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What is E15? Ethanol is an advanced, homegrown biofuel that is already in 98 percent of the U.S. fuel supply and is moving America forward every day. And E15 — a fuel blend with 15 percent biofuel — gives drivers across the country a cleaner, higher-performing and more affordable choice at the pump. Did you know? E15: • Is a higher-blend, higher-octane fuel choice • Burns cleaner and cooler, which is good for your engine • Utilizes more earth-friendly ethanol, which cuts carbon emissions by 43 percent and displaces chemicals that create smog and are linked to cancer and asthma

E15 for Drivers: • E15 is sold at more than 1,700 locations across 30 states • The EPA has approved E15 for cars 2001 or newer • E15 is approved by automakers for 93 percent of new vehicles • Using E15 saves drivers up to 10 cents per gallon compared to traditional fuel • American motorists have driven seven billion miles on E15

E15 for Our Communities: • E15 offers an opportunity to reverse a 44 percent plunge in farm income over the last six years • E15 boosts employment by 136,000 jobs, on top of nearly 366,000 jobs nationwide supported by ethanol today • E15 creates a market for up to seven billion additional gallons of U.S. ethanol and two billion bushels of American corn • Support rural manufacturing at more than 200 biofuel plants across the heartland by using E15



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