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K12.CA.US | August 23, 2013

For the Sassy Senior

For the Curious Freshman...

by Priscilla Romero

Welcome, fellow freshman, to Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School! You may or may not already have preconceived stereotypical notions about high school-both frightening and dramatic, but, at Bravo, you most likely will be plagued with the stress of school competition rather than Gossip Girl-worthy material. First off, keeping your grades up is priority. Trust me, spending countless hours in the library instead of spending your time blogging will yield higher GPAs and a golden sense of self-accomplishment. Secondly, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Taming your bad habits now will only make you a stronger student in the future. Thirdly, take standardized testing seriously. If you can, enroll yourself in a SAT tutoring class or take advantage of community library practice exams. Practice makes perfect, after all. Aside from academics, it is crucial that you take an active role in social events at

Seniors, the time has come. Not only have you bore the first three years of high school but you are running the final stretch of your academic marathon. The very first moment you walked on school grounds, you may not have been mentally or physically ready for class or even ready for those dreadful stairs, but now that you have achieved so much, it is time to put your skills to the test. Among other things, it is crucial that you take care of any last minute SAT and ACT tests, finish off any remaining volunteering hours, take advantage of asking teachers to write letters of recommendations, and mark your calendars with college application deadlines. You may not have listened the first time you were told not to procrastinate but now that you are about to face the mother load of work, DO NOT PROCASTINATE! Although this year may seem frightening and stressful, just know that you are not alone; there are many

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Photo Credit / Hannah Contreras

by Sharon Kim

A Last Farewell to Bravo’s Graduating Class of 2013 by Siboney Arias

On June 10th, Bravo’s graduation Class of 2013 gathered together for their final hurrah at the Pasadena Civic Center to mark their rite of passage from high school to college. With excitement (and relief) glowing conspicuously on students’ faces, the stage hardly lacked enthusiasmor lighting for that matter. At the beginning of the ceremony, students heard a variety of speeches that ranged from Mrs. Torres-Flores’s traditionally interesting words, valedictorian, Kimberly Guo’s funny, heartwarming, and inspiring speech, and salutatorian, Roxana

August Calendar

Rodriguez’s, graciously blunt and sweet-natured speech to the talented singers who bravely chorded to Imagine Dragon’s song “It’s Time”. However, even with so many awe-inspiring words of encouragement, to many graduates, the highlight of their graduation was vice- principle, Ms. White-Holloman’s nefariously signature intercom announcement of, “Remember the ten minute rule…” which brought the audience into whooping applause. Following the speeches, the real crème de la crème took place when, one by one, the names of students were called Photo Credit / Dulce Morales

compiled by Atrianne Dolom




Seniors’ Adopt a Freshman

Tues., Aug. 20

Outside Basketball Courts (Lunch)

Senior Spirit Week

Tues., Aug. 20 Fri., Aug. 23


Senior Shakey’s Fundraiser

Fri., Aug. 23

2023 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.

Blood Drive Sign Ups

Tues., Aug. 20 Fri., Sept. 6

First Floor Lobby

Old Club Sign Ups

Tues., Aug. 27 Wed., Aug. 28

First Floor Lobby (Lunch)

Back to School Night

Thurs., Aug. 29 6 - 8 PM

Sales in 2nd Floor Lobby

Leadership Junior Class Elections

Wed., Aug. 28 Thurs., Aug. 29



Fri., Aug. 30


Hello Bravo Knights! Welcome to another eventful, exciting, and challenging year. I hope

by the highly revered Mr. Marks in which they gracefully crossed (or literally danced across) the stage in excitement for the graduation diploma, officially ending their term of tardy sweeps and annual “academic celebrations”. All in all, the ceremony was a definite success for every student who obtained his or her diploma, especially after years of slavering hard work and dedication. Although, the end of their high school career is bittersweet, the now Bravo alumni will surely move on to do greater things. Congratulations, Class of 2013, Bravo will surely miss you!

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A message from ASB President Jackie Lopez (‘14) everyone had a wonderful summer break, and is ready to kick off the school year with much energy. For many this is the first time you walk up and down the five flights of stairs (and search for the sixth floor swimming pool); for others it is your “last-first-day” of high school. Regardless, remember that Bravo is your home away from home. It is the place where students dedicate countless hours to their academic and

extracurricular work; it is the place where athletes train until their muscles ache, and students aspire to achieve great things. It is the place where you will meet new friends, share memories, and grow as a student and an individual. Thank you to all the teachers and staff who keep Bravo up and running; and to each and every student who makes Bravo the place to be. Have a wonderful 2013-2014 school year.





Breakthrough “Reverse Vaccine” for Diabetes Mellitus by Hannah Contreras

For the past two thousand years, diabetes has been virtually incurable and devastating to the lives of millions of people. However, just recently scientists from Stanford University were able to successfully create a “reverse vaccine” for people with Diabetes mellitus Type 1. Type 1 Diabetes causes the human body to have an autoimmune response to insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas; the lack of insulin causes a drastic

increase in blood and urine glucose, and although the disease can be treated with periodic insulin shots, it ultimately leads to death. After much trial and error over the course of two years, Stanford’s research team was able to identify the weak link in Type 1 Diabetes. The team created a “reverse vaccine” that specifically suppressed the immune system at a purely DNA level so that the body began to produce insulin on its own. “This vaccine is a new concept. It’s shutting off

Photo Credit / Neil Armstrong: Nasa File

a specific immune response, rather than turning on specific immune responses as conventional vaccines for, say, influenza or polio aim to do,” noted, Stanford University immunologist, Dr. Lawrence Steinman (The Verge). Although the first trial for human testing has succeeded, scientists still have their work cut out for them. With over 1.25 million Americans diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus (Los Angeles

Times), the United States has certainly been adversely affected and we can only hope that further research studies will alleviate this statistic. Photo Credit /

Photo Credit /

44th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Earth, Say “Cheese”! Landing by Cintia Bonifacio

On July 20, 2013, over 200 people, who worked on the Apollo 11 lunar module at Grumman Aerospace, flocked to Florida’s Space Center in order to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the great landing. Armed with commander, Neil Armstrong, command module pilot, Michael Collins, and lunar module pilot, Edwin Aldrin Jr, Apollo 11 was launched on July 16, 1969 in order to “gather samples of lunar-surface materials for return to Earth” (NASA). Four days later, the module successfully won the space race when it landed on the moon. Not only was the mission successful but Neil Armstrong historically took his first step on unchartered territory, symbolically capturing the importance of the precious moment with one of the most well know quotes in our country’s history “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The ceremony consisted of a two-day “family” reunion that began in Space View Park’s Titusville for a tour of the Apollo Monument and later, Saturn V Building

by Sandra Barrientos

at the Kennedy Space Center, which houses the actual module. Many employees fondly looked back on the time they spent working on the module ‘“It’s an achievement that nobody else in the world, any team in any place, has ever accomplished,” Blaue, a former employee, said. “These folks not only experienced that, they value that. These reunions bring those memories back” (Florida Today). Although the celebration was a huge success, it was dampened without the presence of Neil Armstrong. “We all miss you, Neil,” Aldrin wrote in a Twitter tribute (NBC News). All and all, the commemoration captured the memories of the great milestone- an event that not only provided the first samples from another planetary body but also marked a moment when human courage showed the US what we could do if we worked together toward a goal. It showed us that the human race can achieve more than we ever thought possible. Happy 44th anniversary, Apollo 11 and employees, you have inspired and will continue to inspire Americans and people worldwide.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take a picture with Saturn? NASA surely did, and on Friday, July 19, 2013 they invited Earth to “say cheese!” and wave at the gargantuan ringed planet. The Griffith Park Observatory enthusiastically hosted a “Saturn Wave” so that the Cassini spacecraft could snap a picture of Saturn with Earth in the background. Although this photograph was primarily going to capture Saturn, and Earth would only appear in the background as a small dot, shortly before 2:30 P.M., 300 visitors excitedly waved for a whopping 15 minutes as the spacecraft snapped the picture. The action was

not futile; however, since following this interplanetary photo, visitors were able to learn more about Saturn through the observatory’s presentations & virtual tours while also having the chance to learn more about Cassini’s discoveries. Toward the end of the event, visitors were left with a feeling of awe when realizing how small our planet is compared to the magnitude of the universe. The Cassini Spacecraft interplanetary photograph may only be the beginning of many things NASA has in store for us. With such a large and infinite universe, there are many discoveries yet to be made. Who knows, maybe someday you could be the person who will make those discoveries.

Photo Credit / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institue of Technology

August 23, 2013

Apollo 11 Rocket Engine Recovered by Yozaima Escobar Just three days after the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, and team identify the lunar module’s engine parts 14,000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean. In March of 2012, billionaire and entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos secretly funded a team of specialists to recover the same engine that took Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. After more than a year of exhaustive searching, the team was able to find a variety of thrust chambers, gas generators, injectors, heat exchangers, and turbines. Inspired by watching the original moon landing mission as a five-year old, Bezos said he was inspired to dream big. At first when the engine parts were taken back to the Kansas Cosmosphere, the conservation team was unsure as to whether the parts were from Apollo 11 or from “12 other Saturn V rockets that flew between 1967 and 1973, each equipped with five of the engines” (Space. com) Although, at first, the engine module was not easily identified to be from Apollo 11 due to the traumatic corrosiveness, missing serial numbers were successfully accounted for. “Huge kudos to the conservation team,” Bezos exclaimed on his expedition site “Conservation is painstaking work that requires remarkable levels of patience and attention to detail, and these guys have both” (Huffington Post). NASA is surely appreciative of Bezo’s actions to preserve a piece of American history. Although the conservation team at Kansas Cosmosphere is not expected to complete the preservation of the engine parts for another two years, the public is welcome to visit the SpaceWorks facility for a special tour of the historically antiquated parts. Photo Credit /


August 23, 2013






Vans Warped M O V I E Tour: Best R E V I E W S Day Ever by Genesis Angulo

Steel : 8.5/10

Man of



: 9/10

As one of summer 2013’s hit movies, Man of Steel has been long-awaited since the last Superman movie flop. It promised excitement, danger, action— everything worthy for the mighty Kryptonian, Kal-El. Though it passed decently with critics, other viewers claim it was just another Superman movie flop. Some criticize it for its lack of romance and humor. But hey, if that’s what you were looking for in a superhero action movie, you’re probably better suited for a romantic comedy. Make no mistake—this movie was packed full of action and excitement. Man of Steel gives an in-depth look at Clark Kent and his experience overcoming his alienation, literally, from the human world and finding his true role in society. If you’re looking for an action-packed, exciting journey and don’t mind a few tear-jerking scenes, the Man of Steel is the summer flick for you.

Nostalgia, anyone? Monsters University certainly gave the older teenagers a sense of sadness at the time that’s flown by since they watched Monsters Inc. as children. However, this prequel was a delight to watch and see the beloved characters back on the big screen. Monsters University gives us a look at Mike and Sully in their college years at Monster U as scare majors, where they are bitter rivals and compete in a fraternity-wide scaring competition. Though this film is, of course, comical, the message of the movie is deep and serious enough for movie watchers of all ages. Critics decided that this movie was definitely not one of Pixar’s best and though it is a good watch for children, it is too predictable for a Pixar film. However, this film is best enjoyed by children. This movie is a definite mustsee for the child in all of us.

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school and in your community, ie clubs, programs, or even writing for our school newspaper. You do not need to join all the clubs at Club Rush; instead, choose clubs that you can fully commit your time & effort or even obtain a leadership role in. In other words, get active. Also, be sure not to forget about community service! If possible, volunteer at places of interest that are a reflection of your dream career so that you may gain experience in that field of study. Four years might seem like a long time but time goes by in a flash; who knows, maybe, as a senior, you will be on the other side of this newspaper scaring freshman into achieving high grades. Just know that you have been forewarned! Good luck class of 2017, Bravo welcomes you with open arms !

supportive teachers and peers that will be more than happy to help you. However, you must always ask for help in advance. You may think that you have time, but the truth is there is not any time to waste if you want to attend your dream school. Your last year at Bravo may be demanding and grueling; however, if you assertively apply yourself (both figuratively and literally) to your studies as well as college deadlines and applications, your hard work will certainly pay off. Even though your school year may be impacted with all things college, the best advice that I can give you is to enjoy your teenage years in high school to the fullest. Just think that a year from now, you might look back on your years at Bravo and find that you had one of the best experiences of your life here.

by Martin Gomez

The summer of 2013 continued with the 19th annual Vans Warped Tour. A touring music festival, the Vans Warped Tour offers a unique experience for concert-goers to connect with their favorite artists and fellow fans. Warped tour is an outdoor day festival featuring a plethora of artists spanning over multiple genres. Fans brave the blazing summer heat and enormous crowds to watch their favorite bands perform. Performing artists have scheduled set times and signings allowing a fan to have a signed memento and an opportunity to meet the per-

Photo Credit /

former. The Vans Warped Tour is a highly anticipated and welcomed event as it is open for all ages. “It feels so good to be surrounded by people who like the same music you do and appreciate the work bands put into their art,” says Preston Moreno (‘14).

surrounded by people like you and you just feel like you’re part of a huge moshing family!”

Warped Tour provides an environment where any person of any sex, race, religion, or age can come together and enjoy a fun filled day of music. Advertised as the Best Day Ever, Kiara Angeles (‘16) the Vans Warped Tour has commented, “Warped is proven to be just that with amazing because you’re its line-up and energy.

Summer Fashion Trends by Melanie Sobri For Bravo students, the end of summer signals a time for new classes, new teachers, and a new wardrobe. One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is that, your summer wardrobe will still be in trend for the rest of the school year. So, here are some fashion trends found in the summertime. As seen worn by many celebrities and on various social media sites;

Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest, etc. From floral crowns to floral printed shirts, floral clothing was definitely a must have this summer. With the summer’s extreme heat, it was no surprise that distressed shorts, tank tops, crop tops, and bandeaus became a big hit as well. Another popular style was the American flag print, which included shorts, tanks, sunglasses, and shoes. As for accessories, gel nails, knuckle rings, and shades were found to be trending the most.

Whether swimming late on a hot summer night or attending events, bright colors plagued the 2013 fashion scene. When you’re skimming through magazines or watching models walk down a runway, you’ll notice that trends are always changing. What might be “in” this summer won’t necessarily be “in” next summer. But all in all, having fun with your wardrobe and following trends with your style is always fun.

Photo Credit /

MEME CENTRAL collected by Atrianne Dolom

Photo Credit /

Photo Credit /





August 23 , 2013


Race, Disaster, and Outrage All Collide After a Gun Shot in Florida by Rimon Hossain

The United Kingdom Welcomes its New Prince by Kimberly Parada The new addition to London’s Kensington Palace, Prince George Alexander Louis, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton recently graced the United Kingdom with his presence these past month. The parents emerged from St. Mary’s Hospital on Tuesday, June 23, 2013 to give the public the first appearance of their newborn child. Prince William and his wife decided to keep the gender of the baby a secret making the birth of the child a moment very much anticipated by the public. Many surmised the baby could have been either a boy, or a girl simply by the pictures that were quickly released. Many hoped for a girl, but those wishes were soon tamed when the knowledge of the third child in line for the throne was finally revealed, as George Alexander Louis. A lot of people believed the name too mature for a newborn but, the royals have reasons for the name they chose. George being William’s great grandfather, Alexander meaning defender of men, and Louis, an interpretation of the German name ‘Ludwig’ that means ‘renowned warrior’ accumulate to make the name of the new prince. This is a name that will one day be fulfilled by a king.

On February 26, 2012, around 7 P.M., a 17-year old African-American teenager by the name of Trayvon Martin was returning to his father’s house as part of a visit in Sanford, Florida—after a 10-day school suspension due to drug possession. At the same time a neighborhood watch officer by the name of George Zimmerman reports a “suspicious person” and decides to apprehend him, disregarding orders not to. The first 911 call in the neighborhood reports a fight around 7:15, where a gunshot was heard through the phone. Now, 17 months later, not a second goes by where Trayvon’s name isn’t being yelled out in a river of protesters, mentioned by the media, or said by the

everyday person. As more of a prominent civil rights issue over racial inequities than an act of murder, it’s no surprise that this news has gotten to the hearts and minds of every American, if not screens. As millions have taken to the streets out of sheer rage and frustration over the acquaintance of a man that has “the world against him,” Whether it’s in Crenshaw, California or Sanford, Florida itself, rage has taken the form of riots and violence. Sanford Police Commissioner Velma Williams dubs Sanford “a small, friendly, good city,” but whenever it comes to a ”black male being murdered” the police show a “cavalier attitude.” Acting Police Chief, Darren Scott, on the other hand says “That’s

Same-Sex Marriage Rights; Prop 8 Declared Unconstitutional

by Genisis Angulo

It is no secret that the United States has progressed very lethargically in the issue of civil rights. However, on June 26, 2013, supporters of samesex marriage finally saw a milestone in their journey towards equality for all. Since 1996, our country has been operating under the rules and regulations of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which allows states to refuse recognition of same-sex marriages, even if the union was performed under the laws of other states. Section 3 of DOMA forbade the federal government from recognizing samesex marriages, as well. However, on June 26, that provision was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in United States v. Windsor. The ruling also declares that

the federal government cannot discriminate against married same-sex couples for the purposes of determining federal benefits and protection. This achievement was strengthened by the overturning of Prop 8 in our very own California, resuming the previously legal samesex marriages. This now makes California one of the few states of America that recognizes same-sex marriage and can proudly

Photo Credit / Penn State University



Siboney Arias & Atrianne Dolom Martin Gomez Managing-Editor

Genesis Angulo Editor

Rimon Hossain Editor

Sharon Kim Editor

say that discrimination and inequality is now behind them. Though this milestone is one to be applauded, celebration is not yet due. The fight for marital equality resembles the civil rights struggle back in the 1960s. Though the Brown vs. Board decision resulted in achievement, the war was not won until the Civil Rights Act was signed. Until there is national legalization of same-sex marriage, there will never be true equality. Some

modern Americans might say the cause is not the same. However, isn’t equality the basis of both struggles? Won’t our children and grandchildren look at the banning of samesex marriage the same way we today see the prohibition of interracial marriage? Though there has been outstanding achievement in the past few weeks, there is still a long way to go until there is true equality for all. Like most historic feats, the federal legalization of samesex marriage will take time, persistence, and valor. The LGBT community a n d supporters g r o w stronger and brighter, with a progressive future ahead.

Photo Credit / Cambridge Blog

Letters to the Editors

Hannah Contreras Co-Editors-in-Chief

absurd, everyone gets equal treatment here.” The dilemma of justice for all— whether in Sanford or throughout the United States—is challenged Photo Credit/ on a day-to-day basis. to show that Zimmerman’s A progression of events that happens as ordinarily life wasn’t in danger at all as a teenage boy leaving the from police reports, witness or medical neon lights of 7-11 on a rainy testimonials, reports; the case still came Sunday for home that brings in favor of Zimmerman’s such turmoil to the social scene and headlines of this country. release. Whether the reason Aside from the is the widely believed that the flagrant racial disputes behind presupposition justice system is corrupt and a gunshot, pro-Zimmerman advocates say that the man was perhaps even racist or that it simply acting in self-defense; came down to a man trying following the notion that the to save his life, that question man was just doing his duty. is not yet and probably Even though during the trial, never will be answered. Trayvon Martin the jury had enough evidence R.I.P. proven by the prosecution

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