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8 projects. 3 days. 20 artists from South Australia plus 20 other artists from across Australia. 2 public workshops. 9 artist talks. 12 work in progress showings. 4 presentations. 1 exhibition. 1 hypnosis session. 1 two-week residency. 1 MC. Plenty of tables. 1 bar. 1 caravan serving tasty hot food. Adhocracy is alive and kicking! Now in its fourth year, it continues to generate an incredibly vibrant, highly recognised and truly significant one-of-a-kind platform for interdisciplinary artists working in Australia today, gathered together into a long weekend of intense research and work-in-progress showings, open to the general public. So why would you not come and check it out? Ok you may be deciding to head of to the countryside and relax in some day spa but if not, the beautiful site of the Waterside Workers Hall, on Kaurna country in Port Adelaide, once again opens its doors and invites you into a make ‘n’ show hothouse of artists making art.

Projects across performance, theatre, film and sound are there to openly engage in as the artists place their work out in the public domain. Themes of place, people, immigration, mythology, illusion, hypocrisy and one all about the future legacy of people today, make up this year’s landscape of ideas, actions and investigations seeking audience feedback, response and participation. So whether you’re a general punter, a fellow artist, a theatre-goer, art-lover, activist, conversationalist or just plain curious about what’s going on at the workers hall in the Port, Vitalstatistix and the curatorial team are inviting you to come a see for yourself this gathering of some of the newest as well as some of the most established makers of Australian contemporary culture, performance and commentary in one place over the Queens Birthday long weekend. We like to think the equation is pretty good. PAUL GAZZOLA, JASON SWEENEY & EMMA WEBB ADHOCRACY 2013 CURATORS

ADHOCRACY IS VITALSTATISTIX’S ANNUAL MAKE ‘N’ SHOW HOTHOUSE, INVITING INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTISTS FROM AROUND AUSTRALIA TO CREATE, CONVERSE AND CRITIQUE IN ONE SPACE (OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME, WATERSIDE) OVER THE JUNE QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY LONG WEEKEND. THIS is how it works: artists, selected through a national call-out, spend the long weekend in a studio environment developing new work, which can span theatre, live art, dance, sound, installation and more. They are in the early stages of the process of making and are experimenting with ideas and form. YOU can contribute to their creative process by coming along and taking part in open studios, artist talks and work-in-progress showings. To keep it comfortable and real, there’s also a BAR (open all the time) and TACO CAT selling their handmade Mexican food from a 1960s caravan each evening, 6 to 9:30pm.

FROM a national call we have selected SEVEN creative teams. During Adhocracy they undertake an intensive creative development of a new project. They commence on Friday June 7, in an artists-only day, and then work through the long weekend with plenty of opportunities to talk about and show their work.

IN 2013 there are eight projects participating in Adhocracy. BELOW is an overview and in the following pages you will find extended statements about each work and creative team. Each creative team will be presenting an artist talk, a showing or another experience for audiences each night of Adhocracy. The showings and talks are different each night – so you can attend different evenings and see a project develop.

LOVE AND BOATS Karen Therese, Boris Morris Bagattini & Joe Tan (NSW)

EACH year we invite some of Australia’s best interdisciplinary artists to collaborate with South Australian artists. During a two-week lead-up residency, the guests work with ten locals to make new work for presentation each night at Adhocracy.

IN SPITE OF MYSELF Sans Hotel (VIC) An exploration of autobiography and myth-making, through a performance lecture and retrospective exhibition on the fictional career of a preeminent performance artist. JUMPING THE SHARK FANTASTIC Malcolm Whittaker (NSW) A research and residency model for discovering and presenting ‘the best theatre show ever’ according to the people where the work takes place. An exploration of immigration, asylum-seeking, human rights and love through the symbol of the boat and its utilisation in Australian culture. OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND LET WORDS FALL OUT David Williams (NSW) A movement-based experimentation with the barely coherent real-life testimony of a conman to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption. RECLAMATION Tristan Louth-Robins (SA) A solo sound work seeking out the sonic presence of the underwater natural world within the industrialised environment of Port Adelaide. RUN INTO YOURSELF Closer Productions/Sandpit (SA)

FOREVER NOW Willoh S Weiland, Jeff Khan, Brian Ritchie, Thea Baumann & collaborators (VIC, NSW, TAS & SA)

An alternate reality game, where you encounter yourself at various stages in your life, inspired by Closer Production’s upcoming feature film 52 Tuesdays.

A cross-artform curatorial project, making a new digital ‘golden’ data record of culture now, in the footsteps of the 1977 Voyager Golden Records.

USE YOUR ILLUSION Bron Batten (VIC) A performance work investigating truth and illusion, made collaboratively with a professional clinical hypnotist.



Willoh S Weiland, Jeff Khan, Brian Ritchie, Thea Baumann & collaborators (VIC, NSW, TAS & SA) Forever Now is a response to our cultural obsession with immortalising ourselves. How do we choose what will last forever or be remembered? In the footsteps of the Voyager Golden Records, sent into space in 1977 by NASA as a record of culture and science at that time, Forever Now is a curatorial project about digital democracy and unpicking cultural value. Over 18 months, the Forever Now curatorial team are researching, creating and launching a digital ‘golden’ data record of culture NOW.

In a finger to the ‘best of humanity’ framework of Voyager, Forever Now is looking at the queer, the horrible, the sustainable and the precious. A catalogue of content will be launched in June at ISEA2013, commencing a call-out for global public submissions and critical discussion about this epic act of curatorship. The final Forever Now record will be spectacularly sent into space in Tasmania in 2014. For Adhocracy 2013, Vitals is hosting a residency with Forever Now curators Willoh S Weiland (Artistic Director, APHIDS, VIC), Jeff Khan (Co-Director, Performance Space, NSW), Brian Ritchie (Curator, MONA FOMA, TAS) and other guest artists. Ten SA artists, curators and makers are working with the Forever Now team through this residency, to commence the feedback process. Together they are interrogating, explaining and celebrating the choices of the record, through video-based and other responses. In three public forums, each night of Adhocracy, both the Forever Now works and the responses will be presented. CREATIVE TEAM Lead artists Willoh S Weiland Jeff Khan Brian Ritchie Thea Baumann Forever Now associates Lara Thoms Tristan Meecham Martyn Coutts Production assistant Mark Pritchard

SA collaborators Alan Grace Astrid Pill Bridgette Minuzzo Fulvia Mantelli Heath Britton Jaqueline Barmentloo Jess Miley Kath Dooley Kathryn Hummel Olivia Allen

YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Presentations Saturday & Sunday at 10pm Monday at 10:30pm Each presentation will be different LOCATION Waterside Hall

Willoh S Weiland is a Melbourne-based artist, writer and curator, and Artistic Director of Aphids. She has made work for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Next Wave Festival, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow. Her work Yelling at Stars, an ongoing art science project, was presented at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl as the closing event of the 2008 Next Wave Festival; the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow and at Less Remote, an art/science symposium running parallel to the 59th International Astronautical Congress. In 2009 Willoh undertook a Synapse residency the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology, where she developed the work Void Love: A soap opera about Astrophysics starring Kamahl. She has two ongoing collaborations, with Spat + Loogie and as part of Deadpan with video artist Martyn Coutts. Willoh co-directs the laboratory space Head Quarters and is a member of the Field Theory collective. APHIDS.NET


Jeff Khan is a curator and writer working across performance, dance and the visual arts, with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, site-specific and socially-engaged practices. From 20062010 Jeff was Artistic Director of Next Wave, overseeing the development and delivery of the 2008 Next Wave Festival: Closer Together and the 2010 Next Wave Festival: No Risk Too Great, as well as Next Wave’s acclaimed Kickstart development program and numerous special projects. Previously, Jeff has held roles at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and John Curtin Gallery (Perth), and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York). Jeff is currently Co-Director of Performance Space in Sydney. PERFORMANCESPACE.COM.AU


Brian Ritchie was the bass guitarist for the alternative rock band Violent Femmes and since 2009 has curated the MONA FOMA Festival in Hobart, Tasmania. In addition to his bass playing, Brian is proficient at the shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute. He acquired a Jun Shihan (shakuhachi teaching license) in March 2003 from James Nyoraku Schlefer, and his professional name is “Tairaku” (“big music” in Japanese). Since 1998, he has collaborated with American shakuhachi maker Ken LaCosse developing a wide bore style of shakuhachi called Taimu. In 2007 Ritchie produced and toured with the Italian punk/folk band The Zen Circus. The band’s first international album, Villa Inferno, was released in 2008 for the Italian record label Unhip Records. In 2008 he and his wife Dr Varuni Kulasekera moved to Hobart, Tasmania, where he has guested in a band called The Green Mist. In 2010 he toured as bassist with the Australian surf instrumental band called The Break. Their debut album Church of the Open Sky was released on the independent label Bombora, distributed by MGM. MOFO.NET.AU

IN SPITE OF MYSELF Sans Hotel (VIC) In Spite of Myself is part-performance lecture, part-workshop, part-comic book and part-installation. It combines autobiographical fiction, subversive humour and visual arts to make a ‘performed’ retrospective on the fictional career of a preeminent performance artist.

In Spite of Myself aims to explore the absent artist and myth-making. Concentrating on the fantasy self, multiple personas and disciplines will be used to narrate a fictional person into being. Playfully appropriating Nicola Gunn’s identity to create amusing and profound portraiture, Sans Hotel are instigating a conversation between the disparate versions of the person she is, the person she says she is and the person she is not (i.e. an important, preeminent performance artist). Over the course of Adhocracy, Sans Hotel will develop a performance lecture and concurrent exhibition called ‘Exercises in Hopelessness: Nicola Gunn (1979 – Present)’. Both will be developed in response to the fictional content of a fictional catalogue essay about a fictional retrospective. The exhibition will use video, sculpture, illustration, photography, text and performance and will be made in collaboration with Adhocracy audiences through open workshops. Sans Hotel come to Adhocracy having commenced creative development. The development of In Spite of Myself is being supported by Arts Centre Melbourne. The artists intend to use the weekend to take conceptual risks with their current material and further explore the participatory nature of this work. Artists Nicola Gunn and Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist will work in the Waterside Hall, while collaborators Pier Carthew and Michael Fikaris will join them online. As always, ironic comedy will be present.


Sans Hotel is a collective based in Melbourne, led by performance-maker Nicola Gunn with collaborators: designer Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist, videographer Pier Carthew and visual artist Michael Fikaris. Together they use a multi-disciplinary approach to make live art works and contemporary performance. Drawing mainly from autobiography, Gunn has developed a unique mode of self-expression that is brave, funny and sad. The resulting work aims to occupy the undefined territory between fact and fiction, representation and reality, appropriation and portraiture. Sans Hotel are pursuing an interest in public art, performance installation and participatory works from a desire make the kind of art that inspires people to become active citizens in their own lives and in the world. In Spite of Myself is the third work in a performance trilogy (following At the Sans Hotel and Hello my name is). NICOLAGUNN.COM

CREATIVE TEAM Nicola Gunn Gwen HolmbergGilchrist Pier Carthew Michael Fikaris YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Workshops Saturday 3-9pm Sunday 3-5pm Artist talk Sunday at 5pm Exhibition Monday from 3pm Showing Sunday at 8pm LOCATION Waterside Hall

JUMPING THE SHARK FANTASTIC Malcolm Whittaker (NSW) Jumping the Shark Fantastic is a residency-model for producing ‘the best theatre show ever’. It will involve researching what a local community would like to see on their stage, and then vainly try to please each and every one of them with the one single work. Malcolm will spend Adhocracy testing out the tiers of this new residency-made work, spending Friday/Saturday in research and Sunday/Monday distilling this research into a presentation of the work. During Adhocracy, Malcolm is interested in meeting with theatre makers (whether they be from major performing arts organisations or amateur theatre societies), theatre subscribers, critics and bloggers, and in particular, non-theatre goers. He will overtly ask and discuss questions such as: What does your desired show look like? What does it sound like? How does it make you feel? What does it make you think? What is its agenda? What story does it tell? How long does it run for? How much does it cost? What is its carbon footprint? Why does it happen at all? Research participants will be encouraged to imagine a personal performance ideal, from which Malcolm will then attempt the futile process of producing a complete amalgamation of in one joyous melange entitled Jumping the Shark Fantastic.

This will be theatre fragmented down to its most basic elements in a self-reflexive, facetious show-and-tell format, a demonstration combining isolated elements of performance in an ultimate anthology of taste. Underneath the humour of the work will be the knowledge that this has been produced by a public and all their conflicting and preposterous longings. How well does democracy work? How does it extend to the arts? What happens when you give all the people what they want all of the time? Malcolm will come to Adhocracy having completed a three-week residency for Jumping the Shark Fantastic at Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW, in May. Adhocracy, as a ‘crash-course’ four-day version of the process, will be an exciting test of the residency model following its first stage of development.


Malcolm Whittaker, Sydney, works as an interdisciplinary artist, writer and performer. He does this in solo pursuits, as a member of performance collective Team MESS and in collaborations with artists and non-artists. He is interested in the conventions, rituals and spectacles of the everyday and the use of the public in the making and executing of work. Malcolm’s work has been situated in forms ranging from theatre and gallery settings to site-specific and public interventions to performance lectures, film shoots, phone calls, support groups, walks in the park, letters in the mail and the borrowing of books from the library. Malcolm has made and presented work across Australia, as well as in the UK and Finland. In 2013 he is Writer-inResidence at Firstdraft Gallery and the first ever Artist-in-Residence at the State Library of NSW. Presentations in 2013 include This Is It at Bleach Festival (Gold Coast), BINGO Unit at Performance Space (Sydney), Beep Test of Imaginary Beings at Junction Arts Festival (Launceston) and a new solo exhibition at Bondi Pavilion Gallery (Sydney). MALCOLMWHITTAKER.COM

CREATIVE TEAM Malcolm Whittaker YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Artist talk/ research circles Saturday & Sunday at 7pm Showing Monday at 7pm LOCATION Waterside Shopfront

LOVE AND BOATS Karen Therese, Boris Morris Bagattini & Joe Tan (NSW) Love and Boats is an investigation of immigration, asylum seeking, human rights and love, viewed through the symbol of the boat and its utilisation in Australian culture. This project, currently in its infancy, has sprung from long-distance conversations on skype and email between Sydney-based artist Karen Therese and human rights lawyer Joe Tan, who moved to The Hague where he is now working with the United Nations.

The boat has become a symbol of the violation of Australian sovereignty and a focus for hysteria and isolationism. Karen, Joe and their collaborator, video artist Boris Morris Bagattini, are exploring this symbolism juxtaposed with stories of negotiating love and friendship within the hardships of the asylum-seeking system. Over the course of Adhocracy, Karen, Joe (on skype) and Boris will explore both the ideas and form of the project, seeking a world in which to house it. As extensive correspondence between two people, a lawyer and an artist, is the basis of this project it feels likely that this will form part of the work. Use of mediated and live art, installation, text and video, alongside international law procedure, global asylum politics and journalistic strategies, will all be explored through discussion and experimentation with the imagery of ‘love and boats’. Love and Boats is one of several projects in development with FUNPARK, a live art initiative in collaboration with the community of Bidwill, Mt Druitt, NSW, a complex and heavily stigmatised place, rich with stories of migration, love, cultural clash and resilience.

CREATIVE TEAM Karen Therese Boris Morris Bagattini Joe Tan

YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Artist talk Saturday at 6pm Showings Sunday & Monday at 6pm

LOCATION Waterside Foyer


Karen Therese is a creative producer and artist; her practice is grounded in performance, political activism, and social innovation. She is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and a current MA-Research Candidate in Creative Arts at the University Of Wollongong. She is currently the Creative Producer of FUNPARK, a live art initiative in collaboration with the community of Mt Druitt and a recipient of a Creative Producer fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts. Karen is co-curator of The Hunting Party, a regular live art event of curated presentations on ceremonial practices. Karen is also the newly appointed Executive Producer of Powerhouse Youth Theatre, the leading professional youth theatre company in Western Sydney. KARENTHERESE.COM


Joe Tan has worked as a lawyer in the human rights field in Australia and internationally.  Formerly an Associate to Justice Michael Kirby on the High Court of Australia, Joe has worked in this country primarily as a criminal defence lawyer and a public interest human rights lawyer with a strong focus on the rights of sexual minorities, children in detention and refugees and asylum seeker detainees. In 2000, Joe took up his first international appointment as Legal Advisor to the UN to work on ethnic minority protection in post-war Kosovo. In 2011, Joe left Australia again, this time for The Hague in the Netherlands, to take up a post with the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court where he specialised in child soldiers and sexual violence in armed conflicts. Subsequently, he went on to advise the Judges of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the first UN tribunal to prosecute the crime of terrorism.


Boris Morris Bagattini is a founder and director of Soma-CG film, motion graphics and visual effects company. He has studied Design at UNSW, Digital Cinematography at AFTRS and Advanced Character Animation with Disney Feature Animator Murray Debus. From his first film SOMA, shown at the Sydney Film Festival in 2005, he began directing and animating video clips for bands such as The Vines, Evermore, the Howling Bells, Operator Please and Sparkadia. He has worked with artists and companies such as Legs on the Wall, Brisbane Festival, Synergy Percussion, Victoria Hunt, Kneehigh and Dequincey Co. A regular collaborator with Karen Therese, he worked on her solo work The Co mfort Zone: a performance lecture and is currently engaged as Associate Director and Video Designer on the FUNPARK initiative.

OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND LET WORDS FALL OUT David Williams (NSW) Open Your Mouth and Let Words Fall Out is a new work by performer and director David Williams based upon the barely coherent testimony of conman Gerald Carroll to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption’s Operation Atlas, a 2008 investigation of the ‘sex-for-development’ scandal that engulfed Wollongong City Council at that time.

Look, I will tell you this and I don’t know whether you have been advised of this or not, I want to advise you of two things. The first thing I want to advise you is that you’ve given answers that are so culpably idiotic that can’t be accepted is tantamount for refusing to answer questions. You do not answer questions by simply opening your mouth and waiting for something to fall out. Do you understand that? The Commissioner, transcript of Operation Atlas

Open Your Mouth and Let Words Fall Out sidesteps the main business of the inquiry and focuses exclusively on the testimony of Carroll, who was accused of blackmail and impersonating ICAC officials. Carroll’s answers to sustained questioning became so absurd that the Commissioner was moved to make the outburst from which the title of this work is derived. Removing the inquiry’s questions, Open Your Mouth and Let Words Fall Out aims to transform Carroll’s testimony into a disintegrating monologue, and blend this with a physical theatre language. David has undertaken a first stage development of the work at Queen Street Studio, NSW. Working with lighting designer Suzie Franke, he will use Adhocracy to experiment with how the loops and twists of Carroll’s evasive language can be viscerally transformed into a strange, ridiculous, compelling verbatim movement work.


David Williams is a performer, director, producer, writer and technician, holding an Honours degree in Theatre from UWS Nepean, and a PhD from the University of New South Wales. He is a past winner of the Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship for Acting, and his theatre works have won Helpmann, Green Room and Drovers Awards. David was the founder of the acclaimed performance group version 1.0, and co-devised and produced all of the company’s work from 1998 until his departure from the company in late 2012. He has also worked with Radio National’s Airplay, Belvoir, Branch Nebula, Sidetrack Performance Group, Sydney Theatre Company, Blast Theory, Bonemap, Platform 27, Urban Theatre Projects and pvi collective. David has concurrently worked as a mechanist and flyman at the Sydney Opera House since 1997. He is currently an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney and is on the board of Arts on Tour. Current projects include researching and co-writing The Black Diggers Project for Queensland Theatre Company, developing Quiet Faith with Vitalstatistix, and directing In This Fairfield for Powerhouse Youth Theatre.   COMPROMISEISOURBUSINESS.BLOGSPOT.COM

CREATIVE TEAM David Williams Suzie Franke YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Artist talk Saturday at 8pm Showings Sunday at 8pm Monday at 5pm LOCATION Waterside Supper Room

RECLAMATION Tristan Louth-Robins (SA) Reclamation is a solo sound work, seeking out the sonic presence of the underwater natural world within the industrialised, urban environment of Port Adelaide. Over the course of Adhocracy, Tristan will take site-specific field recordings from within the Port district and develop an in-situ composition. Exploring the natural world within the industrial world can be a frustrating, and in some cases futile, exercise. Therefore, Tristan will go beneath the water of the Port inlet with hydrophones (underwater microphones) in search of the natural world, delving into an acoustic realm that we cannot experience without the intervention of technology. Tristan’s practice is currently chiefly concerned with examining the tension between the natural and manufactured world and its associated environmental implications. Port Adelaide is an ideal locale to study these issues – the natural sits closely with the industrial and post-industrial, and an underwater world is close at hand. Reclamation will also further Tristan’s investigations in the areas of sound recording and microphone technology.

During Adhocracy, Tristan will structure his days around field-trips and working in our hothouse environment. There will be opportunities to listen to Tristan’s recordings, hear about his composing process, and then, on the final evening of Adhocracy, to listen to and experience Reclamation as a residency-made sound art work.


Tristan Louth-Robins is an Australian artist working principally in the medium of sound art. Ideas of sound and its signification are key elements in Louth-Robins’ work. Traversing the space between the visual and aural his sound art is realised through the mediums of recordings, installation and performance. He is interested in sound and its associative implications – including its relationship to objects, technology, urban space, memory and the natural world. Since 2005 Louth-Robins has performed and exhibited work in Australia and internationally as a solo artist, whilst occasionally collaborating with visual artists, musicians and performers. In 2010 he completed his MA at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide, South Australia. From 2006 to 2007 he directed the Tyndall Assembly, an experimental music concert series held at the Gallery De La Catessen in Adelaide. Since 2011, he has facilitated the Fleurieu Sound Map. TRISTANLOUTHROBINS.COM

CREATIVE TEAM Tristan Louth-Robins YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Artist talk & listening stations Saturday – Monday at 4pm Presentation Monday at 10pm LOCATION Waterside Balcony

RUN INTO YOURSELF Closer Productions/Sandpit (SA) Run Into Yourself is a collaboration between artists from two South Australian companies: Sandpit and Closer Productions. The work is a response to Closer Production’s upcoming feature film 52 Tuesdays. 52 Tuesdays is a fictional film set and shot every Tuesday, over a year. It delivers a surprising portrait of two people struggling to live their own lives within an ever-shifting family. Run Into Yourself will be a highly personalised experience that will place the audience into a similar headspace as the lead character in the film, Billie, played by Tilly Cobham-Hervey. Sandpit and Closer seek to create an intimate, experiential live work, a treasure-hunt-like experience. Playful and thought provoking, Run Into Yourself will encourage participants to create a personal narrative as they encounter spaces and people, personal provocations through audio, video, real world messages and hand-written notes, and interact with other participants to create auto-teatro performances. Auto-teatro is a technique pioneered by British company Rotozaza that involves participants being given intersecting instructions via a set of headphones.

The Run Into Yourself experience is about inviting participants to consider how to ‘tune in’ to their own life, when life never pauses, and question how we choose to live our lives and carry on our relationships (in particular with our parents or children). Over the course of Adhocracy, artists Dan Koerner and Sam Haren from Sandpit and Sophie Hyde, Matthew Cormack, Bryan Mason and Tilly Cobham-Hervey from Closer will work collaboratively to devise and create a range of material for Run Into Yourself. They will test and refine site-specific journeys, alongside technologies, with audiences throughout the weekend.


Closer Productions is a collective of award-winning filmmakers based at Adelaide Studios, South Australia. The Closer team has created entertaining and provocative documentary, drama and experimental films, which have screened in cinemas, TV, art galleries and at major festivals around the world. Closer creates work for all kinds of screens and many different audiences. Films include: Life in Movement, Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure and Necessary Games. Closer also operate a services arm catering to a broad range of clients across education, business and the arts.

CREATIVE TEAM Dan Koerner Sam Haren Sophie Hyde Matthew Cormack Bryan Mason Tilly Cobham-Hervey YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Artist talk Saturday at 4pm


Showings Saturday – Monday at 7pm


Sunday & Monday at 4pm

Sandpit designs participatory experiences that transport audiences into a story, fictional universe or artwork. We invite audiences to be an active part of the experiences we create, to participate across platforms, to create their own content and to surprise us with their creativity and passion. Co-directors Dan Koerner and Sam Haren work across theatre, film, dance and digital media. Sam was Artistic Director of The Border Project from 2002–2012 and Dan was Creative Director of PLOT Media 2007–2011. Now we are Sandpit. WEARESANDPIT.COM

LOCATION Waterside Mezzanine

USE YOUR ILLUSION Bron Batten (VIC) Use Your Illusion is an interdisciplinary exploration of truth, illusion, ideas of ‘real’ and the ‘performed’ and the power of suggestion. Bron will collaborate with a qualified, clinical hypnotist in both the development and presentation of Use Your Illusion. Use Your Illusion was partly inspired by Bron’s 2012 Cultural Skills and Development Residency with Chicago theatre company The Neo Futurists, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and the Ian Potter Foundation. The Neo Futurists believe that theatre should acknowledge the truthful time, space and presence in which it occurs. Their devised content comes directly from the experience of the artist and the personal set of experiences, memories and opinions that person brings to the stage. Essentially they believe that acting is lying. Bron is interested in exploring these ideas further through drawing on the professional expertise of a clinical hypnotist, and seeing whether it is possible to extract a ‘truthful’ performance from herself - if such a thing actually exists. Over the course of Adhocracy, Bron will undertake and film both public and private hypnosis sessions with her collaborating hypnotist. Together, they will explore and compare the application of hypnosis in a clinical setting versus the practice as seen in Las Vegas-style spectacles - and then, of course, what happens to it in a different type of theatrical context. Interestingly, Bron doesn’t quite believe she can be hypnotised. Exploring whether she can be put under and how the success (or otherwise) of hypnosis affects the development of this work, is part of the Adhocracy experiment. Both Bron and the hypnotist will perform Use Your Illusion, drawing on Bron’s recent work Sweet Child of Mine, which was made and performed with non-artists, her parents. At Adhocracy, they will present hypnosis sessions, a talk and a work-in-progress showing. Bron is working towards presenting Use Your Illusion at the Sydney independent theatre festival The Horse’s Mouth in December 2013.


Bron Batten is a Melbourne based theatre- maker, choreographer, producer and performer. She has trained at Deakin University and most recently at the Victorian College of the Arts, graduating with Post Graduate Diploma in Theatre Making (Animateuring). Bron has been co-curator and producer of the performance event The Last Tuesday Society since 2008. Last Tuesday has presented at venues throughout Melbourne and at festivals including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Next Wave Festival, This Is Not Art, The Falls Music Festival in Lorne and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Bron participated in the 2012 Splendid Arts Lab residency, collaboratively conceptualising installation work for the Splendour in the Grass Festival. Bron has produced and performed in Zoe Coombs Marr’s And That Was The Summer That Changed My Life at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Her multi-award winning work Sweet Child of Mine has been presented in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and is touring to Chicago in September. BRONBATTEN.COM

CREATIVE TEAM Bron Batten and a clinical hypnotist YOUR CHANCE TO SEE Artist talk/showing Saturday at 9pm Hypnosis session Sunday at 9pm Showing Monday at 9pm LOCATION Waterside Stage









IN SPITE OF MYSELF Workshop (until 9pm)

IN SPITE OF MYSELF Workshop (until 5pm)

IN SPITE OF MYSELF Exhibition (all evening)





RECLAMATION Artist talk & listening station

RECLAMATION Artist talk & listening station

RECLAMATION Artist talk & listening station


ADHOCRACY Welcome & launch




LOVE AND BOATS Artist talk







JUMPING THE SHARK FANTASTIC Artist talk/research circle

JUMPING THE SHARK FANTASTIC Artist talk/research circle







USE YOUR ILLUSION Artist talk/showing

USE YOUR ILLUSION Hypnosis session



FOREVER NOW Presentation

FOREVER NOW Presentation

RECLAMATION Presentation FOREVER NOW Presentation (at 10:30pm)





BAR OPEN 3PM – 12AM HAPPY HOUR 5PM – 6PM TACO CAT OPEN 6PM – 9:30PM See venue map on-site for locations of each presentation. All times are subject to change.

VITALSTATISTIX performance, projects, residencies Vitalstatistix (Vitals) is a boutique producer and presenter of contemporary theatre and interdisciplinary arts projects. We seek to produce new Australian performance and live art that is provocative, distinctive and informed. Vitals values creative processes that encompass collaboration and cultural research. We develop partnerships with independent creative teams who desire to work with us over several years in a stimulating and supportive producing environment. Each year the Vitals program includes development and presentation of new work, collaborative projects, residencies, community-based projects, events and industry initiatives. Vitals has a proud and continuing tradition of supporting women artists. VITALS OFFERS THREE ONGOING INITIATIVES Incubator. Our residency program, which supports the creative development and presentation of new performance works. Adhocracy. Our annual interdisciplinary hothouse, for artists and audiences, including a new residency-based live art project each year. Contemporary Communities. Community based projects, each undertaken over three years, that partner artists and non-artists together to make new art and performance. Vitals is based at the heritage-listed Waterside Workers Hall in Port Adelaide, a place with strong cultural history that informs our production of highly diverse, often political work.


Vitalstatistix and the Adhocracy curators acknowledge that we, and our home Waterside, are on Kaurna country. We acknowledge the Kaurna people as the continuing custodians of the Adelaide Plains. We honour their spiritual relationship with this land and we thank them for welcoming us. We pay respect to the Kaurna Elders and through them to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


THE ADHOCRACY TEAM CREATIVE PRODUCER Emma Webb CURATORS Paul Gazzola, Jason Sweeney & Emma Webb HOST Emma Beech MANAGER Helen Sheldon PRODUCTION MANAGER Emma O’Neill COORDINATOR Lara Torr DOCUMENTATION Heath Britton & Jennifer Greer Holmes GRAPHIC DESIGN Amy Milhinch & Freerange Future PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Olivia Allen, Boris Morris Bagattini, Jaqueline Barmentloo, Thea Baumann, Bron Batten, Heath Britton, Pier Carthew, Tilly Cobham-Hervey, Matthew Cormack, Martyn Coutts, Kath Dooley, Michael Fikaris, Suzie Franke, Alan Grace, Nicola Gunn, Sam Haren, Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist, Kathryn Hummel, Sophie Hyde, Jeff Khan, Dan Koerner, Tristan Louth-Robins, Fulvia Mantelli, Bryan Mason, Jess Miley, Tristan Meecham, Bridgette Minuzzo, Astrid Pill, Brian Ritchie, Joe Tan, Karen Therese, Lara Thoms, Willoh S Weiland, Malcolm Whittaker and David Williams.

Adhocracy 2013 program  
Adhocracy 2013 program  

Adhocracy 2013, presented by Vitalstatistix