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BRAVO NEWS • 2 & 3 Meet your Prom Court nominees for the class of 2013.

Bravo seniors celebrate their college acceptances and share some advice.

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Academic Celebration: Spreading the Spirit by Atrianne Dolom

Bravo Medical Magnet High School concluded a hectic school week with the annual Academic Celebration on March 22, 2013. Organized by Bravo’s Leadership class and Stage Crew, the Knights’ court was transformed into a stage on which Bravo’s stellar students were acknowledged and entertained with performances by Folklorico, Dances of the World, Desi Club, Cheer Squad, and Marching Band. The event opened with a commemorative video produced by Film Club called Science of Success and was hosted by ASB officers Shana Pili, Mahuya Barua, Yinh Li, and Jasmine Alfaro. Attendees of the event were reeled into the amusement Folklorico entered the stage with an upbeat Latin dance. Afterwards, Dances of the World’s spectacular three-act performance roused

undeniable enthusiasm among the crowd. The show continued with Desi Club’s Bollywood couples dance, Cheer Squad’s dynamic routine, and finished with a wonderfully arranged finale by Marching Band. The Academic Celebration highlighted the level of hard work and effort that Bravo students pursue in their academics. Students were acknowledged for perfect attendance, grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities, and college acceptances. With all these accomplishments, it is clear that Bravo Medical Magnet High School strongly upholds its reputation as an academically rigorous institution determined to lead its students down a path to success.

April Calendar

A Palooza of Talent

compiled by Monica Roque

by Elizabeth Jektyan & Irene Harutyunyan





Sat., April 6 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Universal Studios

ASB Elections

Wed., April 10 Lunch

Outside Basketball Courts

Spring Music Show

Thurs., April 11 Per. 5 & 6, 6:00 PM

Hernandez Hall

Armenian Cultural Show

Fri., April 12 Per. 4 & 6

Hernandez Hall

CST Exams (English, Math, Science, & Social Studies)

Tue., April 16 Mon., April 29


Folklorico Primavera Show

Fri., April 19 Per. 5 & 6, 7:00 PM

Hernandez Hall

CST Exams Make-up

Fri., April 26 & Mon., April 29


Fri., April 26 all day

Hernandez Hall

Alliance 4 Climate Celebration

On Thursday, March 21st, Talent. This event brought together 2012, the Junior Leadership class the amazing artistic skills of Bravo hosted our very first Bravo Palooza students and showed that they not from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. During only had the brains, but hidden talents this event, Bravo’s annual talent as well. Latin Jazz Band kicked off show was held at Hernandez Hall. the show with an ensemble that had Bravo Palooza, held at the the audience at their feet, followed by outside basketball courts, was made Folklorico’s upbeat cultural dance. A touching duet by spectacular by the Monica Roque (’13) food trucks and and Elton Zhou stands that spread (’13) brought back across the area. The childhood memories aromas of the Fri of Disney’s Smith Truck, the “Aladdin” as the ice cream truck, and crowd sang along. the burrito and taco The performances stand lured hungry mentioned here are crowds before and only a snapshot of after the talent show a lengthy list of as well as during Photo Credit / Monica Roque extremely talented parent conferences. It was the first time that acts that consisted of everything from Bravo Medical Magnet had hosted hip hop dancing to duets and solos. This year’s Bravo Palooza an event like this. Despite the and talent show really proved expectations, many people showed up for some food and fun. The Bravo that greatness exists in our Palooza proved to be a success. school. Let’s wait and see what Nearly upstaging the next year’s show will reveal! Palooza, however, was Bravo’s Got





APRIL 5, 2013


Get to Know the Royals of Prom Court interviews by Karl Pascasio

PAULINE BANTAYAN 1. “I wanted to run for prom court because I wanted to be the very best prom queen that no one ever was. Jokes aside, I wanted to do something memorable before I ended my high school career.” 2. “Although I see myself living a comfortable lifestyle with a stable income, what I want most of all is to be happy.”

2. “I see myself coming home from my job as a physical therapist to have my kids begging me to take them to the park and my wife taking my coat and asking me about my day.”

ELIZABETH ALCALA 1. “I am running for Prom Queen because I didn’t have a Quinceanera. I’m Mexican and that’s supposed to be really important. So yeah, I need that fairy tale moment in my life.” 2. “I see myself living in Chicago with a good career and a family.”

1. Why are you running for Prom Court? 2. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

OMAR SARREAL 1. “I ran to make my girlfriend happy.” 2. “I try not to think about the future, but I could see myself with my own home a job and maybe even a wife.”

KEVIN MARTINEZ 1. “I knew it would make the night of prom and the days leading up to it all the more exciting.”

AMY GUERRA 1. “It would be a great experience to share with Erik, my boyfriend. I also ran for my mom. If I do win, I would have won the title in her honor. ”

ANGELINA MEDINILLA 1. “I really wanted to end senior year with a bang and I think running for Prom Queen is one way. Even if I don’t win, it would be one nice memory.”

2. “I wish to be happily married. I plan to have completed my PhD in Communication Studies.”

2. “I plan to be successful and have a career in the medical field.”

MONIQUE ANDRIES 1. “People told me I should run and I thought it would be a good way to end senior year.” 2. “I see myself with a family and maybe a career in television.”

EMMANUEL MONTANEZ 1. “I ran for Prom Court because it has always been a dream of mine to be my high schools Prom King.” 2. “In 20 years, I see myself happily married living in a nice home, working as a registered nurse and being a father of 2-3 children. And hosting many amazing parties of course!”

GIANFRANCO ABREGO 1. “I ran because I know a lot of people and I’m very friendly. My brother won Prom King at his school and I wanted to follow his footsteps. ”

ERIK CONTRERAS 1. “I wanted to do something that I would remember in old age so I can retell it as a story. I’d like to win with Amy, my girlfriend.”

2. “I see myself involved in music like rapping, producing, and teaching on the side.”

2. “I see myself happily married with the love of my life and working as a registered nurse with two children.”

WASC Evaluates Bravo Medical Magnet High School by Karl Pascasio On Sunday, March 17, 2013, WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) paid a visit to Bravo Medical Magnet High School to accredit the achievements and the quality of education our school promotes. The WASC team interviewed a select number of students on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 to gather their opinions of Bravo. “It was nice

giving our feedback to the WASC members and showing them a student’s point of view,” says Elihu Rodriguez (’13). Sophomore Cedric Bonsol who marked, “It was a great experience to promote Bravo’s academics, but it was also nice to express some of my concerns.” WASC underwent a full evaluation of the school, from observing classes and obtaining

opinions from students, teachers, and staff. The organization encourages improvement and recognizes schools that meet an acceptable level of quality education. Hopefully, this WASC visit will lead to the accreditation of Bravo Medical Magnet as a continuing high academic institution.


APRIL 5, 2013





Sung Ho Kim: Student Entrepreneur by Carmina Paz

A passion to create something for society and the will to take bold risks is what strove Sung Ho Kim (’13) to design sh-streetwear. The clothing brand has grown popular among Bravo students and will hopefully gain more success outside the walls of our high school. Many of Kim’s T-shirt and sweater designs inspire originality and creativity with slogans such as “slightly human” and “find your tribe.” I decided to interview Kim on his successful launch. 1. Who or what inspired you to start your own clothing line? “It’s a long story, but I think the rebellious side of me was my inspiration. As an Asian kid, I was expected to get straight A’s and become a doctor. Every time I wanted to do something new that was out of line, I would have to overcome all these different obstacles, so most of the time, I just gave up. At the same time, I was earning money from my first job. I would go out and buy new clothes and shoes. I realized that most of the brands that I would [purchase] did more than just sell their clothes. They inspired people to live life. They would collaborate with various creative people. I thought it was pretty cool. Then I thought to

myself, ‘What if I made my own clothing line?’ The day finally came when I stood up and told my parents that I wanted to find my own talent before it was too late. Obviously, they did not accept this [because] their only son [would be ‘wasting’] his time. [I didn’t give up, though,] because I strongly believed that this was what I really wanted to do: be successful. In the end, they gave in and shstreetwear was born. This may sound like I just want my wallet to be fat, but [what I really want is to encourage] people to stand up against whatever they need to and what they are truly passionate about.”

permanent. I thought of several silly names such as The Behemoth, The Golem, and Kool Krew. One day, I read this interview on Bobby Hundreds, one of the co-founders of renowned clothing brand, The Hundreds. In it, Bobby says, ‘Stussy was the first, genuine streetwear brand because he built something that combined all sorts of lifestyle elements and its subcultures.’ He defined the streetwear part of my brand and sh are my initial.”

now. I can think of one special person I [really] want to thank: Mr. Ota. Thank you for everything–for your valuable speeches and life lessons. Thank you for choosing my Steven Ly Scholarship logo. I think that was the first time I felt like I had some useful skills. If you hadn’t picked my design that day, I probably wouldn’t have created shstreetwear. To everybody else, do what you are truly passionate about. Try to find your talent regardless of what other people think or say. In the end, this is your life.”

3. Is sh-streetwear meant for a certain crowd? “My clothing line is meant for everybody. One of my purposes of making this brand is to inspire people who sit around and do nothing to go out and find their own talent. I’m not saying that I have found my talent yet, but if I 2. How did you come up with the can do something, why can’t they?” name sh-streetwear? “I think this was one of the 4. Anything else you would like to hardest parts when establishing this say? brand. I knew I had to be careful with “I want to thank all my teachers [its] naming because it would become for helping me become who I am right

Follow Sung Ho Kim’s clothing brand on Twitter: @shstreetwear

Bravo Junior Takes First Place in SRLA Division of LA ASICS Marathon by Daisy Flores

On Sunday, March 17, 2013, more than 3,000 members of SRLA (Students Run Los Angeles) ran the annual LA ASICS Marathon which consisted of 26.2 miles. The course began at the LA Dodger stadium and marked its finish line at Santa Monica Pier. Among these inspiring runners was Bravo Knight Arturo Arevalo (’14), who successfully completed his first marathon in two hours and fifty-six minutes and finished first place in SRLA.

Arturo was overcome with joy at his achievement and in disbelief of what he has accomplished, but he truly believes that anyone with determination can run a marathon. It was hours, weeks, and months of exhausting training that led him to his success. Undoubtedly, he accomplished his goal; to finish the marathon. He hopes that more runners will participate in this annual event, an experience that he and others can agree will long live in one’s memory.

Knights and Dames Ballot Nominate the seniors that best suit each category. Replies must be turned in to room 312 on or before Friday, April 12, 2013. Those who do not submit a ballot shall have no say in the matter. Results will appear in the May Vital Signs issue.

______________ & ______________ for Knight and Dame of the Realm ______________ & ______________ for Knight and Dame of Bravery ______________ & ______________ for Knight and Dame of Sport Valor ______________ & ______________ for Knight and Dame of Best Eyes ______________ & ______________ for Knight and Dame of Artistry ______________ & ______________ for Romeo and Juliet ______________ & ______________ for Court Jesters

“What inspired me to achieve such accomplishment was the support from my family, friends, SRLA, and my amazing coaches, Mr. Russell and Ms. Bracamonte.” -Arturo Arevalo (‘14)

Curry House Restaurant Review by Monica Roque

Thank goodness for the Indian-British-Japanese cultural interaction that made this restaurant possible! Curry, a sauce containing a blend of over thirty quality spices including cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg, is commonly served alongside vegetables, meat, or rice. At Curry House, this Indian dish is given a Japanese twist as it is served with steamed rice, noodles, or in bread. With locations throughout Southern California, Curry House strives to share this delicious fusion of cultures and prove that this simple home-cooked meal can be

transformed into to a remarkable, almost gourmet, dining experience. I’d only heard of curry in passing, but I had never thought to try it until now. It was a decision that opened my senses to a whole new world of flavors. I first ordered chicken katsu curry, which consists of a breaded and deep-fried chicken breast laid upon a bed of warm white rice and a pool of curry sauce arranged in a deep plate. To no surprise, this dish totally won me over with its perfect medley of tastes and textures. As someone who dislikes spiciness, | see CURRY HOUSE, page 4 |




APRIL 5, 2013


| CURRY HOUSE, from page 3 | I was glad I had the option of choosing from mild, medium, and hot curry (clearly, I opted for mild). Ever thoughtful, Curry House also provides an “Extra Hot” and “Super Hot” spice option for those masochistic thrill seekers who want to burn off their taste buds and end up in the hospital. In addition to these spice choices were the types of meat to pair the curry with (beef, chicken, seafood, and mixed vegetables) as well as multigrain brown rice, pilaf rice, soup, salad, and spaghetti side dishes. The menu included everything from Japanese-style Chili Shrimp and Spinach Spaghetti to curry


rice wrapped in an omelette. After enjoying an impeccable meal, it was only right to complete my experience with dessert. At Curry House, there exists an alternate dimension where one can indulge in decadent sweets without putting on the pounds. This is all thanks to their calorie-smart approach to crafting a delightful dessert with healthy ingredients such as tofu, green tea, and sweet potato. As a lover of cheesecake (and a hater of excess fat) I was drawn to the concept of having a tofu-infused cheesecake. I expected something light, airy, and refreshing, and this was exactly what I got.

After being wowed by this dessert, I was compelled to try all the others, but I restrained myself and promised that I would try these on my next few visits to Curry House. To view a full menu, go to, or better yet, visit a restaurant near you. With such a diverse menu, it’s no wonder that Curry House restaurants across California are constantly crowded with hungry customers come lunch and dinnertime.

Evolving from Knights to College Students by Miriam Ifegwu

There comes a time when Bravo students strip off their knightly armor to become enveloped in their college identities. For seniors, that time has arrived. This year, a handful of Bravo High School students have gotten accepted to the most prestigious universities including MIT, Princeton, and Yale. Here are some testimonials from students who have earned admission to exceptional schools across the nation.

Brian Jhee (’13)

Angelica Gil (’13)

What advice would you give juniors about the waiting experience? “I got admitted to UCI and UCSD. From the eight colleges that I have applied to, I have decided to attend UCSD. Through my experience with this whole process, my advice to juniors is to apply to as many colleges as you can. Don’t stress about which colleges you are going to be admitted/rejected to because as long as you stay motivated, you can achieve many things in life, regardless of which college you attend.”

Amy Guerra

How do you feel about your acceptances?

What advice would you give seniors dealing with rejection letters?

“I got into UCR under the Guaranteed Admissions Program, the Early Action for Mt. Saint Mary’s, and Early Decision for Grinnell College through the POSSE Foundation. I was definitely excited to hear from these schools because I knew I had a spot reserved somewhere in case I didn’t get into my other schools. When I got Grinnell’s acceptance call I was shocked, but also very happy and grateful.”

“I was accepted to CSULA, CSUF, CSULB, Cal Poly Pomona, Illinois Wesleyan University, UCSC, UCD, UCSB, UCSD, and UCLA. I am incredibly happy that I was accepted into UCLA. The last few hours of waiting at my computer were nerve-wrecking, but in the end, I felt that sense of relief telling me the long wait was finally over.”

“I’ve been accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UCSD, UCSC, UCD, Cal State Northridge, and University of San Francisco as of now. Don’t let College Prowler and U.S. ranking determine the college you should go to; visit and see which one is right for you and see if you can afford it. Be hopeful. Don’t be saddened by rejections, there’s probably a reason that college wasn’t a good fit for you. You never know what college you’ll get into.”

Daisy Flores Editor

Monica Roque

Miriam Ifegwu

Maria Guillen

Carmina Paz

Karl Pascasio

Vito Perez

Hannah Contreras

Cynthia Valadez


Managing Editor Photographer-in-Chief Editor

Anee Davtyan Editor

Editor Editor Editor Editor

Fahmida Faiza (’13)

What colleges did you get accepted into?



Eridian Estrada Ramos (’13)

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