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Natural Treatment for Cats and Dogs with Allergies, Sinus Problems, Skin Ulcerations, Incessant Scratching, and Hair Loss Supplements Blessed Relief utilizes Western and Chinese herbal products to reduce the toxic proteins responsible for many skin and sinus conditions. Chinese medicine calls hot, itchy, weeping sores and discharges Damp Heat diseases. Aloe Vera is considered one of the coldest herbs and a powerful 200:1 concentration is in Blessed Relief. Western herbalism believes that mal-digested proteins cause many skin and sinus problems. To address this we provide high potency protease enzymes to improve nutritional absorption, and reduce the allergenic load on the intestines and the animal. Pet Flora is an extremely effective collection of probiotic Soil Based Organisms. Upgrading gastrointestinal function is an essential aspect of allergy therapeutics. Noni Lotion has been shown to help reduce the allergic inflammation affecting the skin. Noni fruit is very fragile and will degrade in a few hours after being picked. It must be handled with a knowledge of how to stabilize the fragile elements. If there is treatment-resistant diarrhea and or vomiting, add Feline or Canine Comfort. If the above supplements do not completely remedy the complex of skin symptoms, add Herbal Anti-Inflammatory. If there are still major unresolved issues, email or call Vitality Science. We absolutely guarantee results. Note: Never administer a powder as a powder. Always mix into wet food or a liquid to prevent inhalation. What to do in the home • Use as many non-toxic products as possible. • Do not use scented powder on the carpet (baking soda is fine if odor is a concern). • For dog blankets use unscented laundry detergent. Use only ¼ the amount recommended. Wash in hot water • Do not used liquid fabric softener when washing the dog blankets. • Do not use fabric softener sheets when the dog blankets are drying. • Dog food and water dishes should be glass, ceramic or stainless steel (not plastic). • Dilute dog shampoo. One cap full or a small squirt of shampoo in a cup of water. Mix well before applying to your pet. Rinse well after shampooing. • Dilute conditioner. One cap full or a small squirt of conditioner in a cup of water. Basic Dietary Advice Many commercial pet foods are loaded with highly processed, inferior-quality ingredients, and chemicals that may contribute to overall ill health or trigger allergic sensitivities. Wheat, corn, or soy are to be completely avoided as they are irritating to all dogs and cats. Additionally, the nationwide supply of corn and soy is almost entirely genetically modified. First Aid for Hot Spots • To soothe skin irritations and help stop the scratch–itch cycle, apply a wet, warm black tea bag on the affected spot. The tannic acid in the tea bag has a soothing effect relieving the itch. Hold the bag to the skin for 4 – 5 minutes. Do this twice a day for at least 3 days. • Following the tea bag treatment, apply Noni Lotion. Noni speeds the healing process.

Allergy Skin Combo  

Skin Allergy Combo Pack is a three pronged treatment addressing the three primary factors in allergies, skin and coat problems: * Undigested...

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