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Welcome to The Library The story behind The Library is quite a personal one. After moving to Brussels and working from home for three years, my workday felt more and more deprived of daily, social interaction and the inspiring company of others. Simply put, I was looking for a place to work that wouldn’t make me dread Monday mornings; a place that would be cozy, friendly and good for business. Meet some of the people that contribute to making The Library everything I was looking for and read about their best ideas. I know that my best idea was to go all in and open The Library.

What will yours be...?

Anne-Sofie vDB Rehfeld Founder of The Library

Turning up in Brussels, last year, has pushed me to explore different streets, so I always make sure, that I don’t walk down the same one. When this happens I find avenues I never knew existed.

DANIELLE GRIFFITHS fashion stylist | author

My best idea was to take the plunge to move to Brussels from France and create new contacts, make new relations and meet new clients for my business.

Arnaud Couturier graphic designer

My best idea was to become an entrepreneur and find the courage to start my own business.

Alexandra Eyben entrepreneur

My best idea was to go beyond creating photographs and start to offer 360째 creative visual solutions at a whole new level.

vita june photographer

My best idea was to quit my corporate job and start on my own as an independent architect.

Charlotte Marien architect

Steve Savels life coach | mindfulness trainer

My best idea was to start organizing group mindfulness training sessions myself instead of working for an organization. Now I can fully develop and share my own vision.

naomi smith social business professional

My best idea was the realization that you can only learn and grow by giving things a try. No experience is a failure, the only failure is to not try at all.

Koenraad Aerts Legal Apps & Law

My best idea was to create a legal app, in the margin of my law practice.

The Library Brussels is the first of a new generation of office hotels. It is conceived, designed and operated to be an antidote to the (truth be told) blandness of office life. | Rue de l’Aurore, 4 - 1000 Brussels | +32 (0)49 73 82 847

creative solution & photography | June projects | Vita June | Krystyna Poltowicz Š The Library group

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