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VITAL SIGNS Friday, May 23, 2014


Journalism Class of 2014 Goodbye

Mr. Larsen Retires


S c i e n c e programs and teams give their final hurrah.

by Jesus Javier Serrano

by Hannah TM Contreras & Oziel Palma

Photo Credit: Naira Agaronyan From left to right: Priscilla Romero, Cintia Bonifacio, Kimberly Parada, Pamela Ruiz, Tatev Sarkissyan, Genesis Angulo, Jesus Javier Serrano, Meri Mak, Roman Hernandez, Hannah TM Contreras, Martin Gomez, Sharon Kim, Rimon Hossain, Dulce Morales, Oziel Palma, Mohini Lavin, Adrian Rodriguez, Melanie Sobri, and Cristina Aguilera. Carissa Salazar and Siboney Arias not shown.

After a long but gratifying year of delivering you our very own monthly issues of Vital Signs Newspaper, the Journalism Class of 2014 would like to say adieu! Day after day, week after week, we have dedicated our time, energy, and goodlooking-selves toward covering topics and issues that impact & influence students, parents, staff, and the surrounding community. From quirky plays to student research and even

ridiculously enthusiastic interviews, we would like to thank everyone who, in turn, gave us their time in helping us service the school. After serving four years from free-lance journalist to the present, Editor-inChief, Hannah Contreras, commented,“It was an honor writing for the Journalism class and Mr. Rodriguez. I look forward to being able to write for college newspapers while doing a Dual Baccalaureate at Wellesley

Farewell to Seniors by Genesis Angulo What a year! As Seniors, we approach the end of our final year of high school, free public education, and mandatory schooling. Ironic, isn’t it? Most of us wanted to graduate high school since we were kindergarteners. Bitterly, we rode through more than a decade of enduring tough teachers, long days, and short vacations, with one destination in mind that seemed too good to be true: graduating high school. For most, the public education system was something we knew we wouldn’t miss. We were sure we would throw our caps high in the air in celebration of finally escaping the prison we knew as school. Finally, the year came. Pushing up our sleeves, we got to work; we applied for our dream schools, passed our classes, and received the most important letters of our

lives. We celebrated with our friends, and reassured our parents we were going to bigger and better places. For many, the year zoomed by; yet, we remember every moment of it, especially the highlights, such as the first day of senior year, senior picnic, prom, etc. Looking back, we can truly see how far we’ve come. The same students, who only thirteen years ago could barely spell their names or understand the concept of addition, are now graduating high school with flying colors. Other students blew people away with their skills in music, dance, art, etc. And some brought home trophies and glory for Bravo. Now, the time has come. Countdowns have begun, and with every passing day, another mark is made on the calendar. To the delight of many, the end of school is coming. And yet, for most

College (Biochemistry Major) and MIT (Theoretical Mathematics Major). Farewell to all and to all a good knight.” We hope you enjoyed this 2013-2014 school year through the eyes, ears, and pens of our class and that you keep tabs on incoming monthly issues. Thank you from the Journalism Class of 2014.


Get to know the faces of Class of ‘14’ top 10 ranking students.


The Nerd Herd of Bravo has gained some major recognition throughout Bravo history and academic society over the recent years. Sadly, Mr. Larsen, one of our eldest members will be leaving us this year. He has been a teacher not only for AP Biology but has also served as a coach for both Science Bowl and Ocean Bowl team members, mainly focusing on Biology. “It has been fun these 38 years of teaching. (Including my time of teaching in Lincoln Medical Magnet),” Mr. Larsen said. Thus, as a sign of acknowledgement and gratitude for all his efforts, hard work, and dedication we wish him well on his retirement. Photo Credit:Jesus Javier Serrano

Mr. Dwyer Retires by Martin Gomez

Catch dancing fever with a review on the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance


Bravo Seniors await the bottom of the food chain at their future colleges.


Want to join a sports team? Look up tryout dates today!


FIFA World Cup in Brazil awakens soccer fans for a footshowdown.


Got summer break on the brain? We do!

throughout his career. After 23 years of hard work, diligence, and integrity, Mr. Dwyer has decided it was time to leave Bravo and retire, making the 20132014 school year his last as a high school teacher. Why did you choose to retire and what will you miss the most? “I reached an age where I feel like I’ve done my best. I think it’s time I get out and allow the younger generation to come and offer a fresh perspective… You guys are entitled to the best and a new teacher could relate to your generation more than I can…I’ll miss the students dearly, my colleagues, the comradery, and walking down these familiar halls.”

of us, our educational journey does not stop here. Though tired and strained from years of relentless school, we do not quit. The idea of not moving on to a higher education is almost unthinkable. For most For the last 23 years, of us, this journey was not one we made alone. For the Mr. Dwyer has taught vast majority of us, we cross mathematics at Francisco this finish line, not just for us, Bravo Medical Magnet but for the family we have High School. He has taught that never made it close. For Algebra 2, Math Analysis, Photo Credit: Martin Gomez some, this diploma that we Geometry, and Algebra 1 will soon hold in our hands is the first to bear our family name, the first to enter our by Roman Hernandez What When Where family homes, and is the first step to a dream our parents Senior Awards Fri., May 23 Lecture Hall 5-6 PM had a long, long time ago. Fri., May 23 Cafeteria Know that while you may Senior Barbecue 6-9 PM cross the stage alone, you will Film Festival Thurs., May 29 Lecture Hall certainly not be lonely. 3:15-5 PM Well, it is time to say our Fri., Jun. 6 Pasadena Civic good-byes. Have a wonderful Senior Graduation Auditorium 6-8 PM summer and may you have a Leave: Sat., Jun. 7, 8AMGrad Night Disneyland bright future.

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by Siboney Arias The Engineering for Health Academy has had, to say the least, an eventful year. However, in the Seniors’ stead, the Junior class has just recently been offerred an opportunity to participate in an internship through the Summer High School Advance Research Program (SHSARP). Not only will these student researchers be immersed in a professional laboratory setting but it also serves as a preview for next year’s competetive labs. Simon Chow, Yazil Aquino, Atrianne Dolom, Ajmir Khan, Marvin Vestil, and Andrew Valenzuela were accepted and anxiously await the start of their new journies. Meanwhile, EHA Seniors have successfully ended their year and now in their wake, they leave their potential for the preceding years to live up to. It is up to them to follow the good examples set by the seniors.

Photo Credit:Cintia Bonifacio

EHA New End and Beginning

From left to right: Ajmir Khan, Marvin Vestil, Yazil Aquino, and Andrew Valenzuela.

Q: What do you expect to learn from the internship? “I expect to learn how to act within a lab setting and correctly perform research related to engineering.” -Andrew Valenzuela

“I expect to learn how to deal with people in the professional world. Not only are you working with adults, you are surrounded by them, and that gives you a feel of “I expect to learn what it how you should conduct takes in a real, stress-induced yourself. ”-Simon Chow environment. I’ll expect to learn how to use the latest “This internship will not only technology at my disposal show me how to perform in order to solve complex research and analyze data, problems.”-Martin Vestil but it will teach me how to be a better student. SHSARP “I want to gain experience will personally allow me from working in professional to enhance my lab and labs and cooperate with collaboration skills, which experienced mentors and will be of great use in college scholars. Also, I expect to courses when the professor hone my skills as a future assigns group projects.” engineer.”-Ajmir Khan -Yazil Aquino

GMOs are Second Nature to Humans by Mohini Lavin


Photo Credit: ben

According to, 60% to 70% of processed foods on U.S grocery shelves have genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. However, little do most people know that most companies do not label genetically modified ingredients in their products, from fruits & vegetables to the common dairy product, which have the potential to cause cancer or other diseases. “This technology is a onetrick pony,” says George Kimbrell, an attorney at the Center for Food Safety, “They don’t help us feed the world, they don’t fight climate change, and they don’t help us better the environment. They just increase pesticides and herbicides. That’s what they do.” Instead, genetically modified crops are designed to resist herbicides, which, in turn, cause glyphosateresistant “super weeds” to grow, which leads to more herbicides being

sprayed. Thus, becoming a vicious, never-ending cycle of more herbicides and stronger weeds, which then contaminates the air, water, and soil. The Monsanto Company, thought to be a perpetrator of being inhumane to nature, is one of the main companies selling genetically modified seeds worldwide. Nearby farmers complained about the weeds being so strong, that they would break their harvesting machines. “Spray more,” the company proposed in an attempt to make GE crops resistant to multiple herbicides. Farmers are prompted to spray three or four different herbicides at the same time in the hopes that at least one of the modes of action will still work. It’s a strategy that’s comparable to pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out,” according to Pesticide Policy Expert, Charles Benbrook.




ed Cr







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Bravo’s Chemical Legacy by Jesus Javier Serrano

On April 12, 2014, the Southern California American Chemical Society (SCALACS) hosted its very first Chemistry Bowl competition at Pasadena City College. With several colleges listed as probable competitors, only four colleges (UCLA, Pasadena City College, Los Angeles City College, and Cal Lutheran) attended the event. SCALACS administrators offered Bravo’s Nerdy Team an opportunity to compete. And, thus, former Bravo alumni, Zack Markos and Allen Situ, joined the high school Chem Bowl team just because they could, along with current students, Kevin Tat (15’), Cody Lim(15’), and Wayne Fong(15’). In fact, Bravo obtaining a spot in the competition was decided two days prior to the day of the competition. So, this being the first year that Chem Bowl has taken place there was nothing to expect or to prepare for competition. The only thing that was known about this event was that this was a, “team competition in the areas of

spectroscopy, lab bench challenges, a relay obstacle course, and chemistry j e o p a r d y, ” ( S C A L A C S UCLA webpage) where the top three overall teams in chemistry jeopardy competed for the Chem Bowl trophy, which was a huge Erlenmeyer flask. After a long day of lab work and a physical workout with the obstacle course, Bravo came in second place overall in the morning rounds and first place in the simple Voltaic Lab Competition, which brought them to compete with UCLA and Cal Lutheran. Luckily, Bravo had the help of two former Bravo alumni college students, so they had no trouble buzzing in easy points. Thus, after buzzing with the top two colleges, Bravo obtained t h e Erlenmeyer flask and the 1st place title for this year’s regional. The Nerd Herd of Bravo has done a great job in representing the school and to the two college students that made it possible to win.

STAR Legacy

by Priscilla Romero & Pamela Ruiz The USC Science “This two-year program Technology and Research has broadened my index (STAR) Partnership Program of lab procedures and has at Bravo works to provide exposed me to different students with hands-on branches of the scientific research projects and allows field. I believe this exposure them to interact with post has been essential to my graduate researchers. After career goals and intellectual two years of dedication, development.” STAR Seniors culminate 3. Shapatur Badhon (‘14) their program and move on “One high school student to their prospective colleges, never really knows how where, hopefully, they will paltry he/she is in the pool be able to put their skills to of knowledge until he/she the test.Without a doubt we will see great projects out of them. How have these two years helped you grow? 1. Rosa Argueta (‘14) “I’ve learned scientific vocabulary, how to communicate better findings, and about the process that requires [one] to undergo a research study under public health.” 2. Manisha Sajnani (‘14)

is surrounded by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, working on the same project together. As a motivated learner, I am constantly trying to better myself to level with my coworkers. Although I cannot possibly be like them, I have grown exponentially in knowledge and behavior and I hope to continue striving to make myself better.”

Photo Credit: Pamela Ruiz




Friday, May 23, 2014 - P3


Getting to Know Our Top Ten by Carissa Salazar

Since their freshman year, many seniors have worked hard day and night studying for tests, losing sleep over homework, and trying to balance all their extracurricular activities in between. Now that class rankings have been submitted, we can finally acknowledge the Top 10 Knights for their commitment and dedication to school. We asked them the following questions to get to know a little about who they are:

#1 – Thanh Tran 1.“Yale University.” 2.“Trainwreck!” 3.“I really enjoy running all around L.A., watching Korean dramas, and listening to music.”

#5 – Manisha Sajnani 1.“USC! Fight on!” 2.“Fulfilling.” 3.“Ballet,Netflix,and shopping!”

#2 – Philbert Mach 1.“UCLA.” 2.“Sweg.” 3.“I travel across the land, searching far and wide, every subject to understand the power that’s inside.” #3 – Angel Martinez 1.“UCSD, Tritons all day, everday!” 2.“Eventful.” 3.“I like to play soccer, volleyball, and hang out with the money team!”

1. What college have you committed to? 2.Describe your high school experience in one word. 3. What do you like to do in your free time?

# 4 – Jose Flores 1.“UCLA.” 2.“Enriched.” 3.“Watch movies, cartoons, TV shows, and play soccer and basketball.”

# -Samantha Murphy-Solano 1.“Columbia University.” 2.“Awful.” 3.“Watch every possible TV series.” #7 – Carolina Martinez 1.“Dartmouth College.” 2.“#ctc.” 3.“In my free time, I like bothering my friends by sending them an excessive amount of snapchats.”

2014 Gates Millennium Scholars by Roman Hernandez As the year comes to an end, Seniors have already made their decisions on what college they will attend to start a new educational path. As we all know, college is expensive, and, as a result, thousands of students have been applying for numerous scholarships in order to have a chance to save some money. The Gates Millennium Scholarship is one of the most famous and toughest awards to be acquired due to a plethora of people that apply yearly. This year, Jackie Lopez and Angel Martinez were named recipients of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Jackie Lopez, Bravo’s ASB President and cross country runner, was notified of this news on April 16, and described the event as “one of the happiest moments of [her] life.” She would like to thank her family, mentors, and friends for always being there when help was needed and leading her to success. She described the moment as feeling “surreal” and knew that it was a “life changing moment.” Jackie Lopez will be moving to Washington D.C. and attending George Washington University this Fall, 2014. Jackie has been a tremendous student who has also participated in Leadership and track & field, and has volunteered

#8 – Viraj Bhakta 1.“UCLA baby! Go Bruins!” 2.“FUN!” 3.“Practice Tae Kwon Do, sing/dance, [and] sleep!” #9 – Jennifer Vasquez 1.(Private.) 2.“Okay.” 3.“Read[ing],write[ing], and shopping.” Photo Credit: Roman Hernandez

#10 – Lauren Lam 1.“UCLA.” 2.“Stress.” 3.“Eat, watch anime, exercise, and go on Tumblr.”

hundreds of hours in order to to college and continue on give back to her community. a new journey elsewhere. Angel Martinez, Varsity Again, congratulations to Soccer/Junior Varsity our student winners ! Volleyball player, also was taken aback by the news of the scholarship. Aside from being an avid athlete, by Dulce Morales he is an active participant in MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement). He plans on contributing his scholarship towards an engineeringgeared education. Thanks to this scholarship, Angel has made the decision to become a Triton and attend the University of California, San Diego. Angel stated, Sophomore(‘17) “This could not have been possible if it weren’t for my President Perla Leon mother who will always be Vice-President Katherine Le with me and for my mentor, Treasurer Ashley Medina Skye Moon.” Venice Malaban Both of these students, Secretary like many, will soon leave

Photo Credit: Carissa Salazar

ASB Elections

Junior(‘16) Lesly Monsalve

Senior(‘15) Elianet Romero

ASB Eddie Estrada

Candy Chavez

Emely Sanchez

Kenneth Sanchez

Natalie Ruiz

Sandy Bustamente

Stacy Pozuelos

Erika Gonzalez

Valerie Olivares

Jacqueline Ramirez

Photo Credits: Dulce Morales




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A Night at Gatsby’s by Meri Mak

On May 16th, Bravo took a journey back to the glitzy, glamorous, and energyfueled era known as the “Roaring Twenties” with the annual Sadie Hawkin’s Dance, themed after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, on May16th, 2014. Sadie’s stretches back to the late 1930’s in which female students invite male students to the dance, contrary to the long-established custom. The dance is now an annual Bravo tradition, marking the last dance of the year and the beginning of the end of a high school adventure for many Bravo Seniors. Every year, the last dance is held on Bravo’s parking lot rooftop, where students dance under the open night sky and are surrounded by the city lights on the horizon. Everyone was dressed for a very Gatsby-esque party. The ladies sported

short, sweet dresses with strings of layered pearls as well as feathered, sparkling headbands. Some opted to fully immerse themselves within the theme by wearing actual flapper dresses with layered fringes. Meanwhile, the gentlemen looked wellpolished in their classic suits and ties. The freshmen hosts also kept the festivities going by selling Krispy Kreme donuts and slices of pizza for a dollar while guests had the unique opportunity of taking Polaroid photos with friends for three dollars, keeping with a blast-from-the-past mood. The continuous, up-beat music kept everyone on their toes and made for a very energetic crowd as they danced the night away. You couldn’t dance without brushing elbows with someone since the rooftop was so crowded, and if you

stood still, you could feel the ground shaking beneath your feet. A disco ball threw out shots of rainbow lights into the crowd, and a smoke machine emitted a light fog. No doubt, many were dancing with the thought that this was the last dance of the year, and they wanted to commemorate it by making it their best one ever. As the echoes of the last song began to ebb away, the guests danced until the very last moment. When the dance drew to a close at 11:00 PM, people began to make for the staircase exit, but the energy was still high. For many, Sadie’s marked the first of many dances to come in the following years, but for the Senior class, it was a final hurrah: a last celebration of friends, good times, and great memories.

Folklorico Extravaganza

Trash in Your Flashdrive

by Cintia Bonifacio

As a celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Folklorico wowed audiences with their annual show on May 2, 2014 in Hernandez Hall. The extravaganza also had special appearances from Dance Unlimited and Bravo’s Latin Jazz Band, making it an even greater performance. Wearing traditional multicolored skirts, Folklorico kicked off the show with “Vuela Paloma” and danced to various traditional songs from Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and Jalisco. Their performance was breathtaking as they performed a cultural dance from Veracruz, which consisted of balancing lit candles above their head, and followed through with songs such as: “Jarabe Tapatio”, “Toro Mambo”, “Novillo Despuntado,”and “Vaquilla.” Dance Unlimited made an entrance with a more modern style of Latin American songs. Their quick-paced movements in their Latin couples, Banda, and Latin beat performances had the crowd moving along to the beat. Bravo’s

own Latin Jazz Band also made a great appearance. Rossely R. (’14), Dayana L. (‘14), and Gustavo Z. (’16) sang “Lloraras”, “Coco May May”, and “Ran Kan Kan” with an instrumental, upbeat

Photo credits: Meri Mak

by Jesus Javier Serrano

vibe. Congratulations to Folklorico, Dance Unlimited, and Latin Jazz Band for an amazing performance this year! The Cinco de Mayo celebration was amazing and unforgettable.

Photo Credit: Lily Hernandez

The school year is almost over and our schoolwork is at its peak during finals week. So, it’s no coincidence that you may be using a school computer to work on your English, Math, Science, or extracurricular projects that are due the next period. But, if you are one of the unlucky ones, then you might notice a problem when you try to open a file from your flash drive, and the problem is not procrastination. The real problem that has been spreading around in student’s flash drives is a virus. A scrummy little Trojan virus hidden in a file called, “.Trashes” is infecting every single student’s flash drive on Bravo’s campus. This sneaky .vbe program hides in a computer and waits for a flash drive. Once connected, the virus goes into the flash drive and distorts the pointers of all the files in the flash drive. This means that your files are lost and turned into simple shortcuts that open nothing. However, do not worry! This does not mean that your data has been deleted or corrupted; it just means that it’s lost and that you need

to rewrite the target. In other words, find it. But if you’re not a techy or don’t know a close friend who is a techy, don’t go running to the Geek Squad or format your flash drive just yet. When asked about how to prevent the virus, Mr. Sinclair, Bravo’s ISIS/Technology coordinator, and Mr. Rodriguez, noted that, “The virus has spread with the use of flash drives. It did not originate from a computer, but rather from a student’s flash drive. Once in a computer, it waits for a host flash drive to connect in order to infect. But, there is a simple solution to stop this virus. The simplest method to avoid being infected is to restart the computer that you are going to use. All of the school’s computers have a program called deepfreeze and it is thanks to this program that no files saved in the computer stay in the computer after a shutdown. So restarting the computer will surely delete the virus from the computer.” If you are infected, there is no need to panic; there are helpful school teachers that are willing to help. Bravo is working on a solution to permanently block this virus.



Welcoming a New Freshman Year

by Sharon Kim The Seniors of 2014 are graduating in less than a month, which means they only have that much time to enjoy their high school life. They had entered high school as Freshmen, about to spend the next four years with the same people in the same school. Now, when August comes this year, they will return to being Freshmen, the only difference being that they are now college Freshmen and must work their way up back to the top of the ladder. With acceptance/rejection letters cheered/mourned over and enrollment confirmation decided, the only thing left to do is wait. Many students may be unsure what to do in college. Here are some handy tips brought to you by the Huffington Post about how to get through your first year in college.

Graduation Speech & Song Tryouts by Carissa Salazar

As the school year comes to an end with graduation just around the corner, preparations for the ceremony have been the topic of conversation among many seniors. “Who is singing the class song?” and “Who is going to be our class speaker?” are questions frequently pondered upon and asked, but finally, after screening through applications and listening to auditions, the board has made their decisions. The class speakers of the 2013-2014 school year are none other Viraj Bhakta and Valerie Rios who will curate the English and Spanish speeches, respectively. Singing the class song, “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, is Anasazi Coronel and performing the national anthem is Latin Jazz Band’s Rossely Robleto. There are high hopes that these students will deliver extraordinary performances to make for a memorable graduation. Congratulations and good luck to you all.


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BRAVO NEWS S a y hello to communal showers; dorming students share a bathroom with other students so be prepared.

G e t along with your roommate, no matter how strange he/she may be and set boundaries.

B e fit and take advantage of the school gym!

Senior BBQ by Cristina Aguilera

Take notes on lectures and participate in class. Write down important exam dates and ask for other students’ contact info.

Don’t freak out if your major is undecided. Most schools don’t require you to pick a major during Freshman year.

Most i m p o r t a n t l y, BREATHE. These are the best four years of your life.

Y o u might feel pressure to drink in college. Choosing to drink is a personal decision and, you might be surprised to find how many college students don’t drink.

As the year comes to a close, it is time for the Senior class to gather one last time before graduation and enjoy each other’s company at the annual Senior BBQ held in Bravo’s cafeteria on Friday, May 23rd, from 6:00 p.m.9:00 p.m. This year, the Senior class will bring a tropical vibe with its Hawaiian Luau theme; so bring your Hawaiianflowered shirts, grass hula skirts, coconut bras (illadvised) and of course, the Photo Credit: popular Haku head Lei.

Photo Credit:

The Senior BBQ will serve delicious BBQ ribs, and following that the award ceremony will take place. The Senior BBQ will surely be a very commemorative event where a slideshow of senior moments will be shown, the senior panoramic picture given, and hopefully, the yearbook given– if it gets to school on time. Don’t miss out on this memorable event and purchase your ticket now at the student store for $15 dollars. Aloha!

Coping with Goodbyes by Priscilla Romero & Pamela Ruiz

Not only has the most anticipated day for all seniors arrived, but also with it, piles of friendships throughout these four years at Bravo. Sadly, not it is time to say goodbye. Time does not dictate how great a friend can change our daily lives; all we can do is enjoy the last moments together and wish each other the best. Even though Seniors are glad to be moving on with their goals in life, it brings great tears to our eyes to say goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2014. 1. How long have you known each other? 2.What will you miss the most about each other? 3.How will you guys keep in touch? 4.What would you name your group?

Photo Credit: Pamela Ruiz

1.“We’ve known each other for four years.” 2. “What we will miss the most is spending time with each other during nutrition and lunch.” 3.“We will stay connected through social media, but most of us will attend the same university.” 4. “Pretty Unique.” 1.“Througout the years our group has grown.” 2.“We will keep in contact through social media and most of us will attend CSUN.” 3.“Now that we’re going to college, everything will be different and harder to keep in touch with.” 4.“Thicker than a Snickers.” 1.“We’ve known each other for two to four years.” 2.“We will miss the fact that we see each other everyday, the bus rides, senior days, [and] banquets.” 3.“We will come back to practice again for team bonding.” 4.“Ohana.”




Friday, May 23, 2014 - P6


College Advice for Juniors

Freshman Orientation by Tatev Sarkissyan

Photo Credit:Tatev Sarkissyan

by Rimon Hossain


As one class of Seniors leave, another class of Freshmen enter the doorways of Bravo, ready to begin their “high school experience.” Freshman and parents visited Bravo on April 26th for a preschedule placement test. Upon entry, Freshmen were separated from their parents, and asked to go all the way up to the 5th floor, starting the leg-soreness that Bravo students have learned to sarcastically love. As the students took their tests, parents were provided with delightful morning performances from the Dances girls, Marching Band, and Folklorico and also heard speeches from administration and leadership students regarding future years at

Bravo. After the students finished their tests in math and English, they made their way down to the lobby with their parents for tours guided by current Bravo students. The day ended with enthusiastic parents and eager students going home and awaiting the day they could attend Bravo.

A little less than a year from now, Juniors, you will be making the first big decision of your lives– college. The months ahead can take you wherever you want to go, whether it be an Ivy League, a public 4-year state, or community college. However, it all depends on how much you want to make those dreams a reality. After much contemplation and experience over the college application process, I have concluded that ALL colleges, regardless of prestige or affiliation, look for two things in a college applicant: Can you handle it at their school? Can you contribute to their student body? When colleges mean “handle it,” they are honestly asking if you can manage the

Meme Central

Team Screenings compiled by Adrian Rodriguez Girl’s Basketball

Mon. 6/9/14 9-12 PM

Boy’s Basketball



9-11:30 AM

9-11:30 AM


3-5 PM

3-5 PM




Girl’s Soccer



2-4 PM

2-4 PM

Hazard Park

Boy’s Soccer





Hazard Park



12-3 PM

12-3 PM

Hazard Park






Girl’s Volleyball

12-3 PM

12-3 PM




Boy’s Volleyball Girl’s Softball



12-3 PM 12-3 PM

12-3 PM 12-3 PM

Hazard Park Hazard Park

Girl’s Softball Swim

and, for the most part, accepting population in one of the most interconnected cities in the world. In addition to the automatic plus one, I am talking about your activities, hobbies, interests, and roles in your community, which all pour into who you are. Playing a sport or an instrument for a dedicated time frame indicates commitment and discipline, while holding a leadership position for a club can display a strong will, ambition, and charisma– all characteristics that colleges look for in a student. Take a minute to evaluate what you’ve done throughout high school and then look at stats from the schools that intrigue you. If you like where you stand, spend your summer thinking about getting involved in your community and work on your personal statement. Not satisfied? You have A LOT of time to improve anything lacking in your application. If you ever need any help with planning, be sure to contact me (hossainrimon@ and remember, anything is possible if you want it to happen.

Testing the Test

compiled by Hannah Contreras

Cross Country

workload. No college wants to accept someone who will feel unprepared. College is the next four years of your education where you develop a passion for a specific subject that you wish to pursue as a career. Look into your dream schools and check the average SAT/ ACT scores. As of now, your GPA may be set in stone but your potential test scores can highlight your attributes since these are based on a national curve. To boost your chances of admittance, take two to three SAT Subject Tests in a subject you feel strong in. These, too, are nationally curved tests, but are less difficult than AP exams, making them your ace in the hole. All in all in academics, colleges want to give you admission and showing an academic strong point can help you pass the first check in a college application review process. Colleges are places where students are trained to assimilate into the real world. This may inherently be a win for us because we are able to thrive in a diverse

Tues. 6/10/14 Wed. 6/11/14 Thurs. 6/12/14 9-12 PM -----

* Any questions or concerns, please call Athletic Director, Mr. B. Ota @ 323 227 4416

Location Gym

by Kimberly Parada As spring break reeled in, the Junior class was unexpectedly thrown straight into their testing schedule right for the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Replacing the previously dominant California Standard Test (CST), the assessment is a collaboration between states to develop a collegeand-career ready test. The Smarter Balance test runs under the new standards of the Common Core such as English language, mathematics, and arts/ literature. Bravo’s library and many computer rooms housed many Juniors as they, themselves, were testing the test. With the increasing use of technology in the educational environment, the custom of pencil and paper will soon be substituted by computer screens, keyboards, and

even tablets. Under the circumstances of adapting to a whole new style of testing, the students, who had no previous experience, were exposed to a whole new technique of answering questions. Sara Durini (‘15) described her experience, “I expected it to be better prepared. I feel like the curriculum that teachers were teaching us did not fit.” A fellow Bravo student, Erika Baez (‘15), also described the test as “unorganized and sudden.” Ms. Dypiango, Bravo’s Magnet Coordinator, stated that the main goal of the test was “to test the test, for the new Common Core state standard. In addition, it was [created so that] teachers and students [would know what to] expect for the Common Core testing next year.”




Friday, May 23, 2014 - P7


in a high. Let’s not leave out the plethora of vendors and booths that lined “Artist’s Alley,” displaying artists’ works and vintage comic books, not to mention massive panels of minishoulder-perching dragons, snarky and creative gamer apparel, and art sets for the creative mind. And who could forget the ooh-and-awe inducing cosplay!? With all the colors of spandex and energy-filled fans, WonderCon certainly gave 80’s workout videos a run for their money. Star Wars Rebel Scum happily

Photo Credit: Hannah TM Contreras

From Spaceballs to Spiderman, being outright nerdy was nothing but the norm at Anaheim’s annual WonderCon, April 18-20. Over the span of three days, thousands of people flocked to the Anaheim Convention Center for the local, miniaturized Comic Con: San Diego-version of comic books, action figures, autographs, videogames, and big-screen trailer previews. The more popular attractions? Gathering in what the regulars call, the “Arena” (a first-come, firstserve theatre that houses a screen covering 28,140 sq. ft.), con visitors made haste for an exclusive Q&A and up-close view of movie trailers and their respective directors, actors, and special guests. Arena highlights ranged from watching X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past trailer alongside writer/ producer, Simon Kinberg, and hearing humorous feedback from Maze Runner’s director, Wes Ball, Dylan O’Brien, and respective cast to hearing motion-capture-actinggod, Andy Serkis call an audience member (at request) “a filthy hobbit” in the voice of Lord of the Rings trilogy’s epic character, Gollum, for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Aside from getting sneak-peak previews, WonderCon-ners were able to test out oncoming XBOX and PlayStation videogames as well as play interactive virtual gocart racing/street-fighting among other things, leaving the ultimate gamer

One Family. One Mission. One Word: KIWIN’S. by Melanie Sobri KIWIN’S comes from the Otchipew language and translates to “people, men, and women, working together in service.” KIWIN’S, the 32nd district of Key Club International, is a student-led organization that promotes the development of character and leadership through community service. The perks of joining KIWIN’S Club includes helping students increase their leadership development, exhibit a positively active role in society, have fun

while serving communities, create positive differences to lives in need, and form meaningful and lasting friendships as students journey their way in KIWIN’S. Although Bravo’s KIWIN’S Club finally became chartered in 2013, they officially became a part of the Crystal Division (one of the nine divisions in KIWIN’S). During the 2014 KIWIN’S District Convention, the Crystal Division won the spirit stick

Brazil 2014


by Cristina Aguilera & Adrian Rodriguez

by Hannah Contreras

took action shots with total strangers, along with fellow cosplayer-Ghostbusters, Halo soldiers, WALL-E, the many muscled …and notso-muscled DC Comic and Marvel superheroes, anime characters…you get the picture. So, if you’re looking for a completely natural way of letting your nerd-freak flag fly, WonderCon could be your outlet. Tickets for WonderCon 2015 usually start selling mid-January and its July 2015 Comic Con big-brother starts selling tickets mid-March. For more information, visit

Photo Cre

Wondercon 2014: A Nerd’s Natural Playground

Finally, after four arduous years of waiting, soccer fanatics all over the world will be able to embark in a month-long journey as they accompany their favorite players in their matches at the World Cup. This year, the World Cup will be hosted by none other than Brazil, a renowned country known for its annual Rio Carnaval, samba, and, most importantly, a passion for soccer. Brazil first hosted the World Cup in 1950, although Uruguay was victorious that year, Brazil would come back strong the following years and win 5 World Cup titles, the most any country has won. Every World Cup has an anthem and a mascot. This year, the official song for Brazil 2014 will be “We are One” (Ole Ola), a song with a contagious samba beat, co-produced and written by Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian singer, Claudia Leitte. A three-horned armadillo, characterized by its blue “armor” named Fuleco will be the official mascot of Brazil 2014. Brazil will once again host

the World Cup, promising many soccer fanatics around the world an experience they’ll never forget as they watch undisputable matches where they will fiercely compete against each other in order to qualify for the quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals. Only one national team will be able to emerge victorious and crown themselves the best soccer team in the world! One of the most disputable groups this year is Group G, or the “death group” composed of Germany, Ghana, Portugal, and the U.S.A. The favorites in this tournament are Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and, of course the current champions, Spain. The matches will be played in 12 new stadiums across Brazil, which are located in cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, and its capital, Brasilia. The inauguration match, Brazil vs. Croatia will be played in the Arena de Sao Paulo Maracena, which has a capacity of 49, 896 seats! Get ready!The first game will begin Thursday, June 12, between the home team, Brazil, and Croatia.

through spirit battles, Daniel Lim (’15), a Fairfax student and member of the Crystal Division, was elected KIWIN’S District Governor for the 2014-2015 term, and Bravo’s very own KIWIN’S Club President, Simon Chow (’15), won “District Member of the Month.” Not only has this been excellent news for Crystal Division, but this has also highlighted Bravo’s KIWIN’S Club since this is our first year being officially part of KIWIN’S. Joining KIWIN’S Club is probably one of the best, positive choices a student can make in high school

because they learn to have initiative, drive, and overall passion to serve. KIWIN’S promises many friendships and amazingly memorable experiences, therefore, when joining KIWIN’S Club, prepare to expect the unexpected. All in all, KIWIN’S will continue to provide communities with more service hours per person than any other group in the world, and with the help of their current and newest members, they wish to continue the tradition of excellence for years to come.




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2014 Summer Movie Previews Q&A With Mr. Rodriguez

by Meri Mak

The Fault in Our Stars

How to Train Your

Dragon 2

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Release Date: June 6th Based on John Green’s best-selling novel, the story followscancer-stricken teenagers, Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters, who discover a shared kindred spirit and embark on a journey of love and self-discovery. Release Date: June 13th Five years after its’ sequel, inseparable pair: Viking boy, Hiccup, and his dragon, Toothless, discover the existence of hundreds of wild dragons and find themselves in a battle with the mysterious foe called,“Dragon Rider.” Release Date: June 27th

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The Giver

This latest installment in the Transformers franchise follows a mechanic and his daughter, Tessa, who discover Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, and bring the Decepticons and a paranoid government agency on their heads. Release Date: July 11th Caesar, leader of ape revolution, builds a growing nation of futuristic, genetically evolved apes. Human virus-survivors threaten his regime and soon they are on precipice of a war that will decide who will be “Earth’s dominant species.” Release Date: August 15th

Based on Lois Lowry’s novel, the story follows Jonas, who is chosen by “the Giver” to become the new “Receiver of Memory,” He soon unearths his world’s true past and discovers that his world might not be so perfect after all.

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by Dulce Morales What is the best part of being the journalism advisor? “The best part is watching the students create a product every month out of nothing but their imagination and dedication. They don’t even start out with a page, but they still get it done.” What will you miss from this y e a r ’s staff? “With this years’ staff, this is the second year I’ve had them. That’s like half of their high school experience. With being two years together, you develop a cohesion which is going to go away. I won’t be able to work with them again, at least not in these circumstances.”

What do you look forward to next year? “I am actively working on acquiring new technology for the students to use. Hopefully next year, we will have the new Mac. We are getting cameras. I’m working on getting access to funding so we can make sure next year the newspaper is possible. It’s possible t h e newspaper could just be online. I want to do a better job of building a team within the students. I look forward to seeing what the new staff can do. I know a lot of them because they’re my English students. You never really know what they can do until you work with them.” Photocredit: Dulce Morales

5 Places to Visit Summer Break by Tatev Sarkissyan

The summer air and hot sun at a beach will surely bring a great sense of relaxation, especially for a student who just finished a year at Bravo..

Downtown LA consists of inexpensive stores and thrift shops where you can find experience the exquisiteness of LA.

Tips for Future Journalists by Oziel Palma Being in Journalism class is not an easy task; it requires a lot of dedication, attention, and awareness of what is going on around Bravo. Whether it’s inside, outside, or anything that involves the school, you should always be ready to cover it and bring it to class for a discussion as soon as possible. 1.Enjoy writing. Write articles, watch the news, and read newspapers/ magazines everyday so you can be up-to-date with current affairs. 2. Carry a pen/pencil and

Hurricane Harbor is a part of Six Flags that contains pad at all times. You never only water rides for all to know when a newsworthy enjoy. story will come up. Jot down main ideas or points as they cross your mind so that you won’t forget. 3.Carry a camera with you. Nowadays, m a n y j o u r n a l i s t s Disneyland is a great and are trying to enchanting place to visit for build their a fun-filled experience with skills and family and friends. by taking advantage of technology. If you love p h o t o g r a p h y, and have a camera, it can help you a lot in the long run. Journalists Pitch a tent at Yosemite are always taking pictures National Park and take a to put in their articles, and gander at 1,200 miles of remember, you always need meadows, sequoias, and waterfalls. to have evidence. Photo

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May Issue 2014  

Our last issue of the year :) Graduation, retirements, World Cup, Summer Movie love, and more. Thanks for tuning in!

May Issue 2014  

Our last issue of the year :) Graduation, retirements, World Cup, Summer Movie love, and more. Thanks for tuning in!