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Avengers: Infinity War Review (Contains Spoilers) By Daniel Alvarado

Unification Of Both Koreas By Isabel Gonzalez

April 27th, 2018 will always be very important, as the two Koreas enter a “new era of peace” and let go of the troubled past.

The box office has been dominated by one movie. It is the Avengers: Infinity War. However, The Avengers: Infinity War was a surprise. It reminded viewers of the Empire Strikes Back sense where the villians won. In every marvel movie there is a villain. The villain is shown to be powerful and evil. Then, good prevails in the form of a superhero. This one is not like that, which is very unexpected. It was saddening to watch Spiderman fade away. Gamora dying while Thanos only gets powerful created emotions in the audience that silenced theaters, the same theaters that had audiences clapping when the movie Source: Forbes started. The feeling in the theater changed from excited to devastated when Thanos people have been wiped from existence and not every superhero remains. Thanos did what he wanted to, and now rests. Questions snapped his fingers. for the second movie: Who will come back? How will the Avengers be able to fight Thanos again? Will Hawkeye and AntThere is a spark of hope at the end, man come out? WIll Thanos’ work be reverted? symbolizing that part 2 will resemble Return of the Jedi. In an end credit scene, Nick fury is shown sending a Avengers: Infinity War was a great movie. It was sadder than message. The message is shown to be expected. Thanos does what he wants and is not stopped by the going to Captain Marvel, who is one of heroes. Then, there were many deaths. It left a feeling of defeat in the strongest Marvel superheroes. Still, the theater, one that was craving an ounce of hope. It was received Infinity War ends with one of the lowest in the form of Captain Marvel. Now audiencies anticipate the points of any Marvel movie. Half of all next film.

New DNA Discovery By Marlen Gamas

Scientists have discovered a new DNA structure never seen in cells. The discovery of a twisted knot of DNA in cells confirms that complex genetic code is crafted with more symmetry than the double helix structure everybody knows when it comes to DNA, and the forms affect how our biology functions. The new DNA structure identified is called the intercalated motif (i-motif) structure, which was first discovered by researchers in the 1990s, but it had only ever been witnessed in non living cells. Researchers know the i-motif appears naturally in human cells. The structure’s part in the cell biology has previously been questioned because it had only been demonstrated in the lab. According to Garvan Zeraati, the author of the new study, the i-motif is one of a number of DNA structures that don’t take the double helix form. In the new study, Zeraati and few researchers used a kind of technique, developing an antibody fragment that could recognize and bind to i-motifs. So, it highlighted their location in the cell with an immunofluorescent glow. Scientists could see the green spots of the i-motifs appearing and disappearing over time, which would show that they are forming, dissolving in a continuous process. There’s still a lot to learn about how the i-motif structure functions and the findings show that i-motifs form late in a cell’s life cycle. The i-motifs also appear in what are known as ‘promoter’ regions ;areas of DNA that control whether genes are switched on or off and in genetic markers that control ageing. Scientist believe that the coming and going of the i-motifs is a clue to what they do. It seems likely that they are there to help switch genes on and off, and to affect whether a gene is actively read or not. Now that scientists know this new form of DNA exists in cells, it’ll give researchers a clue to figure out just what these structures are doing inside our bodies. The formation of these structures might be important for the cell to function normally.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In sealed their talks with a joint declaration reaffirming their commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. “Today, Chairman Kim Jong-un and I confirmed that our shared goal is to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons through complete denuclearization. The preceded measures made by North Korea have very important meanings. It will be valuable beginning towards the complete denuclearisation,” South Korean president Moon Jae-in asserts for the future of the two Koreas. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un cas commented on the “Today, we will make sure that the agreement we have reached which the people of the Korean Peninsula and the world are watching, does not repeat the unfortunate history of unfulfilled promises, by closely communicating and cooperating with each other in order to yield good results.” The two leaders vow “that they will not use any form of force against each other” and agree to strictly obey the agreement. The South and the North have also agreed to “gradually realise arms reduction when their military tension is removed and trust will be established.” The historic summit also agreed to push for three or four way talks involving the United States and China to be able to replace the Korean truce with a peace treaty. Donald Trump also reacted positively to the meeting, saying: “After a furious year of missile launches and Nuclear testing, a historic meeting between North and South Korea is now taking place. Good things are happening, but only time will tell.”

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May 2018


The First Vital Signs Joust!

Inconsistencies In Grad Nite Voting By Daniel Alvarado

After Six Flags beat Disneyland and California Adventure for Grad Nite, many seniors were left baffled. For years Grad Nite has been held at Disneyland. Students harbored disappointment while they were left confused, especially since Grad Nite had changed so many times. Rumors started spreading about possible mistakes that may had been made that may have resulted in Disneyland no longer being available for Bravo seniors. After these concerns were expressed to some members of journalism, they began to research the subject. Several interesting facts were found, but, as a result of their efforts, journalism staff were attacked and called “a bunch of spoiled children throwing tantrums” by a teacher who shall remain anonymous. This, solely for expressing the disappointment many students felt. The question must now be asked, were the parents who expressed their disappointment on May 9th’s after school meeting also “a bunch of spoiled children throwing tantrums?” Let it be known that several discrepancies have become evident after Grad Nite voting happened. First off, why was Magic Mountain pushed more than Disneyland? One teacher from teaching staff made it seem that Magic Mountain was a better option by stressing the positives, as in food and an annual pass option being offered. However, they failed to inform seniors about the positives Disneyland had to offer, as in a regular Disneyland park hopper ticket costing up to $185, $25 more than seniors would pay. Disneyland was one of the first major theme parks in the world, opening in 1955, and people from all over the globe come to visit every day. Magic Mountain will never be that.

However, Mrs. White-Holloman denied those allegations, and told Vital Signs it was too late. However, it is important to bring these issues to light, to share the concerns of a large portion of the senior class who will now go without a memory that many of the teachers and staff here at Bravo have themselves, Grad Nite at Disneyland. Fortunately, some parents have expressed their disappointment as well, so we are not alone. We shall all see what happens next.

Grad Nite Facts - Just Ask Next Time By Victoria Montes

As explained very clearly at the senior assembly, 3 Grad-Nite options became available the night before the senior assembly. This was due to Mrs. WhiteHolloman’s diligence at pushing Disneyland to offer the traditional Grad Nite package of both parks, an option that previously sold out. Instead of the adults making the decision for the senior class, it seemed fairer to let the class vote on which option they would prefer. Since Magic Mtn. was also offering Grad Nite that was included in the options. The urgency for the vote was due to Disney’s payment deadline. Every attempt to remind students to attend the assembly was made via Schoology, announcements, and by me in my 5 English classes. What resulted was Magic Mountain winning with approximately 140 votes out of 200 voters.

Third, not every senior was present. Admittedly, this could have been the students fault. However, many dance participants did not get the chance to vote, as they had practice for school activities. Also, dedicated students have clubs and meetings to attend, where their leadership was needed. Perhaps voting in Economics/Government or English would have been fair. The total amount of students who voted was in the 200’s. We have about 400 Seniors at Bravo. Even so, not all teachers support the idea of in class voting. When interviewed, a teacher told journalism students, regarding those dedicated to being loyal to their clubs, “too bad...if you don’t go, you don’t get an opinion.” Yet, some of these students have spent years earning the right to hold an office in said clubs.

These are the facts that occurred transparently and yet a group of dissatisfied students has taken it upon themselves to pursue a despairingly false agenda simply because the vote did not result in their preferred option winning. A false perspective based on a personal agenda is appearing in Vital Signs. The gist of the article is that Grad Nite has been willfully sabotaged because a “certain teacher” has an agenda to manipulate seniors into voting for Magic Mountain. I believe I am in that “certain teacher” but because the author of the article never interviewed me to support the claims he was making, this is just conjecture on my part. To be clear, I do have an agenda: It is to volunteer my time to ensure that seniors are able to have the events that they have worked so hard for. I am not paid to chaperone The Senior Picnic, the Prom, Grad-Nite, or run graduation practice. I do it because without volunteers, these activities would not occur. To make such ignominious and false accusations of a teacher who volunteers her time is an offensive disparagement of my character and ultimately makes me not want to volunteer anymore. It is work to chaperone and I get nothing out of it for myself except ensuring seniors have their best experiences. If I really wanted to manipulate the choice, I would not have recommended having the seniors vote. Mrs. WhiteHolloman and I would have just made the decision for you.

Fourth, this whole Grad Nite experience has been hampered by mistakes. Many were told during the first semester that the option with Disneyland and California Adventure won in an election that was actually held in Government and Economics classes. More recently, California Adventures hours were incorrect. It was not 4p.m. to 2 a.m., it was instead 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., six hours less time for us to enjoy one last time with friends. It appears something keeps crushing our Grad Nite hopes, which was supposed to be something we were supposed to enjoy. Instead, a puny 94 tickets were sold for the California Adventure Grad Nite, and now students are expressing disdain for the Magic Mountain trip due to the fact that it was already the destination for the senior picnic.

A true journalist is responsible for informing readers through comprehensive research and support for claims not baseless suppositions and unfounded inferences in pursuit of a personal agenda. In the age of social media, this has never been truer. Some life lessons to be taken from the biased article and for your adult lives is: 1) presume positive intentions rather than assuming there is a nefarious agenda, 2) seek out facts and ask relevant questions, 3) participate in all voting matters than affect you, 4) do not throw tantrums like petulant children when you do not get your way, 5) work hard to cultivate working relationships to build trust so that when incidents happen that you do not agree with nor understand, you will be satisfied with the answers you seek out from those you are working with.

One senior conducted a poll on Instagram and invited seniors to voice their opinion. 69 said they voted for Disneyland and 31 said they voted for Magic Mountain. Students who shall also remain anonymous have said that a certain teacher who attended the senior class meeting promoted Magic Mountain and that many of their students voted for it.

Be a journalist first and a gossiper never.

Second, no student was present for the vote counting. The norm has always been that leadership counts all ballots. This includes both position elections and school site council. For Grad Nite, not a single leadership student was present. In fact, no student was there. Why wasn’t the counting made public?

Students say they had been told that things could still be changed if many parents called. Is there still hope and time for a fair and legitimate election?

What do you think Bravo Knights?

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Cancer Cell Growth


Three Mexican Film Students Found Dead

By Marlen Gamas

Cancer has always been thought of as something that grows quickly, but it may be wrong. New evidence suggests that cancer uses the accelerator and the brake in order to survive. Prostate cancer cells switch periods of rapid growth with periods of dormancy. The tumor will grow to the point where it starts to produce symptoms and the patient seeks treatment, which usually involves cutting the tumor out. Surgery is often effective but, for some patients, their cancer will return. At this point it is often treated with chemotherapy. But even these treatments don’t always mean the end of the cancer. For some patients, the cancer will resurface after a period of dormancy. During periods of dormancy, which could last several years, the patient will have no symptoms and the tumor will be undetectable using the usual tests. Until recently, scientists knew little about these periods. However, research of scientists suggests that cancer dormancy is a very important time for tumor progression. To understand why dormancy is useful to cancer cells it was needed to examine how it can stop tumor progression. Cancer cells face three main challenges to their survival and growth. First, they need to deceive the immune system, which is able to eliminate most tumors. Second, they need to survive anticancer therapies, and, third, they need to invade organs. Cancer dormancy is important to meet all these challenges. During the periods of dormancy, cancer cells reshape and get ready for the next stage of progression. Without dormancy, cancer cells wouldn’t be able to survive in a new environment or become resistant to the attacks of the immune system. Fortunately, new studies are showing the characteristics of dormant cancer cells. Scientists will be able to develop blood diagnostic kits that will help doctors identify dormant tumors before they become too big to treat. Once dormant cancer cells have been identified, they need to be eliminated. Since these cancer cells are inactive, they are less likely to be killed by chemotherapy, so targeting them is difficult. A number of new studies show that dormant cells might have weak spots.

Editorial Matter

May 2018

By Cinthia Leyva

Three Mexican film students were working on a class project in Guadalajara, Mexico when they were abducted by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. It is speculated that this occurred, because they were mistaken for members of the rival Nueva Plaza gang after filming at a house used by the gang. According to TIME, prosecutors said, “Without knowing it, the students were in a very dangerous place which was being watched by hit men from the New Generation cartel.”

Identified as Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez, he confessed to disposing of the bodies after their deaths. He also stated that he had joined that gang 3 months ago, and had been receiving $159 a week. Investigators were also able to find out that he participated in three other murders. Mexican citizens have taken to the streets to bring awareness of organized crime in their communities, and protest the disappearance of other Mexican youth.

Unfortunately, the students met a dark fate and were killed and dissolved in acid. It is believed they were taken to a safe house, and interrogated about their affiliation to the gang. One student was beat so badly he died, causing the gang to flee with the remaining two to another house. There officials found sulfuric acid and jugs indicating their bodies had been disposed of. Source: GoogleImages

Recently, a Mexican rapper and youtuber confessed to the murder of the three students.

Boy Scouts of America Undergo A Name Change By Cinthia Leyva

On Wednesday, May 2, the Boy Scouts of America announced they would be dropping “boy” from their name, making them known as “scouts.” This change allows the Boy Scouts of America to add girls to their recruitment. The change came a year after they had opened their membership to girls. It did not impress the Girl Scouts, Source: Blog.UtahScouts.Org who claimed the change was only driven by the Boy Scouts declining membership. According to USA Today, Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts USA, stated, “We are, and will remain, the first choice for girls and parents.” The change will take place February 2019, along with adding the slogan “scout me in,” which promotes gender inclusivity. Their subgroup Cub Scouts, for ages 5-10, will maintain its name as it is still gender neutral. Until then, we can applaud the Boy Scouts of America for practicing gender inclusivity, and hope to see more from them.




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