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VitaClay Schlemmertopf Clay Cooker – A Design Marvel

VitaClay Schlemmertopf Clay Cooker VitaClay offers a Schlemmertopf Clay Cooker which is made up of organic Zisha clay. Since it is made up of clay, there is no or very less need to add butter or oils to the food while cooking. This type of cooker makes the food healthier and enjoyable to eat.

The different types of foods which can be prepared using this cooker are soups, stews, porridge, rice, oatmeal, pasta and yogurt etc. When the food is prepared in Schlemmertopf cookware, you are safe from unhealthy grease that sticks to your food in aluminum or non-stick cookers. Thus, this type of cooker excludes the unhealthy part of cooking in aluminum cookware.

VitaClay Offers The Best Method Of Cooking Rice In Crock Pot Baking and roasting – This cooker provides succulent meats and delicious vegetables. 

Braising – It provides fat-free moistness in meat, vegetables and fish.

Casseroles – It provides slow cooking method, which means maximum tenderness and flavor. 

Do’s & Don’ts To Follow When Using VitaClay Cooker When using VitaClay cooker to prepare rice, set the timer carefully. Different types of rice take different amounts of time to cook. If there are many ingredients (vegetables and spices) used in the rice, it requires more time than usual to cook a recipe. 

Buy a VitaClay cooker depending upon the number of people in your family and quantity you need to cook. Also determine what types of recipes you need to cook with your VitaClay cooker. VitaClay cookers are available in different varieties and sizes. 

Do not add a lot of water to the food while cooking, because the cookers use the food's own juices to cook food. 

Why VitaClay Cookers are So Popular?

VitaClay Cookers have become quite popular in the market. This is due to the fact that these are free from aluminum coating. Aluminum free pots and pans are always preferred while cooking, because these pots provide a safer way of cooking. VitaClay cookers are a perfect idea for healthy and efficient cooking.

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Vitaclay schlemmertopf clay cooker – a design marvel  

VitaClay offers the best schlemmertopf clay cooker that requires no oil to cook nutritious meal easily which is fat free and delicious. To k...