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How to  Clear  Dropbox  Folder


With the  help  of  Disk  Expert

{ Open Disk  Expert  and  press  Scan  Bu@on  (DB  folder  is  accessible  by   default).  Scanning  will  last  up  to  10  seconds.  Now  you  can  view  full  disk   structure  of  your  disk  and  the  list  of  the  biggest  files.  

{ You can  easily  navigate  into  folders  and  every  time  list  of  “Biggest  Files”   will  be  updated.  Press  “+”  bu@on  near  files  you  want  to  delete  and  they  will   be  moved  into  “Drop  Files”  folder.

{ Returning to  the  root  folder  you  will  see  the  image  of  folder  again.  Files  you   want  to  delete  are  colored  with  red.  Press  trash  icon  and  enjoy  beautiful   animation  of  disk  space  restructuration.

Disk Expert  –  Disk  Space   optimization  tool  by  Nektony


Watch short  video More  about  Disk  Expert Download  Disk  Expert  from  Mac  App  Store

How to Clear Dropbox Folder  

Clearing DB Folder with the help of Disk Expert

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