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VitaClay - Cooking Food The Natural Way

The Amazing Schlemmertopf Clay Cooker Every one wants to eat well and stay healthy and slim, but even the healthiest foods can lose nutritional value when preparation processes allow valuable nutrients to escape. Modern utensils cook food quickly and in the process ingredients often lose their flavor. ď Ź

To overcome this problem VitaClay offers Schlemmertopf Clay Cooker, an easy to use cooker that requires no oil and cooks nutritionally healthy meals. All flavors, nutrients and vitamins are retained when food is cooked slowly and in the right kind of utensils. ď Ź

Clay Pots offer A Sanitary Way to Cook Food To begin with, cooking food in a clay cooker is much more sanitary than the chemical coated utensils, as food particles, flavors and odors are not mixed with the harmful chemicals. 

With clay pots, one does not need to worry about mold, or staining or problems of food sticking to the bottom of metal utensils. 

One can cook as well as serve in the Schlemmertopf pot. And food remains hot in it if it is kept covered. 

Clay Pot Rice Cooker - The Healthy food maker Cooking in a clay pot is the easiest and the convenient way to cook healthy and nutritious food over a slow cooker. 

These pots are made of clay hence the natural flavor of the foods that are cooked is enhanced and all flavors are retained. 

Clay pot rice cookers allow for cooking just about anything as clay is an absorbent material which when soaked with water and heated in the oven, allows steam to evaporate from the pores, resulting in an increased flavor in food. 

About Clay Pot Cooker The rice need not be pre-soaked when it is cooked in clay pot rice cooker. With a clay pot rice cooker, it’s even easier to cook brown rice as you can just add water and choose the appropriate setting so that rice is cooked in the right amount of time. 

A clay pot cooker is consentient, fast and prepares a meal with least amount of effort. To know more about the benefits of VitaClay, please browse through 

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VitaClay - Cooking Food The Natural Way  

VitaClay offers Schlemmertopf Clay Cooker and Clay pot rice cookers to cook food in a natural way that retains all its nutritious value.