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Ope r at i n g & fin a n ci a l r e vie w

Investor R e lat i on s

Why invest in StarHub Proven Management Team

Widely Recognised Brand

Well-known in the infocommunications and media industry to be innovative, providing good values to customers, household and enterprise – a brand that cares for the community and a company with a heart

Financially Sound

Stable cash flow generation, strong financial flexibility and consistently providing a high dividend yield

Singapore’s First Fully-Integrated Infocommunications Company

Fully-integrated infocommunications and entertainment service provider based in Singapore, providing at least one service to 66% of all households

Strategic Partnerships

Developing and fostering strategic relationships to run an efficient business model, provide complete endto-end service offerings and continue to lead innovation in all areas


Ingenious Hubbing

Experienced, performanceoriented management team with solid industry expertise, technical depth and company tenures

Proven Strategy

The Hubbing strategy has been successfully executed since July 2002 across multiple service platforms. It has consistently delivered increased revenues and total dividend payouts

Focus on Customer Service

360Âş approach towards our customers by consolidating and realigning all touch points for sales, service and delivery

Regional Connectivity

Strategic investments in submarine cable systems like AAG, ASE and APG ensure low network latency, resilience and diversity, and support future growth need

Business Sustainability

Constantly measuring and assessing the impact of the landscape and stakeholders on the Company and vice versa, with the aim of working towards long-term profitability

Shl ar2013 full report  
Shl ar2013 full report