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C e le b rating 2 5 Years


FISCAL YEAR 2018–2019

Dear Friends, Our 25th anniversary has provided a chance to both reflect and to refine our thinking about the years to come. Throughout the year, we’ve continued to make positive impacts in the Upper Valley in all our program areas. We also closed our fiscal year (July 2018-June 2019) on target.

Vital Communities cultivates the civic, environmental, and economic vitality of the Upper Valley. We bring people together, bridging boundaries and engaging our whole community to create positive change.

Board of Directors


Barbara Barry, Woodstock, VT

Sarah Brock, Energy, x109

Elyse Crossman, Claremont, NH

Rachel Darrow, Finance, x115

Edward Fox, Montpelier, VT

Bethany Fleishman, Transportation, x111

Bill Geraghty, Hanover, NH

Tommy Katucki, Volunteers, x107

Sally Kraft, Hanover, NH

Mike Kiess, Workforce Housing, x113

Jenny Levy, Hanover, NH

Nancy LaRowe, Local First, Food & Farm, x106

Nancy Merrill, Lebanon, NH Rick Mills, South Strafford, VT

Ana Mejia, Climate, x114

Monique Priestley, Bradford, VT

Elyse Payson, Executive Assistant, Database, x104

Markell Ripps, East Thetford, VT

Carole Petrillo, Bookkeeping, HR, x103

Ron Shaiko, Hanover, NH

Tom Roberts, Executive Director, x101

Ken Wells, West Lebanon, NH

Allison Rogers Furbish, Communications, x108

Sally Wilson, Wells River, VT Jena Goettisheim, Revers Board Fellow, Tuck School of Business

Beth Roy, Food & Farm, Valley Quest, x105 Rob Schultz, Leadership Upper Valley, x102 Becka Warren, Food & Farm, x112

Cover Photo Credits: Molly Drummond • Rob Strong • Jenny Sprague • Erin McCabe • Len Cadwallader

All of this is possible because of you—our donors, partners, volunteers, and community members. You and your neighbors are the driving force to get this work done. With guidance from our small staff, thousands of Upper Valley residents are actively working to strengthen our communities—helping improve home energy efficiency, connecting Upper Valley school kids with local farms and food, engaging towns and businesses in planning for our region’s housing needs, and so much more. You make it all happen. Your financial support enables Vital Communities staff to develop and implement innovative strategies for a stronger Upper Valley. This work is possible thanks to the many individuals, businesses, foundations, and municipalities that make financial contributions to ensure we’re here to serve the region. We can’t thank you enough. Vital Communities cultivates the civic, environmental, and economic vitality of the Upper Valley. We bring people together, bridging boundaries and engaging our whole community to create positive change. This approach has been core to Vital Communities since the beginning and remains the key to our success. We’re so grateful for your trust, your support, and your participation. With thanks, Tom Roberts Ron Shaiko Executive Director Chair, Board of Directors

Volunteer Photographers: Rob Strong, pages 4-7 • Ken Baldwin, pages 9

Connect with Us vitalcommunities.org


195 North Main Street White River Junction, VT 05001


Phone: 802-291-9100 Email: info@vitalcommunities.org

/vitalcommunities 3

Convene, Listen, Act: 

25 Years of Vital Communities And so Vital Communities was born. These community-based listening sessions evolved into Vital Communities’ specific way of gathering and listening to community stakeholders to find opportunities for collective action, which continues today. Vital Communities is also rooted in this place—the Upper Valley. The organization’s earliest program, Valley Quest, became a spectacularly successful way of encouraging folks in the Upper Valley to be curious and learn about the region by exploring the amazing natural and human history that surrounds us. Over time, Vital Communities incubated numerous initiatives leading to the organization we run today: focused on cultivating the civic, environmental, and economic vitality of the Upper Valley.

Many of the founders and early leaders of Vital Communities gathered at our annual Heroes & Leaders Celebration in May 2019. Those assembled included, from back left to front right, Delia Clark, Rick Hausman, Bob Porter, Betty Porter, Anne Silberfarb, Peter Silberfarb, Mike Smith, Len Cadwallader, Charlotte Faulkner, Peter Welch, Fred Thomas, Bruce Schwaegler, Carola Lea, and Margaret Cheney.

INNOVATOR: someone who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.

ENTREPRENEUR: someone who organizes a business, taking on greater than normal risks to do so.

VISIONARY: someone who is thinking about and planning the future with imagination and wisdom.

Delia Clark is an innovator, an entrepreneur, and a visionary. Working with Betty Porter and a small group of like-minded Upper Valley residents, Delia was one of the founders and the first Executive Director of Vital Communities. Her influence is still evident in the organization’s work every day. Delia is responsible for defining Vital Communities’ approach—an approach rooted in a deep understanding of place, in thoughtfully convened and facilitated educational sessions that fostered careful listening, and in nurturing the social capital gained in this process to promote action by stronger and more resilient communities. Vital Communities began in the work of the local League of Women Voters. Concerned with the number of uncontested elections in the Upper Valley, they convened issue forums where residents could ask questions about key issues and hear from local experts. A successful community visioning session in Enfield, supported by then Valley News publisher Walter Paine and led by New Hampshire Extension Service facilitators, served as inspiration for the next steps. Might these kinds of sessions engage neighbors and voters to participate more in the civic life of their communities? Delia and Betty were inspired to create a local organization that would continue to listen, envision, and take action for positive change. 4

Delia, Betty, and many of the other founders of Vital Communities have been part of our 25th Anniversary reflections, helping us consider how our work needs to evolve as we head deeper into the 21st century. Delia believes that one of the reasons Vital Communities has been a successful incubator is because the Upper Valley has such an abundance of human talent and energy. This creative abundance has allowed us to test and refine community organizing tools that have spread throughout the region and beyond. In her career after leaving Vital Communities, Delia has continued to facilitate community visioning processes across the nation and internationally—leading to tremendous action, resilience, and growth of social capital.

“Our goal was that Vital Communities would become a trusted convener of community conversations that led to action and continued engagement on the issues. We believed then, and continue to believe, that this approach helps build social capital and makes community-grounded positive change more likely,” says Delia. “This creates stronger and more resilient communities that are better able to respond to the challenges and opportunities of both today and tomorrow.” 5


Lisa Cashdan & Peter Stein “Philanthropy should be social risk capital, and you need a place to try things out.” 

—Peter Stein

Lisa Cashdan and Peter Stein came to call the Upper Valley home nearly 30 years ago. After more than a decade as founding staff at the Trust for Public Land, they were ready to move out of New York City to raise their young family in a rural setting and close community. Peter took a job with Lyme Timber, while Lisa worked remotely for the Trust and eventually became an important figure in Upper Valley philanthropy through roles with the Upper Valley Community Foundation and the Vermont Community Foundation. “We have a long history of commitment to community, but I don’t think we could have even imagined how strong the community orientation in this region would be,” Lisa says. “The Upper Valley is rich with people caring.” When the work that became Vital Communities got its start within the League of Women Voters of Hanover 25 years ago, it was natural that Lisa and Peter became immediately and deeply involved. Between the two, over the decades, they’ve served on Vital Communities’ Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Nominating Committee, and steering committees focused on local economy, workforce housing, energy, food and farms, and more. They were integral to the process of creating a Community Profile for Norwich—part of the early regional research that helped define Vital Communities’ direction and approach—and two decades later participated in a process that shaped Vital Communities’ current strategic plan. They’ve also been committed donors, making annual financial contributions to Vital Communities for the past 25 years. “Vital Communities continues to show that it plays a valuable role in the Upper Valley,” Peter says. “It creates the space for people with different voices to come together in a safe way for the benefit of the Upper Valley. Philanthropy should be social risk capital, and you need a place to try things out. I see that as a really cool role that Vital Communities plays.”


Lynne LaBombard It was a fluke that Lynne LaBombard got involved with Vital Communities 15 years ago. Her colleague was supposed to present a rental housing market update at a breakfast hosted by the Upper Valley Housing Coalition, then part of Vital Communities. But an emergency forced Lynne to jump in at the last moment. All these years later, Lynne is still a fixture at the semiannual Business Leaders Housing Breakfast. In the past two years, Lynne has also volunteered her time to develop and teach Vital Communities’ newly accredited Green Real Estate Crash Course alongside Sarah Brock from Vital Communities. Thanks to Lynne’s expertise, the new course from Vital Communities provides a practical, manageable dive into the relevant issues and resources in the Upper Valley. “The average agent can leave this class and if they have an appointment to list a ‘green’ property that afternoon, they’re going to be better equipped to successfully manage and properly market that listing,” she says. Teaching is Lynne’s third career. She worked as a critical care nurse after relocating to the Upper Valley in 1983 and then spent more than three decades as a Realtor in the region. For the past 10 years, she’s taught real estate seminars and continuing-education courses. “I’ve got 35 years’ experience doing one thing, and I feel that I have a duty to give back to my community and my profession,” Lynne says. One benefit of volunteering around housing issues for such a sustained length of time: Lynne has seen change actually taking root. “It took more than a decade educating communities and leaders, but now that I can see the words ‘workforce housing’ contained in every article I read about new development proposals, I’m thrilled,” she says. And she thinks we’ll see the same thing with green real estate. “We’re just hitting it from the practitioners’ level now,” she says. “We’re going to close that gap.”

Want to learn more about volunteering with Vital Communities? Contact tommy@vitalcommunities.org.

“There is no other organization like Vital Communities serving this region that works across issues, brings people together, and raises up the important issues to focus on,” Lisa says. “Vital Communities will continue to be vital to the Upper Valley.” 6



By the Numbers 1,015 kids

community members are better prepared to be leaders for the region as graduates of Leadership Upper Valley


fo c



45 han t e or

rce housing so l u rkfo t i on wo s on

2,871 local explorers completed Valley Quests

r be m


on healthy local fruits and vegetables

ated in 5 foru ticip r ms a sp


homeowners signed contracts to make home energy efficiency improvements during our 2019 Weatherize Upper Valley campaigns in 8 towns, spearheaded by 36 volunteers

spending $ 6,421 0 commun ity m e


learned about local farms and produce through Power of Produce (POP) Clubs at local farmers’ markets— collectively








Local First members helped strengthen our vibrant local economy 8





56 people attended Everyday Bicycling workshops to gain more confidence commuting on two wheels


Thank You, Donors!


INDIVIDUALS In-Kind Donations in Italic $1,000+ Anonymous (6) Elizabeth and Clay Adams Liora Alschuler Cynthia and Ray Barrette Barbara Barry and Michael Pacht Joan and Daniel Collison Erika and Brian Dade Kathleen Dolan Judy and Carl Ferenbach Kathy and Bill Geraghty Gail Holmes Sue Kirincich and Chuck Wooster Jane Kitchel McLaughlin and Peter McLaughlin Carola Lea Jennifer and Campbell Levy Dr. Martha McDaniel and Dr. Stephen Plume Susan and Bruce McLaughry Charlotte Metcalf Ron Miller Gretchen and Rick Mills Nita and Robert Z. Norman Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli and Tom Ciardelli Kathy Rines & Ben Schore Barbara and David Roby Linda and Rick Roesch Elisabeth Russell Jennifer and Mark Schiffman Sarah and Bruce Schwaegler Ronald Shaiko Anne and Peter Silberfarb Susan and Clayton Simmers Jean and Bayne Stevenson Elizabeth and Robert Stragnell Marilyn and Skip Sturman Jenny and Stan Williams Sally and Tim Wilson <$1,000 Anonymous (45+) Susanne and George Abetti Doug Adams Kate Adams Lynn Adams and Simon Carr Brooke and Jim Adler Tish Aldom Betty Ann and Bill Aldrich Mary and David Allen Nancy and Blake Allison Susan Almy Amanda Anderson Sandra Anderson and Reeve Williams Richie Antonia Kenneth Arkind Deborah and Jay Van Arman Marcia Armstrong Trina Ashline Gayle and Dwight Aspinwall Kathy Astrauckas and Bob Hagen Tracy Bach and Brian Lombardo

Ron Bailey Anne Baird and Stephen Campbell Nancy Baker Bronwen and Bob Ballou Judith and Paul Barker Susan Barrett and Bryan J. Marsh Ben Barrowes Antonia Barry Debra Basaldua MK Beach and Terry Osborne Pamela Bean Thomas Beck Judy Belyea Bernard Benn Alice Bennett Mary Helen Bentley and Katrin Tchana Iris Berezin Mary Berlejung Judith and James Bernat Alan Berolzheimer David Berry Vesna Besarabic and Howard Goldsweig Jody and Rick Biddle Chrysanthi and Peter Bien Richard Bircher Eric Bivona Brandy Blackinton Miranda and Bill Blaiklock Mary Blanton Ruth and Peter Bleyler Marion and Putnam Blodgett Li Shen and Stuart Blood Liz Blum and Nelson Kasfir Martin Blumberg Barnes Boffey Lynnette and Charles Bohi Molly Bonhag Robert Boon Lucie and Rick Bourdon Susan and William Boyle Ann and David Bradley Shelly Bragg Daniel Brand Claudia Brandenburg Patricia A. Bray Margaret Brazill Trudi Brock and Paul Kristensen Anne and Richard Broussard Andrea Brown Matt Brown Darla Bruno Matt Bucy Joan Burchenal Robin Burdette Spencer Burdge Maureen Burford and Alex Jaccaci Judith and Phil Bush Nancy and Harry Byrd Mary Ann and Len Cadwallader Sharon and John Cameron Carol Campbell and John McKenna Polly and Jay Campion

Margery J. Cantor Dawn Carey and Chris Smith Sonja Carlborg Kathleen Carriere Nan and John Carroll Nanci Carstens Nancy and Bill Carter Stephanie K Carter Lisa Cashdan and Peter Stein Lisa C. and David J. Celone Elizabeth E. and William A. Chabot Janice and Robert Chapman Susan and Larry Chase Margaret Cheney and Peter Welch Stacey and Nick Chiocchio Bill Chorske Kathy and Peter Christie Aileen and Lionel Chute Ann and David Cioffi George Clark Jean Clark and Charles Townsend Tina and Ray Clark Alison Clarkson and Oliver Goodenough Gael M. Clauson Joe P. Clifford Lora Coble Karen and Erik Colberg Allison Colburn Kendra Colburn Judi and Stan Colla Timothy Condon Annabelle Cone Sheila Conley Wendy Conquest Nicole Conte and Matt Stevens Marjorie and Russell Cook Cynthia Cook Bognolo Tom Cormen Joseph Corrigan Florence Courtemanche Dwayna Covey Jane Crandell and Jonathan Glass Sophia and Fred Crawford Edith Crocker Suzanne and Tom Cronkite Guy Crosby Megan Culp Ginger and Max Culpepper John Cushman Stacey Cushner and Jeff Bernstein Carol and Bob Cusick Linda and Lawrence J. Dacey Stephanie Daniels Rachel Darrow Andy Daubenspeck Sylvia Davatz Jennifer Davey and David Fisk Jill Davies and Nigel Hollis Julie and Jay Davis Anne Day Barbara DeFelice and Chris Levey Jane and Jack DeGange Elizabeth Deignan Deecie and Jock Denison

This list has been prepared with care. However, if weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve inadvertently omitted your name, please contact us! Betsy and Don Derrick Sylvie Desautels and Chris Wood Closey Dickey Debra L. Diegoli and Ingrid Anderson Lesley Dinesen Courtney Dobyns Ruth and Paul Doiron Mary and Robert Donin Jill Dorman Karen and Gary Douville Betsy and Larry Draper Nance Driscoll Anthony Dube Bernard DuBreuil Krista and Paul Dunne Linda Duxbury Kirsten and David Eastman John Echeverria Oliver Edelson Sharon and Bruce Edwards Susan and Brian Edwards Kirsten Elin Scott Elledge Janet and Philip Eller Cathleen and William Emmons Jordan Engel Judith Englander and John Echternach Stephen Ensign Sally Eshleman and Dan Meerson Anne Eskridge Margaret Fanning and David Cate Sallie Farlow Edie Farwell and Jay Mead Derek Ferland Margery Erle Fields Rosalind Finn Patricia Fontaine Edith and Ruth Forbes Donna Foster Sue Foster Linda and Stephens Fowler Lynn Freeman and Peter Martin Lisa and John Freitag Denise and Greg Froehlich Carolyn and Milton Frye Stephen Furbish Arthur Gardiner, Jr Sue Gault Janet Gelfan Paul Gerke Paige Gibbs Jonathan Gilday Laura Gillespie Donna Girot Dee and Kevin Gish Sandy Gmur Leah Goat Amy Godine Charles Goldensher Steve Goldsmith Nadia and Greg Gorman Polly and Frank Gould Kevin Grady Mike Graham

Gretchen Graner Kari Jo and Martin Grant Nancy and David Grant Linda Gray Susan and Lewis Greenstein Manohar Grewal Happy and Clark Griffiths Dana and Dan Grossman Peggy Sue Grote Nancy Gunshanan Kelli Guss Mary Ann Haagen and Charles DePuy Jane Milliken Hague Janet Miller Haines Sally Hair and Brian Reid Marion M. Hampton Jim Hand Elizabeth Hanlon and Dick Jennings Laurie Harding and Peter Mason Susan Hardy Barbara Harrington Peter Harris Catherine and Phil Harrison Louise and Marvin Harrison Carol Harry and Steve Gagliardone Sheila Hastie and Andy Jones Sarah Hastings Andrew Hatch Jill and Bill Hatch Emily and Richard Hausman Deb Hawthorn Jenn and Thornton Hayslett LeeAnne and Michael Heeremans Jim Henderson Patricia and Donald Henderson Brooke Herndon and Eric Miller Henry Herndon Betty Heston Bruce D. Hettleman Eve Hiatt Patricia Higgins and Scot Drysdale Henry Higgs Christina and Harvey Hill Bonnie and Jesse Hills Beth Hindmarsh Susan Hodges Richard Hodgson Richard B. Hoffman Shelby Hoffman Annemarie Hoffmeister Peter Hollinger Henry Homeyer Tom Honigford Linda and Ed Howes Ann and Robert Hunter Marilyn Hunter Fran and Bryan Huot Nancy and Larry Huot Aare Ilves Lois Jackson Merideth Jackson and David Brooks Alan Johnson Rita and Edwin Johnson

Amber Johnston Nancy Jones Suzanne M V Jones Kathryn Jorgensen Anne Kapuscinski and Wayne Barstad Margaret and Christopher Katucki Bill Keegan Ruth and Alan Keitt Punam and Kevin Keller Christine and Chris Bailey-Kellogg Susan Kellogg Rainie and Larry Kelly Martha Jane Rich and David Kelman Jean and Harry Kendrick Katie and Jerome Kent Laird Klingler Sara and Ron Kobylenski Pam Jenkins and David Kotz Debra Kraemer and Bob Walker Sally Kraft and Bob Staiger Barbara Krinitz Stephen Kudlick Linda Labriola Alessandra LaFiandra Steve Lagasse Sara Lang Nancy LaRowe and David Yesman Nicole and Greg Leibon Meredith and David Liben Christine Lilyquist and William Barrette Mary Lincoln Carol and Robert Lippman Julia Lloyd-Wright Lorie Loeb and Tom Roberts Elizabeth and Brett Long Jennifer Loros and Jay Dunlap Rebecca Lovejoy and Kevin Peterson Allegra and Steve Lubrano Lee Lynd Bonnie MacAdam and Doug Tifft Rebecca Mackenzie Mary MacVey and Fred Hunt John Reese and Katie Madden Ann and David Malenka Vera and DeWitt Mallary Katie and John Manchester Britton Mann Anne Margolis Andrea Marquay Mary Maxfield Judy and Philip Maynes Robert Mayo Denise and Barry McCabe Betsy McCann Judy and Robert McCarthy Betsy McClain and Chris Kennedy Auden McClure Penny McConnel and Jim Gold Joanne and John McCormick Marie McCormick and Adam Niblick Belle and Duncan McDougall Joyce and Ronald McGarvey


Cathy and Scott McGee Kristin and Dan McGee Patricia McGovern Anne McKinsey Elisabeth McLane and Tii McLane Andrew McLaughlin Lucy and Robert McLellan Claire Mead Lelia Mellen and Bill Shepard Melissa and Brent Mellen Kim Meredith Margaret and Edward Merrens Carolyn and Peter Mertz Dana and Al Michalovic Linda and George Miller Lyn and Donald Miller Susan Mills Theresa and John Minelli Lianne Moccia and Allyn Field Nancy and Peter Mogielnicki Corb Moister Maggie Monroe-Cassel Margaret and William Montgomery Tad Montgomery Sheila Moran and David Millstone Amy and Joseph Morel Elizabeth and Richard Morse Dani Ligett and Mike Morton Phillip Mulligan Giavanna Munafo and Jim Walsh Theresa and Mike Mundy Patrice and Miles Mushlin Judy Music and John H. Vogel Edmund Nash Greg Nazarow Joanne Needham and Andy Johnson Yoni and Stephen Neirman William Neukomm Maureen and John Nininger Sara and Kenneth L. Norcross Joanne and Richard Norton Patricia and Tom Norton Margo Nutt Timothy O’Dell Linda and Ernst Oidtmann Bineke and Abraham Oort Rosamond Orford Nancy Osgood Charlotte Osterlund Mary K. and David W. Otto Rebecca Owens Joanne and Donald Page Jane Moore Palmer Nelly and William Palmer Polly and Henry Parker Ruth W. Payne Barbara and Henry Payson Amy Peberdy Susan and Mark Pepe Lizann Peyton Nancy Philips and Blair Brooks Connie Philleo and Claude Phipps Joan Piccolo Christine Pinello, DVM Briane Pinkson and Mark Humpal Pamela Piper Kelli Pippin


Amanda Plagge Jane and Steve Plumley Patricia Polk Janet L. Pollock Rickey and Dan Poor Avery D. Post Gerhard Postpischil Becky and Stephen Powell Monique Priestley Nancy Pryer Laura and Robert Pulaski Virginia Quinn and Hiroshi Kumazawa Kimberley Quirk Sharon and Bob Racusin Zachariah Ralph Audrey and Nikki Ranieri Belinda Ray Sarah and David Reeves Diane Reinhardt and Rob Schultz Stephanie Reininger Adam Von Reyn Betsy Rhodes Rebecca Rice and Donald Mesec Martha and Stephen Richardson Peggy Richardson and Rick Senuta Leslie and Chris Rimmer Markell Ripps and Jack Kauders Kathleen Robbins Evelyn Roberts John Roberts John M. Roberts Martha and Dana Robes Andy Robinson Sarah Robson and Swaminathan Subbiah Lisa Rogak Marjorie and Richard Rogalski Courtney Rogers Allison Rogers Furbish and Shawn Furbish Virginia and Ellis Rolett Kathleen Romano Sarah and Nelson Rooker Jillian Ross Arline and Barry Rotman Andy Rowles Patricia and Daryl Royce Alan Rozycki Mathew Rubin Susan and Paul Rump Beth Ryan and Jenny O’Flaherty Laney and Jack Sammons Kathryn Samuelson Robert Sand Karen and John Sanders Ridge Satterthwaite Heide Scheurer Jill and John Schiffman Sue Schiller Carl Schmidt Ursina and Alan Schnur Richard Schramm Phyllis and Robert C. Schultz Nan and Joe Schwartzman Doreen Schweizer Meg and Bruce Seely Anne Segal Stacia Selbo

John Semple Reva Seybolt Megan Shannon Joanna Sharf Emily Shipman Frederick W. Shipman Tausha and Mark Shute Vassiliki Sinopoulos and Christopher Lloyd Helen Skeist Gunilla and Leif Smedman Sue Smiga, MD Alcott L. Smith Barbara and Wally Smith Jean and Mike Smith Nancy Smith Victoria Smith Renee Snow Jennifer Snyder Fogg and Jeff Fogg Cameron and Gus Speth Cynthia and Jonathan Stableford Mitchell Robert Stagnone Sophie and Matt Starr Jane and John Stephenson Cindy Stevens Cynthia Stevens Virginia Stone and Laurence Babcock Caroline and Peter Storrs Lynn Sudlow and Ted Terome Paul Suhler Karen Summer Shiela and Steven Swett Bonnie and Clinton Swift Janet and Tim Taylor Marie and Tom Taylor Steve Taylor and Melinda Meyerhoff Susan and David Taylor Hetty and Irv Thomae Marjorie and Fred Thomas Anne Thomas Donaghy and John Donaghy Cynthia Thompson Thelma and Peter Thompson Amy and Peter Thurber Charles Townsend Inge and Heinz Trebitz Liz and Folger Tuggle Cheryl and Paul Twerdowsky Teresa and Michael Urnezis David Urso Amy VanderKooi Cindy and Jim Varnum Renee Vebell and Jeffrey Cohen Beverly and Phil Vermeer Rodney Viens Deborah and Marc Violette Robin and Steve Voigt Richard Waddell Margery S. Walker Suzanne and Graham Wallis Betty Ward and Pip Richens Diane and Michael Warning Sally and Dick Warren Marion and Bruce Waters Mary and Bernie Waugh Rhonda and Milton Weinstein Kathy and Curtis Welling

Ken Wells Gail Heverly West Holly and Robert West Erin Wetherell Donna and Phil Wheeler Tilda and Stuart White Lauren and Doug Whittlesey Helen Whyte and Ross McIntyre Sharon Wight

Nancy Wightman Stephanie and Stephen Willbanks Donna Williams Joan and Robert Williamson Leslie and Doug Williamson Peg Wiley and John Benjamin Joanne and Doug Wise Dori and Jeff Wolfe Kristin and Stew Wood

Jeanne Woodward-Poor Susan and James Wright Susan and John Yacavone Jeanne and Arthur Young MaryLee Young Sallie and Tom Yurkosky Gabe Zoerheide Eleanor Zue

FUND FOR THE FUTURE The next 25 years will be full of change—and Vital Communities is committed to listening to the needs of the Upper Valley and bringing people together to meet them. Help us be responsive to the challenges of tomorrow with a gift to our 25th Anniversary Fund for the Future! The Fund will allow Vital Communities to create bold new projects, initiatives, and programs to address emerging issues—and all gifts will be MATCHED, up to $50,000! Use the enclosed envelope or visit vitalcommunities.org/donate to make your gift.

BUSINESSES & FOUNDATIONS In-Kind Donations in Italic $50,000+ Dartmouth-Hitchcock Jane’s Trust Foundation New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Thomas W. Haas Fund New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Wellborn Ecology Fund The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation USDA $20,000–$49,999 Dartmouth College Emily Landecker Foundation Expecting Productions, LLC HOPE Foundation Mascoma Bank New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Wellborn Ecology Fund New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority Vermont Agency of Transportation $5,000–$19,999 Bar Harbor Bank & Trust City of Lebanon Co-op Food Stores Fidelity Charitable - Peter J. McLaughlin and Jane Kitchel McLaughlin Gulf Coast Community Foundation Harris and Frances Block Foundation Hypertherm Kettering Family Philanthropies King Arthur Flour Ledyard National Bank MLC Ventures - Green Mountain Foundation New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food

Novo Nordisk The Couch Family Foundation The Lintilhac Foundation Town of Hanover Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foods & Markets Working Lands Enterprise Initiative $500–$4,999 Adimab, LLC Avitide, Inc. Build Basic Green CATV Celdara Medical, LLC Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission Chelsea Green Publishing Co. Cheshire County Conservation District - Walpole Christina Heroy Foundation Claremont Savings Bank Dartmouth Printing Company Sheridan Dartmouth Regional Technology Center David’s House DRM Downs Rachlin Martin Farm Credit East Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty Frazer Agency FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. Gallagher, Flynn & Company Geokon, Inc Great Eastern Radio Hamill Family Foundation Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce Hemenway & Barnes Kendal at Hanover Lake Sunapee Region VNA Land for Good LaValley Building Supply Lourie & Cutler, P.C. Lyme Green Heat

Mt. Ascutney Hospital & Health Center National Park Service New Hampshire Association of Chamber Executives New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Bruce M. and Sarah T. Schwaegler Fund, Barrette Family Fund Nomad Communications Norwich Technologies Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs Pierce, Fenner and Smith, Inc. Pyrus Horticultural Red River Computer Company ReVision Energy RSG Schwab Charitable - Morel Family Fund Simon Pearce Skinny Pancake Stettenheim Foundation Sullivan County Commissioners Office Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education - Northeast SARE The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society The Greenspan Foundation The Rondo TLC Family Resource Center Town of Enfield Town of Hartford Town of Norwich Town of Thetford Trail Break Taps & Tacos Trail Break Taps & Tacos Tuck School of Business Tuckerbox Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur Upper Valley Haven Upper Valley Humane Society Valley News


LEAVE A LEGACY Vermont Community Foundation - Laurance & Mary Rockefeller / Woodstock Foundation Fund, Sustainable Future Fund, Sturman Unamed Fund, VogelMusic Fund, Cashdan/Stein Great Grandmother Fund Vermont Housing Finance Agency Vermont Law School Vermont Technical College West Lebanon Supply, Inc Yankee Farm Credit, ACA Yankee Farm Credit, ACA <$500 A.B. Gile Advance Transit Allan’s Vending Service Allan’s Vending Service Allen Pools & Spas Amazon Foundation Andrea’s AVA Art Gallery Billings Farm & Museum Blue Sparrow Kitchen Bucy Family Fund Building Energy Corporation Canaan Hardware Catamount Solar Chase Brook Software Chase Brook Software Chef’s Brad Crazy Side Claremont Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry Collective-The Art of Craft, Inc Community Resilience Organizations Copeland Furniture COVER Home Repair Creative Lighting Designs and Décor Crossroad Farm Crossroad Farm CROW Dan & Whit’s General Store Inc Dartmouth College Office of Sustainability Designer Gold Dirt Cowboy Cafe ECFiber Energy Emporium Energy Futures Group Farm-Way Fat Hat Clothing Co. Fidelity Charitable - Gerke Family Charity Fund, Crawford Family Fund, Grewal Family Fund, Jackman Pryer Famly Fund, Gold/McConnel Fund, Aspinwall Family Fund, Twinflower Farm, J. Andrew Daubenspeck Giving Fund, McCormick Niblick Family Fund Folk Floors FreshAir Sensor, LLC Green Lantern Group Green Mountain Hypnosis Hand & Sun Solar Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy Hanover Family Chiropractic, PLLC Harpoon Brewery Haynes and Garthwaite Architects


Henderson’s Tree & Vital Communities has been Garden Service catalyzing positive change in the Hubert’s of West Lebanon Upper Valley for 25 years. You can Integrity Energy help ensure we’ll have the resources Jake’s Market & Deli necessary to continue cultivating Jake’s Quechee the region’s civic, environmental, Market Janson & Colgan, and economic vitality in the coming PLLC decades by making a gift to our Jericho ValVu and Hill Legacy Circle. You can make a Farms John Ring CPA planned gift through your will, or JUEL Modern even more easily by designating Apothecary Vital Communities as a beneficiary Key Communications on your life insurance policy or Lebanon Diner Lebanon Pet & retirement plan. Aquarium Center Ledyard Financial Contact rob@vitalcommunities.org Advisors for more information. LISTEN Local Buzz Café & Market Lubrano Family Sunrise Organic Farm Charitable Foundation Sustainable Woodstock Lucky’s Coffee Garage Systems Plus Computers Marion Cross Elementary School The Country Cobbler Marsh Brothers Deli at The Little The Prince & The Pauper Store The Richards Group Medtronic The Space on Main, Inc. Meetinghouse Farm The Village Butcher Mountain View Publishing LLC Thetford Academy Nevada Marketing, Inc. Three Tomatoes Trattoria New England Grassroots Tip Top Media Environment Fund Top Stitch Embroidery New Hampshire Charitable Town of Sharon Foundation - Awesome Possum Fund, Doug and Joanne Wise Town of West Fairlee Family Fund, Miles and Patrice Tuckerman Capital Mushlin Fund, Whit and Closey Twin Pines Housing Trust Dickey Fund Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Northern Stage Regional Commission Norwich Bookstore UBS Donor Advised Fund - The Opera North Bourdon Family Charitable Fund Otto & Associates UK Architects, P.C. Pathways Consulting Unicorn Peachblow Farm UpCountry Cards Piecemeal Pies Upper Valley Food Co-op Prudent Real Estate Upper Valley Retired Educators Purcell Properties Association ReArch Company USDA Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - VT Revolution and NH Richard Electric Valley Flower Company River Road Veterinary Clinic Vermont Community Foundation Salt hill Pub Anne Segal unnamed fund Schwab Charitable - Allenby Vermont Energy Investment Charitable Fund Corporation Scratch Vermont Foam Insulation Self-RenYou LLC Vermont Public Radio Shaker Hill Bed and Breakfast Watershed Studio Architecture, Sierra Club Upper Valley Group LLC Silver Screen, Inc. Wild Hill Organics Smith & Vansant Architects Wingover Farm Solaflect Energy Woodstock Farmers’ Market Solstice Seeds Woodstock Home & Hardware Son Builders Woodstock Insurance, Inc. South Royalton Market Woodstock Pharmacy Spruce Mountain Design Inc Working Landscapes Design St. Thomas Episcopal Church Group, LLC Strafford Historical Society Yankee Bookshop, est 1935 Strafford Historical Society SunCommon

Financial Summary



1,123,358 TOTAL







1,288,847 TOTAL


The financial information above does not include the activity of certain fiscal sponsorship arrangements entered into by Vital Communities or the change in value of the endowment fund held at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Total revenues, gains, and other support is $1,215,286, and total expenses are $1,402,389.


195 North Main Street White River Junction, VT 05001 802-291-9100 vitalcommunities.org To correct your contact information or duplicate mailings, please contact elyse@vitalcommunities.org or x104.

Profile for Vital Communities

Vital Communities Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018-2019  

Vital Communities Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018-2019