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Rice Cookers Make The Food Healthful and More Flavorful

Unglazed clay cookware – A Healthy Choice offers cookware products that are healthier and retain the food nutrients. The heat retained in clay cookware is significantly greater than the amount of heat retained in any other type of cookware and this allows food to cook better. 

As clay is more porous than iron, it's better at retaining moisture. Clay cookware offers amazing health and nutritional benefits and indeed nature's way of communicating something important to us. Cooking in unglazed clay cookware is an ancient tradition coupled with modern day health benefits. The food cooked in clay vessels are metal free and toxic free, thus better tasting. 

Benefits of Using Unglazed Clay Cookware Most cooking utensils are coated with a shiny coating to provide decoration and to seal the piece making it less susceptible to stains. 

These glazes often contain chemical impurities and many are concerned about the long-term effect of such coatings on the human.  offers an extensive line of unglazed clay cookware that brings the healthy benefits of ancient cooking to the modern kitchen. 

Unglazed clay enables additional steaming that is not possible in case of metal, glass, or glazed ceramic pots. 

Buy Aluminum Free Rice Cooker at When you are concerned about possible health risks associated with aluminum coating, you should choose aluminum free rice cookers by 

This is the best source for purchase of rice cookers and slow cookers that come with amazing health and nutritional benefits. 

The feature that distinguishes rice cookers from other cookware is the allnatural liner made of unglazed Zisha clay. 

It enhances the full flavor and texture of food and is free of metals that are typically found in glazes and non-stick coating. 

Aluminum Free Rice Cookers Enhance The Flavor And Texture of Food Aluminum free rice cooker intensifies flavors of your favorite dishes. It preserves natural juices, important nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. 

You will enjoy healthy and delicious food with no aluminum, lead and non-stick chemical coating contacting your food. 

The foods you cook in these rice cookers are healthier and more flavorful. As water, stock or liquid are not added, all vitamins, minerals and aromatic elements are completely retained. 

The food absorbs its own juices and nutrients rather than allowing the benefits to boil away, with the added liquid. Find out more by browsing through 

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Rice Cookers Make The Food Healthful and More Flavorful offers cookware products that are healthier and retain the food nutrients. Buy Aluminum Free Rice Cooker and Unglazed Clay...