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OUR STAKEHOLDERS How our operations impact stakeholders, what our key stakeholders expect from us and how they assess StarHub’s performance in meeting those expectations help us to identify and prioritise our most material impacts. Stakeholder engagement, therefore, is an important and ongoing action across StarHub. Our stakeholder engagement is summarised below. STAKEHOLDERS







Customer surveys, Twitter, Facebook®, advertisements, retail stores, Customer Service outlets, online store, corporate website, customer hotline.

Seamless, high-quality coverage, rich content, affordability, data security, prompt level of service.

By committing ourselves to respect consumers’ rights, provide clear product information, offer value for money, ensure product performance and quality, reliable service, prompt handling of feedback and respect for privacy.

The adoption of a new customer satisfaction measurement tool that also helps to determine proactively loyal customers; the beginning of our retail transformation to integrate customer service, enterprise services and retail under one roof; introduction of e-butler for enhanced customer engagement.

To further implement the new customer satisfaction measurement tool across various customer touchpoints; continuation of the retail transformation; production of own Pay TV content for a richer, more localised product offering.


Intranet, emails, internal newsletter publications, workshops, frequent company-sponsored sporting and social activities like games organised for employees, small group discussions and twice-yearly Staff Communication Sessions, quarterly video messages from the CEO, encouragement of employees to interact more personally in and out of the office, free fruits and early release on certain Fridays to spend with the family. Also through social media platforms like our online StarHub Community, which allow employees to interact with one another as well as with customers, associates, friends, etc.

Caring, conducive environment where productivity and self-development can take place, ease of employees’ applications for leave, training, etc.

By adopting sound HR policies and practices that promote fair treatment, safe working conditions, reward and recognition for performance, teamwork and career growth, e.g. We also promote work-life balance and a conducive environment for employees to work in through provision of nursing rooms, a well-equipped gym and encouraging employees to take part in sporting activities such as marathons, bowling, futsal, as well as giving employees early release from work on the last Friday of each quarter for them to spend meaningful family time with their loved ones.

Twice-yearly Staff Communication Sessions and quarterly video messages from the CEO; enhanced benefits for employees. Twice-yearly structured supervisor-subordinate discussions on their performance and development instead of just one annual performance appraisal previously. Last year also saw 40 senior managers coaching 85 “new” managers. We will continue to inculcate a coaching culture within the organisation, particularly at inter-department level.

We will continue to explore ways to improve the work-life balance and engagement of our employees. On top of that, we have recently implemented the Career Development Framework to guide employees in their career aspirations within the company. The framework is also supported by the StarHub Community, an online forum for employees to discuss their career interest, their interest in certain jobs in the company with fellow colleagues. The initiative aims to encourage employees to take ownership of their career development and aspirations.


Quotations, Requests For Proposal, tenders, regular meetings, email correspondence, teleconferences.

Compliance with terms and conditions of prevailing purchasing policies and procedures, while maintaining ethical standards; appropriate costs; marketing support from suppliers.

By establishing policies and practices that ensure a fair selection and procurement process, ethical business practices and respect for contractual obligations.

A shift in focus to local suppliers.

To explore the implementation of a Supplier Sustainability Assessment.

Distributors/ retailers

Regular meetings, shop visits, email correspondence and seminars.

Timely delivery; quality assurance; strong dealer collaboration, driving good customer experience; after-sales support.

By proactive sales planning; sales support; regular visits by Account Managers and providing Single Point of Contact for distributors/partners for timely response.

No significant changes were implemented in the reporting year.

To maintain current levels of engagement for an optimal Customer Experience.

Business partners

Frequent discussions with telecommunications and content partners.

Partnerships for business opportunities and growth.

By engaging them to seek mutually beneficial business opportunities.

1. Quarterly Business Reviews: discussion of business achievements, challenges and to-dos.

Leveraging more on CASIE (Compete And Sell Intelligence Effectively)—StarHub’s online platform which disseminates information on sales, promotions, wins, announcements, notable stories, electronic newsletters and many more—to better attract business partners.

2. Quarterly Kick-offs: quarterly growth, achievement and directions for the quarters to come are presented. 3. Bi-yearly Channel Partners Executive Forums: top executives are invited to attend and share concerns and we share directives at the management level.


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StarHub Ltd Annual Report 2013


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Shl ar2013 full report