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Faculty of Civil Engineering Department of Architecture Public Building Design 2012-2013/II. semester


High school analysis Csaba Viszoki doc. Zadraver Janko Sprah Horvat Nataša

Budaörs Elementary and Seconday School Architect: Dobai János DLA Interior Design: Tardos Tibor Location: Budaörs, Hungary Client: Municipality of Budaörs Total floor area: 12.551 m2 Building plot: 10.715 m2 Gross floor area: ​​3.910 m2 Planning: 2006-2008 Realization: 2008-2009

Wider context: In 2006, the Municipality of Budaörs city announced a competition for the design of its new 12 years-integrated elementary and secondary school with 24 classrooms (in international publications it usually referred wrong, as only an elementary school). The office of János Dobai won the third prize in the competition, but after the consultations with the client the contract eventually was given to our office. The planning area located in Budaörs, which is part of Budapest’s suburbia, close to the highway, in a so far undeveloped, but from the past 6-7 years a designated development area. Since then, in 2010 an another contemporary building, a sporting complex, was finished on the other side of the road.

Building plot: The competition demanded an extremely elaborate program on a narrow, triangular plot. It is bounded by streets from two sides, and from the third side there is an empty building plot which have been already bought by the Municipality to enlarge the area of the schoolyard.

Urban plans M=1:500

Function: The office suggested a simple, compact shape as a solution for the triangular plot: a four-storied building with a basically three-row division layout. 24 classrooms, a dozen specialized classrooms, , well-stocked library and reading room is housed in the building. The building has a 500 dose cooking kitchen and a 200-seat restaurant, a gym with two basketball courts. On the ground floor, the kitchen-restaurant complex, a generous, multi-storied height main hall and a parking lot with 56 places was situated. (Due to high groundwater level, construction of an underground parking space was not possible).

Ground floor plan M=1:300

main hall kitchen parking lot canteen vertical movement

On the first floor, above the kitchen and the restaurant, the huge gymnasium was positioned, separated acoustically from the row of classrooms by the zone of changing rooms and the air space of the main hall. The other block of the first floor is for the vocational classrooms and for the administration.

illumination zones/multi-story spaces sporting hall and granstand locker rooms, toilets and service areas vocational classrooms/administration vertical movement

First floor plan M=1:300

Second and third floors contain the classical classrooms, situated on the east- or west-facing facades as the first zones of a five zone system. There are lecture rooms, teachers’ rooms and offices as well, and if it is needed, this area is flexibly re-allocable. The second zone contains the corridors, while the middle zone is for is for illuminating courts, the vertical movement spaces and for the service areas (lockers, toilets and machinery)

Second floor plan M=1:300

atriums/multi-story spaces air space of sporting hall and granstand toilets and service areas classrooms/administration vertical movement

atriums air space of sporting hall and granstand toilets and service areas classrooms/administration vertical movement

Third floor plan M=1:300

Structures: The building’s substructure consists 1051 pieces of piles, as the subsoil was originally swampy and the level of ground water is really high. The piles are drilled in a depth of 3-7 meters. Due to this, there is no basement under the building. The main structure of the building is reinforced concrete, the slabs stand on pillars and piers between the openings on the facades. The coverings are durable and easily cleanable materials like glass, white plaster and coloured compact laminate sheets or gres flooring. The classrooms are equipped with a special, automatic ventilation system combined with automatic shading devices, which is unique in Hungarian educational buildings.

Longitudinal sections M=1:300

atriums multi-story of sporting hall parking lot multi-story main hall vertical movement

Cross sections M=1:300

Architecture: The deep spaces in the outer rows in the first, second and third floors are bilaterally illuminated; they got direct light from the huge faรงade openings and secondary light is gained across the inner corridors from the two-story high atriums. The atriums provide the students of their respective floors with the opportunity to spend the breaks still indoor but in the open air.

outer zones secondary zones middle zone

atriums corridors toilets and service areas classrooms Space analysis

vertical movement

On the pure and white outer facades the bright coloured window reveals and the colour of entrance space make a huge contrast, and it reveals the colorful inner life of the buildings for the pedestrians.


The huge main hall connects the educational part and the sporting and eating facilities of the school, in the same time, it separates them acoustically. It also provides space for school events, using the corridors of the higher floors for the guests.


In the classroom there are only white plaster and pale natural wood surfaces to not to distract the concentration. In the other interior spaces, there are plain and simple structures and surfaces, for provide the goals of safety, durability, interchangeability, transparency, non-fashion modernity.


The bright colors of the different level’s corridors sometimes mix with each other and made every space, corridor, locker or door recognizable and understandable. The generous spaces naturally dissolve into these colorful lobbies. This effect is particularly evident in the three-storey hall. The bright colours and the high amount of natural light incite the students to fill all the spaces of the building with life.


Public Buildings analysis - Budaörs Elementry School  

An exercise at University of Maribor

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