets and oversized coats are must haves when off out for the evening in your glam dress and clutch bag of course. This season it's perfectly cool to layer all your spring, floral and paisley prints with

snow boots and a parka jacket for that chic snow queen look. Talking of chic, super shiny garments, sequins and leather are all hot this season. Leather coats, skirts and trousers are stylish must haves for your winter wardrobe. Also not to forget the military style dresses and coats; trends not to be missed out on.

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In addition, floral prints, comfy knitted jumpers and oriental fabrics with attention to detail are all items to experiment with. So, you really cannot go wrong this season, quench your thirst for fashion with these festive treats!

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Patrice Augustus-Brown is a graduate of the University of Westminster, where she studied Print Journalism and holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism. She has written in the past for More magazine, Pride magazine and Live magazine. She also holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Greenwich. Her interests include Reading, Keeping fit and writing. She also enjoys Fashion designing, with a strong passion for fashion!

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Health and Wellness

Start small with these two recipes, and later you can add in more aloe. Exotic Aloe Cocktail · 1-2 cup pineapple · 1 carrot · 1 green apple · 2 tbsp aloe vera juice · 2-4 tbsp of water (optnl) ENJOY…

Aloe Vera Good Juice · 2 carrots · 2 green apples · 1 orange · 2 tbsp of aloe vera juice · 2-4 tbsp of water (optional)


Aloe Vera: Elixir of Youth

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous plants in the world, and it has been used frequently in history for its medicinal properties. Legend has it that Aloe Vera was Cleopatra's beauty secret. It is mentioned in the Bible in over a dozen passages, and now has scientific research to support its benefits. The Aloe Vera plant is easy to grow even in cold climates and many people grow it as a house plant. Aloe Vera extracts can be drunk as a juice, applied as a topical lotion or taken in dried extract capsules. When you are purchasing gel or juice, look at the concentration of the product to ensure it's not diluted and you are actually purchasing pure Aloe Vera. What's in Aloe Vera gel: Water 20 minerals 12 vitamins 18 amino acids 200 active plant compounds (phytonutrients) 1. Makeup Remover - Nature provides the answer to safely removing your eye makeup and gentle for the delicate skin around your eyes. Aloe is a perfect alternative to oil based removers, plus you know exactly what ingredients are being applied on your skin. Refrigerated Aloe Vera Gel soaked in cotton balls also provide a great compress for tired, puffy eyes. 2. Skin & Sunburn Soother - Acne, eczema, and skin irritation respond well to the natural antiseptics in Aloe. Apply gel 2-3 times a day to the area until it is healed. Aloe also contains cooling properties similar to menthol which makes it a great way to sooth sunburns. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. When the skin is hydrated, then it will recover faster from the sunburn. 3. Natural Shaving Gel and Aftershave - Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory thanks to its enzymes and with its high water content, it is very hydrating. It provides a smooth surface on your skin giving you a very close shave. Aloe also can be used as an aftershave to prevent razor burn. 4. Wrinkle Repair - Skin loves Vitamins C and E which are present in Aloe, helping to improve skins firmness and keep it hydrated. Combining virgin coconut oil can make a creamier way to supplement nutrients, essential fats and moisture. Aloe Vera gel penetrates the skin almost four times faster than water, and its super emollient qualities helps moisturize the under layers of the skin. 5. Internal Health - Loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B12, C, E, Folic Acid and niacin, Aloe helps replenish vitamins and amino acids to our diets. What better way than by drinking in these vitamin benefits of Aloe Vera juice while building the body's defense system naturally against stress. Start in small amounts and check with your doctor before beginning an Aloe Vera regimen. A great start for supplementing Aloe Vera to your diet is through juicing.

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and B. Lee at the Department of Biomedical Science at CHA University in Korea found that olive leaf extract was potent against various microbes. A d d i t i o n a l l y, t h e i r research showed olive leaf exhibited free radical scavenging abilities. Free radicals are linked with aging and disease. 3. Garlic— A natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiviral agent, garlic is a great addition to your diet, particularly at this time of year. While garlic contains potassium and germanium, two minerals that are critical to good health, it is best known for its sulphur compounds, particularly allicin. These are the main phytochemicals that boost immunity and act as natural antibiotics. So, ladies, start chopping—garlic that is. It's time to throw some fresh garlic into your favorite soup, stew, chilli, stirfry, meat or veggie dish. Forget garlic powder. Most of its health benefits are long gone. 4. Green tea—One of the active i n g re d i e nt s i n g re e n te a , epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has been identified in research as an effective agent against certain strains of oral bacteria. Since green tea has many other health benefits, including an impressive ability to break down excess fat in the body, it's a great natural antibiotic to add to your daily diet. For best results, be sure to swish it around in your mouth.

When it comes to antibacterial agents, natural medicine really shines. While there are hundreds of natural antibiotics of varying degrees of strength, here are some of my favourites: 1. Oregano Oil—The King of natural antibiotics, study after study proves the effectiveness of oregano oil. Three volumes of research by Paul Belaiche found that oregano oil killed 96% of all pneumococcus bacteria, 92% of all neisseria, proteus, and staphylococcus bacteria. Some strains of neisseria are responsible for diseases like gonorrhea or meningitis. Proteus is a type of intestinal infection, and staphylococcus is the culprit in some types of food poisoning. Oregano oil eliminated 83% of streptococcus and 78% of enterococcus, which are linked with strep throat, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, toxic shock syndrome, cystitis, wound infections, and anorexia. 2. Olive Leaf Extract—Olive leaf, like many other natural antibiotics, is also a good antiviral, making it an excellent choice DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVOURITES? when the nature of the microbe is Article by Hamila Organics. not completely known. Drs. O.

Health and Wellness

care tips by


get asked very often about how to look after the hair and scalp during the cold, dry winter months. Many of us get itchy, tight scalp and dry brittle hair during the cold winter and don't really know how to combat it. My few simple steps will ensure you have vibrant, soft, luscious and wellconditioned hair & scalp. These tips are suitable for all hair types and textures. st 1 step is to switch to a moisturising shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. I recommend Mahogany Naturals coconut milk shampoo bar and Rhassoul cocoa and honey deep hair treatment. Do a hot oil scalp and hair treatment every 2 weeks before shampoo. I recommend the Mahogany Naturals

Ayurvedic herbal hair oil or Organic Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Castor oil. Shampoo at least once a week to get rid of buildup on hair and scalp. Always follow up with a moisturising conditioner or deep hair treatment after every shampoo. Make sure you use all natural products that promote healthy hair and scalp. Rich oils and butters are great for hot oil treatments and as sealant of your h a i r a f te r yo u m o i st u r i s e . I recommend Mahogany Naturals hair and body butter. Always moisturise your hair daily with something rich like our Luscious Hair Milk. If you must blowdry, make sure you use a heat protectant. Silicon based heat protectants are best, usually serums.

Be gentle with your hair, never pull or tug. Daily 5 minute scalp massage is great for blood circulation and relaxation. Use a silk or satin pillowcase to protect your hair from drying out and to keep your skin soft and smooth. Drink plenty of water also. Contact us at : anynaturalsUK anyNaturals

Hair Segment

Winter Hair

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*ethical* *fair trade* *sustainable*

We offer handmade Cioccolatina natural toiletries and exotic butters & suppliies. We stock and distribute Jamaican black caster oil in UK and within Europe. We take great pride in sourcing quality ingredients directly from farmers/producers or through community projects. Come shopping with us :

Akua Wood Achievements/Awards: Woman Entrepreneur 2005 - sponsored by Arise Magazine 2011 : Winner of AWE (African Women in Europe) 3 awards: * innovative person * company of the year * AWE 1st award Present Occupation: Owner/Director of Sheabutter Cottage

and lending a helping hand without analysing any personal benefits Akua recommends for the winter months, two products from her range of excellent products; Pure unrefined shea butter – good all year round. Great moisturiser during the harsh winter months.

Jamaican black castor oil – another great multipurpose product. No need to hide your hair under a hat. JBCO What are your future plans: To preside over a growing business moisturises the hair strands/shaft to that contributes in a number of strengthen and promote hair growth. different ways to my customers and to my supply chain. These 2 products are also great for What are you passionate about? scalp problems and also help to seal Natural products (especially the moisture versatility of unrefined shea butter)

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Careers Portfolio Be the CEO of your career

Part 1 – Discovering your gift by JC Designs Please be generous with me today by: 1


Reading what I have to say. Train your mind not to argue with points made. Try and get experience of life, therefore Read-Learn and Act. Use pointers read today as a selfdiscovery for your gifts The aim of the theme of this month is to help us gain back our lost confidence as individuals and identify gifts hidden in us and use them to set up our own career.

OUR ORIGIN Children are natural leaders, always hungry and thirsty for knowledge with great imaginations. Always wanting to do things that they love best – play football, table tennis, sing, dance, act etc. The responsibility of parents therefore is to assist them to discover their passion and purpose and point them in the right direction to develop it or them. It has been said, "He who buries his talent is making a grave mistake." We also probably have heard that Leadership is not about power, position, social status but more of our gifts making way for us. We may also have heard that because we all have various and different gifts everyone is significantly leading in his /her own rights, as long as we operate in them. It goes without saying that we have

Vital Woman

natural and spiritual gifts bestowed on to us by God: to serve God's purpose and to serve our purpose. When we know our purpose and operate in them our lives will dramatically change. It's reason to get up in the morning Inspiration to move through hard times automatically you are in the spot the Lord designed for you Life becomes meaningful It's valuable information of who you are You'll find fulfillment in life You'll be motivated to try new things You'll be able to search deeply and discover that you can do things easily- Nothing will seem or become impossible. Therefore it is very paramount that we figure out what we can do and do very well and figure out also what we are not good at doing. And go for the first one. WARNING! This article in no way, form or manner should be seen as a 'Quick Fix' as God did not design such microwave get rich quick scams. In order for any significant change to take place in our lives, taking time to do things right is a necessary factor. OUR SPOT Every human has a place in the universe

of humanity. The universe has a place for our gift. Most people have lived most of our lives in a job that is not right for us and we are frustrated. We all have a spot to occupy in this world and until we do so, there shall always be conflict. Only you can occupy your spot, because the Lord created it especially for you. Our Spot is who we are by nature, the gifts that we need to operate in physically, emotionally, spiritually, which is so natural to us. Otherwise we experience stress as a result of being in the wrong spot.

Bolaji Yemi is CEO of Jc Designs, a Spainish based company whose focus is on creating unique and personalized gift items. Contact: Facebook page /JC-Designs/223453351041773

Career Fact File

Pamela Adodo Education and Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Computing and Internet Applications. PGCE Applied Computing , PgDip Secondary Maths Profession: Teacher Present Occupation: 2nd in Curriclum Mathematics at All Saints Academy Dunstable. What are your future plans: To study and complete an MA in Mathematics Education with which I hope to launch a Centre of Mathematical Excellence in West Africa What are you passionate about? I am passionate about my work, I enjoy the learning process. The ability to inspire students, friends, colleagues to learn and explore their ability, whilst increasing their potential is a great reward. Education and Qualifications: O level in Family & Community Studies. Business Education Certificate. Enrolled Nursing (Mental) Qualification. Supported Housing Qualification. Profession: Nursing/Sheltered Housing Manager/Business owner/Mystery shopping

Maggie Jenkins

Resilience in business award.

Present Occupation: Avon business owner/Work at a hostel for men who require help to overcome addictions and homelessness. What are your future plans: Develop my Avon business, and develop some other possible business ideas. I would like to develop my Website too Achievements/Awards: to I worked as a Fundraiser and Event include many things of benefit to Coordinator at a charity for Adults with a women and their lives. Learning Disability. It was one of the most difficult jobs I had ever had, and What are you passionate about? stretched me in so many ways, and I am passionate about helping women developed my Administration skills to improve their lives, both socially and e n o r m o u s l y . F i n a l i s t i n t h e economically, showing them ways to do Free2Network Awards 2011 as this, and to motivate them to realize Networking person of the year. Finalist that they can change their world. of the Free2Network awards 2012 for

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Vital Success Know Yourself, Evaluate Your

STRENGTHS. by Run A Home Based Business

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As part of our quest to run a successful and prospering home based business, it is very important to do some “soulsearching”. From time to time, we need to take some time out to re-evaluate our business, the business systems we've adopted but most importantly, it's essential that we take time out to not just examine ourselves but to also re-evaluate our strengths. You may wonder “why the need to re-evaluate?” It's necessary to re-evaluate because we do not remain stagnant. As our business evolves so do we. Observe your business, it's not at the same place it was 6 or 12 months ago and the amazing fact is that you as the business owner have evolved as well! You are better experienced now. You may have made some mistakes or bad choices along the line but, the good news is that you have learnt from them and you have GROWN! Apart from that you have used them as a “stepping stone” or a “springboard” to the next level! Growing pains? Yes, you can't help it in life generally, if you are interested in growth. Life around you is evolving, if you have a family, there would be changes to your family structure and therefore commitment as the years go by. This also would have an effect on you and your business directly or indirectly. Example – Maybe your child was a toddler when you started out in business and 2 years down the line your child commences full-time education, the direct effect that might have is that you have more time to dedicate to your business. Whereas, for somebody else it

may mean a reduction in business hours because, a new baby has been added to the family. While for another person, it may be the need to outsource some of your workload, perhaps due to business growth or work efficiency. In the case of the young mother who made the decision to expand the services she offers, by taking on more clients, she just reevaluated her strength and made the decision for expansion. Always remember the reason why you went into business for yourself and do not make decisions based on what you observe your counterparts or competitors doing, it is important that you stay true to your vision whilst also taking periodic breaks to review and re-evaluate yourself, your strengths and your commitment to your loved ones. This is an excerpt from one of the units we run in our workshops. Please send us an email to i nfo @ av i ta l wo m a n . co m fo r further enquiries with regards information about attending any of our workshops. I hope you have found these tips useful. I look forward to your comments, questions and input. Don't forget to join us on Facebook, for more tips on running a successful home based business. Facebook link page – es/Running-A-Home-BasedBusiness 440284659317765 I am passionate about your success! Cheers, Lara. © Copyright 2012 Vital Woman, all rights reserved.


By Toks Ferreira- Aroture.

Name: Ruth Tembe Indah-Epie When did you start your business? The idea first came up in 2008 when like every other African I was getting sort of nauseated with all these images of extreme squalor, hunger, war and misery the West was painting of Africa. I resolved to come up with a system which I called THE AFRICAN VISION C O R P O R AT I O N . T h r o u g h t h i s organization, we will use diverse media outlets to project an Africa full of bliss. An Africa which has got precious gems and nuggets in the form of smart, talented and beautiful people who are making this continent a sweet place to dwell in. It is not in vain that we keep stressing on the fact that “Africa is the future” because indeed we've got more than guns and misery to show for ourselves! We've got an expanding economy which attracts foreign investors on a daily basis. We've got treasure in the form of mineral resources. And above all we've got labour! Just recently an African was on the verge of becoming the president of the World Bank! We've got the brains, the creators and the talented in diverse fields who are pushing the bar to the brim! So why not celebrate us? It is in the bid of executing my vision that I started with a communications company THE AFRICAN VISION COMMUNICATIONS LTD. which is the publisher of QUEENS Magazine. QUEENS Magazine started in November 2011 and since then I am amazed at how fast it is taking gigantic leaps. Why did you go into business for yourself? You know what? I believe everybody has a voice and everyone needs to be heard. Everybody has got a message. Everybody MUST be heard. I want to hear you out, tell me what you've got in store! In the same manner you want to know what I've got. It is a world where we complement knowledge and use diverse facts and ideas to build a nation, a continent, a world! I just have a burden to create a platform where everybody will be able to exhibit what they've got, showcase their talent, contribute in their own way to the betterment of our world. What is your mission in life, what do you want to see happen?

I want to see a world where every individual would live on purpose, because God did not create toys. He created us all with specific assignments and the best life lived is that life which is living on purpose. Now my mission in life is to awaken and instigate that awareness to each person I encounter, make him/her discover that there is a reason why we are here and in my own little way, lead that person to discover the purpose of his/her life and live by it. Name one woman that inspires you and why? In all of my days on this earth, I am yet to see a woman as resilient as my mother. In her I saw passion, in her I learned what depending solely on God for whatever would take you to. When I think of her I know that there are no limits to which ever level you want to

attain in life. I compare her to Oprah Winfrey for hard work and to Juanita Bynum for power and authority in the realm of the spirit. What advice do you have for ladies going into ministry or business for the first time? No.1 - The purpose for which you want to start a business or ministry should be more of adding value to people's lives than any other thing like having material benefits, self-gratification, competition etc. No.2- It is never easy. Be ready to make a lot of sacrifices. No.3Be prepared. If you get into business because you are following your gut or your intuition without proper planning and preparation, do not be surprised that you get stuck along the road. What advice do you have for those

currently going through financial or relationship challenges? I always say this, that we own our lives. We can make or break our destinies. We have the power to control our relationships, our finances, our emotions, our physical appearances etc. We just need to harness that power and use it to our advantage. Be it with our spouses, our family, friends or acquaintances, we determine the state of our relationships, whether it is going to be fruitful, convenient or not. However, we also have the acuity to determine whether a relationship is safe for us or not. I believe it all depends on us to be in harmonious relationships. In the same light, financial challenge is not a topic that needs to be discussed. Especially in this age of technology and industrialization. I believe in the acquisition of knowledge and its implementation to acquire wealth. If there is one lesson you have learned, what would it be? - In any sphere of life. Tell you what? It is all inbuilt. Everything is within us, God has bestowed it unto us and it is left for us to manifest and create …bring it to life. If there is one thing I have learned it is to trust God and depend solely on Him, for everything. Strange voices would always be heard, but it is because I am unique that I do what I do the way I do it. Finally would you recommend Vital Woman Magazine and why? Of course I will recommend Vital Woman Magazine because as fragile as a woman is and as soft –hearted as she can be and being the one who most at times carries the whole family load, she needs moral support. In Vital Woman magazine, a woman will find that support by reading about other women in business, getting tips on how to manage her home and business in a Christian way, which is the easiest way because spiritual support is the most effective support a working mother/wife can get. In my own case, the Vital Woman Magazine has been my resting place since I discovered it. I get inspired and motivated to achieve higher heights and my emotions are set to rest with all those biblical verses and stories.


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PROMOTION No more liposuction, Drop 3 sizes instantly without Diet, Surgery, exercise or pills!!!! Let me show you how to become healthy and wealthy at the same time with this home based business. Learn how I made $95,000 in one month and fired my boss in only 6 months. The proof they say is in the pudding Inbox me for proof.. In the world today everyone is looking for instantaneous results, be it in our business or with our body image, we want results right away. This explains why a company or person that can meet this demand will be very successful. People are fed up with all the fad diets going around, some people do not have the willpower to go the gym regularly, Others may not be able to afford the expensive plastic surgery to make themselves look as good as they desire, as well as it being very risky with fatal results if anything goes wrong. My name is Lami'ah Momoh and up until September 2009 I was contracting as a business analyst in the UK, but I wanted something more, I wanted financial freedom which to me translates to having enough money to do anything I want, when I want, it meant being able to work from any country in the world, it meant being able to help others change their lives and improve their health, it meant being able to make a difference in my generation by serving others and ensuring that they succeed which in turn meant I succeeded. IN 2009 I made a multimillion dollar decision to partner with a health and wellness company which is rapidly changing the health and wealth of individuals all over the world giving instantaneous results (Instant flatter tums, perkier bust, back support, correct posture, slimmer thighs, hourglass figures all at the same time) whilst also making people wealthy. In six months my part time income as an independent distributor for Ardyss International had replaced my full time income more than 5 times and I left my job. Now I work for myself as an independent consultant for Ardyss international. I have achieved an immense level of success and I am helping individuals like me and you attain the same level of success and what's exciting is that I thoroughly enjoy what I do, how do you explain people joining the company and making $4,000, $6,000 and $9,000 in their FIRST MONTH of business, I only made $1,700 in my first month, so those individuals are doing a fantastic job. Partner with me and I will teach you how an appointment with Ardyss can change your life and destiny. I can be reached via email or my website See you over the top!

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Lami'ah Momoh

Profession: MLM Coach // Mentor // Entrepreneur. 1st Platinum President Ardyss (UK & Europe)

Everything you need to become successful with MLM, is already in place, the tools, training, products, marketing materials etc..

Achievements/Awards: Business woman of the year award 2010 - Gab Awards UK Highest Powerstart Earner 2010 -Ardyss International Top Recruiter of the year 2010 -Ardyss International Top Retailer of the Year 2010 -Ardyss International Jackpot Winner Year 2010 - Ardyss International

The reason why a lot of people do not succeed with MLM is because they chose the wrong company or they are not willing to work at the business. With MLM you have to see yourself as the CEO of your own company, there are people on hand to assist you, but you have to make up your mind that you want to be successful. Success is a mindset, the decision to succeed or fail in life rests solely with you!

What are you passionate about? Empowerment through Multi- Level Marketing (MLM). Can you shed some light on this please? 2 days ago I put a request on Facebook asking for 7 people who were fed up of being sick and tired and wanted to change their lives, destinies and build a legacy, to come forward for me to mentor and coach them. 17 people contacted me with their interest. 4 people asked me why I chose MLM since I am a lawyer and have worked as a very successful business consultant for several companies in the UK. My response was this: Multi -level marketing is the only industry that has created the most number of millionaires on earth till date. FACT! The investment costs are very low in comparison to investing in a traditional business, the highest investment costs I have seen in any MLM is $1,000, lowest is $200, and the income is unlimited, it ranges from anything from $10.00 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in one month, of course it all depends on the individual and whether or not they are willing to work hard at the business. Don't think you will not work hard, because you will. MLM is NOT a get rich quick scheme, but it can provide a legacy to anyone who is willing to work hard! MLM gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world at any time. MLM does not require any formal education, anyone can be successful at any age, race, colour or sex. MLM is not a selfish business, in order to be successful you need to help others become successful.

I am a top network marketing success coach and mentor, I discovered a company that ticked all the boxes for me and I had to force them for 4 months to let me partner with them. I was determined and persistent for 4 months I did not give up. When the company finally agreed I introduced the company to the UK and my team and I introduced the company (not willingly of course) to 14 other countries Nigeria inclusive. Within 6 months I had risen to the top most position of the company and helped lots of other distributors do the same. Broke all the records set by the company, qualified for everything the company had to offer. My team is the fastest growing with over 30,000 distributors and growing, serious distributors were making between $6 - $9,000 in their first month of business, I didn't make a quarter of that in my first month. However I received every award that the company had on offer and also the Business woman of the year UK GAB AWARDS. Enough said! Success to me is not about what I have or the amount of money I make, true success to me is the impact I can make in other people's lives and that is why today I travel the world mentoring and coaching distributors for success it doesn't matter which network marketing company they are in. My job is to empower you to empower others. Team work makes the dream work! If you are already with a MLM company and want a mentor or if you want more information on MLM call me on 07425 802 532 / 08052761288 or email

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V i t a l Y o u t h

Male Fashion…Postgraduate to keep you warm where ever Style you are! This new season of fashion has brought in the sophisticated look to the street, with suede blazers and biker attire coming back into style. Since the recent Paris fashion week, many designers have taken into account the current economic crisis into their design, making them more money friendly for your closet. Although many people still can't afford these items, there is the one highly praised fauxhaute couture fashion house, Zara. Everywhere you talk about fashion, Zara will be mentioned! It's a high fashion outlet for the prices we can all afford. I suggest you check em out!

Any shirt will do - doesn't really matter; just make sure it doesn't contrast too much with your jeans and outer coat. Any Black or Dark Grey Blazer (prices vary depending on brand) - black jeans will be nicely complemented with a dark grey or a black suit blazer, nothing too flashy, but at the same time - if you pull it off correctly - shoes youknowabout fashion. Don't sleep on it! Winter Coat (prices vary depending on brand) - a nice clean black or white winter coat goes well over nearly any outfit. Business man or school student you'll be looking above your worth on the street.

Some of my top items for this winter are... One last thing off topic. I'm currently working on my White x White Air Force One own collection of designs that Mids ('09) (£50-£100) - Air I ' m h o p i n g t o r e l e a s e Force one have recently been sometime next summer. If teaming up highly with ASAP you'd like to get involved and Mob, timeless shoes set to have any experience in make a comeback. Clean designing (good clean cut comfortable shoes that go well quality designs - jackets, jeans, with nearly anything! shirts etc.) you can find me at H&M Black Denim Jeans (£15- - Article by Moe Soluade for £20) - amazing fit, super vital Youth. comfortable and guaranteed

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Read full article here ostgraduate-study/the-uks-postgraduates-are-being-leftbehind-in-a-perfect-storm-of-problems-8222425.html As reported by the Independent What is your opinion on this and what do you think you are Newspaper on Tuesday 23 October 2012, most likely to do following your Degree course? with regards to recent education trends in Here we have 2 students sharing their opinion on the matter the UK with us; "Rising tuition fees have taken their toll on Higher Education, but especially the Kevon Uter postgraduate sector, as there are no state- “I think fees should be reduced or people don't start paying it backed student loans like there are for till they're settled in their job, at which time they begin to pay a small sum each month, however they are given the choice undergraduates. to raise the amount they repay each month in order to speed Students who have already accrued debt up the process but that is only if they are able to afford that through the new fees regime are expense. reportedly reluctant to add to their student Personally, I feel if they raise cost, more students will be debt, which is a cause of concern for reluctant to go to university, hence the country will employers, universities, and the students eventually have staff who aren't well educated and qualified for certain jobs which wouldn't have a positive impact on themselves." sectors that aren't well educated such as medicine and education ie/ teachers and doctors.” Uche Nwadu “I think that it's unfair on students who may not necessarily have the income to finance their debts and it may deter undergraduates (as well as other students looking to attend university) to have higher education, due to the risk of financial strain. I plan to take further courses in Finance and Business Management after completing a degree course in either Law or English literature.” -Interview by Josh Mfon for Vital Youth.

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Lande Sanusi Education and Qualifications: BSc, Mathematics & Computer Science. Project Management Certification. Profession: Engineer/Entrepreneur Engineer/Entrepreneur What are your future plans: Build my company and brand to be recognizable around the world as an organization that positively fosters the culture of Africa in today's young generation. What are you passionate about? My Children! Watching them grow is an incredible inspiration to me and I'm passionate about anything that will opportune me to work and have fun with my kids.

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Vital Bookshelf In this edition, we have chosen 2 books to review. Both of these books will encourage and motivate you to reach beyond and take a look into yourself where a lot of answers lie. Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson. Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. 2 different readers from our team selected one book each and here they share what they have gained from these books. Enjoy!

Losing My Virginity an autobiography of Richard Branson. Author Richard Branson This book is mainly about how Branson started and built the Virgin business empire. Branson is a visionary; he envisions a business and gets capable hands to handle the execution. Virgin's group definition of 'professional(s)' is also redefined, in that; they allow anyone knowledgeable about the business or with core competence to run the business, not necessarily, someone with qualifications.

some level of control). At other times they raise their funds through venture capitalists. They always look for the best available way of financing their needs.

“When God gives an assignment, he also gives the skill. Study your skills, then to reveal your assignment.” Another beautiful quote from Lucado's book ... “Don't see yourself as a product Before the Virgin group goes into any of your parent's DNA, but rather as a business the first thing they determine is brand-new idea from heaven.” the way out; or escape route should the business fail. They build businesses from the scratch and know when to exit that line of business once the business reaches saturation or peak point. Once it can be determined that the business has reached its peak and is only going to stagnate or decline in the area of profitability, productivity and sales.

Richards Branson's success stems from his chosen business character which includes the following: (1) He is original (a visionary) (2) He is fearless (3) He is optimistic (4) He always looks for new and different businesses to divest into (5) He's willing to try something else, something new and something fresh Above all he is very confident. Business is not about PROFIT as so many (6) people misconstrue, it's about Cash, cash availability, and the ability of the We recommend that you read this as we cash to meet overheads, what you might are sure that it will challenge the way summarize as CASH FLOW. While so you think and also your decision-making many people the world over think procedure and pattern generally. business is all about making profit! Cure for the Common Life The virgin group through Branson's Author : Max Lucado Leadership INVENTS the finance for Max Lucado kicks off by talking about their businesses. They sometimes the fact that each person has been given secure loans from banks, other times something to do that shows who God is they finance through private shares and he quotes 1 Corinthians 12:7 from (Branson prefers private share sale to the Message bible. He call this “your going public through public sale of sweet spot” Max talks about a person's shares, as this gives the virgin group uniqueness and the fact that a person's a b i l i t y u n v e i l s t h e i r d e s t i n y.

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The idea that you were born pre-packed for a purpose comes through strongly in this book. Lucado points out that God equipped you with special and unique tools to achieve his purpose and fulfill his plan. Discovering what God gave you is the first step toward curing the common life! There is also a discovery guide section in the book. The section is designed to help you consider and identify your uniqueness and gift. Cure for the Common Life is a must read! It's great for parents too, regardless of how old your children are, it will definitely help you in giving Godly advice to them and with your younger children, it will help you recognise their gifts or talents by watching and observing the areas in which they shine! These are vital books to have on your shelf!

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You Describe Yourself?

I would like to start with a very short success story of the famous Marks & Spencer stores here in the UK. The inspiring story of how a foreigner started what today is a very successful store with branches all over the country and a few in Europe to serve the Brits who have perhaps gone out there to work. A truly inspiring story of how a refugee started from humble beginnings! Marks & Spencer was formed in 1884 when Michael Marks, a Polish refugee opened a market stall in Leeds, with the slogan 'don't ask the price, it's a penny'. In 1894 Marks went into partnership with Thomas Spencer, a former cashier from the wholesale company, Dewhirst. In 1904 Marks & Spencer opened their first shop in a covered arcade in Leeds. In 1926 Marks and Spencer Limited became a public company and In 1930 the flagship Marble Arch store was opened. In 1931 a food department was introduced, selling produce and canned goods… the rest as they say is history!

decision to commit his goods into the hands of his servants. Immediately what comes to mind is “trust”. You don't leave your servants/staff in charge unless you trust them. The man is representative of God in this story while we are the servants. The second important point here is that the goods are described as “his goods” – these are the talents that God has committed to each and everyone of us. We are reminded that they belong to God and when something belongs to you and you choose to let somebody else have it over a period of time, you would usually come back for it and directly or indirectly expect an account to be given. Basically, the talents belong to God and he gave them to us (for a time) and he will call us to give an account one day.


Vital Devotional of talents. The “5 talent guy” wasted no time but, launches into action immediately! Sometimes when we wait and think things over for too long, we finally succeed in thinking our way out of taking action and we come up with all the reasons why we shouldn't do it. The truth is when we know for sure that God is leading us to do something, we need to move with certainty, confidence and passion! Just Do It! Some people are afraid of failing. We need not be because when we step out, God backs us up and He also sends people our way to help us in the fulfilment of what He is asking us to do. Truth is there is no one who ever succeeded who had never failed before – Failure is a natural part of every success story! The fear of failure is one of the enemy's greatest strategy to keep us away from God's plan for our lives. At one point or the other we will have to leave our comfort Zone and step out into the unknown … The good news for us though, is that God is with us and he wants us to succeed more than we do (Jeremiah 29:11)

We can recognize and describe talents in different ways, it could show up as a gift, or resources made available. No matter how I wonder whether we would have Marks & we choose to categorize them, I love what Comparing Ourselves Spencer today if Mr Marks (a polish refugee) verse 15 says … “to each according to his One key thing to note is that both the “5 did not bother to step out and commence talent guy” and the “2 talent guy” achieved trading in the market stalls! 100% ROI (Return on Investment) on their initial capital. Only God could see this really and we have been given insight into this truth through this story… To read the concluding part of this article click on this link to Vital Woman blog

The story of the parable of the Talents in the book of Matthew chapter 25 has been impressed strongly on my heart by the Holy Spirit and I just have not been able to lay it down. My prayer is that you will be encouraged to step out into what God has laid out not just for you but, for generations yet unborn in your lineage as we look through a few verses of this powerful parable. The story begins in verse 14, with a man travelling to a far country who made the

own ability” and this right here is our place of “rest”. we can truly rest in the fact that God has given us talents according to our own ability! The Amplified Bible describes it as “personal ability”. Our personal abilities can be described as : - natural gifting, things you do without struggling, your strengths etc ©Lara Mfon. (A Very Present Help), 2012. The ”5 talent guy” and the “2 talent guy” . We are introduced to these guys in verse 16 and in verse 17 we receive a little more insight into the personality of the first servant who was given the highest number

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Have fun with Shawls and hats!and colours! For your evening wear this winter

Why not add some sparkles?


Have fun this winter!

Editor's Choice I share the one item which has inspired me greatly during the production of this edition. “The Safety Pin Dress” designed by Anita Quansah London. My glance kept coming back to this unusual piece of creation as I sat in Anita's showroom, amidst all the beautiful pieces of her creations, I couldn't hold back after about 2 hours into the interview. I said “Anita, tell me the story behind the creation of this particular piece?” I love it more so because of the holistic insight she shared with me! - VW Lara Mfon. The Philosophy of “The Safety Pin Dress” by Anita Quansah. The concept behind the safety pin dress came from seeing people around me who I know and care about go through pain, and of course I too was going through my own pain. Seeking for ways to define the meaning of my pain, I took a material which, I used a lot in my design work and created works which people marveled at, but at the time of design became my healing tool together with God's love, intervention and grace. At the time of design, I had plenty of time to think and question about several reasons why we experience pain and these are my thoughts in writing. A safety pin for me has two sides. It can cause pain and it can shield and protect you from pain. A safety pin can cause sharp moderate pain which at the time of the incident can make you scream and make you bleed. The pain seen as minor and scar less but leaves behind some mental or emotional experience on the individual. Overall, pain is an unpleasant sensation that occurs in varying degrees of severity and is a consequence of a number of processes. We are often in denial of our emotional pain. In order to function in our daily lives, sub-consciously we have learned how to keep the pain at bay so we can live our daily lives with some kind of balance. But we have to realize that pain in us is real. I was born through pain. Pain is part of my daily life. I wear my pain like a dress, I embrace pain, and I appreciate pain. I'm not afraid of pain. I know pain has different interpretations and has been experienced by others in different ways, but if you allow pain to take over your life, it will take a very comfortable seat in your life and refuse to move. If you accept pain and appreciate pain, you have the ultimate power to take leadership and ownership of your life.

The safety pin dress in this case serving as a healing tool consists of 3000 safety pins connected and held together by 7000 connectors. Each safety pin represents shared pain, experienced by many around the world. The circular connectors serve as a united force and energy that binds us all together regardless of age, race or gender; we are all united through our various experiences of pain. One might question why in the form of a dress? Well this is an area that we all have a common interest and share interesting insights, stories and experiences. It's also an area that we invest a lot in. And more often has caused us greater emotional and physical pain. The pain of seeking perfect beauty trying to be who we are not meant to be, obsessed with trying to change what we are born with, because of others' opinions of us which eventually leads to mental confusion and physical scaring and discomfort. The designed piece is not a focus on pain as a destruction of our mental and physical being but, the acceptance of it and the celebration of the greater good and victory accomplished through our emotional pain. The safety pin dress may have taken, seconds, minutes, days, weeks and months to create but, I'm delighted to share this emotional accomplishment with many who have similar pain that I have or even have greater pain than myself. And as a result of this emotional journey, I have discovered that I am stronger than I think. And nothing can come in the way of me achieving a Greater good that will benefit me, the people I love and many that I have met through my work. Like the jeweled sections in the safety pin dress representing beauty and admiration it also has clear crystal glass beads which shimmers and beams so brightly in a room full of light. Each colour bouncing off the crystals in each corner of the room represents what the bible says about you being a city set upon a hill. You are a ray of light shining so bright that nothing will come in the way of your blessing. Use your light to help others and direct them to the path of righteousness. In darkness they will see light. And in light they will see a greater and vibrant future which is a celebration. We are beautiful and the human body and all that is adorned on it, is equally beautiful. Read the full article on the Vital Woman blog by following this link

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Even with festive season around the corner, economic events in the recent past around the world generally and in particular Europe and the United States have been to say the least turbulent and unpleasant for a lot of home owners who have worked hard and managed to scrape enough together to buy the shelter that has become their home and place of refuge. Apart from a few of us who might have won the lottery or inherited a great sum from a relative, you will most likely have purchased your home through the means of a mortgage. In simple terms this makes you the borrower, your financial source (bank, building society etc) your lender and your home the pledged property, meaning the security you put in place to secure the loan to buy the property. Of course due to the large sum of money involved in this transaction you would have agreed with your lender to pay back a certain sum every month for a number of years until the principal sum and interest has been fully paid before the property is completely transferred to you. This is well and good for a number of our readers and not so good for some who have not been able to meet up with their monthly obligations to their lenders and have fallen back on their payments for many founded reasons. This is an unfortunate real estate reality which cannot be ignored and requires our immediate attention. If you find yourself struggling to meet up with your monthly repayments and you have been threatened with repossession or foreclosure (in the United States), then there are a number of things you can do. 1. You need to speak to your lender as soon as possible in order to explain your situation with a view to renegotiating terms that can enable you keep your property. This is called a “loan workout”. Under no circumstance should you ignore letters or avoid phone calls as most of us are prone to do. Fear Not! 2. During the meetings seek the consent of your lender to: Allow you a few months holiday on repayments until some circumstance changes i.e. you get a new job or are able to dispose of an asset etc. Capitalise your arrears – basically to add your current arrears to your mortgage loan Enter into a separate agreement where you can settle your arrears in instalments 3. You can ask your lender to extend your mortgage period which means you will make your payments over a longer period of time thereby reducing your monthly repayments. The point to note though is that the amount you pay back eventually for the loan will increase. 4. Is selling the property an option for you? Then go for it if you can still get good value for it i.e. in cases where you've spent significantly to improve the property. Sell up and pay off! In the States, the “Shortsale” option may be available if you qualify. 5. Have you considered renting out the property and moving into a cheaper one? If that is not an option because of some restrictive clauses or your preference, how about renting out some rooms? 6. Ask your lender if it is possible to switch your mortgage type to an interest paying only mortgage. It will certainly reduce your monthly repayments. 7. Why not ask at your local council if you are entitled to some kind of mortgage support benefit. 8. You may receive letters demanding that you hand in the keys – under no circumstance should you hand in the keys as this will not make the problem go away. You will continue to accrue interest on the loan

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and have no bargaining power or options! 9. If you are reading this too late and you have already been summoned to court – you must show up, so judgement is not given in your absence and you might still be able to male a compelling case for yourself and save your home. 10. If you are in the States and all alternatives to foreclosure have failed you may want to consider the “Deed-in Lieu of foreclosure” option. Here you voluntarily give up the deeds of the property to the lender, so the lender avoids a great deal of cost and other complexities. 11. Most importantly - seek legal advice immediately and do not rely on this information alone. If you are at risk of foreclosure in the United States, there are several national programmes that may be able to help you such as. HOPE Hotline: Counseling services are available nationwide by calling the Homeowners Hope Hotline: 888-995-HOPE. Online counselling is also available at HOPE NOW Alliance: HOPE NOW is an alliance between counselors, loan servicers, investors, and other mortgage market participants to maximize outreach to at-risk homeowners and help them stay in their homes. Additional information is available at FHASecure: is a refinancing option that makes it possible for homeowners with non-FHA adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) to refinance into a FHAinsured mortgage. Homeowners may be eligible whether they are current or delinquent and regardless of the reset status of their loans. For more information on FHASecure and to find a participating lender, call 800-569-4287 or visit the Website If you are in the UK: For housing advice from Shelter ring 0808 800 4444 For advice from a Citizens Advice Bureau ring 08444 111 444 To find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for advice and assistance, look in your telephone directory or go to: For details of your rights in particular housing situations check Adviceguide, the Citizens Advice public information website. Once on the site you can pick the area of the UK where you are based e.g. England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland For details of your housing rights check out the Shelter website: For details of NHAS publications and leaflets In addition there is information available on mortgage arrears or payment difficulties from Directgov Contact Palmcedar at -

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Uniqueness Is All About


by Fruition Mission

Uniqueness is defined as being the only one of its kind. Each of us has a particular and individual combination of skills, talents, interests, history, life experiences, and responses to our life experiences that makes us uniquely, well, us! Even identical twins, who share DNA and most life experiences, tend to have a unique makeup of skills and talents, which makes them unique as well.

you let them. Don't listen to what others say about your ability or your ideas. It is not for them to accomplish- only you! 6) Toot your own horn! So what if no one praises you, or gives you accolades for the things that you do – shower yourself with them! You desire a standing ovation from YOU! You are not a quitter, you are focused, you are determined, and you are a success!!! Believe in it!

Understand this: God created you to be UNIQUE, in HIS image. You were born for a specific purpose, focused destiny, and no Life is made for you to fulfill a purpose and to enjoy being you one, I mean NO ONE can get the job done but you. So how do while doing it. Love your life, love who you are, and love where you embrace your uniqueness? Here are some tips: you are going! Declare today “Happy YOU Day” – you deserve it! 1) Knock the bad devil off of your shoulder! Stop listening to © Copyright 2012 Fruition Mission. All rights reserved. those negative things that you continually tell yourself. Those things are only meant to hinder and you and move you to procrastinate. Turn it around—speak life, speak positivity. Self declare that you are great! 2) Don't comparison shop who you are to someone else! Stop wishing that you could have (buy) the life that you see someone else living. God has given you more than enough gifting and talents to go out and make things happen. Take the necessary steps to figure out exactly what you want out of life, and make a master plan of action to get it. 3) Following the crowd can leave a cloud! Just because it is the popular thing to do or fad to follow, doesn't mean it is for you to do! Be your own trendsetter and change agent. Set the path, don't trail the path! 4) Pay attention to your assets, not your liabilities! Look at the things that you can do, not what you can't do. Focus on your potential, not your limitations. Perfect and excel! 5) Give your naysayers a linebacker block! Ear hustlers bring nothing but trouble to your ability and your mental capacity if

Bridget Washington is a highly empowered life coach, Writer, and Speaker whose razor sharp direction, positive mental infiltration, and Godly edification will have you moving from the edge of the ordinary and plunging into the extraordinary life that God has ordained for you. She is the founder of Fruition Mission, a faith inspired company that is devoted to “Coaching Your Holistic Needs, Inspiring You to Wildly Succeed”. She resides in Metro Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son. For more information please visit .

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Meals inspired by Africa, but infused with ingredients, techniques and flavors from around the world...The Afropolitan Way!


Its that special festive season of the year again, when entertaining family and friends is a great way to share God's blessings together. Would it be the same dishes as last year?

Why not try some suggestions by Afropolitan Chef! Jollof Rice and Baked Chicken

Yam porridge

Grilled plantain and salted peanuts

SautĂŠed beef pan seared in red wine with portobello mushrooms served with couscous

Pounded Yam and Spinach with Melon Seed sauce.

Vital Woman

Quinoa with baked chicken and apple sauce

Omlette with peppers, sausage and wheat bread.

Yetunde Taiwo, based in Miami Florida, is CEO of Afropolitan Chef. A Fashion and Entertainment entrepreneur, with an intense passion for food. Facebook Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest –


Amala and Tomato and Red peppers based sauce with Tilapia fish and Jute leave (Ewedu)

Meals inspired by Africa, but infused with ingredients, techniques and flavors from around the world...The Afropolitan Way!

Rice with Spicy Green peppers based sauce and Plantain

Baked Salmon with Peppers and garlic bread

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V W E v e n t s

A variety of fashion accessories!

Our Summer Exhibition at the Holiday Inn in Brent Cross, London, UK which was held on Saturday the 28th July 2012.

Discounts and giveaways on the day! Networking.!

Contact us at; Email: Telephone: +44 774 599 7624 Facebook: Website:

Smiles and happy faces!

Interested in participating at any of our upcoming events?

V W E v e n t s

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VW Travels

All around the world. Welcome to Vital Woman Travel Page

We want you to enjoy the various travel destinations we share with you. Why not share your travels with us? Send us an email if you would like to share some of the beautiful places you have visited. Your travel/holiday stories might be featured in our magazine as we randomly select travel destinations for our Readers. Our Contact details E-mail– Facebook– talWomanMagazine Website

here and excellent places to visit, including the grand opera house and the Centre d'Art Santa Monica, a public museum. The most common attractions along the street include live performances, human statues and handmade art. At every step you will find painters willing to draw your portrait or caricature, dancers and musicians. The human statues are also impressive, the beautiful costumes and the talent of the artists will make your experience really enjoyable.

Montserrat Montserrat is a mountain chain with a unique structure which lies to the west of the River Llobregat, with its highest peak being 1,234 metres. Other peaks in Montserrat are: el Cavall Bernat, las Agulles, el Serrat del Moro, el Montgros, Travel Destination – 1 Sant Joan and la Palomera. It was declared Our first stop is the lovely city of Barcelona a national park in 1987. in Spain. Montserrat monastery and church is famous for its magnificent basilica. More The tourism scene in Barcelona is in than 80 monks live there and the famous statue of the Black Madonna or Black Virgin is stored in the basilica. According to legend, the statue was discovered in the 13th century by the shepherds. They saw a

plentiful supply. Walking around the city is a good way to sightsee, especially if you join an official guide-led walking tour. Here is our list of top Barcelona tourist attractions. We think these are some of the top “must-see” attractions. La Rambla One of the best places to start your tour is La Ramblas, a series of short streets that run from the Placa de Catalunya to the harbour. There are several restaurants

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Architect Francesc de Paula Villar was initally assigned to the project, however he was quickly replaced by a young architect called Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). who took over the project at the early age of 31. Gaudí completely changed the design. Though construction of Sagrada Família had commenced in 1882, Gaudí became

involved in 1883, taking over the project and transforming it with his architectural and engineering style. When completed, the Sagrada Familia will have a total of 18 towers, 12 of them will represent the 12 apostles, 4 will represent the 4 evangelists, one dedicated to Jesus Christ and the last one dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Sagrada Familia is one of the main attractions of Barcelona and it is well worth a visit. The construction of the Sagrada Familia is completely financed through income from ticket sales to visitors and from private donations.

bright light and heard heavenly music that The Barcelona City Tour Bus eventually brought them to the cave If you want to visit Barcelona at your own where the statue is located. pace rather than as a guided tour, the double-decker tourist bus is your option! La Sagrada Familia You can get on and get off all day long, with The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada the same ticket, you can change route and Familia, commonly known as the Sagrada enjoy the history of the city through an Familia (Church of the Holy Family) is the audio system with ear-phones, in 12 different languages. most charismatic symbol of Barcelona. The project started in 1882 and it is still under construction today. Current prediction states that the Sagrada Familia will be completed by 2040.

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Run out of ideas about how to style your hair this holiday? Here are a few suggestions brought to you by AVOS Hair!


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