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DEN NORSKE LØVEN / THE NORWEGIAN LION In this special edition of Visuelle Plus we have the pleasure of presenting collages by Børge S. Jensen. Since he was a teenager, Jensen has produces handmade “flyers” that he distributes in large quantities to random bypassers in the city of Oslo. A true “town-original”, he cuts and pastes, writes and photocopies all kind of mysterious messages on plain stationary. They are all handmade. Most of the flyers have recto-verso messages, and some have duplicated messages on both sides. In this presentation we have displayed the flyers in that particular right order. It would be way far too difficult to add any analytical comments to this small selection of work, but it should be suggested to look carefully for the clues that reveals deeper meaning. This is just a few copies of hundreds or maybe thousands of flyers that Mr Jensen has produced during his life. I will leave to the viewer to make his or her own interpretation of why this exposition is called “Den Norske Løven/The Norwegian Lion”. VISUELLE PLUS Roger A. Norheim Editor /Designer

VISUELLE PLUS: Den Norske Løven  

Collage flyers by Børge S. Jensen

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