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NAT GEO WILD HD and Travel Channel HD. Making full use of IPTV’s twoway network, StarHub TV on Fibre’s interactive features include Facebook profile integration, unique user account log-ins, an aggregated user rating system and informative apps such as the Singapore Exchange, Yahoo! News and Weather which are especially useful to corporate clients.

Pinging Ethernet Low Latency Network

In July, we launched our Ethernet Low Latency Network that offers Singaporebased financial trading companies the fastest network connection, with a guaranteed low latency of under one-millisecond round trip delay from their facilities to their set-up in the Singapore Exchange co-location data centre. This is up to four times faster than the existing network for financial trading. As such, financial trading firms using the network can execute transactions in blazing speed and enjoy faster updates on market data from trading venues. This is of particular importance to traders in algorithmic trading, who require the lowest latency network connectivity to reduce delay and maximise returns of investment. The StarHub Ethernet Low Latency Network allows customers to enjoy dedicated bandwidth easily scalable from 2Mbps to 1Gbps. This means they can subscribe for the exact amount of bandwidth needed, and avoid paying for unnecessary capacity. At any time if an increase in bandwidth is required, they can expect a seamless upgrade of their network connection without service disruption. Customers on this network can monitor their low latency link performance closely anytime, anywhere by logging on to the online network performance portal from their laptops or smart devices to obtain network statistics, such as bandwidth utilisation, latency and network availability. They can also receive


Ingenious Hubbing

around-the-clock technical support on connectivity issues.

Connecting SmartPipe

SmartPipe was launched in August to help SMBs get their business off the ground quickly and easily. It is a converged business fibre solution that combines business Internet, voice and IPTV services, each with its own dedicated channel and delivered over a single Next Gen NBN enduser broadband connection. Each StarHub service is assigned dedicated bandwidth, so that there will be no contention of bandwidth when all three services are being used at the same time in the office. Customers who sign up for SmartPipe can go for a fibre broadband plan from as low as 12Mbps, with a single voice line that allows them to make unlimited calls to all local phone numbers or/ and basic IPTV package. Customers can also upgrade their fibre broadband plan to enjoy higher bandwidths or add on more voice lines and/or IPTV services subsequently. They will receive one bill for all their StarHub service subscriptions.

Achieving ISO/IEC Global Security Certification

In 2013, we achieved the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 security certification, an internationally recognised information security management system standard, for our enterprise cloud service Argonar. The ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 standard is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate the necessary controls and measures in place to address the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. StarHub launched Argonar in Jan 2012 to offer business customers a high performance, reliable, scalable and secure public cloud platform that meets their constantly growing computing and storage needs. In 2012, having met the stringent IT and business requirements of the government sector, Argonar

was included in IDA’s list of public cloud service providers for reference by government organisations and education institutes, that help them to quickly roll out services in the cloud. Since 2012, StarHub is a charter corporate member of the Singapore Chapter of Cloud Security Alliance, the world’s leading platform for promoting cloud security awareness and best practices.

Managing ‘Internet of Things’ – M2M

We launched our own M2M solution in 2013. This platform is integrated into StarHub‘s core mobile network for security and compliance, gives enterprise customers the ability to efficiently manage connected devices or machines rolled out across Singapore, over StarHub’s nationwide mobile network. Early use of M2M connections can be found in fleet, vending and asset management solutions by which M2M devices are installed in vehicles, vending machines and asset to enable real time updates. Increasingly, as more machines or equipment from cars to asset, and electronic devices are connected via SIM cards, the ease of management and visibility of these M2M connections become important. We are also building a M2M ecosystem with partners in TeleHealth, Security and Survellance, Telemetry and Environmental monitoring. The StarHub M2M service management platform is a self-service and scalable tool which enables customers to deploy connected devices quickly and efficiently, manage them in real time, receive updates and deliver support, giving customers an accurate overview of their business processes that facilitates informed and timely business decisions.

Programming SmartFoundry

Launched by the i3 development team, SmartFoundry is an application

programming interface (API) platform that allows software developers, enterprise customers and institutes of higher learning to tap on our APIs to accelerate the creation and deployment of products and services for businesses and consumers in Singapore. APIs are software interfaces which provide easy access to network capabilities, allowing software developers to easily incorporate communications features into their apps and services. SmartFoundry was designed to promote innovation, growth and productivity in app development, as well as to support tech start-ups and savvy individuals to fast track their ideas to enterprises and consumers in Singapore. For a start, we started offering voice and SMS APIs to select developers and businesses at no cost. This allows software developers to gain a competitive edge by implementing communication features quickly in their offerings for customers, without the need to learn specific programming languages, master different VoIP software or invest in costly hardware. The full suite of APIs that allow access to other StarHub network capabilities will be deployed in the near future.

Groundbreaking MediaHub

In November, we initiated the MediaHub project, at a groundbreaking ceremony graced by guest-of-honour Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim. MediaHub will be our place for innovation and future business. The building is located at one-north, a 200-hectare business park in Buona Vista. The six-storey building which has a basement, will occupy 8,590 square metres of land area with an estimated gross floor area of 21,400 square metres. Construction is expected to be completed by 2016. MediaHub marks a milestone for us as it will serve as a connecting hub for all of the company’s fixed, mobile and pay TV networks, and in the wider world, into our extensive undersea submarine

cable systems. The building will house a social media analytics lab and an adaptive production studio. These two facilities will work hand-in-hand to enhance live TV production based on real-time social media conversations. It will also have a state-of-the-art business data centre to house all digital media and cloud services for StarHub and partners. Our SmartHub big data platform will be deployed across all our networks, whereby massive datasets will be processed for in-depth understanding of consumer and social behaviour and sentiment. This will support our collaborations with institutes of higher learning, start-ups as well as local and multi-national corporations to create new analytic concepts and business models. Finally, our i3 division will use MediaHub to house our innovation showcase and incubation labs for start-up companies and nascent technology projects with commercial potential. MediaHub will have amongst other things, an efficient air-conditioning system, energy efficient IT equipment and virtualisation technology to reduce overall IT equipment power demand. MediaHub has been designed to achieve the Building & Construction Authority Green Mark (Data Centre) GoldPlus certification.

CLoud-based platform


offers business customers a high performance, reliable, scalable and secure public cloud platform that meets their constantly growing computing and storage needs.

StarHub Ltd Annual Report 2013


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Shl ar2013 full report