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NEKTONY PRODUCTS Mac OS X and iOS products created by Nektony




S  Nektony is an independent software development company.

We create apps on Mac OS X and iOS platforms. S  Mac: Disk Management (Disk Expert, Disk Inspector,

ClearDisk), File Management (Funter), Memory Usage (Boost & Memory); S  iOS: Microsoft Visio Viewer, Mobile Internet Data Tracker,

System Informer.

Disk Expert

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Disk Inspector

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Boost & Memory

Web page | App Store


S  Small freeware utility for Mac to view hidden files

Web page | Free Download

VSD Viewer

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Web page | App Store


S  Disk Expert

- Disk Management

S  Disk Inspector

- Disk Management

S  ClearDisk

- Disk Management

S  Boost & Memory

- Memory Utility

S  Funter

- Hidden File Management

S  VSD Viewer

- Microsoft Visio Viewer

S  4Glob

- Mobile Data Tracker

S  Informer

- System Utility - NEKTONY -

Nektony Products  

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