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Weatherize Upper Valley Weatherization projects often focus on air sealing and insulation, two highly cost-effective ways to reduce energy use and improve comfort. According to Efficiency Vermont, typical weatherization projects in Vermont come with an average price tag of $7,800 and result in average energy savings around 26%. Both Vermont and New Hampshire have incentives and low-interest financing available to help cover the cost. Some residents prefer a hands-on approach and work with their contractor to take on pieces of the projects themselves. This might include removing old insulation or helping with some of the air sealing. In most cases, however, there is no substitute for a seasoned professional. “Having a trained professional visit my home was invaluable,” says Haac. “They know what they are looking at, and they know what’s worked in other places.” Vital Communities is partnering with Efficiency Vermont and seven local contractors for the Weatherize program. Each contractor is certified by the Building Performance Institute and trained to address home energy issues, as well as health concerns such as air quality and moisture. Residents in the 14 Vermont towns participating in the first round of Weatherize have until the end of May to commit to a project and be entered to win up to $2,500 in prizes.

Learn more about Weatherize Upper Valley and find do-it-yourself resources at Email to learn more about how to get your town involved in our next round of Weatherize Upper Valley.

Volunteer with Home Repair More of a do-it-yourselfer? Volunteer with COVER Home Repair’s weatherization program and learn great energy savings techniques to try at home while you help a neighbor in need. No experience necessary. Volunteer for a 9 am to 4 pm workday and help incomeeligible homeowners save on average 100 gallons of fuel each year. Volunteers work alongside homeowners and trained COVER staff members to: • Find and seal air leaks using a blower door, infrared camera, caulking, and spray foam. • Install heavy-duty, reusable window film to block drafts. • Install weather-stripping, gaskets, and sweeps to seal up leaky doors. • Wrap water heaters, pipes, and ducts with insulation.

To volunteer, contact Mary at, 802.296.7241 x104, or drop by the COVER Store located at 158 South Main Street, White River Junction. Spring 2017


Vital Communities Spring 2017 Newsletter  
Vital Communities Spring 2017 Newsletter