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Rodrigo Reyes | Power Portraits

That which is typical for Rodrigo Reyes and his portrait art, as well as the more surrealistic and classical pictures, is his special ability to bring forth the artistic message - the artistic nerve that is ever present as a rich undertone. – The Magazine for Corps Diplomatique –

Rodrigo Reyes fra Guatemala er utstillingens eksotiske innslag med motiver, som like gjerne kan være hentet fra en drømmeverden, hvor tyngdekraften er opphevet. Han har fotografert siden barnsben og jobber nå som fotograf og bruker fotoshop til å skape illusjoner, som ofte kan minne om klassiske, barokke malerier. – Østlandets Blad –

Power Portraits


About Rodrigo Reyes Rodrigo Reyes was born in Guatemala, and is currently working in Oslo, Norway as a fashion and portrait photographer. He has a natural passion for photography and the ability to digitally transform pictures into real works of art. Rodrigo has spend a great deal of time behind the lens of a camera since childhood and has been inspired by the works of his grandfather, aunt and cousin, all avid photographers and artists. He works with different photographic techniques and avidly edits each photo to transform a seemingly plain digital picture into a portrait worthy of hanging on the wall of any art lover or published in a high fashion magazine. We invite you to explore his website to find more on how you can work with Rodrigo Reyes to create your own original Power Portrait:

Graphic Design & Production


Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Models: Patricia Grundberg Evelina Scerba Marthe Lena Linda Melsom Jeanett Melsom Jeanette Jeanie Forårsveen Theresa Eggesbø Frida Torblaa Renee Louise Frager Fredrik Skogsrud Helga Madsen Helena Ibrahim Ksenia Valland Taia Bråthen Models from Starlet by Ravensborg Model Management: Martine Gulliksen Maria Tsikalaki Suki Camilla Hanna Maren Victoria Maria Amanda Josephine Frida Ingeborg Sofia Nora Minothi Bex Byers Stina Marie Bakken

Designers and clothing: MAD Fashion Karina Kjenner Titze Marte Relling Uri - Unik MRU Smykkedesign Vanessa Gunnestad - TheButterflyShow Avantgarde Bygdøy Allé 8 UNDORN Make-up Artists: Pia Ruud Nicolas Perez Fam Holter Celine Vo Sol Martine Nilsen Jeanette Pedersen Villanger Stylists: Svitlana Punharova Nicolas Perez Graphic design and production: Roger Norheim Collections NPI PRESSE EDITIONS PARIS 66 AVENUE CHAMPS-ELYSEES, 75008 PARIS

All photos: © Rodrigo Reyes. All Rights Reserved. Any kind of reproduction is not allowed without written permisson of the photographer


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