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Cooking Rice in a Pressure Cooker Pressure cookers have been a popular method of cooking rice until now. However, since the introduction of advanced technology, the cooking methods have undergone a big change. Electric rice cookers have been designed by looking at the problems faced by the people when cooking rice with the help of pressure cookers.

These problems could arise when you cook rice in a pressure cooker: - Rice remains undercooked with lot of water in it. - Rice gets overcooked, becoming very soft. - Rice looks too dry.

VitaClay Offers The Best Method Of Cooking Rice In Crock Pot Crock pot has now become a favorite choice of people to cook rice, the reason being it provides even consistent cooking. Slow cooking helps to preserve the aroma and texture of rice, which is otherwise lost when cooking rice in a pressure cooker or vegetarian pressure cooker.

VitaClay offers the best slow cooker which is ideal for healthy eating. It works well to prepare brown rice or white rice and also sweet rice. It is totally programmable with preprogrammed functions for cooking stew, soup and of course, rice.

Is A Slow Cooker Good For Preparing Long Grain Rice? Some people think that the slow cooker is not a good choice for preparing long grain rice, because the slow cooker provides a moist, warm and cozy environment for cooking. Such environment is best for simmering meats, making soups and stews, and keeping foods warm, but not for cooking whole grains. Long grain rice can become clumpy and sticky in such an environment.

The truth is that a slow cooker can become a good choice for long grain rice, provided the rice were soaked for 1-2 hours before cooking.

Unique Features of VitaClay Slow Cooker Cooks faster than conventional slow cookers  Has double-lid to maximize steaming for getting right flavors of food after cooking  Preserves vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and natural juices of different foods 

  

Has push-button controls and is easy to use Easy whole meals can be cooked in less than 45 minutes Provides extra power to prepare large pieces of meat

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Cooking rice in a pressure cooker vitaclay  

VitaClay offers best pressure cookers and pot rice cookers that requires no oil and cooks nutritious meals easily. To know more about Vitacl...

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