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NEWS & NOTES Importance of nutrition for the elderly; Increased adverse events after vaccines; Recovery protocol for long-haul Covid; CPSO policy put on back burner

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Woodford Files


was out in the sun the other day, doing some yoga and working up a good detoxifying sweat, when a thought struck me out of the blue. What if – instead of spending a billion dollars on vaccine passports for citizen surveillance as Mr. Trudeau has promised to do, he were to spend the taxpayers’ money on measures that would actually improve public health. Imagine, if you will, the type of measures that might increase resistance to infectious diseases and improve our odds of surviving not just the current virus but the next 10 viruses coming down the pike. Here’s the measures that I think would give us the best return on investment: 1) Since certain nutrients are proven to boost immunity (herbs, vitamins, minerals) and resistance to disease, the feds could make those nutrients tax deductible, especially for senior citizens who are the most malnourished segment of our population [I]; 2) Since 78% of people hospitalized for Covid were overweight or obese according to a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control [II], some of the vaccine passport money could be re-allocated towards making fitness classes (yoga, tai chi, Pilates, gym memberships) along with bicycles and sports equipment tax deductible to help people lose weight and keep fit; 3) And to further reduce obesity rates, the feds could subsidize organic foods while slapping a “fat tax” on fast food and junk food. That way, an organic apple would become more affordable than a burger or a bag of chips, and a donut would cost more than a head of lettuce. Better yet, the federal government may want to look at the feature article by Dr. Zoltan Rona in this issue, which outlines the top 12 recommended supplements for a healthy fall season. Here we find the best antiviral, immune strengthening, life enhancing nutrients that nature has to offer. And the more we are able to utilize at least some of them on a regular basis the greater will be our chances of keeping well. 4


Furthermore, instead of allocating ever more taxpayer funds toward coercing people into vaccine submission, we might instead consider a recent article published in the journal Science which reported that: “The natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers more of a shield against the Delta variant of the coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to a large Israeli study.”[III] So this might lead one to conclude that taking basic precautions to make ourselves strong and build our immunity while learning to live with viruses circulating in our community could be a more reasonable and economical way to manage the pandemic than expensive surveillance tactics. By the way, according to author Naomi Wolfe who was recently interviewed on Fox News, “Vaccine passports are not about the virus, they’re about your data. So once the passport is set up, it can be merged with your Paypal account, your bank account, credit history, medical history, and it geolocates you everywhere you go. It can then potentially turn your life on and off according to your cooperation with authorities.” This data can also be sold to third parties.


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[I] [II] [III]

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PS – There’s no doubt that this controversy around lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and passports has sparked a lot of healthy debate. Here are some organizations with worthwhile perspectives to add to the debate: • Free to Fly – This group represents over 800 professional airline pilots and flight attendants flying with Canada’s largest airlines. They support passengers’ rights to fly regardless of their medical choices which are a private matter. They welcome passengers to join the group (over 8,979 so far) at • Ontario Businesses Against Health Pass – is a facebook group (80,400 members) that states: “Your personal health status is irrelevant to us, it is your own personal choice.

We make the biggest change with where we decide to spend our money. Our rights and freedoms need protecting at any cost. Let us stand together for a free Canada and support the businesses that share our values! • Vaccine Choice Canada: formed in response to growing public concern about the safety of vaccine programs in Canada. www.vaccinechoice Post your comments on the web version of Woodford Files on Vitality’s website. JW


By Will Chu Despite efforts to address the nutritional needs of the elderly, malnutrition remains an issue amongst this vulnerable population, particularly during the ongoing pandemic, says a Danone white paper. Along with the Global Coalition on Aging, the paper highlights the turbulence caused by the coronavirus and brings into sharp focus the effect nutritional neglect is having on recovery and the aging process. “Nutrition is an essential component of recovery from severe disease, and nutritional care should be continued after hospital discharge as the body works to restore health,” says Dr. Patrick Kamphuis, Senior Medical Affairs Director for Nutricia. “The pandemic underlines the need to address malnutrition in older people across care settings.” Report excerpted from To see the full report visit: https: // /Article/2020/11/12/COVID19-highlights-elderly-malnutrition-recovery-chances




The Latest Research on Nutrition, Health & Anti-Aging From Around the World COMPILED BY JULIA WOODFORD

Due to a public outcry over its proposed new alternative medicine policy, the CPSO has put it on the back burner


Data released on August 20, 2021 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 13, 2021, a total of 595,622 total adverse events were reported to VAERS (the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). This included 13,068 deaths – an increase of 702 over the previous week. There were 81,050 reports

of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period – up 10,945 compared with the previous week. For more information on these reports visit: MPP REMOVED FROM PC CAUCUS OVER REFUSAL OF VACCINE

On Thursday, Aug. 19, an Ontario MPP who refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot was removed from the Progressive Conservative Caucus by Premier Doug Ford. MPP Rick Nicholls,

who represents the ChathamKent-Leamington riding, will therefore no longer be in the PC caucus and has been barred from running in the 2022 election. Stated Mr. Nicholls at a news conference earlier in the day, “I choose to exercise this autonomy over my own body.” He went on to say, “Under no circumstances will I, nor should any other Ontarian, be forced or coerced to do something against their will... to do so is an affront to the democratic principles of this magnificent institution.” RECOVERY PROTOCOL FOR LONG HAUL COVID

Report by Jule Klotter In June of this year, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance) released a protocol for Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS). FLCCC Alliance, led by Dr. Paul Marik, is the same group of researchers that developed the MATH+ protocol for COVID-19 patients. The group’s I-RECOVER Management Protocol addresses the many debilitating symptoms experienced after infection including fatigue, headaches, sleep difficulties, smell disorder, decreased appetite, painful joints, dyspnea, chest pain, and cognitive dysfunction. The symptoms are similar to chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) / myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue; but those with LHCS tend to recover on their own, “albeit slowly.” Marik reports, “...many consider post-COVID-19 to be a variant of the mast cell


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vation syndrome.” LHCS can affect people who received a COVID-19 injection (“likely due to monocyte activation by the spike protein from the vaccine”) as well those who were infected with the actual virus. Younger people and those who had mild-to-moderate infections appear to be more affected by LHCS than older people or those with co-morbidities. FLCCC Alliance says, “It is likely that delayed treatment in the early symptomatic phase will result in a high viral load, which increases the risk and severity of LHCS.” No government health agency has provided guidance on LHCS treatment. I-RECOVER protocol was developed in collaboration with expert clinicians, including Dr. Mobeen Syed, Dr. Ram Yogendra, Dr. Bruce Patterson, and Dr. Tina Peers. Because no clinical treatment trials for LHCS have been conducted, the group says “these recommendations are based on the pathophysiologic mechanisms of COVID-19 and post-viral illnesses along with our collective experience observing profound and sustained clinical responses achieved with the treatment approaches below.” Ivermectin is the first treatment given to LHCS patients. This inexpensive drug binds to the spike protein, disrupting its ability to attach to ACE-2 receptors. It also has multiple anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects, as described in a June 2021 review article by Asiya Kamber Zaidi and Puya Dehgani-Mobaraki. Patients with cognitive symptoms are given fluvoxamine. Those with shortness of breath or low oxygen levels need to be assessed for secondary organizing pneumonia. In addition to a course of ivermectin, patients are also given macrophage/monocyte repolarization therapy consisting of vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, atorvastatin, melatonin, and vitamin D3. If all symptoms do not resolve after two-to-four weeks of ivermectin treatment, the protocol recommends treatment with prednisone. If symptoms are still present after ivermectin and prednisone, patients are treated for suspected mast cell activation. The protocol with dosages is given at The research group states that this protocol is a work in progress: “As with all FLCCC protocols, we must emphasize that multiple aspects of the protocol may change as scientific data and clinical experience in this condition evolve, thus it is important to check back frequently or join the FLCCC Alliance to receive notification of any protocol changes.” Zaidi AK, Dehgani-Mobaraki P. The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article. J Antibiot (Tokyo).June 15, 2021: 1–13

(Editor’s note: Health Canada is currently monitoring the prescribing of ivermectin such that any Canadian doctor who prescribes it for Covid-19 faces possible disciplinary action. This is very intimidating, therefore it is not readily available to patients who request it.) 8



by Helke Ferrie In June of 2021, Vitality published an article entitled: “CPSO Seeks Return to Outdated Medical Model” which described a proposed new policy that would effectively eliminate patient access to alternative and complementary treatment options and make it even more dangerous for CAM practising doctors to avoid arbitrary prosecution. Since then, the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) received more than one thousand letters objecting to the proposed Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) policy. The CPSO also conducted several virtual meetings with patient groups and two CAM university teachers because both patients and the professionals were not going to accept the proposed policy changes without serious objections. The most important point is that among those who objected most seriously is one of the co-authors of the current Regulated Health Professions Act. He declared the proposed changes to the CPSO policy on complementary medicine to be outright illegal. So, the CPSO decided to postpone a final council vote for the time being. All the attendant issues will be revisited next year or later. The CPSO also has to complete its policy changes regarding disciplining of doctors. Ontario has to come in line with the other provinces, notably BC which got its advice from the UK’s Harry Caton who objected to the lack of due process which is



not in line with Charter rights and the basic requirements of common law. Ontario has already announced that it is switching to the tribunal system, like the law society did some time ago to their members’ satisfaction. Bringing this old fashioned administrative law system in line with changing times and our Constitution takes time and, therefore, all parties concerned have to slow down. It is true, the CPSO is making some helpful attempts at reform which will obviously result in better patient care. Vitality will keep you informed as this progresses. (From the archives)


By Hank Schulz, (Ed note: On Jan 6, 2021, the results of a pilot study were published on MedRxiv, the preprint server for health sciences.) The pilot study was conducted using blood drawn from 100 patients treated for COVID-19 at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The blood was analyzed using the test developed by Omega-3 Index co-developer Dr. William Harris PhD of the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota. Harris, who is one of the paper’s co-authors, is also head of the Fatty Acid Research Institute based in Sioux Falls, SD and is founder of OmegaQuant which did the blood analysis. The 100 patients were grouped into four quartiles according to their 031, with an 031 of 5.7% being the cutoff for the highest quartile. The raw results showed that one patient in the highest quartile died, while there were 13 deaths among patients falling within the bottom three quartiles. After a regression analysis to correct for age and sex differences, those with the highest levels of EPA and DHA in their blood were 75% less likely to die compared with those in the lower three quartiles (p=0.07). Stated another way, the relative risk for death was about four times higher in those with a lower 031 (<5.7%) compared to those with higher levels. Lead author Arash Asher, MD, Director of Cancer Survivorship & Rehabilitation at Cedars-Sinai, said observers must keep the study’s limitations firmly in mind. But he said the results are strongly suggestive: “While not meeting standard statistical significance thresholds, this pilot study – along with multiple lines of evidence regarding anti-inflammatory effects of EPA and DHA – strongly suggests that these nutritionally available marine fatty acids may help reduce risk for adverse outcomes in COVID-19 patients. Larger studies are clearly needed to confirm these preliminary findings,” said Dr. Asher. The study is similar in nature to other preliminary research arising out of the COVID-19 crisis that suggests higher levels of vitamin D and zinc can help better arm individuals who are infected with the novel virus. In this case, the postulated mechanism of action is the well known antiinflammatory role of higher omega-3 levels, which may 10


help quell the so-called ‘cytokine storm’ or extreme immune system reaction, observed in some severe and/or fatal COVID-19 cases. (This is an excerpt from a report that was published on January 12, 2021 at on the Nutraingredients website. To get a free subscription to their newsletter, visit: ANALYSIS SHOWS VITAMIN D LEVELS AFFECT COVID-19 INFECTION STATUS

In an analysis of data from almost 14,500 people, researchers compared vitamin D levels in COVID negative participants with those who had the disease. They found that lower levels of vitamin D were correlated with more severe disease, and they suggest that vitamin D supplements should be given to patients whose levels are deficient. Abstract: A systematic review and meta-analysis of effect of vitamin D levels on the incidence of COVID-19. Szarpak L, Rafique Z, Gasecka A, et al. Cardiol J. 2021 Jul 26;28(5):647–654 Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a disease primarily affecting the respiratory tract, however due to the nature of the pathogenesis it is able to affect the whole body. So far, no causative treatment has been found and the main strategy when dealing with COVID-19 relies on widespread vaccination programs and symptomatic treatment. Vitamin D, due to its ability to modulate the immunological system, has been proposed as a factor playing role in the organism response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. Therefore, we decided to perform this meta-analysis which aimed to establish a link between vitamin D status and COVID-19 infection. Methods: Study was designed as a systematic review and meta-analysis. PubMed, EMBASE, Web of Science, Cochrane Collaboration Databases and Scopus electronic databases were searched for relevant studies from database inception to May 10th, 2021. Mean differences (MDs) with their 95% confidence intervals (Cis) were calculated. Results: Thirteen studies providing data for 14,485 participants met the inclusion criteria. Mean vitamin D levels in SARS-CoV-2 negative patients was 17.7 ± 6.9 ng/mL compared to SARS-CoV-2 positive patients 14.1 ± 8.2 ng/mL (MD = 3.93; 95% CI 2.845.02; I² = 99%; p < 0.001). Conclusions: Low serum vitamin D levels are statistically significantly associated with the risk of COVID-19 infection. Supplementation of vitamin D especially in the deficiency risk groups is indicated. Report courtesy of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.



Capture the Flavours of Fall: Fermenting, Freezing, and Dehydrating From Kale Chips to Sauerkraut and more... BY JULIE DANILUK, R.H.N. s our farmers’ markets Fermenting bulge with the fall Vegetables harvest, I feel a growing Lacto-fermentation occurs sense of urgency to capture when the starches and sugthe amazing variety and ars in vegetables and fruit freshness that local food convert to lactic acid in the has to offer. Whether presence of friendly lacticyou’re an organicsacid producing bacteria. obsessed foodie or enjoy Sally Fallon explains, hunting for the perfect “Lactic acid not only keeps pumpkin, autumn trips to vegetables and fruits in a market are bound to cause state of perfect preservaa twinge of the winter-istion, but also promotes the almost-here sense of anticgrowth of healthy flora ipation. throughout the intestine.” Fresh organic food is Studies suggest that feralways at its best price in mented cabbage may be the fall. With just a little My grandmother believed that fermented cabbage even more healthy than raw knowledge of how to pre- kept her family free of colds and influenza because it cabbage because fermentaserve food with freezing, tion works to increase levels provided immune-boosting probiotics and vitamin C canning, and dehydrating, of anti-cancer agents such you can enjoy these incredias isothiocyanates. My ble flavours at a fraction of the cost you would pay for off- grandmother firmly believed that fermented cabbage kept season imports. her family free of colds and influenza because this sauer“When you buy fresh local fruits and vegetables, you’re kraut provided natural immune-boosting probiotics and supporting our farmers by buying the good things that grow much needed vitamin C. in Canada. You’re helping the economy and it’s also good for the environment,” says Joan Fraser of Foodland Ontario. FRESH PICKLES I have a fondness for canning because my wonderful Re-use your pickle brine over and over again to save time Ukrainian grandma showed her love every year by making and money. If you make homemade pickles, you should canned peaches and sauerkraut for us. Her mother arrived know that you can re-use your brine. Or if you eat storefrom the Ukraine in 1904 and they had to preserve the food bought pickles, you can use the brine from those. (My that grew on their farm in favourite brand is Saskatchewan. If they did not Bubbies; be sure to get Nutritionist Julie Daniluk has do it right they would lose dedicated the past 15 years to the sugar-free version.) their cabbage harvest and its breaking up with sugar. She Once you’ve eaten up confesses to being a full “Sugar attendant health benefits. your batch of pickled vegAddict” in remission and is on a To get started, here are some etables, save the brine and mission to help everyone give up recipes that demonstrate toss in new freshly cut the white stuff. Her new book, methods of canning, freezing, vegetables. It’s a quick “Becoming Sugar-free” will be and dehydrating. They all take available Sept 7 and provides an and easy way to extend in-depth look at 25 alternative less than hour to complete, your pickling! sweeteners and 85 anti-inflamand if you make the effort you matory recipes. See the website will have hours of tasty harRepurposed pickles: for vest memories all winter long. Ingredients: great support and book bonuses.




2 cups of vegetables: cucumbers, asparagus, carrots, red onion, rainbow chard stems, etc. 2 – 3 cups of brine left over from a pickle jar.* 1. Place freshly cut vegetables into brine, making sure to submerge the veggies below the brine. Store in the fridge for 2 to 7 days and then the fermented vegetables are ready to consume. Will keep nicely for up to a month. (If veggies move above the surface of brine, they can grow mould and should be discarded.) Scratch Instructions: *If you don’t have leftover brine, you can make your own (this recipe makes one 16-ounce jar of pickles). Ingredients: 1/4 teaspoon celery seed, divided 1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds, divided 1/2 cup red wine vinegar 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1-1/2 teaspoons pink or grey unrefined salt 1-1/2 tablespoons garlic paste 1/4 cup honey or 1/3 cup coconut syrup (if desired) 1. Add celery seed and mustard seed to jar, then pack freshly cut vegetables tightly into jar. 2. Bring vinegars, salt, and garlic to a boil in a small saucepan until salt is dissolved. Add sweetener at the end to preserve the benefits of the honey (if using). 3. Pour liquid over the veggies. Let rest until cool, then place lids on tightly and refrigerate. Wait for at least two days before consuming to allow flavours to fully develop. Keep refrigerated and consume within one month. Continued on next page









Ingredients: • 2 heads red cabbage • 3 cups of organic grated carrot or beet • ¼ cup of live sauerkraut juice (This can be acquired by purchasing refrigerated sauerFermented Sauerkraut kraut from your local health food store. Simply drain the liquid off the store-bought sauerkraut into the clean mason jars that will be used, to help set your cabbage with a beneficial strain of probiotic.*) • 3 Tbsp grey unrefined sea salt • Optional seasoning: caraway or fennel seeds, minced dill, sliced ginger, or chopped scallion. 1. Clean the cabbage and remove three or four outer leaves from each head and set aside. Using the slicer attachment on your food processor, finely slice the three heads of cabbage. If you don’t have a processor, you can grate the cabbage with a box grater or use a mandolin (a slicer that cuts veggies very fine). 2. Using a large bowl, mix in whatever seasoning you like with the grated cabbage, carrots and/or beets, plus salt and sauerkraut juice, and mix well. Pound veggies with the food processor plunger or mortar to release the juices. 3. Place the shredded cabbage, carrots, and/or beets into six to eight large wide-mouthed mason glass jars, making sure to allow an inch at the top for expansion, then attach lids. Cover with a towel and let sit three to five days to ferment in a cool, dark place. 4. Your sauerkraut will be ready in four days to a week. To check if it’s ready, pull out a sample after four days. Taste it and see if it is sour enough to suit your palate. When sauerkraut is done, it will stay fresh for several weeks in the fridge. (*My favourite brand of sauerkraut is “Karthein’s Unpasteurized Organic Sauerkraut With Naturally Occurring Probiotics”)

The Joy of Dehydrating

Dehydrating food is a safe process because it removes moisture so that mould and bacteria cannot grow – thus it will not spoil. There is, however, a loss of vitamins A and C in dried foods, due to heat and air. It usually takes vegetables six to 16 hours to dry, and fruit 12 to 48 hours. ELECTRIC DEHYDRATING – This is the best method of dehydrating food. An electric dehydrator is energy efficient and can be operated at low temperatures needed to maintain nutritive values in the food. Your electric food dehydrator should have some sort of heat control and a fan to maintain air circulation during the drying process. My favourite brand is the Cosori stainless steel food dehydrator. OVEN DEHYDRATING – You really should get a dehydrator, but for now you can get the job done by using your oven with the door open, on the lowest setting possible. (If your oven cannot maintain temperatures below 200°F then you cannot use this method.) Use a ball of tin foil to prop open the oven door to maintain air circulation during the drying process. Most things need to be dehydrated for at least eight hours. That is a long time to have your oven on, so it is not very energy efficient. The Drying Process: When drying, food should be dehydrated between 110°F and 130°F. Temperatures too low may result in the growth of bacteria on the food. Temperatures too high will result in the food being cooked instead of dried.



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Properly dehydrated food should be leathery with no pockets of moisture. If you are testing fruit, tear a piece in half. If you see moisture beads along the tear, it is not dry enough. Vegetables should be tough but can also be crisp. The best storage containers are glass jars and plastic freezer bags. If storing fruit leather, wrap in parchment paper and store in an airtight container. Store your containers of dried food in a cool, dark, dry place: 60°F or below is best.

SWEET POTATOES: Slice 1/8 inch thick. Dry 6 to 12 hours until crisp. ZUCCHINI: Slice 1/8 inch thick and dry 5 to 10 hours until brittle.

and dry 18 to 26 hours until leathery and slightly sticky. PEACHES: Slice, halve or quarter. Dip in lemon juice and dry 8 to 20 hours until pliable. PEARS: Cut into 1/4-inch slices, and dip in lemon juice. Dry 6 to 20 hours. PINEAPPLE: Core and slice 1/4-inch thick. Dry 6 to 16 hours until leathery and not sticky. STRAWBERRIES: Halve or cut into 1/4-inch thick slices. Dip in lemon juice and dry for 6 – 16 hours until pliable and almost crisp.

Vegetable Drying Guide: Dry vegetables in single layers on trays. Depending on drying conditions, drying times may take longer. Dry vegetables at 120°F. GREEN BEANS: Stem and break beans into oneinch pieces. Blanch. Dry 6 to 10 hours until brittle. BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER: Cut and dry 4 to 12 hours. CARROTS: Peel, slice or grate. Dry 6 to 12 hours until almost brittle. MUSHROOMS: Dry four to 10 hours until brittle. ONIONS: Slice 1/4-inch thick. Dry 6 to 12 hours until crisp. PEAS: Dry 5 to 14 hours until brittle.

Fruit Drying Guide: Wash, pit and slice fruit. Arrange in single layers on trays. Dip your fruit in lemon juice or sprinkle with ascorbic acid for extra protection and a tangy flavour. Dry fruit at 130°F. APPLES: Core and slice into thin rings or cut into quarter-inch slices. Dip in lemon juice and dry 6 to 12 hours until pliable. APRICOTS: Cut in half and turn inside out to dry. Dip in lemon juice and dry 8 to 20 hours, until pliable. BANANAS: Peel, cut into 1/4-inch slices and dip in lemon juice. Dry 8 to 16 hours, until pliable or almost crisp. CHERRIES: Cut in half

2 large bunches green curly kale, washed, large stems removed, torn into pieces 1 cup cashews or macadamia nuts (soaked 2 hours) ¼ cup lemon juice 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast 2 tsp honey (opt.) 1/2 tsp Himalayan pink crystal salt or grey sea salt 1. Put cashews, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, honey, salt in the blender or food processor and blend until smooth. 2. Using your hands, spread cashew dressing on kale pieces right to the ends of curls. 3. Place coated kale pieces on parchment paper



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and dehydrate at 120°F for 8 to 16 hours, until coating is dry and crispy. (It seems like a long time but it is worth it.)

Freezer Fun

With some know-how and a good freezer, you can preserve everything from apples to zucchini. Freezing storage time for most fruits and vegetables is six months to a year, depending on how new your freezer is. Make sure to store foods at -18C (0F) or lower, with little temperature fluctuation to avoid freezer burn. It’s essential to blanch vegetables before freezing, since this will destroy the enzymes that cause a loss of colour, flavour, texture and nutrients. To Blanch: Immerse prepared vegetables in a large amount of boiling water for a short time, depending on the kind of vegetable and size, for an average of three minutes. Then immediately drain and refresh in ice water. Dry well and pack in freezer bags, removing as much air as possible. To blanch tomatoes and peaches: Dip in boiling water for 30 seconds to peel, then freeze in pieces. (Note: No blanching necessary for peppers – just wash, stem, cut in half or quarter and remove seeds.) Berries do not require blanching and may be frozen in a single layer on a cookie sheet first, then immediately stored in bags or containers.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH PUREE 2 butternut squash (about one pound each) 4 Tbsp softened coconut butter or olive oil, divided Salt to taste 3 Tbsp local honey Pinch ground cinnamon 1. Halve the squash lengthwise and remove seeds and strings. Rub the insides with two tablespoons softened coconut butter; season with salt. Place on a roasting pan, skin side down. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 30 to 40 minutes or until fork tender. 2. Remove the squash from oven, scoop out flesh and place in a food processor. Add orange zest, honey, and remaining two tablespoons of butter. Puree until smooth. Add a pinch of salt and cinnamon. Pulse a few times. 3. Freeze squash puree in silicon ice cube trays or muffin tins, and then transfer them to freezer trays to create perfect easy-to-thaw portions. Add the frozen puree to soups, smoothies, and casseroles for extra flavour and texture. Author bio: Nutritionist and TV personality, Julie Daniluk is the award-winning, bestselling author of Meals That Heal Inflammation & Slimming Meals That Heal. Her 3rd book, Hot Detox, was on the Canadian Bestseller’s list for 11 weeks in 2017. Julie’s 4th book, Becoming Sugar-Free, will be released on September 7, 2021. Julie has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows, including The Dr. Oz Show. She is in her 11th season as a resident expert for The Marilyn Denis Show. Check out more information at and connect with her on Facebook & Instagram @juliedaniluk

Strengthen Your Immune Defences Dr. Rona’s Top 12 Recommended

Nutrients for a Healthy Fall Season BY DR. ZOLTAN P. RONA, MD, M.Sc. Do you want to avoid viral illness naturally? We all know about frequent hand washing, social distancing, face masks, and vaccines. But are there things we can do with diet, lifestyle, and supplements to help make the fall season drug-free and infection-free? Omega-3 supplementaBesides following a high protein, sugar-free, gluten- tion increases the activity of white blood cells that free, and dairy-free organic gobble up dangerous diet while exercising regubacteria. Omega-3 fatty larly, getting enough sleep, and engaging in anti-stress acids also protect the programs like meditation, lungs from colds, ‘flus, what else can you do to and other respiratory boost immunity against tract infections as it ‘flus and ‘flu-like illnesses? powerfully boosts the Taking plenty of vacaimmune system tions in warm climates helps, and so does laughter. Are food allergies and sensitivities important? Can we prevent more serious illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune disorders using a natural supplement regime? And, will these all work without side effects?

Take Immune Enhancing Supplements Here’s my top ten list of nutrients that can boost immunity in order of importance and supportive scientific evidence : VITAMIN D – 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily for most adults is safe and effective for the prevention of influenza, colds, cancer and approximately 200 different diseases. No other supplemented nutrient has been as extensively studied as vitamin D. Thousands of studies support its use in higher than RDA doses. For the best source of information and documentation of all the benefits, visit If you have adequate blood levels of Vitamin D it is possible to prevent any and all infections. The trouble is that one has to get enough sunshine in order for the body to




manufacture sufficient vitamin D through the action of ultraviolet light on the skin. This may be very difficult to achieve during the winter months in Canada. Hence, regular oral supplementation of emulsified vitamin D drops is almost mandatory. Have your doctor check your blood levels before supplementing with vitamin D. The optimal average adult dose is between 5,000 and 10,000 IU daily. For more information, see my book, Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin. If you happen to have a cold or ‘flu at the moment, it is recommended that you take 50,000 IU of Vitamin D daily for 3 – 7 days and then drop the dose back to somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 IU daily, depending on your blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D. The reason why vitamin D helps with just about any kind of infection is because it stimulates the production of cathelicidin, a protein with natural antibiotic properties. When taking high doses of vitamin D, it’s best to also take vitamin K2, usually 120 mcg per 1000 IU of vitamin D. This prevents calcium deposits in the arteries and organs like the kidneys if the D blood levels go too high. OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS – 4,000 mg daily of combined DHA and EPA not only prevents heart disease but also powerfully boosts the immune system for most adults. Omega-3 is needed to help vitamin D work in an


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Seventy percent or optimal manner and, in effect, helps prevent vitamin more of our immune D deficiency. Omega-3 sup- system is controlled by plementation increases the what happens in the activity of white cells that gut, and friendly gobble up dangerous bactebacteria is the most ria. Omega-3 fatty acids also important component protect the lungs from colds, influenza, and other respira- of that immune system tory tract infections. No doubt you have heard of the benefits of taking cod liver oil during the winter months. Interestingly enough, the major active ingredients of cod liver oil that work their magic on the immune system are vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

PROBIOTICS (variable dosing) are friendly bacteria that usually inhabit the gut and are well documented optimizers of the immune system. Seventy percent or more of our immune system is controlled by what happens in the gut, and friendly bacteria is the most important component of that immune system. These bacteria modulate the immune system by increasing the numbers of certain white blood cells (T lymphocytes). Probiotics also help improve digestion and protect the body from harmful pathogens such as candida albicans. For a more comprehensive description of the benefits of probiotics see my article “In Praise of Probiotics” in the Sept. 2013 issue of Vitality, posted online at:


ASTRAGALUS – 1,000 mg or more daily of this wellknown Chinese herb stimulates white blood cells to both prevent and fight infections. Astragalus does not work as quickly as vitamin D or omega-3 fatty acids, and may take between 6 – 8 weeks to reach its full effects. Numerous studies attest to the fact that it is well worth supplementing.


ZINC – 50 mg daily is an effective preventive for all kinds of infections. In my experience, the vast majority of people in Canada are zinc deficient. There is some evidence that using zinc lozenges can shorten the length of respiratory tract infections. As well, high dose zinc combined with vitamin C can offset excessive lead levels in the body.


SELENIUM – 200 mcg daily: Regular supplementation reduces the risk of viral infections and cancers of the bladder, breast, bowel, lung and prostate. I usually recommend that people take a vitamin E complex (tocopherols and tocotrienols – 400 IU) with selenium because the two nutrients work synergistically.


VITAMIN A – 10,000 IU: This is another component of cod liver oil that plays a major role in preventing infections by influencing the activity of T and B lympho-




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cytes (white cells). I am often surprised to see low blood levels of A in supposedly healthy people who complain of recurrent infections (middle ear, bladder, chest, bowel and numerous other sites). Vitamin A is a common component of many multivitamin suppleWell known colostrum ments but some people just do components are all not absorb enough of it from used by conventional their diet because of unsusmedical specialists in pected food allergies and insufficient secretion of pan- the treatment of cancer, creatic digestive enzymes. For chronic viral infections including HIV, and most of these individuals, autoimmune diseases supplementing pancreatin (pancreatic enzymes) should help resolve the absorption issue. COLOSTRUM is the first mammary secretion nourishment that any mammal, including man, provides for its newborn in the first 24 to 48 hours of life. It does not contain milk as we know it. In choosing a bovine colostrum supplement, make sure it comes only from the first milking, ideally within the first 6 hours after birth of the calf. Choose your colostrum carefully as most brands combine the first milking (which is pure colostrum) with several subsequent milkings (which are mostly milk), resulting in products that more closely resemble milk or whey powder than true colostrum. First milking colostrum contains numerous immune system and growth factors which trigger at least 50 processes in a newborn, ranging from the development of the immune system to the growth of all body cells. Laboratory analysis of immune and growth factors from bovine colostrum show them to be virtually identical to those found in human colostrum. And bovine colostrum is totally safe, with no known drug contraindications or negative side effects at any dosage level. Conventional medical doctors were, at one time, enthusiastic about using colostrum for antibiotic purposes. This




occurred prior to the introduction of sulfa drugs and penicillin. In the 1950s, prior to the widescale use of corticosteroids as anti-inflammatory agents, colostrum was used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Polio vaccine developer, Dr. Albert Sabin, discovered that colostrum contained antibodies against polio and recommended it for children susceptible to catching the disease. Bovine colostrum has been used therapeutically in India for thousands of years by Ayurvedic physicians, and still is to this day. Well known colostrum components like interferon, gamma globulin, growth hormone (GH), IgF-1 and protease inhibitors are all used by conventional medical specialists in the treatment of cancer, chronic viral infections including HIV, and autoimmune diseases. There are now over 4,000 clinical studies from around the world detailing research that has been done using colostrum in the treatment of dozens of different diseases. First-milking bovine colostrum is an ideal vaccination alternative; the reason is obvious when you look at its components. The two major components of colostrum are immune factors and growth factors. It’s the immune factors that offer the most benefits. These include: • Immunoglobulins (A, D, E, G and M) – neutralize toxins, viruses, and bacteria in the lymph and circulatory systems; • Lactoferrin - antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, iron-binding protein with therapeutic effects in cancer, HIV, cytomegalovirus, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida albicans and other infections; • Proline-Rich Polypeptide (PRP) – a hormone that regulates the thymus gland, stimulating an underactive immune system or dampening an overactive immune system as seen in autoimmune disease (MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, etc.); • Leukocytes – are white blood cells that stimulate the production of interferon which slows viral reproduction and penetration of cell walls; • Enzymes – lactoperoxidase-thiocyanate, peroxidase, and xanthine oxidase destroy bacteria through their ability to release hydrogen peroxide;



POLARAID ® 1st demonstrated by Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. Adapted by Dr. Dino Tomic. ĐƟǀĂƚĞLJŽƵƌtŚŽůĞŽĚLJ/ŶĂ&ĞǁDŝŶƵƚĞƐ “Human body parts and systems have long ago been mapped on our skin of palms and ƐŽůĞƐ;ƐĞĞƉŚŽƚŽͿ͕ĂĐĐƵƌĂƚĞůLJƌĞŇĞĐƟŶŐƚŚĞ ĐŽŶĚŝƟŽŶŽĨŝŶƚĞƌŶĂůŽƌŐĂŶƐĂŶĚŽǀĞƌĂůů ŚĞĂůƚŚ͘LJŝŶĚƵĐŝŶŐĞŶĞƌŐLJƚŚĞƌĞŝŶ͕ǁĞĐĂŶ ĂĚĚƌĞƐƐƐƉĞĐŝĮĐĂŝůŵĞŶƚƐ͕ĂŶĚƐƵƉƉŽƌƚƚŚĞŝƌ recovery. DŽƐƚŽƌŝĞŶƚĂůŚĞĂůŝŶŐƚĞĐŚŶŝƋƵĞƐĂŶĚ ŵŽĚĞƌŶƋƵĂŶƚƵŵĂŶĚďŝŽƌĞƐŽŶĂŶĐĞĚĞǀŝĐĞƐ͕ work on these principles, with amazing results in diagnosis and treatments.

tĞŚĂǀĞƚĞƐƚĞĚƚŚĂƚƵƐŝŶŐWŽůĂƌŝĚΠŽŶ ƌĞŇĞdžnjŽŶĞƐŵĂLJĞŶŚĂŶĐĞŝŶƚĞƌŶĂůďŽĚLJ ĨƵŶĐƟŽŶƐ͘/ŶƐŝƫŶŐ͕ƉůĂĐĞƚŚĞĚŝƐĐƵŶĚĞƌLJŽƵƌ ĨĞĞƚ͘tŝƚŚŝŶϭϬŵŝŶƵƚĞƐ͕ĞŶĞƌŐLJǁŝůůŇŽǁ throughout your whole body, also increasing ďůŽŽĚĂŶĚůLJŵƉŚĂƟĐĐŝƌĐƵůĂƟŽŶ͕ǁŚŝĐŚŵĂŶLJ ƉĞŽƉůĞĮŶĚĂůƐŽƐƵƉƉŽƌƟǀĞĨŽƌĐŽůĚĨĞĞƚĂƐ well as swellings. zŽƵŵĂLJĂůƐŽŚŽůĚWŽůĂƌŝĚΠďĞƚǁĞĞŶ your palms for 10 minutes, to feel calm and ƌĞůĂdžĞĚǁŚĞƌĞĂƐƌĞĚƵĐƟŽŶŽĨƐƚƌĞƐƐďĞŶĞĮƚƐ our health.” Dr Tomic

• Lysozyme – a hydrolyzing agent and immune system booster capable of destroying bacteria and viruses on contact; • Cytokines – are interleukins that regulate the duration and intensity of the immune response, are responsible for cell to cell commuMinerals such as zinc nication, and boost T-cell activity and selenium help to and the production of effectively prevent immunoglobulins. Interleukin-10 infections of all kinds is strongly anti-inflammatory, especially in arthritic joints; • Trypsin Inhibitors and Protease Inhibitors – prevent the destruction of immune and growth factors in colostrum from being broken down in the GI tract; they also prevent H. pylori from attaching to the walls of the stomach and can have a beneficial role in the treatment of peptic ulcers; • Lymphokines – are hormone-like peptides produced by activated lymphocytes which mediate the immune response; • Oligo Polysaccharides and Glycoconjugates – attract and bind to pathogens (Strep., E. Coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidia, Giardia, Entamoeba, Shigella, Clostridium Difficile Toxins A & B and Cholera), preventing them from attaching to or entering the mucous membranes; • Other immune Factors – some of the documented immune factors include orotic acid, secretory IgA, IgA Specific Helper, B Lactoglobulin, Lactalbumin, Albumin, Prealbumin, Alpha 1-Antitripsin, Alpha 1-Fetoprotein, Alpha 2-macroglobulin, Alpha 2-AP Glycoprotein, C3, C4 and Orosomucoids; • Vitamins – A, B12 and E are found in small amounts while traces of all others are also present in colostrum; • Sulfur – a mineral with multiple uses in metabolism and as part of many structural body proteins. VITAMIN C – 1,000 mg or more daily has anti-viral and immune enhancing effects. Megadoses above bowel tolerance (dose that produces diarrhea) are given


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intravenously to fight serious infections like Lyme disease as well as cancer. The only significant issue with the use of high dose vitamin C beyond the RDA levels is the diarrhea side effect. Reducing the dose should resolve this problem. ECHINACEA – 1,000 mg or more daily is well documented as an immune system booster used to both prevent and treat a long list of infections. It is often said that Echinacea shouldn’t be taken for long periods of time beyond a few weeks, but this has never been proven as detrimental in any way. This advice on limiting the length of time that one should be using Echinacea originates from a German study that actually showed the opposite. (Things are often lost in translation.) The bottom line is that one can supplement Echinacea for years without concerns. The other Echinacea myth is that people who have autoimmune disease should not be taking it due to overstimulation of their autoimmune disease. This too is nonsense since supplementing with Echinacea increases the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, a well-known antiinflammatory pain reliever. Once again, to be healthier with autoimmune disease, take echinacea in large doses. (Caveat: If you have a ragweed allergy you might react adversely to Echinacea because it belongs to the same plant family.)


New Anti-Viral Treatment Options The mainstream media and various medical “experts” have criticized the use of drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, two anti-parasitic drugs with strong anti-viral properties. Despite numerous studies proving both safety and efficacy, these drugs have been vilified and nearly banned from use for viral infections like coronavirus. During the COVID-19 pandemic many people have asked me for prescriptions for both of these drugs. Unfortunately, the powers that be have made it difficult or next to impossible for doctors to prescribe these drugs for either the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. So, aside from getting these drugs from online distributors or veterinary clinics, both of which can be risky, what are the natural drug alternatives? Well, there are two inexpensive drug alternatives that can be used in small doses for prevention and larger doses for treatments. ARTEMISIA ANNUA (Sweet Annie, Mugwort, Wormwood) – Artemisia Annua is one form of wormwood that has been used for centuries as an effective antimalaria treatment. It kills parasites and has also been shown to kill the coronavirus. You do not need a prescription for it and it is widely available at




local health food stores. One well known company that makes a pleasant tasting wormwood tincture is St. Francis Herb Farms. Dose should be individualized for the intended purpose of prevention or treatment. Another well documented use of artemisia annua is for the prevention and treatment of certain cancers, notably breast cancer. BLACK SEED OIL is yet another natural health product known to boost immunity against coronavirus. Many people today use it to improve symptoms of asthma and numerous inflammatory conditions. As we all know, severe inflammation during coronavirus infections is what ends up killing people with respiratory failure.


Artemisia Annua is one form of wormwood that has been used for centuries as an effective anti-malaria treatment; it kills parasites and has also been shown to kill the coronavirus

Black seed oil can help prevent and treat that. Blackseed oil has many other therapeutic qualities and has often been touted as a “cure for anything but death.”

The Impact of Food Allergies on Immune Strength Food allergies, intolerances, or hypersensitivities are unsuspected factors in the development of many worldwide killer diseases such as recurrent infections, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and just about every autoimmune disease (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc.). Over 90% of the documented adverse reac-



tions to foods are not true allergies, occur on a delayed basis (up to 4 days after exposure), and will avoid detection by conventional skin scratch tests. They are often referred to as “Type 2 Allergies” and they may have either immune or nonimmune system mechanisms. The most accepted method of identifying these non-classical food reactions is by an elimination diet. This is accomplished by following a hypoallergenic diet for three weeks, which eliminates the most commonly eaten foods (wheat, milk, eggs, yeast, corn, soy, citrus and other foods eaten on a daily basis). After three weeks, the body is then challenged with the eliminated foods one by one, noting the reactions. During the three weeks before testing, symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, wheezing, joint pain, headaches, itching, and hundreds of others will improve or disappear in those suffering from chronic ingestion of the eliminated foods. If these foods are then reintroduced and the symptoms reappear, the person is most probably allergic to the test foods. He or she is then

advised to abstain from these foods for a period of months or years. This process only works if all the foods are discontinued abruptly or by “cold turkey”. Easing into this diet slowly or through some other compromise does not work at all. This approach is not recommended for severely ill people and is best performed under the supervision of a qualified health care practitioner. A safer and more accurate alternative to the elimination diet is the IgG (subclass 4) RAST blood test. This test for food allergies is now available in Ontario and offered by many pharmacies (no doctor visit required) as well as Gamma Dynacare Laboratories (any MD can order this test). Similar tests are available in England and the U.S. but cost is significantly higher. For information on these tests, contact Gamma Dynacare at 905790-3000 or ask your family doctor. Recently published studies conclude that eliminating the foods detected by this test are at least 80% effective in reversing or reducing the symptoms of dozens of chronic illnesses associated with impaired immunity. If you are one of those people who gets one infection after another, do yourself a favour and look into this type of testing. Prices for the tests have dropped in the past few years so it is now a very good investment in your health.

Conclusion I may have offended some people by not listing their favourite immune boosters. There are many other



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nity boosting supplements I could have discussed. Below is a short list of other supplements readily available from most health food stores and some pharmacies which have a substantial amount of evidence to support their use. Other Immune Boosters – Sterols and sterolins; Quercetin; Beta glucan; B complex vitamins; Garlic; Ginseng; Licorice root; Goldenseal; Pau d’arco; Medicinal mushrooms (reishi, maitake, shitake, agaricus blazei); St. John’s wort (hypericum); Berberine; Small particle size (0.8 nm) colloidal silver (hydrosol); Oregano oil; Coconut oil; Olive leaf extract. These are all excellent remedies if matched to the right person. Of course, numerous homeopathic remedies based on individual needs will also help boost immunity. A natural health care provider can recommend what might work best for you. Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc, practises Complementary Medicine in Thornhill and is the medical editor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. He has also published several Canadian bestselling books, including Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin. To see more of Dr. Rona’s articles, please visit: For appointments, call (905) 764-8700; office located at: 390 Steeles Ave. W., Unit 19, Thornhill, Ontario REFERENCES • Braly, J. Food Allergy Relief. Contemporary Books, Illinois. 2000. • The Vitamin D Council: • Artemisia Annua: news/an-overview-of-the-anti-sars-cov-2-properties-of-artemisiaannua-its-antiviral-action-protein-associated-mechanisms-and-repurposing-for-covid-19-treatment/ • Artemisia Annua for breast cancer: • Black seed oil: other/blackseed-oil-boosts-immunity-system-against-covid-19/ar-BB1btbjW • Gill HS, Rutherfurd KJ, Cross ML, Gopal PK. • Colloidal Silver/Silver Hydrosol. • Clark, Daniel G. and Wyatt, Kaye. Colostrum, Life’s First Food. Salt Lake City: CNR Publications. 1996. • Heinerman, John. Dr. Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Remedies. Paramus: Prentice Hall, 1997; pp.85-86. • Jensen, Bernard. Colostrum: Man’s First Food, The White Gold Discovery. Escondido: Bernard Jensen, 1993. • Rona, Zoltan, P.. Bovine colostrum emerges as immune system modulator. American Journal of Natural Medicine; March, 1998, pp. 19-23. • Rona, Zoltan P. Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin. Tennessee, USA: Alive Books, 2010 • Rona, Zoltan. Childhood Illness and the Allergy Connection. Prima Publishing 1997. • Rona, Zoltan, P. Natural Alternatives to Vaccination. Vancouver: Alive Books. 2000.

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n these remarkably intense times, we are so fortunate to have alternative and complementary avenues of healing available to us. These include reiki energy therapy which enables a person to decompress while balancing and strengthening their immune system. It also includes hypnotherapy and meditation which work to establish deep peace, bringing forth insights and a reconnection to our indwelling Spirit. REIKI Reiki originated from the spiritual practices of Tibetan Holy men who were helping people refine their state of mind by meditating on Sanskrit symbols to remind them of the divine power in their daily lives. Today, reiki is a form of vibrational healing widely used by health care workers, natural medicine caregivers, therapists, and holistic healers. Energetically, the practitioner harnesses the cosmic life force in his or her hands and lays them gently on the recipient at specified points. For the client, reiki works to stimulate a natural tendency to be vibrant and is beneficial in maintaining and extending their health and



Stories of Healing with Reiki and Hypnotherapy BY VIRGINIA HART NELSON

In Oneness, we can acknowledge the radiant love that each of us carries within emotional well-being. A reiki session conducted in an atmosphere of stillness and calm will help clients to sometimes have a spiritual experience. And some insomniacs will eventually relax and fall into a restful sleep. Reiki is a great form of preventive medicine, not to be used just for emergencies or crises. During the pandemic, the sharing of longdistance Reiki has been extremely helpful.

HYPNOTHERAPY Hypnotherapy essentially involves guiding a person into a deeply relaxed state from which they can get in touch with underlying patterns that serve to free up physical or emotional blocks. It provides an opportunity for loving kindness and forgiveness to transform countless circumstances, and to change behaviour going forward. TUMOUR RESPONDS TO ENERGY THERAPY A client came to see me because surgery was in the offing. There was a tumour on her pancreas, and the doctors planned to remove a significant portion of the gland.

Prior to the surgery, she wanted to explore other options. Fortunately, she was open-minded and involved with Eastern spiritual traditions. We commenced a series of sessions involving reiki, hypnotherapy, meditation and visualization. During these sessions, it emerged that she was holding onto deep emotional pain from a relationship with her former spouse where there was a betrayal of trust. As the sessions continued, she was able to tune into what her dreams were telling her, and she also progressed to learning reiki Levels I & II from me so that she could practice reiki on herself and with others. She was very dedicated to this endeavour, and eventually forgave her ex-husband while also recognizing her part in letting the union go forward. She continued with her meditation, energy work, and hypnotherapy sessions for several more months. The mass began to shrink and in the end, it disappeared. Surgery was no longer necessary. In gratitude, she travelled overseas to visit one of her spiritual temples to donate her time and money. This is an individual who is very generous to others. She remains well to this day. HYPNOTHERAPY AND REIKI USED WITH OTHER HEALTH CONDITIONS Other situations that, on the surface, may not appear so dramatic nevertheless come with their own challenges and opportunities. And if, say, an operation is inevitable, a surround of

Light can be provided that assists not only prior to and during surgery, but in the aftermath, so that trauma to the body and central nervous system can be greatly reduced. At the level of the ego, we do not know all the factors at play in someone’s life. There is a wonderful phrase by a spiritual leader named Uranda who said, “Let love radiate without concern for results.” In other words, there is no need to manipulate or try to affect a particular outcome. One client of mine in her 60s had three surgeries in six years: two knee replacements (with heart fibrillations after the second) and a full hysterectomy. Each time she made it a priority to include reiki treatments preand post-op as well as the meditations and visualizations that assisted in her recovery. In spite of the intense pain that can result from knee surgery, she also faithfully kept her sense of humour and did her exercises and physiotherapy. Every day, people like this are an inspiration to me. In the mid-1980’s when I was working for CBC-TV’s The Fifth Estate, I co-produced a program on cancer and self-healing, interviewing practitioners and patients in Canada and the U.S. who were in the vanguard of what was called psychoneuroimmunology. One of the many pioneers we interviewed was Dr. Bernauer Newton, M.D. in Los Angeles. He was using hypnotherapy with cancer patients to assist them in recognizing and freeing up areas of their lives that may VITALITY MAGAZINE – FALL 2021


have contributed to their illness (holding onto locular ovarian cyst, and I was scheduled Hypnotherapy essentially grief, regret, anger, afraid to speak up, etc.). involves guiding a person for an operation within three weeks. Cancer He provided space for insight, and included into a deeply relaxed state or not, I was probably going to be eviscervisualizations, kindness, forgiveness, and no from which they can get in ated. I went for a second opinion and was blame. told I would absolutely have to have the touch with underlying As a result, many of his patients went into surgery. patterns that serve to remission, and for those who were in the final Even though I was working as a freefree up physical or stages of their illness he assisted them with lancer, I made time every day for meditaemotional blocks the dying process. I was deeply moved by his tion as well as Attunement and acupuncture compassion and steadfastness, and would say he was a treatments from two practitioners with a spiritual focus. In major inspiration in my own life and future work. I have one session, I felt my fear over what might happen begin to since had the privilege of working with others who were in dissolve, and knew that things would work out either way. the transition process from life to afterlife, a number of There was higher help here for sure, and it was a major turnwhom felt the unwavering love that was waiting for them. ing point in allowing the mass to dissolve. In the end, my gynecologist cancelled the surgery because My Own Story the cyst had disappeared, but needless to say he was surI emerged from a traumatic childhood which left in its prised. For him this was a complete anomaly. I told him it wake a trail of habit patterns and health issues that took didn’t happen by accident, and although he wasn’t interestdecades to undo. I chose a spiritual path with its own chal- ed, he was gracious and said we’d keep our eye on it. It did lenges, but for me it was a rewarding one. Patience is an not return. acquired virtue. This is not to say that if there is no remission, there has I have since let go of many debilitating, longstanding con- been a lack on anyone’s part. ditions including severe depression, panic attacks, chronic In my early 50’s I discovered I carried a genetic predispofatigue syndrome (CFS), digestive disorders and IBS, pso- sition for iritis. I had a painful and virulent attack (severe riasis, acute migraine headaches, and much more. inflammation of the eye which needed immediate treatment). I have been able to avoid surgery a few times, the first of It was misdiagnosed three times and I almost lost my left eye. which was in 1990. An ultrasound revealed a large multi- (An uncle did lose an eye in the days before steroids).



The damage caused black floaters in my eye, which I was told would be permanent. Fortunately, by doing regular self-Reiki on my eye region, the floaters disappeared. This had an added bonus of eliminating my need for prescription glasses, even though I’d worn them from the age of six. Like so many illnesses, one of the triggers for iritis is stress. As one gets older, iritis falls away – so mercifully I haven’t had an episode for many years. You’ve heard the saying, “Before Enlightenment, hewers of wood, drawers of water; after Enlightenment, hewers of wood, drawers of water.” In other words, even when we’ve come into a place of greater equanimity, we will still feel things; but the difference is that we don’t personalize it – just observe, so that we can learn to be here in a more peaceful way, and offer blessing. The good news is that the goal is tantalizingly closer than we think, because others have done it. The ego is addicted to trauma and drama, and wants you to believe that peace is boring. The world is a place of noise, distraction and pain. Yes, there is also beauty here – that’s duality. In Oneness, we can acknowledge the radiant love that each of us carries within. Virginia Hart Nelson, C.CHt. is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Traditional Reiki Master, Past-Life Regressionist and Attunement Practitioner. She teaches Reiki and has been working with others for 27 years. For appointments call (416) 960-1690 or email:

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September 2021 Zodiac Predictions ★★★ by Robin Armstrong ★★★ Editor’s note: In this issue we bid a fond farewell to Julie Simmons who has retired from writing this column. To read her parting thoughts, check out page 40. Meantime, we welcome astrologer Robin Armstrong to this spot; he has been writing for us online for years, and now he is joining us in print! Note: To view Robin’s “Special Focus” for each sign, see the extended version of this column posted at: ARIES: March 20 - April 20

Communications will be challenged for Aries this September. You will appear abrupt and insensitive to the ideas of others. Make an effort to think before you make comments, and try to be polite. Try not to react to the opinions of others. Stick to your own plans. The first half of the month will be easier than the last half. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a relatively uneventful lunation. Be yourself! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a relatively uneventful lunation. Avoid complications! TAURUS: April 20 - May 21

September will start out smoothly, but by the 10th the tide turns and not necessarily in your favour. You will start out content but end up discontent and grumbling. There will be no need for you to voice your discontent nor to draw attention to it. Better to back off and keep your complaints to yourself. This will not be a good month for impulse buying. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a harmonious lunation. Smooth moves! The Full Moon of Sept. 20th will also be a harmonious lunation. Be kind! GEMINI: May 21 - June 21

The first half of the month will be stressful, but the last half will flow smoothly. Take care of the difficult work in the first half and then you will coast through the last half. In the first half you will be prone to parking or speeding tickets so slow down! In the second half, positive communications are accentuated. Timing is everything! The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a stressful lunation. Again - slow down! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a stressful lunation. Don't trust your instincts! CANCER: June 21 - July 23

The first 10 days of September will be good for putting out energy. The last 20 days will be better for collecting rewards. When satisfaction begins to increase by mid-month, enjoy yourself but do not try to talk about it. 38


Don't give credence to the gossip around you, and be selective about your expenditures. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a harmonious lunation. Be spontaneous! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a harmonious lunation. LEO: July 23 - Aug. 23

This will be a month to reassess your priorities. A new outlook on life is beginning for you. You can no longer rely on impulse drive. You will need to see where something is leading to before you get on board. You don't need more time demands, but you do need more qualified commitments. Perhaps you might decide to take a course in the fall to add a skill. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a relatively uneventful lunation. Dress up! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a relatively uneventful lunation. Let it go! VIRGO: Aug. 23 - Sept. 21

The Force will continue to be with you until midmonth, and then your activity level will calm down a little. If there is something that you want to do or get done, do it in the first half of the month. Take the initiative while you can. This is not the time for aversion or lethargy! It will be two years before such a surge of good energy comes your way again. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be the most sensitive lunation of the year. Take some time out for personal reflection! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will bring contradictory energies to the surface. Keep busy! LIBRA: Sept. 23 - Oct. 23

September will be a month of quick thinking and good ideas for Librans. By mid-month when Mars goes into Libra, the Force will be with you. This will be the time to put those ideas into action. Make it happen. Don't wait for others! Be the hammer and not the nail! It is your time to take the initiative. There will be no room for indecision. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a relatively uneventful lunation. Look good! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a relatively uneventful lunation. Be kind! SCORPIO: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

In September your personal desires will come to the surface and predominate. These desires are not necessarily stable ones. Sometimes if you want something too much, it would be better to leave it alone. Discretion will be the better part of valour. If you don’t get what or who you want, let it go! The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a



COMMUNITY NEWS Book of the Month

Clear Seeing Naturally Tired of • Blurry Vision • Glasses • Deteriorating Vision • Computer Eyestrain

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by Susan Sommers I am excited to announce the release of my new book, The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life. The book focuses on walking for mental and emotional clarity, for physical activity, for spiritual strength, and to connect with nature. The book helps to ease the mental anguish that many people are feeling coming out of COVID-19 and is a great self-care tool. Part memoir and photos from my walking journey (from overweight, unathletic child to walking two 7-½ hour Marathons and 33 other races after the age of 60), the book also provides evidencebased tools from the University of Toronto, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education. It includes real-life lessons and stories to keep your mind, body, and spirit strong, as well as journaling, photography, and Vision Board suggestions. The Magic of Walking was written in early 2021, during COVID-19, after I had walked the 778 kilometre El Camino de Santiago virtually, logging 15,000 steps a day for four months to receive the medal. Highlights from the 30 “steps” in The Magic of Walking include how to: – select the right type of walking for your strengths, interests, and budget; – create walking checklists for both warm and cold weather;

Over many years astrology has been a great teacher for me. It has taught me about change. Planets and the Sun and Moon have cycles, exactly as we do. I have really enjoyed being part of the voice of Vitality magazine for many of those years. I’m not even sure how many! Just like everything, the time has come for me to leave. I will miss the writing and being part of such an essential piece of Toronto’s alternative landscape. Here are some ways to stay connected with me: Most of my astrological offerings can be found at: Monthly insights: • Subscribe to my newsletter • Links to my monthly podcast (The Astrological Town Crier) • Workshops and classes For Moon watchers: • Regular updates regarding its sign and phase on twitter: @juliesimmonsast • Monthly New Moon gatherings on Zoom (send a request to my email). I am on facebook (if you want to ‘friend’ me send an email first mentioning Vitality so I know to accept the request). YouTube: Julie Simmons quantum astrologer. If you are not online at all as some of you are not, I regret that I am going the way of all media and wish you good guidance from the heavens when you need it. Blessed Be! Julie

The Magic of Walking includes real-life lessons and stories to keep your mind, body, and spirit strong

– choose from 10 different types of walking for physical health, including race walking, Tai Chi walking, and walking with a cane or a walker; – prepare for, and successfully complete, a 5k to Marathon walk race, virtually or in-person; – walk for brain power, plasticity, and resilience; – conscious walking for mental clarity, emotional strength, enriched selfesteem, stress and anxiety reduction, and creativity; – investigate three types of walking to enhance mental health: mood walks, walk and talk therapy, and walking for aging; – practice the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku, aka forest bathing or forest walking. The book is now available for order through Caversham Books at 98 Harbord Street, Toronto; at, at TYPE Books, 427 Spadina Road in Toronto, or through my new website, www.powersourcefor Visit Susan Sommers’ website at www.powersourceforwomen .com and contact her at

September Zodiac Predictions ~ continued ~

monious lunation. Keep busy! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a harmonious lunation. Don’t complain! SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22 - Dec. 22

Most Sagittarians will experience stress and poor timing for the first half of September, but it will turn to clear thinking and good ideas in the last half. Do the difficult things first and get them over with, then you will be better able to enjoy the good times when they come. Don’t get tripped up in the details.The New Moon of Sept. 6 will a stressful lunation. Don’t explain! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a stressful lunation. Be considerate! CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

Personal efforts made in the first half of the month will reap rewards in the second half. Pay attention to details and fix whatever needs to be fixed. Don’t put it off. A ‘Be Here Now’ philosophy will work wonders for you. No need to fret about big long-term plans. Take care of what is on your doorstep now. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a harmonious lunation. Be spontaneous! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a harmonious lunation. AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 - Feb. 19

September will be a better month for putting energy out and making things happen, than for trying to collect resources or receive appreciation. Don’t get too comfortable. Disciplined efforts will make progress and pay off in the long run. A little preparation will make a big difference. The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a relatively uneventful lunation. Be cool. The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will also be a relatively uneventful lunation. Pay attention to the little things! PISCES: Feb. 19 - March 20

September will continue to be an irritable month for most Pisceans, but the tide will change midmonth. Try to keep well rested; it will help to maintain anger management. You will feel the pressure lift by the 15th. In the last half of the month you will see your charm and style return. Relax and enjoy it! The New Moon of Sept. 6 will be a stressful lunation. Don’t trust your instincts! The Full Moon of Sept. 20 will bring contradictory energies to the surface. Accentuate the positive! Robin’s predictions are meant for entertainment and insight. Any serious decision made by astrology requires a full personalized horoscope to be calculated and studied. For a personal consultation with Robin Armstrong, or to inquire about his School of Astrology or speaking engagements, or to be put on his email list, email Robin at, or visit the website at



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NOV 25 REIKI SHARE 7 - 9 pm, (905) 796- 0101. NOV 27 REIKI II CERTIFICATION: Learn more potent healing applications, including Symbols, Long-distance healing. Illustrated Workbook. Virginia Hart Nelson, 28 years' experience. Call (416) 960-1690, NOV 29 MINDFUL MEDITATION 8 - 9 pm Zoom, (905) 796-0101.

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Vitality’s circulation for the Fall issue magazine is 50,000 (combined print and digital)


• Great Selection! • Full Time, Part Time & Occasional Rentals • Reasonable Rates • Workshop Space Also

www . t o r o n t o h e a l i n g a r t s . ca 46


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PERSONALS WHITE, SINGLE MALE in his late 50's seeking white, single, female 45-55 for companionship leading to a long-term relationship. E-mail me at: SUCCESSFUL GENTLEMAN looking to meet lady 35-40 for relationship. OFFICE/CLINIC SPACE FOR RENT PSYCHOTHERAPY/HEALING ARTS OFFICES: Beautiful building across from Allan Gardens - 120 Carlton at Jarvis. Six rooms available on full-time, part-time, and occasional basis. Accessible. Inquiries Dr. Nick Ashfield (416) 567-2205 BEAUTIFUL OFFICES: Toronto Healing Arts Centre, established 1983, variety of rooms - Bloor Street West at Christie Subway. Psychotherapy / Healing Arts offices. Inquiries (416) 535-8777 or PARKDALE PSYCHOTHERAPY SPACE: Queen West near Brock. Beautiful renovated offices available full-time, part-time and occasional. Please contact Nick (416) 567-2205. OFFICE CLINIC SPACE - Inclusive, professional, high quality, fully accessible, office/rooms at Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre. Flexible options, professionally cleaned, Covid-19 protocols, great energy, care and connection, parking, TTC, Bloor & Spadina: (416) 271-0512. VACATION / RETREATS RENTAL

HIDDEN BUDDHA HEALING CENTER: The Perfect Place to Host Your Retreat. Rental space for retreat leaders, year-round. Contact Lidia: (416) 912-1721,



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Vitality Magazine | Fall 2021 Issue  

Vitality Magazine | Fall 2021 Issue  

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