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The New Wave in Cuisine:

All Living, Vegan, Organic, and Delectable, too


301 N. Baker St., #106 • Mount Dora, Florida 32757

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Our ENTIRE MENU is Living, 95% Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free. LIVING:

Some of our entrées are gently warmed at approximately 105 degrees to preserve their living enzymes, oxygen, natural hormones, phytochemicals, bio-electrical energy, and life-force. ORGANIC AND NON-GMO:

We serve only food prepared with all organic ingredients so that we can bring you the ultimate in nutrition, taste and health safety. Organic means the food is not a genetically modified organism (GMO) and it also means the food we serve will be free of pesticides and other non-organic farming chemicals. VEGAN:

We use no animal products including meat, dairy, fish, or seafood. We support the studies which show that plant-based protein is the ultimate for health, longevity, and quality of life. GLUTEN-FREE:

Remove gluten from your diet and you will immediately and effortlessly begin losing weight.

Why Not Take An Entrée TO GO?�

And please visit our dessert case to choose from an array of delightful, all living confections!

Appetizers Vitality Bistro Salad / $11

Romaine and butter lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh grape tomatoes, onion bread croutons, kale chips, onions, and tossed with a touch of sesame oil and “sour cream.” Cleopatra Salad / $10

Chopped romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, and vegan caesar dressing with “parmesan cheese” topping. Massaged Kale Salad / $11

A satisfying mélange of kale leaves, hemp seeds and grape tomatoes with a piquant avocado dressing massaged in. Guacamole Sliders / $10

A trio of mini open-faced onion bread sandwiches mounded with a zesty guacamole, fresh salsa du jour (depending on seasonal availability) and “sour cream.” Hummus / $9

Just the right blend of garlic and lemon infuses our macadamia nut hummus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and topped with crumbled dukka (a blend of hazelnuts, sesame seeds, coriander and cumin); served with crackers du jour for dipping. Bruschetta / $8

Triangles of Italian flat bread smothered with our flavorful traditional Mediterranean tomato, basil, garlic and "cheese" topping. “Macaroni and Cheese” / $8

A warm and zesty fusion of zucchini “noodles” and “cheddar cheese.” Mixed Green Salad / $10

Assorted mixed greens, grape tomatoes, red onion, red bell pepper, sprouts and dressing du jour.

Living Entrées Heirloom Lasagna / $15 Lunch $18 Dinner

Latticed wide zucchini lasagna noodles, “ricotta cheese,” piquant marinara sauce, heirloom tomatoes, pistachio pesto and spinach leaves stacked and packed with layers of authentic Italian flavor; with your choice of a side of Cleopatra or Mixed Green Salad and dressing du jour. Sonship Burger / $12

Our signature “burger” served on today's bread or bundled in a leaf wrap, dressed with fresh or caramelized onion and barbecue sauce; served with your choice of a side of “Macaroni and Cheese” or crisp sweet potato chips. Add "cheese" (+$2.50). Pad Thai / $14 Lunch $16 Dinner

A duo of “noodles” from zucchini and sweet potato combined with mixed vegetables and delicately laced with a zesty, nutty Thaiinspired red chili pepper sauce. Spaghetti and Italian Herbed Croquettes (our answer to meatballs) / $13 Lunch $15 Dinner

A hearty red pepper marinara sauce is tossed with zucchini “pasta,” served with the cheese du jour and a side of Cleopatra Salad. Mediterranean Pizza / $12

A round of Italian flat bread is adorned with “grilled” vegetables, a rich and slightly sweet marinara sauce, and “ricotta” cheese. Tostada Mexicana / $14

A large round Mexican spiced tostada shell topped with “taco meat,” “nacho cheese,” a mound of crisp lettuce, sliced avocado,

Beverages Lemonade or Limeade / $5

Freshly squeezed, sweetened with organic raw palm sugar. Seasonal Berry Lemonade / $6

Our freshly squeezed, and naturally raw sweetened lemonade infused with seasonal berry juice. Orange Juice / $6

Fresh squeezed, sweet, and invigorating Creamy Tropicale Smoothie / $8

Orange, mango and banana exquisitely blended. PiĂąa Colada Smoothie / $8

Iced pineapple pulp blended with fresh young Thai coconut, garnished with a pineapple wedge. Berriana Blend Smoothie / $7

A trio of banana and two of today’s berries sweetened with dates. Green Goddess Juice / $7

For the hard-core health enthusiast: spinach, cucumber, kale, and apple. Carrapple Juice / $7

A classic juice blend: carrots, celery, and apple juice and blended. Sparkling Water / $3

Enjoy a bottle of crisp, refreshing San Pellegrino water.

Desserts Tutti Fruitti Parfait / $8

Layers of banana slices, today’s berry, chunks of succulent pineapple, chopped dates, and chopped almonds are interspersed with vanilla bean cashew ice cream. Mango or Berry Revel Sorbet / $7

The seasonal fruit of the day is swirled into banana sorbet for a delightful, guiltless frozen desert. Ma’s Apple Pie / $8

A date nut crust is filled with perfectly sweetened apple and drizzled with vanilla cream; or choose à la mode and add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (+$3). Chocolate Brownie à la Mode / $8

A luscious chocolate nut brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Ice Cream Sundae / $7

A scoop of vanilla bean or today’s special flavor of ice cream is embellished with your choice of chocolate sauce or today’s special fruit sauce; chopped nut topping if you choose. Frosty Fudgesicle Shake / $7

Just like how you remember fudgesicles and thick frosty chocolate shakes, but vegan, sugar-free and better! Vanilla Orange Creamsicle Shake / $7

A creamy blend of vanilla, orange, and cashew ice cream will bring back memories of a familiar classic. Chocolate Truffles / $8

Revel in our handmade jewels from chocolate heaven.

The New Wave In Cuisine In Central Florida  

Whether you’re new to living food or a seasoned pro, enjoy the delight of feeding your body expertly prepared delicious living food you’ll n...