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Management, Risk Assessment, safety procedures for installation of radio equipment and a disaster recovery plan. We require our contractors to comply with the provisions of the Workplace Safety & Health Act while undertaking work at our sites. Contractors are required to carry out a risk assessment of the workplace and submit the assessment report for necessary approval prior to carrying out work on site. In 2013, there were no fatal accidents at any of our worksites. We reported four minor cases for Work Injury Compensation. These were minor injuries sustained; for example, hurt by falling equipment, or falling from a misstep.

Siting of masts

We actively support responsible policies and practices on the siting of masts and transmission sites that encourage stakeholder consultation, site sharing and initiatives to reduce visual impacts. A brief description of our sites as at the end of FY2013 is presented below: Type of Site


Stand-alone Mobile Sites


Shared Sites (Mobile-CAS)


Sites on Existing Structures


Jeannie Ong

Employee Satisfaction Rate (%) 97






My wife and I were at your Plaza Singapura shop on 31 August and were served by Eddy who we found to be patient, knowledgeable, helpful and, most importantly of all, bothered to follow-up with our queries. I would like to thank him and congratulate StarHub for having such a wonderful, dedicated employee. Tan Siak How

– StarHub Customer –


StarHub’s first female C-level executive

Jeannie Ong became the first female C-level executive at StarHub when she was named Chief Marketing Officer in August 2013. Jeannie was previously StarHub’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations. In addition to providing strategic counsel in the areas of Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability, she now also oversees StarHub’s Marketing and manages its Customer Value Management team. Jeannie joined StarHub in April 2001 and helped to bring the company public in October 2004. Jeannie holds an honours degree from the University of London, where she majored in Economics and Marketing. Her appointment demonstrates the merit-based reward system employed by StarHub.

StarHub Ltd Annual Report 2013


Shl ar2013 full report  
Shl ar2013 full report