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FOREVER NOW ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE PROJECT AT VITALSTATISTIX FOR ADHOCRACY 2013 WE ARE SEEKING 10 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS AND THINKERS TO JOIN THIS RESIDENCY COLLABORATING WITH LEAD ARTISTS WILLOH S WEILAND, JEFF KHAN, BRIAN RITCHIE AND THEA BAUMANN WHAT IS FOREVER NOW? Forever Now is a cross-artform curatorial project that responds to our cultural obsession with immortalising ourselves. In the footsteps of the Voyager Golden Records, sent into space in 1977 by NASA as a record of culture and science at that time, Forever Now will research, curate and spectacularly launch a digital ‘golden’ data record of culture NOW. For Adhocracy 2013, Vitals is hosting a residency with Forever Now curators Willoh S Weiland (Artistic Director, APHIDS, VIC), Jeff Khan (Co-Director, Performance Space, NSW), Brian Ritchie (Curator, MONA FOMA, TAS), Thea Baumann (independent artist) and other guest artists.

In a finger to the ‘best of humanity’ framework of Voyager, the artists are looking at the queer, the horrible, the sustainable and the precious, alongside the possibilities for digital democracy. An initial catalogue of content will be launched at the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2013) in June. Following a global public submission and response process, the Forever Now record will be spectacularly sent into space by Florida’s Deep Space Communications team, to coincide with MONA FOMA, January 2014. During our Adhocracy 2013 residency, ten selected SA artists, curators and creative producers will help prepare the ISEA 2013 presentation. You will collaborate

with the Forever Now curators to interrogate, explain and celebrate the initial choices of the record by making video-based and other responses. In three public forums, each night of Adhocracy, both the Forever Now works and the responses will be presented. Forever Now is a truly inspired project about unpicking cultural value and the curatorial process, and an exceptional opportunity for SA artists. For more info about the Forever Now curators check out >

WHAT ARE THE DETAILS? The two-week Forever Now residency will take place at Vitalstatistix’s venue Waterside, Port Adelaide, from Monday 27th May to Friday 7th June. You must be available for these dates AND Adhocracy 2013, 8th to 10th June (Queen’s Birthday long weekend). The weekend of 1st and 2nd June will be a weekend off. Please note that this is a nonresidential residency, meaning you

will travel to and from Port Adelaide each day. Selected participants will be paid an honorarium of $500 to cover basic travel costs of taking part. The ten participating artists will be selected through an expression-ofinterest process. The residency is open to South Australian established and emerging artists, curators and creative producers, across art forms.

Vitalstatistix is now taking expressions of interest (EOI) from artists who would like to be part of the residency. See below for what we need from you in your EOI. The closing date for your EOI is Monday 1st April. Please note: you will not be able to apply for both this residency and an Adhocracy 2013 project spot.


A covering note, of no more than one page, outlining who you are and why you’d like to participate in the residency. Please include your full name, address and contact phone number in your covering letter.


A biography or abbreviated CV, of no more than one page in length.


A response to the following task.

DIRECT ENQUIRIES AND YOUR EOI TO: Lara Torr Vitalstatistix Program Coordinator 08 8447 6211


The Forever Now curators are keen to receive your response to the following questions. 1. How would you explain art to someone who does not speak your language? 2. What is most interesting to you about this moment in history? 3. How do you understand the concept of the infinite? We know that artists are very busy at this time of year. You are welcome to respond in whatever way works for you, creatively and

time-wise. You can write your response or you can provide your response in another form (such as a photo or image, short vid, short sound recording etc). Please note: Stick to the questions and tasks we ask for above - we do not require any further info than this. All materials should be common file types and reasonable file sizes. If needed larger, non-pdf material can be sent via Dropbox or Sendspace. Please ensure you clearly label your documents with your name.

Forever Now residency call out  
Forever Now residency call out  

Forever Now residency, presented by Vitalstatistix